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This is a work of fiction.

The characters are not real.

The sex is.



CAMERON WALKER held his breath as he pushed open the heavy door on the locker room. He hadn’t been back to his old high school 2 years and didn’t really want to be there now. He wouldn’t have been here either if he hadn’t gotten that weird email.


He’d gotten back from his latest law lecture yesterday, dumped his stuff on his bed in his dorm room and silently thanked the many deities available that his grunt of a roommate wasn’t there fucking his latest girlfriend of the moment. At least he had a chance to get some work done on his latest assessment. If Jeremy had been there, Cameron would have been tossed out on his ass.

He booted up his laptop as he sat down at his desk and pulled out his folio from his bag. Logging on to his system he checked his email out of habit. He’d deleted half a dozen advertising emails before he saw one from a name he hadn’t thought he’d ever see, Cameron blinked twice and sucked in a breath. He’d only seen Ethan in his dreams since Ethan had finished high school a year before Cameron had. Of course he’d seen Ethan in his dreams for most of his high school days also. Back then Ethan was the Captain of the swim team and pretty much sex on legs. Tight abs. legs, chest and arms, black hair and blue eyes. Ethan was sexy as hell and knew it.

Cameron didn’t think he had anything to be ashamed of, but he knew he wasn’t in the same league. Wavy brown hair, green eyes and well defined he figured he was okay, after all he was on the swim team too. Ethan had been his wet dream back then though and often made an appearance in his dreams now.

So when he saw the email, Cameron had opened it carefully not knowing what to expect. He read the thing twice just to make sure he was reading it right in any case. “I need u. meet me in the old high school locker room tomorrow night @7. The side gym door will be open. Come alone. C U then E.P” Closing his email Cameron thought about the message and had a tiny freak out about it. What the hell did it all mean? What the hell was going on? What did Ethan want with him? They hadn’t been friends in school but they had gotten along, hadn’t they? Putting it all to the back of his mind he got to work on his assessment. He probably wouldn’t even go anyway.

Cameron snorted to himself as he remembered thinking that yesterday. As if he would ever not turn up to anything Ethan asked of him? Who was he kidding? He pushed the door closed behind him and looked around. The locker room had been renovated since he had last been here. New paint, lockers, floor, benchs the whole thing looked newish. He didn’t see Ethan in the locker room however, it was dimly lit but empty. Cameron leant back on the door and called out “Ethan? Ethan, you here?” he listened for an answer. No voice came back but he noticed the noise of running water coming from further in. Following the noise he turned the corner into the shower room. He stopped short and let his eyes run over the tight body from his dreams. Ethan was under the water, running soapy hands over his chest. Cameron watched those hands running over well defined pectorals and down over an eight pack before starting up again.

“Ah ah ah the eyes are up here Cameron.” A sultry amused voice said to him. Cameron guiltily looked up and into the laughing eyes of Ethan Peterson. Cameron could feel his face heat up.

“You emailed me?” he asked shyly. Ethan just nodded, still smiling.

“Is something wrong? Are you in trouble? I came straight from work.” Cameron babbled.

“I’m glad you came Cameron. It’s been a while. What’s the first thing you usually do when you get home from work?” Ethan asked. Quite confused now Cameron answered. “I work in a restaurant, so I usually have a shower since I stink of fried foods. Why?” Ethan moved towards him now. He reached for Cameron’s hand and pulled him forwards. “Can’t have you smelling bad. I guess you’ll just have to join me in the shower.” He said pulling Cameron with him into the stream of hot water. “Oh you better take your clothes off before they get soaked.” Ethan said pushing Cameron out of the water stream. He unbuttoned Cameron’s shirt before pulling it off. His toes tapped on Cameron’s shoes. Getting the message Cameron kicked them off and pushed them towards dry land. Ethan undid Cameron’s pants next and they soon followed to find dry land. Ethan quirked an eyebrow when it was obvious Cameron wasn’t wearing underwear.”Go commando often?”

“Laundry day tomorrow.” Was all Cameron could say shrugging. Ethan chuckled and Cameron saw his eyes run over him.”Ethan, what’s going on?” Cameron asked quietly.

