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*Note to all readers some of my story characters are vampires some can turn into Lycan’s [people that have the ability to turn into a werewolf]…they have vampire qualities [except they dont burn up in the sun when sunlight hits them] and the Lycanthropy’s [cant be killed my silver xD] [Ohh finally main character Jordan has super powers and you will find them out later into the story] Thank you for reading i really appreciate it ¦*[b]

Chapter 1

It was a partly cloudy afternoon, a little sunshine here and there with a cool breeze that passes and goes.

I was standing there, with my arms crossed waiting for him to come up that hill from his afternoon jog. The wind felt good blowing though my hair. I turned my head to look into the woods to admire its beauty in the after noon sunset. I heard a person calling my name in the distance. I turned my head; there he was, with his wavy raven black hair, Blue eyes, with a perfect golden brown skin tone. His body was also amazing, wit his rock hard abbs, broad shoulders, and not to forget his fat 11 inch cock [uncut]. “Hey babe!” he yelled. I smiled, and opened my arms for an incoming hug. “Hey jake how was the jog?” I asked with the most gorgeous smile I could do. “It was awesome honey” he said. As I kissed him deep and passionately, he moved his hands down to my descent sized ass, and gave it a squeeze. I squealed in delight. “Okay I think that’s enough for today” he said with a grin. “Otay” I said while huggling his waist. “Jacob”. “Yesssss” he said rubbing his nose against mines. “Can we play a game before we go inside?” “Maybe, what is the game?” He said lifting one eyebrow. “Tag” I said, giving him a devilish seductive grin. “Okay” he said. “Ready…get set…go!”

I twirled around and took off, all I saw was the trees were a blur and my path I was running through. I turned my head back to see how far he was behind me, I dint see anything behind me. So I did an immediate stop. I looked around to see if I saw any sign of him, hiding anywhere, blending in with anything. But I saw nothing, no sound, no movement. “It’s to quiet and still” I though to myself. Then it came to me, I saw a blurry figure dashing towards me. “Holy shit!” I panicked. I turned back around and took off again. I stopped one more time and thought to myself “this is a perfect spot”.

When I turned around I saw his figure dashing towards me. Before I could pretend that I was going to run, he cornered me. “Looks like you caught me” “yep” he said moving closer to me. Moving myself closer I kissed him. I felt a slight breeze come across my stomach, with warm hands replacing it. He removed my shirt along with my bra. I heard him suck in some air as he cupped my 34D breast. He pinched my nipples gently, while kissing on gaziemir escort bayan my neck. He pinched my nipples harder and I let out a moan, then he stopped kissing my neck and started sucking on my nipple. I undid my pants and took my laced thong. “Ooh fancy” he said. I chuckled to his silliness. I kneeled down on to my knees I removed his belt and slid his pants down. His hard cock sprang free and bumped my upper lip, lifting it up a bit. While my lip was already on it I kissed it and moved the head into my mouth. Moving my head back and forth sucking and licking his cock, I put more of his cock into my mouth until I was deep throating it. Jake’s animalistic moans and grunts were turning me on. Finding myself fingering my pussy. I took my mouth off his cock and started jerking him off. Ooooooh Jordan…yea ahhh right there! I chuckled to myself and wrapped my full lips back around his cock. Sucking his cock twice as fast as I was before, he put my hair in a messy ponytail and started to face fuck me.

Oooh Jordan! OPEN YOUR MOUTH QUICKLY! He let go of my hair and I took my mouth off his cock. I was in shock to see how fast he was jacking off; the first shoot surprised me, it landing on my chest. Now aware of this I opened my mouth for the next one. After 6 shots, his cock went limp. I gave an Are-You-Fucking-Kidding-Me Look, and started jerking him off. Feeling his cock rock hard again and telling by the way his eyes had pure lust in them. I got up and told him to pick me up. He picked me up and walked to the nearest tree and started to pound my pussy. Aaah jake be gentle!! He slowed his pace down and started to slow his pace. “Mmmm yea like that” I rested my head back and looked at jake who was enjoying my pussy and how tight it was. He started to go a little faster and I got closer to my orgasm. Ssss ahhh, fuck me faster jake. He went faster and harder into me, his balls slapping against my arse. “Oooh fuck baby im finna cum!!” That was all Jacob needed to hear to set him off. Fucking my pussy so hard that I thought the tree would tip over.

After 5 more thrusts I came to my orgasm and 3 seconds later he came deep into my pussy. “Awww shit Jordan that was great” He said panting “Mmmm” I said also out of breath. Jacob had let me down, and we started to put our clothes back on. CLICK! I popped my head through my tank top with a WHAT-THE-FUCK look on my face. As I scanned the forest for any trace of movement, I saw a person, I couldn’t make out his face but I knew that smell from anywhere. It was my worst enemy since high school, Mark Robinson. I looked over to jake to see that he had the biggest grin on his face. “MARK YOU FUCKER!!..YOU WERE WATCHING US?!!” Mark came over to us in jus 1 second. “Yea it was pretty hot” he said with a smirk. escort gaziemir He turned his head to me, I dint noticed that I was giving him a look of disgust. I mean Mark was hot to…he had the most beautiful blue eyes, with the prettiest smile. His hair was blonde, He had broad shoulders with nice abbs. I dint have a clue on how big his cock was, but I had a pretty good guess on that bulge in his pants…maybe like 10 or 9 inches. “Hiya” he said reaching his hand out to shake mines. I looked up at jake with an Are-You-Serious look on my face. “Jordan” he said with an edge to his voice. I shook marks hand and said “hey”. Looking away I said “well while you guys are out here talking about manly things im going to go take a bath” “okay babe” he said and kissed me square on my lips. I blushed a little because mark was staring right at us. Then I heard his voice inside my head. “I will see you tonight” I jerked my head back and saw mark staring at me with a grin on his face.

