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Day 2: Solo and Ensemble
Part 1: Andy’s Solo

Something in the middle of the mass of blankets stirred. Marie’s toes emerged from under the covers as she rolled onto her back and stretched her legs out in front her. Her surroundings came more into focus as she glanced at the naked torsos of the two men flanking her. She turned first to her left where Andy lay sleeping on his side, facing her, in a spooning position. Todd slept on his back to her right, one arm tossed above his head, which was turned toward her.

A smile curved Marie’s lips as her waking brain recalled the events of the previous night. After initiating their sexual vacation with blowjobs for the men, she’d been lavished with attention in return as she “performed” for them in the large glass shower. Marie knew how to move her body, but when she was aroused it became almost hypnotic. Todd and Andy took turns running their hands over her lean, smooth form under the water. When they weren’t fondling her, they were soaping their own cocks as they watched her make a show of washing her slender limbs, her long brown hair, her rounded ass, and firm thighs…

They’d concluded their group shower by toying Maria into a shattering climax. Todd took up a position behind her and trailed soapy fingers down the crevice of her ass. The water cascading down her front had cleansed the soap away before he slid first one finger, then a second and a third into her slick vagina. Andy knelt just out of the water in front of her, head level with her belly button as he held her small vibrator against her clit as his free hand ran over her wet body. Her legs had weakened as waves of intense orgasm washed over her, nearly collapsing into their arms.

They had then adjourned to their private patio for a night cap of sipping drinks, playing cards, and talking…shit-talking mostly. Marie wore only the towel she’d used in the shower, and only temporarily; it didn’t take long for her to open it up and welcome the cool night breeze on her water-warmed skin. The men had initially worn their boxers, until Marie (and the whiskey) convinced them to shed them. They had eventually made their way inside where they fell into a sleepy, drunken haze; their naked limbs entwined in the large king bed.


Marie felt a tremor of excitement throughout her body as she anticipated what the day might bring. Not wanting to disturb the men still sleeping on either side of her, yet not able to contain her excited energy any longer, Marie soundlessly pulled her legs up to her chest, pushed back the covers, crept to the edge of the bed, and slipped off the end.

En route to the bathroom, her stomach growled as she realized it was going on 9am and she hadn’t had a bite to eat since their dinner the night before. She crossed the large room to the in-room phone and ordered breakfast for three, then popped into the bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar.

The knock on the door came barely fifteen minutes later. Andy and Todd were still in bed, so Marie hastily finished her morning ablutions and hurried across the room to answer it, grabbing the nearest piece of clothing along her way – Andy’s dress shirt from the previous night, still lying where it had landed after he’d stripped it off.

She had barely shrugged the shirt to her shoulders when she reached the handle and pulled the door open as the caller was about to attempt another knock. He paused with his arm in the air, his eyes and mouth widening as he saw her, shirt hanging open to reveal her perky breasts, smooth abs, and small strip of curls at her center… The young man recovered quickly and pushed the food trolley into the main room, trying to avert his eyes from her scantily clad body.

As he turned to leave the room, a devilish impulse made her wink at the poor guy, who stammered a polite reply as he quickly exited the room. She chuckled, grabbed a piece of bacon from one of the plates, and made for the bed where the boys were finally stirring, having been roused by the knock and the smell of food.

“Look at these lazy fuckers,” she said cajolingly through a mouthful of bacon, before climbing into the large bed and crawling up the length between them. Marie flopped down onto her stomach, legs bent at the knee behind her, feet crossed at the ankles, and eyed them, an expectant smile on her face.

“Uggh… damn it, woman!” Todd grumbled playfully, sitting up and rubbing a hand through his sleep-rumpled hair before dropping it to her barely-exposed ass with a smack and a squeeze. He swung his legs over the side and stood, recalling his nakedness when his morning wood suddenly swung free of the blankets. “Oooh…” Todd said, chagrinned, as Andy gave a commiserating laugh and Marie wolf-whistled, turning her head to watch him stalk off to the bathroom, snagging fresh clothing from his suitcase along the way.

Marie shook her head and said, laughing, “Even after last night, almanbahis şikayet he’s still so…conservative!” Andy propped himself on one elbow to face her, smiling at her exasperation. She wriggled into a sitting position next to him, her legs curled under her, knees butting against his muscular thighs. Andy’s free hand reached to caress her legs, up her abdomen, between her breasts, pushing the shirt open across her chest.