Ethan poured some shower gel into his palm before answering just as quietly. “I hadn’t known you were at this school until last Thursday you know. I was in the computer lab getting some research done. I only started here this semester. casino oyna I’ve got another year for my Bachelor’s and transferred here from my final year.” Soapy hands stared running over Cameron’s shoulders. “Anyway here I am in the lab, fending off this girl from one of my classes when I look up and see you at the service desk. I seriously hope you are not seeing that guy you were talking to, cause I never thought of myself as a home wrecker but I would be doing everything in my power to break you up if you are. I saw you and knew I couldn’t let you get away from me now. I couldn’t ask you out at high school, but there is nothing holding me back now. Are you seeing him Cam? Are you dating anyone?” Ethan asked now backing Cameron slowly to the shower stall wall.

Cameron couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t talk. All he could do was shake his head slowly.

“I hope that means you’re single.” Ethan said. This time Cameron nodded. Ethan beamed. His hands slid up Cameron’s chest to cup his face. Holding Cameron gently he moved their faces closer until lips touched lips.

Cameron stayed still. He was shocked at what was happening. He felt Ethan open his lips slightly and did the same. Ethan nipped gently at Cameron’s lips making Cameron shiver. That reaction snapped Ethan’s control it seemed, because suddenly Cameron felt his mouth claimed fully. Lips opened efficiently by Ethan so Ethan could taste every part of his mouth. Minutes passed in hungry kissing, Cameron returning each kiss and caress eagerly. “If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.” He sighed when Ethan started licking at his neck. “Not dreaming. Not waking you up. Not letting you go.” Ethan growled into Cameron’s neck.

Ethan nipped and licked his way down Cameron’s neck to his chest and down to his stomach. Cameron was gasping for breath and moaning. He was leaning against the wall to stay upright and clutching at Ethan’s shoulders. Ethan’s hands were holding Cameron’s hips as he worked his way back up to Cameron’s lips. He claimed Cameron’s mouth again and plundered it enthusiastically. Cameron was losing his control. He was hard and wanting and was ready to start begging. Ethan moved one hand off Cameron’s hip to wrap around Cameron’s aching cock. His hand moved up slowly and then down again. He moved up and down again painfully slowly. Cameron whimpered digging his fingers into Ethan’s shoulders. “Want me to stop?” Ethan teased.

“Gods no.” Cameron moaned. “More, just need more.”

“Like this?” Ethan whispered as he took both of their hard cocks into his hand, stroking them both firmly.

“Yessss… yesss… like that…” Cameron breathed. He felt Ethan start thrusting into his hand and couldn’t stop himself from following. Their breathing sped up. Their hips started moving faster. Cameron’s hips stuttered within seconds and pearly white shot from his cock to hit Ethan’s chest as he whined high in his throat. Ethan groaned his orgasm seconds later. They slumped against each other as the streaming water cleaned them off.

Ethan pulled himself away and quickly finished cleaning them both off just moving Cameron around as he wanted to. “Come on Cam. Time to get dry and out of here. Have you eaten yet?” Cameron followed meekly doing as he was told. “Haven’t eaten yet no.” he answered. “Me either. Wanna get something?” Ethan asked almost shyly. Cameron nodded. “Great let’s get dressed.” Ethan said heading for the locker room.

Cameron grabbed up his clothes and followed. He dropped them on the bench behind Ethan. “They’re wet.” he groaned.

“Sorry, that was my fault. I always wanted to undress you in the shower. Here I have spares.” Ethan said handing over a dry t-shirt, jeans and socks. Cameron took them and started to dress. “Do you always carry spare clothes?” he asked. Ethan smiled at him before answering “Only when I plan on seducing someone in the shower.”


“Been planning this long Ethan?”

“Definitely since I saw you yesterday but I’ve wanted you since high school. I had a hard time accepting myself back then so I never did anything about it. Then I graduated, left home and thought I’d lost any chance. When I saw you yesterday I knew not much had changed for me. So I looked you up in the student directory and here we are.” He confessed quickly as he dressed. Cameron kept his eyes on Ethan as he dressed slowly. “Glad I went to the computer lab yesterday then.” He said quietly. They grinned at each other.

“Okay so food.” Ethan said as he shoved their clothing into his bag. He fished a key from a side pocket and ushered Cameron out. Using the key he locked doors behind them as they left the gym and put the key back in his bag. “I use the pool to train a few days a week. It helps control my asthma.” he explained to Cameron once they were out.

“My car’s over here.” Cameron said pointing to his Toyota. “Great, I left mine home hoping you’d bring yours.” Ethan smiled. Cameron unlocked the car and let them in. He turned it slot oyna on before asking, “So, where to?”

