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My name is Lynda… I’m 28…So I’m supposed to just talk. About Diane? You gotta tell me sometime what it is you’re looking for here. Is it just jerk off material? Is that it? You just wanna hear about a couple of chicks goin’ down on each other so you can…

Oh… For a paper… Well, that’s different… Diane…Hmmm.

It’s not all about Diane, though. Look, you think you’re talking to a lesbian. I mean, if that helps you… if you make sense of it that way, that’s fine, I guess. I mean, if you’re looking for an argument forget about it. Diane…she’s the first woman I loved. She can’t possibly be the last. I’m in love with a woman right now. That doesn’t mean I hate men…

What?…No, I won’t say who she is (giggles). That would get her in trouble (more giggles).

But Diane…of course there was something special about her. There was something VERY special about her. Everything about her was extraordinary – even the bad things. See, when we met – we were assigned to be roommates, we didn’t choose each other – she was pretty heavy into…I don’t know what you’d call it… with a girl named Janelle. Let’s see; to put it mildly, Janelle had some issues. I don’t know how serious they were, but whatever. I’m pretty sure someone did some serious damage to that girl.

She was a real bitch to everyone – except Diane. I don’t know…maybe she had her reasons. But I stopped giving her the benefit of the doubt when she attacked some other girl in the third floor shower. It was bad. Nobody said much about it, but apparently she thought this girl was trying to get Diane away from her. So she went after her with an aluminum softball bat. The girl wound up in a wheelchair with a speech impediment, and they carted Janelle off to the loony bin where she belongs. If they can help her, great. Until then, she belongs someplace…away from me, at least.

But up to then she was just this weird girl who pissed everyone off. I mean, it wasn’t a secret that she and Diane were getting busy. No one knew what Diane saw in Janelle, but it’s not like it was any of our business. Besides, when Janelle was with Diane she was a different person. She smiled. She didn’t think everyone was out to get her. Diane kept her calm somehow. But that was the thing about Diane – she made you feel like the center of everything. I don’t know how. It just came naturally to her. And even then, she was hot. I mean she lit me up like nothing I’d ever felt before. I’d been attracted to women before. That part of it wasn’t a big deal.

But I didn’t think in terms of love until this one particular day. It was spring and our freshman year was almost over. A bunch of us didn’t have anywhere to go for the summer so we got together and looked for an apartment. Me…Diane…a couple of other girls. Janelle was going away for most of the summer, so she wasn’t in on it. Thank God… The day we found one, we signed the lease – all five of us. Then Diane and I went back to our dorm room to pack. We wouldn’t be moving for another week, but we were excited and we felt like doing something to make it feel like we were moving. You know. Anyway, I got sick of packing and laid down in bed to read a book. I didn’t notice what Diane was doing. I kind of sensed her moving around. Beyond that, I didn’t care.

Then I heard her say, “this thing makes me look fat.”

I looked up.

Now understand – I’d seen every inch of this girl there was to see. We’d been in the showers together, we’d changed clothes in our room.

The single biggest shock I had when I went to college wasn’t being away from home. It was listening to Diane play with herself in the middle of the night. Maybe she thought I was asleep. I’m sure she did. But people don’t really pay much attention to things when they’re doing something like that, and Diane made more noise than she meant to. She didn’t scream… No, she stifled her screaming with these deep, halting breaths. Every once in a while she’d let out this low moaning sound….

You get the idea.

So I looked up to see what it was that was making her look fat. But she didn’t look fat.

She was standing in front of the big mirror on the inside of the closet door. While she was packing she found this red bikini. It must have been pretty old. It didn’t make her look fat, like I said, but it was kind of small on her. I’d guess it was from her early high school days, but…whatever… it was old. All year, whenever we went swimming or we laid out she wore a one-piece. A pretty safe one, too. She’d done some growing since she wore that bikini regularly.

Now why am I wasting time worrying about casino oyna that stuff?

