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Sharon was using some inheritance to get away for awhile and explore the dark, wild and kinky side of life.

Before going to LA, she had gotten a clit hood ring and 2 nipple bars. With the right pair or panties the ring rubbed her clit arousing her. Her nipples were stayed stiffly aroused all the time.

Sharon met some wealthy older guy who took her and some other chicks to Las Vegas to gamble and be arm candy. He paid for everything and expected sex in return, which Sharon was happy to give.

Sharon met a bunch of music industry people who were staying in a big house overlooking the beach. Evidently several people just stayed there. The guy that owned it had a big party. She saw Lindsey Lohan making out with another chick. Several black music people were there too. A lot of rappers and a few porn stars at that same party, mostly chicks. One guy, a white porn star, she gave her cell number to. He asked her to go away for the weekend to Las Vegas. She went and they fucked and fucked a lot. His cock was the biggest she’d ever seen and she wasn’t disappointed in the sex. She was sure he bruised her cervix but the pain was so worth it.

From that party she’d also met some black rap people. Over the next few weeks she got invited to a few of their parties and had some wild sex; which led to her being invited to stay at this black rap star’s mansion. He was supposed to be the next big huge superstar but his last release bombed and he really pissed off the record execs somehow. But she was there just at the height of his career.

All casino oyna kinds of drugs were always available, especially marijuana, X, coke, and H, and various pills, all the wine, champagne, alcohol and beer they wanted.

She was one of several gorgeous white chicks he kept on hand.

The first couple of weeks, she stayed with the black rap star, having sex with only him.

She knew the drill from the other girls before she even came to stay there.

He kept a girl for 2 weeks and after that she could stay only if she passed initiation to become a gang slut.

That’s when she did the initiation gangbang.

Sharon told her rap guy that she looked forward to it but thought it would only be about 6 guys.

Knowing ahead of time allowed her to prepare. Her stylist waxed her underarms, legs, labia, anus and trimmed her pubes into an arrow pointing down. Gave herself an enema and picked her outfit. She would be an all-white all-star tonight. White ribbon around her neck, white eye shadow, white lipstick, twin white garters, white titanium rings in each nipple, navel, clit hood & earrings, white fingernail polish and white heels. White cum in a white girl from black cocks would be coming soon. Sharon had taken X, darvocet and smoked a joint.

As she descended the spiral stairway to the pool she saw there were more than 6 guys; 12 to be exact, all naked and already hard from other girls sucking them. All eyes were watching her decend. The rapper led her to a mirror on the pool’s edge where he slot oyna had some lines of coke. He had her squat over the mirror with her pussy lips hanging invitingly open. He got behind her so his hood could watch and slid a finger into her a few times to wet his finger, then rubbed it in the coke and had her pull her lips apart while he slid it back inside her. She shook her head and let out a squeal from the two lines of coke she took in her pussy.

He laid out the rules of initiation to her. Each of the twelve guys would fuck her pussy and had to cum inside and then he wanted her to try and hold it in until all were done. She was laid on her back with a large pillow under her hips to let gravity keep her full. She laid back rubbing her pussy and clit to get wet. The first guy gave her pussy and ass a couple good squirts of KY, then one by one the twelve long hard black cocks punished her pussy hard and fast, thrusting deep when they came. She was rocked by orgasm after orgasm as her nipple rings were pulled and flicked over and over. She would open her eyes to find a cock hanging in her face to be sucked before it was his turn. Her screams of pleasure mixed with moans and pleas of ‘Fuck me! Fuck me!’ while shaking her head as if she was having a seizure. She had no idea how many cocks she had inside her seemingly lost in a fog.

After the last guy filled her, the resident tattoo artist climbed up & tattooed “XII with a cum drop” on her pussy. The sharp needle shook her back to reality. , She watched proudly, cum was oozing out of canlı casino siteleri her long swollen labias all while he tattooed her.

Then they all gathered around to cheer while she squished the cum out and one guy took pictures. The rapper told them to wait. He told the most hung of his hood to sit on the couch beside her and told her this guy was going to fuck her ass. She couldn’t say no. He pulled her legs back while another squirted KY in her ass, then he sat her on his cock. Her pussy lips were swollen and hanging wide open like butterfly wings below her little arrow trim pointing right to them. As his cock entered her ass, white cum gushed out of her pussy with each stroke all over his black balls puddling underneath. He had her hold her legs while he pulled on her nipple rings, bringing her to another orgasm. He fucked her for a long time while her lips dripped cum the whole time. Several of the guys got turned on and took turns fucking her in the ass dogstyle, sometimes one guy in front of her while she sucked him and shot cum in her mouth which she was told to swallow. Finally the rapper pushed her into the pool and told her to clean up laughing.

After that night she was allowed to recover but soon wanted to party again. Sharon said that she had sex with 2 or more guys every day or night for 60 days (2 whole months) in a row.

She found herself in several gangbangs; the biggest one was 7 guys in a band visiting from Brazil. She was amazed how really good at fucking they were and kept her in one continuous orgasm for more than 2 hours. A few times that night three guys were fucking her at once, but they mostly wanted her ass and several more than once.

Sharon left LA soon after as things got weird and the rapper’s popularity and money went south.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32