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She was back, and not only was she back she was the first and only customer in the door. Now would be the perfect time to ask her out. Cassie set down the decorative tier she’d been holding and took a quick peek into the reflective surface of a counter to make sure her honey-brown hair wasn’t in total disarray. She dusted a hand down the front of her well-fitted blouse and jeans then checked to make sure that there were no smudges of flour on her face before stepping out around the counter and heading for the table where the woman sat.

She was stunning, with glossy black hair that swung right below her jaw and bright blue eyes under a set of perfectly arched brows. Her full lips were parted slightly as she perused the menu and Cassie had to swallow hard and clear her throat silently before she could speak.

“We have those curried egg and watercress sandwiches today,” she said. “Also, we have Nova Scotia salmon and dill on either white or wheat, and a terrific beet and Stilson cheese on a toasted honey and oat roll. And a few new and really good teas.”

She clamped her lips shut. She was babbling and she knew it but she couldn’t help it. For the last month she’d been trying to work up the guts to ask the woman sitting at that table out. She often wore rainbow colors, or shirts that read PRIDE, and she had a decal of two female figures holding hands stuck to the outside of her laptop case.

Cassie figured if she wasn’t gay she wouldn’t be able to blame her for thinking she was, all things considered, but every time she tried to open her mouth to ask for her name, or out on a date all that came out was idiotic blathering about tea sandwiches and brews.

“That sounds great.” Lush lips painted a stunning scarlet parted to reveal white teeth. The incisor on the right side of her smile jutted out just slightly, just enough to turn that smile from terrifyingly flawless to disarming and charming.

Cassie took a deep breath and blurted out, “I’m Cassie.”

One eyebrow lifted, “So this is your place.”

Cassie nodded. “It is.”

Was she going to say her name or would she actually have to ask? Her face colored as she stared, slightly embarrassed and tongue-tied, at the other woman. A slender hand with perfectly cut nails shot out, “I’m Lauren.”

She took Lauren’s warm, dry hand in hers. Little tingles shot through her. “Nice to finally meet you. I mean…uh…I’ve met you, obviously. I meant…” she stopped. Her slight blush turned to a full-on bolt of red that covered her burning face. “Would you like to have dinner or coffee or something? Not now, I mean…I swear I’m usually not this lame.”

Lauren said, “I didn’t think you’re lame at all. I was actually sitting here wondering if you were gay and if so how I could ask you out.”

Cassie’s smile spread across her face. “Oh. Yes, gay. Very gay. Maybe I need to wear one of those shirts you wear all the time.”

Lauren chuckled, “It’s one way to make sure people see me.”

Cassie nodded. “Right? I always feel kind of invisible. Curse of the femmes.”

Lauren laughed, “Yes, that’s it exactly. Also yes to…how about dinner? I’m guessing you could have coffee any time you like all things considered.”

Cassie said, “That’s true.”

Lauren said, “Let me give you my number.”

Cassie pulled her phone from her back pocket. She said, “Go ahead.”

Lauren rattled off the number and said, “If you like you can call me real quick so I have your number.”

Cassie hit dial so fast she almost broke a nail. Lauren’s phone rang and she grinned as she added Cassie to her contact list. She stood and said, “I really came in today because I was determined to ask you out, and I’m on my lunch break so could I just get a curried egg to go?”

“Sure.” Cassie hightailed it back behind the counter and Lauren followed. She stood at the counter and smiled when Cassie set a tall cup of her favorite tea to brewing. Cassie carefully arranged a curried egg sandwich, neatly cut into three triangles, on a thin bed of Bibb lettuce then closed the tray and put it in a bag. She slid it and the tea over, saying, “It’s on me.”

Lauren said, “Then dinner’s on me. How about I call you around…wait…what time do you close? I mean, do you have other employees or do you work here alone all the time?”

Cassie casino siteleri winced, “Well it’s my first year so yeah, I work alone for now. But I close at six on Mondays.”

“I’ll call you at six thirty then.” Lauren gave her another of those winning smiles and headed out the door, holding it open for a small crowd of eager tea enthusiasts who’d arrived to take advantage of the early tea discounts.

Cassie set to work, the goofy grin on her face not dimming at all.


Cassie finished a bite of excellently spiced tandoori chicken and said, “That is so good. I can’t remember the last time I had Indian food.”

Lauren said, “I’m glad you like it. I was a little afraid to suggest it because it’s not for everyone.”