Well, she was in front of the mirror, like I said, and when I looked up, she was turned away from it and looking back over her shoulder. She was yanking down on the bikini bottom trying to cover her ass. The material only managed to get about two-thirds of it – if that. For Diane, that’s far too much cheek showing. But that little detail comes to me now. That’s not how it felt then. All I saw were her big eyes, all sad, looking down… and her soft brown hair falling around her neck. Her breasts were straining to get out from behind their dark red prison.

And I saw this aura. Swear to God. There was an aura around her. It was all slow motion, like I was dizzy. Diane turned this way and that trying to get a better angle on her fat problem and I just drank her in. Every inch – from her soft bare little feet to her batting eyelashes. I thought back to all the nights I’d heard her masturbating and all the times I listened to every noise she made, and all the times I heard her drift off to sleep only to find my own hands resting lightly on my nipples or between my thighs. I guess I’d just had enough of wondering.

And then I heard myself say something. “You’re beautiful,” I think it was. No, I’m sure that’s what I said.

Diane turned toward me, suddenly looking very serious. “What did you say?”

“I said you’re beautiful.”

At first, I thought I’d either pissed her off or embarrassed her. She just stood there, in a bikini too small for her, looking at me like I’d just brought home a pet snake. That’s why I got up and walked over to her. Well, from her perspective I must have been walking. For me it was more like floating; like one of those out-of-body experiences people claim to have sometimes. But in my case the bright light was Diane.

I had to make it clear to her. I didn’t know if I’d said it right. “You’re beautiful.”

She just stared at me.

“Diane…can you hear me?” I asked. I was getting scared. Was I saying what I thought I was saying? What I meant to say?

I got my answer. Diane reached over and gently took my face between her hands. She brushed my cheeks with her thumbs and leaned in. I was a little shorter than her, so I was looking up a bit when her lips made contact. The technical word for what happened is “kiss.” I’ll use it only because I can’t think of anything more accurate. I mean, I’d done plenty of kissing. Most of it was nice, some of it was disgusting…

What happened with Diane was more of a linking. It was explosive and it was something that made my knees weak. I almost fell, and I would have except that I’d somehow gotten my arms around her. It went on and on, that kiss. Maybe we came up for air a time or two, but mainly we just held on to each other and kissed more deeply than anything I’d ever experienced. We gently nibbled on each others’ lips. Our tongues darted in and out of each others’ mouths. She had a height advantage on me and so it was more a matter of me fending off her tongue. …What?…Yes, I was fending it off. How can it attack again unless you fend it off?

Oh, come on…you just want to whack your little pud over this, don’t you? Oh, nevermind…

Little things came to me in a trickle… At some point I got the bright idea of lowering my hands. I cupped her ass and squeezed – just a little bit – but enough to make her breaths come a little faster. She did the same to me, though I was still wearing regular clothes. Then I lifted my hands; I lightly brushed my fingers slowly up the small of her back, past her shoulder blades, over the back of her neck, and then I plunged both my hands into that thick, luscious hair of hers. Oh, fuck… it was like I’d found a way to touch ecstasy.

Diane ended it. She reached up and said, “give me your hand.” I let her do what she wanted…

She took my hand and guided it back down her body – this time her front. She made sure that my fingertips stayed in contact with her creamy skin the whole way down…to the heat between her legs. Our eyes didn’t leave each other. Diane stared at me the entire time as she pressed my hand into her pussy – though it was through the bikini. I didn’t use a single muscle in that hand. I was hers to command at that point. I would have been her own personal dildo if she’d asked me. She could have fucked me and killed me at that point. I didn’t care…

But she just pressed my hand into her crotch and stared at me – almost, at times, like she were daring me to stop what she was doing. She took her free hand and tore her left tit free of the bikini. slot oyna

Tit…I hate talking about her like that. I don’t know why I do it.