Chapter 2

As I hopped up through my window of our cozy mansion I ran some bathwater. When I walked into the bathroom, I was warmly greeted by the steam that had builded up in the bathroom. Ahhhh I breathed out in relaxation. I stepped into the tub biting my lip in the slight hotness. 2 minutes later I heard a knock on the door, “Come in”. It was jake, “can I use the shower?” since the bathtub was long and big enough for me to take a bath and for him to take a shower I figured why not. “Okay” he ran the water and began to shower. I stared at his cute little ass and his cock that was hanging between his legs. He heard me chuckle and turned his head and grinned at me. He looked up at the clock that I had on the wall and said “Dammit im late” and quickly hopped out the tub and ran into the bedroom. He came back into the bathroom in 3 seconds. Always using your powers to do stuff the easy way” I said “ Its easier” he said. “Whatever jake” I said rolling my eyes. “Bye” he said kissing me on my cheek before dashing out the window down to his Toyota Celica.

5 minutes passed since he left. Things got calm, and quiet. I was relaxing in the tub, until I felt a breeze. I thought it was the breeze outside since I had the window up. But I was wrong , I opened my eye and saw mark standing there just staring at my slender legs and slight cleavage showing above the water. “What the hell are you doing in my house!!” I screamed at him. “told you that I’ll see you tonight” he said grinning.” I just said get out my house mark”. He walked over to the tub and yanked me out the water. “What the fuck mark” I yelled trying to pull away from him. “Shut up you whore” He hissed in my ear. I whimpered as he was yanking me into the bed room and threw me down on the bed. ” I been wanting for this gaziemir escort for a long time Jordan” he said while pulling his clothes off. I just scooted back further away from him because of his fangs that just popped out. “Ah ah ah” he said while pulling be back towards him. I had just noticed how HUGE his cock was as I was looking down, a full 10 inches He pinned me down and started caressing my breast. I let out a low moan. As he started pinching my nipples and sticking 2 fingers into my clit. I felt his cock rubbing against my smooth stomach, I also felt bad about getting wet by his touch. I squirmed around biting my bottom lip. “Don’t fight it Jordan” he said, and moved down to my clit. Spreading my pussy lips wide he rough fully licked my clit. I gasped. He continued to lick my pussy over and over again sticking 2 fingers into it. “Please stop” I said gasping for air. “He must have not heard me” I thought. Licking my pussy deeper sticking his tongue down into my pussy and wiggling it around. I had an orgasm. Licking his lips from my pussy juices, He was slapping his cock on my pussy. “Noo it’s too big” I said with a tear rolling down my cheek. “It’ll fit” He said slowly moving his cock closer to my pussy. I was speechless, I wanted to see will it fit and I was wanted his cock so badly. His cock was spreading my pussy lips wide, I got nerves at the slight pain that was happening. Once he was fully in, he grinned and started to pull out and ram right back in. “shit!!” I screamed, as he ripped through my pussy. ” Goddamn Jordan” he said pumping my pussy like it was no tomorrow. “Oooh God” I moaned. Flipping me over on my stomach, He rammed his cock back into my pussy. He took his cock out my pussy and had it at the entrance of my ass. “Please no” I cried. He pulled my hair and shoved his cock into my ass. I screamed like one of them girls off a scary movie. I tightened my ass so he couldn’t move. He started to kiss my back, and stroke my sides. I still dint let me go because I dint want him to fuck my ass. I loosened up a bit, and he started to slowly fuck my ass. “ahhh” I whimpered. “im close Jordan” he said picking up speed. “please no” I said. Fucking my ass, he bit into my neck just as he came into my ass. ” You Bitch” I said in a whisper. He dint say nothing until he got through. When he was done, I fell onto the bed. “If you tell your husband about this i’ll make your life a living hell..I promise you Jordan” he said licking my neck from the extra blood that was pumping out.”fucking hate you mark” i said. “mmhm whatever” he said jumping out the window and disappearing. I was so soar I couldn’t move yet. So I waited 5 minutes and looked over to the clock it was 10:30. Dammit jakes gonna be home in 30 minutes I thought. So I jerked myself up, and made my way back to my bathwater to wash mark’s smell off of me. When i got out I quickly put on a pair of boy shorts on with a tank top and hopped in bed. I was Awakened by jacob shaking my shoulder telling me to scoot over.

[b]Part 3 coming soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32