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“So what happened at the pool then?” Gary asked as a flushed Jenny eased herself up and down his short dick, feeling another orgasm brewing.

Jenny had been telling Gary what had happened that day between her and Gloria, Gary’s Mother in Law. She told him how she had fondled Gloria’s breast and Gloria’s reaction. She also confessed how arousing she had found it. When she described her cumming as Gloria shaved her pussy, Gary’s erection hardened even more. He had noticed her new clean shaven look as they had undressed, which was how Jenny found herself telling him about her day. She told him how both had slipped on costumes and outer clothes for the trip to the pool and that neither had packed underwear for the return journey.

At the pool they had paid and shared a double cubicle in the female changing rooms. Quickly they had walked to waters edge and joined the other seniors in a sedate swim up and down the pool. For the next forty five minutes, neither had spoken much as they breast stroked up and down. Finally a whistle sounded marking the end of the session., The older men and women climbed out of the pool and headed back to their showers and cubicles. Jenny suggested that she and Gloria share a shower and so they went to their cubicle to retrieve the shampoos and shower gels, They pulled the curtain around them, the tray was big enough for four or five people. Gloria stripped off her costume and looked at Jenny eagerly. Jenny slid her costume down slowly, watching Gloria’s eyes eat up her body.

“Like what you see?”

“Very much, you?”

“Yes I’m really getting wet looking at you.”

“I’ll wash you, then you can do me, sound like a plan?”

Jenny nodded and handed Gloria her shampoo. The water was cascading down in a warm spray, bouncing casino siteleri off their bodies. Gloria poured a little shampoo onto Jenny’s crown and massaged it in with her fingertips. Jenny felt her body loosening and she pushed her back against Gloria’s stomach. Although she had a small pouch above her pubis, Jenny could feel Gloria’s mound against her bottom. She wiggled with excitement, Gloria’s hands strayed to her neck, her shoulders, then slid round to clasp Jenny’s breasts, her fingernails gently raking Jenny’s nipples as she pressed back against Gloria. Then she slowly turned until they faced each other. Their mouths opened as they kissed and their mounds ground against each others, breasts squashing together, nipples rubbing each other. They held and pushed against each other, then both relaxed and, as if nothing had occurred, washed each other’s hair and backs. Grinning they rinsed off and moved to the cubicle.

Inside the high walled enclosure they once again grabbed for each other and continued to rub and squash and squeeze each other to orgasm. Red faced and giggling they had dressed, watching each other eagerly. Finding they had both ‘forgotten’ their underwear they squealed their way back to the car, touching and rubbing against each other like schoolgirls sharing a secret. Once in the car, they ran their hands against each others bodies, trying to make the other giggle, pausing only to allow the drive home to be conducted in relative safety.

Once inside the front door, they jettisoned their bags of wet towels and swimwear, racing up the stairs, paused at Jenny’s room, then turned and ran to Gloria’s. In the bedroom they stripped in seconds and were rolling onto the big kingsize bed, grabbing and play fighting. In minutes the pretense had gone and they hungrily slot oyna made for each others delicate pussy’s. This time tongues and fingers were used and they sprawled over each other, licking, fingering, kissing and tonguing each other to climax after climax. Sated they lay back and tried to focus on the here and now, but they had so much in their memory to last a while. Which is why Sue found them spreadeagled at opposite ends of the bed, gently sleeping, when she popped back at lunchtime. Taking in the two women’s naked forms, especially their most intimate parts rosy and glistening, she grinned. Lucky bastards she thought, leaving them lying peacefully.

Gary found it too much and with a grunt he pushed further into Jenny and felt his cock spew forth a large load of his semen into her. Jenny grinned and brought herself to a climaxes his cock stayed relatively hard inside her. Gary blew out his breath and hugged her. Jenny grinned wickedly.

“Do you know what Gloria said was missing?”

“Missing, what could have been missing?”

“Your cock!”

“My Cock? Why would she say that?”

The door creaked and a shape was silhouetted in the frame.

“Because I fancy a good fuck with my Son in Law?” Gloria asked as she walked in.

“No, No way, why… Jenny surely?”

“Gary, she needs a cock, it’s been too long, go on do it, fuck her, do it for me. I’d be fascinated to see you with Gloria. She has a great body and a really tasty pussy.”

“Which I know you can vouch for personally, I…”

Gloria came to the bed and leaned down to kiss Gary, as he looked up to her. Her lips grazed his and his eyes closed briefly. Jenny moved away slightly and watched as Gloria climbed into bed on top of Gary. Her hand sliding over his enlarging cock. His hands moved canlı casino siteleri to her magnificent breasts and he began to fondle them gently.

“I love that Gary, please don’t stop,” she said as her fingers caressed his balls.

He was now erect again and Gloria moved to place him outside her warm, wet and willing entrance. Sliding her opening around his prick, she slid down so her knees were level with his hips. She grunted slightly as he filled her. Then she rose and fell, wiggled and swayed enjoying the feel of a man again. Gary having explored her tits with his hands, moved his mouth over first one nipple then the other. He felt the teats firming in his mouth and he used his lips to suck them, pulling off each with a plop which made her breasts bounce slightly. Moving his head up he found her lips and they kissed deeply, trading tongues. Each was aware of Jenny’s hands rubbing their backs, increasing the erotic tension in the air. As their lips parted, Jenny’s face came between them and they tried a three way kiss, changing to her alternating with each of them.

Gloria was now riding the wave of her orgasm as she hurtled down from the peak. Shaking and moaning she pulled Gary to her as she rode up and down his stubby cock. Her breasts grazed his chest, then squashed against them, she pulled her head up and began to moan continuously. Gary tried to kiss her but her head was tilted back. With a gasp and a series of shudders and thrusts, she came, pulling Gary over the edge too. He felt her vagina pulsing and pulling at his cock, then a rush and he emptied a sack load into her. Writhing and moaning he felt himself rolling sideways as Gloria collapsed with the tail end of her orgasm sucking the last drops of cum from him. Jenny was kneeling up, her hand between her legs, rocking gently.

“I suppose I’m too late to join the party?” said Sue from the doorway. “Only with all this sex going on a poor girl can’t sleep for the warmth in her pussy and the tingle in her tits.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32