But I finally put my lips around her puffy little nipple and swirled my tongue around it. It got hard in my mouth. Every so often I gently sank my teeth into it. Diane sounded like she couldn’t breathe. I know I was having a hard time, and she was the one getting all the attention! I kept working her nipple…. almost hoping I’d find some nourishment from it, for Christ’s sake.

She kept using my hand to rub herself. And soon she was clamping down on my hand with her thighs. There was a definite rhythm to it. No doubt she was close. And just like when she masturbated at night, she did everything she could to remain as quiet as possible. That was a little game she liked to play in her own mind. “I have to be quiet, or someone will hear how dirty I am…” Once she slipped and let a tiny little “mmmph” out. Aside from that, the only noise she made came from her deep, heavy breaths.

Then she came. I thought she was going to break my hand she tightened up so hard. I wouldn’t have minded. Much. But I didn’t have a choice anyway. She held my hand exactly in place – exactly where she wanted it – and rocked her hips. It was intense…almost violent. I didn’t know her orgasms very well then, obviously, so I stayed with her nipple for what I judged to be half of it.

But I wanted to see her face. Just once, I wanted to see what she did with her pretty eyes and her sweet lips when the rest of her was wrenching in pleasure. I looked up and saw that she was still staring at me. That cut right through me. I expected her eyes to be shut tight and her mouth curled in a grimace. But she stared down at me with a look of…I don’t know. Wonder, maybe, and something along the lines of…well, pain. She kept looking at me like that even after her convulsions subsided. Like she was asking, “what are you doing to me?”

You’d think it had been her first time.

She let go of my hand and wrapped her arms around my waist. Her forehead sank to mine and I felt her shake once more. With a desperate, sinking feeling I realized it was a sob. But I don’t lose hope that quickly; I thought maybe that was her reaction to a really intense orgasm. Some girls cry a little. I have, once or twice. Then she spoke. “I’m sorry, Lynda.”

And I’m all, Oh, fuck! Not ‘I’m sorry!’ Not that!

But you can’t use words like that at such a moment, can you?

“I really wish you wouldn’t be,” I whispered instead. “Please, don’t be sorry.”

“But that wasn’t fair. I had no right…” I really couldn’t tell…did she think she’d done something bad to me? Maybe she felt bad about cheating on Janelle. Diane wasn’t a cheater by nature. What happened between us wasn’t about her cheating on Janelle, I don’t think, but I could understand if she felt guilty right then…

I didn’t say anything else. I still had hope she’d come around. I separated from her – gently, though, as I didn’t want her to think I was leaving. I stood in front of her and undressed myself. I didn’t make a show of it. I just took my clothes off. Then I put my arm around her neck and dragged her face toward mine for one more kiss – this one a lot more firm than the others.

I have to warn you – my next words to her were horrible. No regrets; they just came out. And don’t try to tell me you haven’t heard shit like this….

“You can either make it up to me,” I said, “or you can go cry somewhere else.”

With that, I slowly walked over to my bed, hoping she was getting herself an eyeful of me, and slipped under the cover. Yes, I slipped under the cover. Janelle would have flopped down and spread her legs. Not me. If that disappoints you, too bad. I felt a little chilly and I wanted to get cozy. I very much wanted to be cozy with that beautiful woman who’d just gotten off with my hand, but I was going to be cozy in any case. Diane stood still for a few seconds, then she reached behind her and did away with her bikini top entirely. She slipped the bottom off just as efficiently, and she walked toward me.

She stopped and smiled. Then she walked over to the hall door and switched off the light I’d been using to read. It wasn’t quite dark out yet, so I could still see every inch of her. She went to her desk and got out a few candles. I liked the candles – they smelled sweet and all. But I have to say that my attention was focused on her long legs that drew my eyes irresistibly up to her gorgeous ass. You know, one of the most beautiful things in all creation is the human ass. Forget about what it’s canlı casino siteleri for – watch it move sometime. One cheek rises, the other falls. They shake and jiggle, and if they’re well formed ass cheeks it’s an absolute pleasure to watch. This is true more of women than men, I guess. If a guy’s ass moved like that I’d have to wonder about him. Diane’s is the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t explain why. Just imagine your favorite ass and go with that. Diane’s is mine. You find your own.

