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I had decided to take a trip back to my home city to see family and friends, and spend a week away from the pressures of work. I was also hoping to meet some new friends, and get to suck some new cock while I was home. I’m a bisexual guy, with a deep love for sucking cock, and I don’t get many opportunities to do that in the small west Texas town I now live in.

Once established in my hotel, I opened my laptop and began cruising the local sex list ads to see what and who might be available for fun. As it happened, I managed to hit the jackpot almost immediately. His ad was short, but certainly caught my eye: “MWM seeking to give facial, possibly more, to another guy. Not very experienced, but I want to indulge a fantasy and need some help. Looking for clean MWM, 30s to 40s, want to do this tonight.”

I immediately became erect just reading the ad. I’m a bottom, and it had been a long time since anyone had given me a facial. I don’t like overly aggressive guys, but his ad didn’t read that way, and I was curious to find out more. I replied with my interest, and he must have been watching his email because I received an immediate response. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him, saying he would be free to stop by my hotel on his way home from work. I called, and he sounded nervous, but said he just wanted to give another guy a facial, maybe with some oral thrown in, and not sure about anything else. I told him that would be great, just what I was looking for, and gave him my information. He said he would be there in about an hour, and casino siteleri I sat back to wait for him.

An hour later, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door, and let in a nice-looking guy, early 40s, who seemed anxious to get into the room and into a private setting. I invited him to sit down and chat for a bit. He told me that he was still new to the whole m2m sex thing, not much experience, but that he had long fantasized about having a guy suck and lick him and letting him explode all over the guy’s face. I told him that was a great fantasy, and I would love to do it for him. I indicated my digital camera and asked if he would mind getting pictures of me at work, and he agreed as long as no face shots were taken, of him anyway, and I got the camera ready while he took off his pants and underwear.

I asked him how he wanted to do it, as he began playing with his soft cock, building to an impressive erection of about seven inches. He asked me to kneel and lick his balls as he played. I took a couple of pictures of his cock, and then went to work.

On my knees now, with him slowly pulling on his cock, I moved underneath him and began to lick his heavy hanging balls. He moaned loudly at this, telling me he loved to have his balls licked and can’t often get that pleasure. I licked and sucked at his balls, loving the way they felt in my mouth, and gently sucking them. He held my head to his balls, asking me to take them into my mouth, and moaning even more as I sucked. After a few minutes of this, he decided to let me suck him, slot oyna and moved to lie down on the bed.

I moved between his legs, and took the head of his stiff cock into my mouth. Moving his hands to my head, he moaned out “Oh yeah, suck me, suck that hard cock…damn, you suck so good, please don’t make me cum too soon, I want this to last!”

I didn’t want him to squirt too soon either, so I switched to taking long, slow licks up and down his shaft. His precum was flowing freely now, and I licked up the stream as it moved down his cock. I then switched back to his balls, sucking and licking them gently, as his hand moved back to his cock. I pleasured him like this for some time, alternating between sucking and licking the shaft, then going back to his balls. He finally could stand no more, and told me he wanted to switch again. “Oh man, I’m gonna cum so hard! Get back on your knees, and let me give you that hot cream!”

I immediately sank back to my knees, with him over me once again, furiously fisting his cock and dripping precum as he worked it. I heard him groaning, and put my camera in his hand so he could capture the moment. It must have been very tough for him to focus, but to his credit, he took some incredibly hot shots of his orgasm.

“Aaagghh, here it cums, take it, take it all!” he shouted, and I opened wide and stuck out my tongue to capture every drop of his hot seed. And was it every hot! It felt like scalding rain as he pumped what seemed like a gallon of sperm onto my face. It went everywhere, hitting my lips and tongue, canlı casino siteleri nose, cheeks, forehead, and even a few squirts went on my shirt. He got some great shots of that action, and then a couple more as I shoved his cock back into my mouth to get the last few squirts. He moaned some more as I licked every drop from his cock, then sank back to the bed.

After a few minutes, he moved to get dressed and I realized that was going to be the end of it. I stood up and took a picture of myself in the mirror, still covered in his sperm. He thanked me profusely, telling me what a great cocksucker I am and how much he loved the experience. I asked him if he would be available again, as I was in town for several more days, but he said he was going out of town. I opened the door, still wearing his load, and let him out.

I was so hot after that, I had to get some relief of my own. Taking off my jeans and underwear, I lay back on the bed and began to stroke my cock. His sperm, no longer hot but still warm and creamy, began to flow down my face. I licked off what I could reach with my tongue, and then began scooping up more with my finger. I have large nipples and love to play with them, so I rubbed some of his cum on them and worked hard to get off. I continued to taste his cum and play with it, and it didn’t take long for me to shoot my own load all over the place. I needed a shower now, so I finished stripping and took a nice hot one, removing the traces of cum from my face and body. After the shower, I downloaded the pictures to my laptop, and after some careful editing, posted them to a website. It was one hot afternoon!

If you’re in, or going through, central west Texas, and would like to give me a facial, why not drop me a line? You’ll love it, I guarantee it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32