“I was thinking, we pack a bag for you at your place, then grab a pizza and you spend the weekend at my place. Before you decide though you should know I don’t plan on letting you out of bed before Monday morning. What do you think?”

“Ummm…is this gonna be a one weekend kind of deal? It’s okay if it is, I just want to know.” Cameron asked looking at his steering wheel. He knew he’d say yes either way, what they had done in the shower had been incredible and that had only been a hand job, so he was heading to Ethan’s regardless, but a small part of him that had been in love with Ethan since high school was screaming at the idea of it being temporary.

Ethan sucked in a deep breath “I’d really like to give us a try Cam. I never stopped thinking about you. If I hadn’t been a chicken back at school, we could have started this a long time ago. If you’re interested anyway.” He said.

“I think it sounds really good to me. I’ve been dreaming of you since I figured out I liked boys.”

“I remember when you came out to the swim team at school so we wouldn’t think you were checking us out, I remember thinking this is one strong kid. I wished I could be that strong. I was scared to take a good look at myself back then. I only came out to my folks just over a year ago. Mum’s a bit weird about it but dad just said he always thought I was gay. Didn’t have to worry I guess.” He slowly finished.

Cameron drove off. They made the trip in silence, both thinking quietly about their pasts. He pulled up to his building and switched his car off. Ethan followed him into his building and to his room. “This will just take a minute.” He said as he unlocked and entered his room.

“Hey! Get the fuck out Faggyboy!” Jeremy yelled out. Cameron was shocked and backing out. Ethan pushed him forward however. Jeremy stomped over to loom over Cameron not noticing Ethan at all. That was until Ethan calmly stepped up behind Jeremy to whisper “You touch my boyfriend I break your hands.” menacingly into his ear. Jeremy quickly shuffled to the side and away from Ethan. “Who..who the fuck are you?” he asked belligerently. “That’s easy, I’m his boyfriend, and I think I’m the Teacher’s Aide in a couple of your subjects too. So you might want to behave yourself.” Ethan said smiling menacingly now.

“I just came back to pack a bag. I’ll be staying with Ethan this weekend.” Cameron said looking between the two men.

“Hi, I’m Amy.” A pretty girl came up to them an introduced herself and diffusing some of the tension. “Cameron.” He held his hand out to shake her hand. “This is Ethan.” He introduced. Ethan shook hands too. Then grabbed Cameron’s hand and pulled him away from the other two, towards the neatly made bed. “Yours?” he asked and waited for a nod before sitting down on the bed. “So Jeremy, you always treat my boyfriend so badly? And you do know that homophobic slurs and taunts are punishable by expulsion at this school? And since I’m a T.A. I can actually file charges against you for that shit.” He said firmly. “Cam pack a bag baby. Does he always treat you like that?”

“Usually he mainly ignores me, but if he’s got a girl here then I usually get to spend quality time in the library.” He answered as he grabbed his toiletries bag. “If he says or does shit like that again, let me know and I’ll file charges.” he said still looking at Jeremy. Cameron walked back to stand in front of Ethan “Okay.” he replied. Ethan looked up at him and quirked an eyebrow at seeing only the toiletries bag in hand. “Laundry day remember? I’m out of clothes.” He said blushing. Ethan chuckled and pulled Cameron into his lap. He pulled Cameron’s mouth to his and kissed him breathless. He finished the kiss and gently pushed Cameron to his feet. “Looks like you’re going to have to share my wardrobe for the next few days then.” he started leading them to the door.

“Don’t go on my account.” Amy said a tease in her voice. Ethan looked at her “You like to watch?” he asked her smiling. “Only if the two guys are as hot as you two.” she answered. Ethan turned back to Cameron before pushing him slowly backwards until his back was against the wall. Then he kept going until their bodies were plastered together. Ethan’s mouth settled on Cameron’s throat and he nuzzled there.

Slowly he moved down his throat to Cameron’s collar bone. Sucking gently until Cameron started moaning. Ethan settled to lavish attention on the hollow there while his hands brought their hips together. He pushed one leg between Cameron’s so Cameron could ride his thigh. Moving their hips slowly Ethan and Cameron put on a small show for Amy until Cameron’s breath stuttered and Ethan groaned into his neck as they trembled to completion.

They stood braced against the wall for a few more seconds before Ethan pulled them away. He looked over his shoulder and winked at Amy. Her eyes were glazed and canlı casino siteleri lips parted, panting slightly. Behind her Jeremy wasn’t in any better shape. His mouth was open, he was sweating and his pants were not hiding the bulge there. “Behave yourself and look after her.” Ethan said grabbing Cameron’s hand and heading out the door.