When she was done with the candles, she joined me in bed.

I feel like stopping now… What do you mean ‘why?’…I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting to some things that make me a little sad. What?… No, I’m not sad it happened….I think I’m sad that isn’t still happening….

Yes, I know I said I’m in love with another woman. You don’t pay much attention, do you? I never said she was in love with me, did I?

…What did me and Diane do? Ok. We made love.

That’s a simple little statement, isn’t it? We made love. Sounds like we did it in fifteen or twenty minutes. No, we were at it pretty much all night.

I’d say it was kind of a contest to see how much of each other we could be touching at any given moment. Diane crawled under the covers with me and we locked on to each other. Our lips, our hands, our feet – they were always doing something. Earlier it hadn’t been so much about touching as it was about feeling. But in bed it was more than that. I felt. Oh, I felt plenty. But I was paying attention to what my touch did for Diane. She did the same for me. I remember I spent a good long time running my fingers through her pubic hair. She had a thick bush. She kept it trim, but it wasn’t that tiny little patch of hair guys always seem to like. I mean, really. What’s the point? Either have hair or don’t have hair…

Anyway, her mound was so soft. I was surprised. I don’t know if she conditioned it or what, but it was so soft and fuzzy I didn’t want to let go of it.

And we kissed. We touched. We rolled around.

After a while she turned me on my back and kneeled between my legs. She edged in real close and our pussies touched. We humped. I fucking hate calling it that. But I guess it fits. I mean, it was soft, but it was intense. Just before I came she stopped. She already knew me. She swung herself around and straddled my head. She lowered her slit to my mouth I got my first taste of her. You know, that’s a good way to teach someone to eat pussy. 69. That way you can shift around to show the ‘student’ what parts need attention and what doesn’t. In Diane’s case, she liked constant contact between my tongue and her stiff little clit. She liked it when I put my mouth around it – gently – and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. Meanwhile she buried her head between my legs. You wouldn’t believe how her hair felt on my thighs…

No, you really wouldn’t.

I didn’t have to worry about showing her what to do. She was…firm with me. I needed that, but really I would have liked just about anything from her…

And when she started rocking above me, my tongue working her clit and my hands digging into her tight little ass, I had a feeling I was about to see a real Texas Flood. I did. She came all over me – her first orgasm was nothing compared to this – and the feeling of her juice spreading down the sides of my face was enough to send me over the edge.

It seemed like everything drained out of me in the next few seconds. I came all over Diane’s pretty face. I didn’t want any of it back. I wanted it to stay with her forever. I wanted that to be my mark on her. I owned her after that. I possessed her. No one else.

Funny how possessive you get when someone you love makes you cum.

But we rested, and it all came back to me whether I wanted it or not. That was all right. It just meant I had to give it back to her again. That’s all there was to it.

How long were we lovers?… What makes you think we aren’t still? Once in a while, anyway?…You assume a lot.

No, meeting Diane was just the beginning of it. Maybe I’ll tell you about some… things… some other time.

Regrets?… Nothing all that important…Well…There was one. We fell asleep with each other that first night. We woke up when the sun came up. We knew everyone missed us at dinner the night before. Janelle was probably somewhere going crazy. I kind of felt bad about that. But what really pissed me off…

…We woke up looking at each other. We aren’t morning people, but God she was so beautiful. I wanted to stay in bed with her all day. We couldn’t. But at least we could have taken a shower together, don’t you think? If the world was fair we could have. After that first night, to have to get up and pretend it didn’t happen got to both of us. But that was how it had to be. For a while, anyway…

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