“I’m surprised you took the trouble to get dressed before answering the door,” he smirked, fingers – and eyes – now trailing down her abdomen.

“I would hate to appear indecent…” Marie quipped back, smugly. Andy chuckled; “I bet you made his day.”

“I’d rather make yours…” He looked up to see Marie’s eyes intent on his face, a seductive smile on her lips. The hand not supporting her weight trailed idly up the length of his lean, strong legs, covered in light-colored curls. The silence stretched as Andy watched her, enjoying the obvious arousal in her expression, the heat of her touch as she moved over his body, her fingers burrowing in the thicker, darker hair of his chest.

Andy’s hand slid up the curve of her thigh to the small of her back and pulled her to him. She landed on him, her hands against his chest, as both of his hands gently grabbed and kneaded her ass cheeks.

“I think you know exactly how to make my day…” He left off at the implication, one Marie definitely understood.

When they’d met all those years ago in college, it was Marie’s ass that had first drawn Andy’s attention. He’d lusted from afar even before that fateful day they had become friends, and he lusted for it still. Her ass held his attention in a way no other ever had…and it would soon be his to enjoy.

She’d expected this; she loved his adoration as much as he loved her ass, and she came on this trip well-prepared to give him the treat of his life.

Todd emerged from the bathroom to find Andy and Marie prone on the bed. He had already decided to go for a leisurely morning swim and check out the beach this morning, to give them some time alone. This seemed like a good time to let them in on that plan.

“AHEM…,” he exaggeratedly cleared his throat to get their attention, “I’m gonna go check out the water for a bit.”

From the bed, Andy mock-saluted his long-time friend and said simply, “Roger that,” before Todd turned to leave.

“At least take some food with you,” Marie said, clambering off of the bed and making her way toward Todd. Grabbing a few strips of bacon, he caught Marie’s eyes and held them for an intense moment. She felt her skin flush under the promise in his gaze, the deal he was making with her. Todd smiled slowly, wolfishly, and then turned and left the room.

Andy finally pulled himself from the tangle of bedding and walked naked to the bathroom. Marie watched him go, unbuttoning and rolling up the sleeves on his shirt she still wore. The heat of the tropical climate was kept mostly at bay by the temperature-controlled room, but her skin felt warm and her pulse raced in anticipation of this long-awaited moment with Andy as she set about preparing the room…

Andy stepped out of the bathroom about ten minutes later to see Marie next to the bed, casually leaning her left hip against the foot of the high set mattress. The blue suit shirt she wore was now buttoned at the middle, hiding her delicious body. Smooth, slow jazz infused the air.

“Well, what do we have here?” Andy asked as he strode slowly toward her. He was clad only in a towel held loosely around his slim waist with one hand; the other raked his fair hair, the motion making his broad torso expand.

To her eyes, he looked so large and hairy and muscular…rather like a noble lord of Victorian-era romance novels, or a sophisticated cave-man, …or a Wookie. She giggled aloud at the thought. Andy quirked a brow and stopped, feet from her.

“Something funny?” He asked, a bit nervously, as if the joke were on him.

Definitely not a Wookie, she decided. “Just likening you to a Star Wars character in my head…”.

He closed the distance between them in a few steps, his free arm snaking around her waist and pulling her to him. Her arms extended eagerly around him as he drew her in.

“Han, I hope,” he murmured from several inches above her head. Running her hands up the muscles of his smooth back with her smiling face pressed against his chest, she looked up at him and replied, “Something like that…”

A second later, his lips were upon hers in a hot, hungry kiss. Andy felt the heat of her body through the shirt she wore – his shirt – as he drew her to him more tightly. Andy broke the kiss to remark, “You seem to be overdressed for the occasion.”

Before she could protest that he, too, was covered, he whipped the towel away from his lower body and tossed it across the bed. He smirked at the look on her face as a retort died on her lips, and then almanbahis canlı casino swiftly moved his hands to the small button holding her shirt closed.

He spread it open and ran his large palms across her smooth skin. She made a soft “mmm” sound as she stood on tip-toe to bring his head down to hers and recapture his lips. His hands played across her back and ass cheeks.