Cameron couldn’t say a word until they were both in his car. Releasing a gush of breath he asked “An exhibitionist are we?” his voice even squeaked at the end.

Ethan started laughing “I didn’t think I was. Never did that before. But the idea of rubbing off on you in public made me so hot I had to.”

Cameron joined in laughing. “Jesus, I sure as hell didn’t expect my day to end like this when I got up this morning. I definitely did not expect to turn up at our old locker room and to end up getting a hand job from the one guy I had a crush on all the way through high school. I’m not even gonna bring up the fact that you just rubbed us off in front of my grunt of a roommate and the girl he’s probably up there screwing right now. Wow. What a …ahhh…and now I’m wearing your clothes and I’m a complete mess, in more ways than just the obvious one in my er your pants.” Cameron knew he was babbling now, but hell what the hell?

Ethan had listened as Cameron let it all out. He reached for and took Cameron’s hand in his. “I’m not saying I planned all of this either, definitely not the public sex or coming in our pants, at least. The shower? That I definitely planned. Now I plan on having you drive us back to my place. We can clean up while we wait for a pizza. Then I plan on enjoying the rest of our evening. I’m hoping I can talk you into a lot more sex over the next couple of days and then if I play my cards right, I’m hoping we can turn this into a relationship that will last. You aren’t alone in this. I’ve had you on my mind for a long time too. I was not brave enough to do anything about it before, but I am now. I just hope you’ll give me a chance, give us a chance.”

Cameron listened quietly, he had been watching their linked hands. He looked up at Ethan and smiled shyly. “I like that idea. So where am I going?”

Fifteen minutes later Ethan was hanging up his cell phone having ordered their pizza, and was busy unlocking his front door. He ushered Cameron into the front room. He pulled Cameron in for a bruising kiss before pushing him gently away. He pointed to a door “Bathroom’s in there. There are a couple of robes behind the door if you want to change.”

Cameron nodded and headed for the bathroom. Minutes later he was sitting on the sofa, wearing a bathrobe and waiting for Ethan to finish in the bathroom. The pizza arrived as Ethan left the bathroom.

Pizza and two movies later Ethan was wrapped around Cameron happily nibbling on his neck. They were laying on the sofa, Cameron’s back tight against Ethan’s chest as Ethan ran his hands over Cameron’s chest, under his robe while he sucked and gently bit the side of Cameron’s neck. Cameron was whining high in his throat, he couldn’t stop from rubbing his ass against Ethan’s hard cock. Ethan himself was gently thrusting against Cameron.

“Ethan…Gods…Ethan, please.” Cameron begged.

“Get up baby, bedroom’s just through that door.” He urged Cameron up, pointing towards another door set in the wall behind them. Cameron stumbled up, Ethan quickly followed him. He took hold of the belt still somehow keeping Cameron’s robe shut and pulled Cameron behind him.

Ethan took his time spoiling Cameron’s body before preparing him slowly. Massaging his hole carefully, slowly stretching him and lubing them both up before again kissing him soundly. Ethan gently pushed Cameron’s knees up towards his chest. Cameron hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled them into his own chest leaving himself wide open and on display for his lover to see. Ethan sucked in a breath and visibly swallowed. He manoeuvred until his thighs were touching Cameron’s legs. He positioned his hard cock at Cameron’s waiting hole and gently pushed. He pushed gently but steadily until he in completely. Then he stopped biting his own lips and waited until he could feel Cameron relax around him.

Cameron felt each centimetre of hard cock entering him slowly. He was soft and loose already because Ethan had played with his hole for what seemed like hours, then finally he had positioned them both. Cameron had breathed out slowly as he felt Ethan’s cock start to breach him. The stretch and slight burn were amazing. The touch of pain had lasted for the seconds it took for Ethan to enter him fully. His channel clamped onto Ethan’s cock and held tight but finally, finally Cameron felt himself relax and Ethan began to move.

Ethan pulled out slightly and thrust back in just as slowly. He kept that pace for about 5 thrusts, then he started to speed up. Within seconds they were both covered in sweat and breathing hard. Cameron had his legs wrapped tightly around Ethan’s hips, his hands gripped on Ethan’s shoulders, he was moaning nonstop. Cameron arched and bowed under Ethan with almost every thrust. His breath hitching at every pass over his prostate Ethan made.

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