“I’m glad you suggested it,” Cassie said then popped a bit of puffy, warm butter naan into her mouth and chewed with relish.

They were tucked into a little booth far from the windows and the sight of the people walking by on the crowded avenue just beyond. Lauren’s thigh pressed against hers and her heart beat a little faster as Lauren leaned closer, the light and fresh scent of her cologne drifting to Cassie’s nose and making her want to lean closer.

She did lean closer. Lauren’s hair swung forward as she leaned forward too, bringing the scent of jasmine and a soft brush of silk to Cassie’s cheek. She had to restrain herself from reaching out and stroking that shining hair.

Lauren said, “So how did you get into tea?”

Cassie chuckled. “Oh, I love tea, always did. My grandmother is British and a big believer in tea. She taught me the difference between formal, afternoon, and high tea before I could even pronounce half the words that went with it.

“I was a hedge fund manager; that is until the huge drop in economy. I got downsized and I had two options, get another job or try to start over doing something I really love. I’ve been really lucky because there’s so many amazing tea services in the city.”

“Yours are amazing, “Lauren said, “And your place made me feel comfortable the minute I walked in.”

Cassie smiled, pleased by the compliment. “That’s my whole goal. A lot of people are here as tourists, and not everyone has the budget for an expensive high tea afternoon. Not everyone wants the whole dressed-to-the-nines experience either, or they see the place, realize it’s casual enough for what they’re wearing and they drop in. So, now that I’m done babbling about me, what is that you do?”

Lauren said, “I’m in A&R at a record label.”

Cassie’s mouth dropped open. “Wow. That must be really exciting.”

Lauren chuckled, “It is. It’s also frustrating and weird and fun.”

They ate in a comfortable silence for a few moments and then Cassie asked, “So how did you get into that?”

Lauren said, “Well, I love music but I have no talent to make it. What I do have is good ear, and a real passion to bring people who might not have gotten a contract otherwise to the label. I started off as an intern at a small indie label, and then I signed a few acts who had some mainstream success. Someone over at the label I work for now heard about me and I got an interview. Then a few weeks later I brought them Olivia Hammers.”

“Oh.” Cassie’s eyes went wide. “I love her!”

Lauren said, “Oh wow, you like Indian food and alt-post-punk singers? Where have you been all my life?”

They both laughed. Cassie said, “I was just thinking the same thing.”

They laughed again. Cassie wanted the date to go on and on so after they finished eating she suggested they take a walk and Lauren readily agreed, saying she’d eaten far too much and some exercise wouldn’t kill her.

They walked along Broadway slowly despite the people rushing past them. Lauren’s hip occasionally bumped against Cassie’s sending little thrills down her spine. She wanted to kiss Lauren and badly but she wasn’t sure how to even start a kiss with her on such a crowded street. She was cursing her suggestion to walk when Lauren said, “Would you like to see my place?”

The tingles turned to fire. Cassie caught a deep breath and said, “Yes, I would.”

Lauren said, “I live just a few blocks from here, we have to turn here.”

They crossed and headed down a few smaller and much quieter streets. The crowds behind them slot oyna Cassie became bolder. She stepped closer and Lauren caught her hand. Anticipation ran through Cassie’s body and she had to remember to breathe as they fetched up at a small brownstone nestled in a row with other, equally well-kept buildings.

Lauren unlocked the outer door and they stepped into a neat little foyer with a staircase to one side and an elevator straight ahead. They went to the elevator and Lauren said, “I should warn you. The elevator only works when it wants to. If it doesn’t arrive in say, two minutes, that means it’s crapped out again.”

Cassie gave it a suspicious look, “Maybe we should take the stairs. I’d hate to get caught in there.”

Lauren said, “I want to act horribly brave right now but, well, no. Let’s take the stairs. I’m on the third floor and that isn’t terrible.”

Cassie, relieved, said, “That sounds way better than getting trapped in a car of death.”

Lauren chuckled. “I know. I was just worried you’d be like ‘what? No elevator?’ or something.”

Cassie said, “I live in a fifth floor walkup over in the East Village.”

Lauren said, “Ah, so you get it.”

They started up the stairs. On the third floor landing Lauren unlocked another door that led them into a narrow hallway. She put her key into the second door on the left and they entered into a small studio apartment with a stunning set of floor to ceiling windows that gave off a lovely view of the tree-lined street below. Cassie gasped with real pleasure and Lauren said, “I know. I’d move but where would I ever find that much light and such a great view?”