Marie was busy kissing and nibbling up the long column of his neck when Andy practically growled and detached from her before he lost control. He lifted her easily and deposited her on the mattress..

“Whoa! Aye, aye, Captain,” she said teasingly, wrapping her hands around his neck to pull him back to her. She fell backward onto the bed, her legs dangling over the edge, Andy on top of her, his feet still on the floor. Mid-kiss, something next to Marie caught his eye.

“Now what have we here?” he asked, lifting his head from hers and turning his attention to the spread of toys Marie had laid on the bed. Among the toys he found a small bottle of oil and a razor. Momentarily stunned, Andy turned to Marie, who returned his look with a blushing smile.

“I did what I could down there, but I know you like a clean canvas…”. Her voice was barely above a whisper, her eyes averted from his face, so she didn’t see the grin that curved his lips. He never thought a type-A, control-freak like Marie would ever allow anyone outside of a hospital to wield a razor near her most intimate parts. That she trusted him with this deepened the pleasure he knew was in store for them both.

Her face was all innocence as she asked, “How do you want me?”

She knew damn well how he wanted it, but loved to hear him say it. Now it was Andy’s turn to blush.

“On your knees, ass in the air,” he said, hearing how commanding the words sounded coming out of his mouth. His dick stirred at her ready compliance as she flipped over and wiggled into place on her knees, torso bent forward to the bed, to present her ass to him.

With the combined height of the tall bed and her long legs, Andy found himself at the perfect height to view her spread cheeks. Almost reverently, his hands flanked her asshole. He stared for a moment at the sight he’d longed to see; the puckered opening looked so tight, blood rushed to his cock in response to the thought.

He retrieved the razor and oil, dotting a few drops around her hole before spreading it over the area with his fingertips. Marie kept her pubic hair well-groomed, going mostly hairless, save for a narrow strip of curls that peaked at her clitoris and trailed thinly over her outer labia. Her ass, too, was mostly hairless, with only a few hard-to-reach spots now implicitly tasked to him.

His hands were steady as he placed the razor and slowly drew it down the inner curve of one deliciously round cheek. Marie was alive with sensation; she felt the heat of his hand holding her ass open, the razor’s movement scraping across her skin, the coolness of the air as it touched the freshly-shaven area.

He finished the job within a minute or two and wiped her clean with his earlier-discarded towel. A thin sheen of oil remained, making her ass glisten.

God, she looks delicious, Andy thought, as he licked his lips in an involuntary gesture.

His hands roughly grabbed her ass cheeks now and squeezed; they filled his large hands and then some. Keeping his grip on her cheeks, he moved his arms in circular motions, watching her ass spread beneath his hands.

“Oooooh yes…” Andy rasped, wanting more than anything to lick her small asshole as it peeked in and out of view. He fought down the urge, for now, focusing instead on the way her ass rippled beneath his firm, caressing hands.

A guttural sound escaped his lips as Andy gave in to temptation and buried his face between her cheeks. Andy slowly snaked his way down her crevice, lingering at her tight, puckered hole. His hands massaged her ass as it rubbed against his face, his lips gently kissed above and below her hole. The tip of his tongue lightly circled the rim over and over until he felt her tight hole relax.

He rewet his tongue, slowly pulled her open, and lavished her asshole with broad, smooth strokes. He caught a light scent of the soap with which she had washed that morning mixed with the oil’s aroma and his head reeled, lending vigor and enthusiasm to his rimming.

Marie moaned as her upper body sunk lower onto the bed. Andy’s breath was hot on her skin, his ministrations making her legs weak. She focused all of her awareness on the sensations he was creating, the intimacy of the moment threatening to overwhelm her senses. She was getting wetter by the minute and he hadn’t even penetrated her yet!

Several moments later, she felt him pull back and cool air rushed into the space left by his departure. Marie glanced around her legs and saw Andy wetting a finger in his mouth. She licked her lips as she watched almanbahis casino his long, slender finger withdraw from his mouth.

“That oil is edible, if you’d prefer…” Marie suggested, her voice muffled by her position. “If it’s good enough to eat, it’s good enough for my ass.”

“Hmm, convenient,” Andy mused aloud. Leave it to her to have planned every last detail, from edible oil to background music.

He retrieved the small tube and squirted a bit on Marie’s asshole before dribbling a few drops over his fingertip. He watched, mesmerized, as the oil slid slowly across the creases of her sweet, sweet opening. His breathing grew louder and his enjoyment more vocal.

“Ooooh yeah… here we go,” Andy half-spoke, half-moaned, as he slowly pushed his finger into her well-lubed asshole.

He knew that this was not Marie’s first anal experience, yet she was so incredibly tight. Her asshole practically gripped his finger as it moved in and out. He began slowly, alternately penetrating her hole and trying to expand the tight opening by moving his finger in a circular motion.

Marie felt herself stretch to accommodate his finger. They’d talked often enough about ass play, among the other sensual and sexual conversations they’d had over the years, and he seemed to have taken the conversations to heart. His slow withdrawal of his finger from her hole, the dragging sensation she felt as her muscles reluctantly let it go, followed by the painfully slow insertion, drove her absolutely wild.

Her soft panting reached his ears and spurred his fingers, and his cock, into action. Andy withdrew his index finger from her ass and joined it with his middle finger next, and his ring finger after that, until he was finger-fucking her tight hole to a steady beat.

“Oooooh, Andy…. Fuck yes…” Marie moaned, her head turned to the side on the bed, her limbs threatening to give out.

Andy slowed his pace and then withdrew his hand, watching her stretched hole struggle to return to its previous shape. He glanced to their left at the toys laid out for his enjoyment; playthings to pleasure his sensual playmate.

A strand of beads the size of large marbles caught his eye. “Ooo, these look fun…” his tone conveyed his eagerness, even though she couldn’t see the excited glint in his eye as he again dribbled oil over the beads.

“Oh my god, you are so incredibly hot,” Andy breathed as his hands came into position between her cheeks to insert the first ball into her ass. He kissed her inside this most private place, watching her tight opening envelop the beads he slowly pushed in.

Marie felt herself growing fuller and fuller as Andy pushed bead after bead into her ass, she counted seven in all, before he stopped, his hands flanking the sides of her ass, the remaining beads hanging out of her stuffed hole.

“Sweet Jesus, look at that,” Andy exclaimed, moving a hand to his dick to rub his erection.

“You like?” Marie purred, her own heat rising as she caught a glimpse of his dick in his hands. “Wish I could do that for you…”

“Soon enough,” Andy replied, his voice strained with the effort to keep from blowing his load before the main event toward which they were building.

“Won’t be room for you in there if you don’t pull them out, you know…” Marie chided, eager to have her ass back in play.

“Patience, patience…” Andy chuckled, taking a hand from his dick to tug lightly at the string in her ass. Her breathe caught, waiting for the inevitable withdrawal.

He took pity on her and, with one hand holding her ass firmly, slowly, steadily began to pull out the strand of beads. As Marie’s hole expanded to release each ball in turn, his moans crested and fell to the rhythm of her anus. “Ooh….ooh….oooh yeah…”

When the strand was fully removed, he reached for the long, somewhat narrow, glass dildo, nestled among the items laid out on the bed. Holding the dick-shaped glass rod between her ass cheeks, he dripped oil over its smooth head first, and then rubbed it into and around her expanding asshole before pushing it deep into her ass.

Though the glass was colored, it was translucent enough for him to see her through to her smooth canal wrapped so snugly around the toy. Andy heard her suck in a breath as the base of the dildo butted against her opening, and then moan a low, passionate “Oooooh yeeeeeah.”

Andy’s dick was about to explode; he fucked her over and over with the glass dildo until it slid smoothly out of the curved orifice. He withdrew the dildo abruptly, which drew a gasp from Marie. She moaned her disproval of being left empty, her ass growing desperate to be fucked hard.

Andy grinned at the thought that she was as hot as he; that something which gave him so much pleasure also pleased her.

“Flip over,” he said, lightly smacking her right thigh to emphasize his command, “I want to see your face when I enter you.”

Marie flopped onto her back and scooted her ass to the edge of the bed, her legs in the air. Andy held her shins, pressing her legs into the soft pelt of his chest, and lifted her, pulling her an additional half meter off of the bed so her cheeks were suspended with nothing underneath.

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