“Nowhere, “Cassie said firmly. “I love this.”

The apartment was small but tidy and there was evidence of Lauren’s personality everywhere. She liked bright colors, and pretty, very textured fabrics. There were posters on the walls right next to sand paintings that Cassie admired. “Wow, these are great.”

Lauren stood next to her, her head tipped back and a smile on her face. “I grew up in New Mexico.”

Cassie’s mouth dropped open. “No way. Me too, in Albuquerque.”

Lauren said, “Wow, seriously? And we’re…wait. How old are you?”


“I’m twenty-eight.” Lauren shook her head, “That’s crazy that we had to come to Manhattan to meet.”

Their bodies met. Cassie’s breath caught and held as Lauren’s breasts flattened against hers and their mouths fused together in a long, fiery kiss. Lauren’s mouth tasted of peppermint, spices, and the rich red wine they’d drunk with dinner. Her tongue was clever and slow, stroking along Lauren’s gently but intensely.

Lauren’s hands rested on her shoulders and Cassie lifted hers to touch that shimmering ebony hair that had held her so rapt. Sensations spiraled up, making her knees weak and her tummy fill with dancing butterflies.

Lauren’s hands skimmed down her body. Her fingers pressed into the knobs of her spine then cupped her bottom. Cassie’s pelvis tilted into Lauren’s and a long gasp broke from her throat when she realized that Lauren was packing.

A cock-rocking femme!

That was like finding a unicorn in the midst of a city street and Cassie was dizzy with desire as the kiss grew longer and more heated. Their tongues met and parted, and their bodies pressed more tightly together.

Lauren’s fingers found the buttons on Cassie’s blouse and it opened to reveal the pretty, pale-blue bra beneath. Lauren’s mouth went to the fabric, her teeth tugging gently until Cassie’s nipples stood up in stiff peaks.

Cassie gasped and her fingers tangled into Lauren’s slippery and soft tresses, her fingers striving to pull Lauren even closer. Lauren undid the clasp between Cassie’s small breasts, letting them tumble free of the bra.

They undressed each other quickly and stumbled to the low bed set on the opposite side of the room from the windows. Lauren muttered something about blinds, staggered up and toward the windows, closed the blinds and dashed back to the bed.

The mattress sagged slightly as Lauren joined her on the bed, her hands already sliding up and around her body to cup Cassie’s breasts. Lauren’s body pressed against hers, pinning her down to the mattress in a delightful way.

Their tongues met and then Lauren slid downwards, her hands canlı casino siteleri caressing and seeking out the most erogenous parts of her body. Sensation spiked and exploded. Wetness flooded from her inner folds and spilled across the swollen flesh of her labia.

Lauren’s fingers parted that flesh and slid inside her, making her whimper with pleasure as Lauren’s teeth caught the flesh below her belly button in a playful nip. Her head moved lower, her tongue finding the erect flesh of Cassie’s clitoris.

Cassie cried out as the friction and heat rocketed upward from her core to her entire body, washing away everything but the fiery need and want that had come flooding in from that moment that she had seen Lauren, and that had only grown with each and every second she’d spent with her.

Lauren’s fingers continued to thrust inside Cassie’s tight inner walls while her tongue played along her soaked and aching flesh. Cassie’s eyes closed and her heels dug into the mattress, her fingers twined into the sheets and tugged furiously then she dropped the sheets and her hands gripped Lauren’s head as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her, taking her ever closer to the edge of climax.

Just before she orgasmed Lauren lifted her head and withdrew her fingers, leaving Cassie teetering on the edge and desperate. Lauren moved upward, and the hardness of the strap-on she wore pressed against the slippery, fluid-soaked entrance to Cassie’s throbbing flesh.

Lauren’s lean hips bucked and she entered Cassie in one long sweet thrust that left Cassie crying out desperately. Her fingers raked along the velvety flesh of Lauren’s long and smooth back.

They moved together. Their lips met and their breath panted in and out of each other’s mouths. Cassie was dizzy with desire and excitement. She’d fantasized about making love to Lauren ever since she’d first seen her and now that she was all those fantasies paled in comparison.

Lauren’s lips left hers and went back to her breasts. Cassie rained kisses down her body then she moved so that she was on top. Lauren cried out, her whole body shaking as Cassie lowered her lips to her breasts, her nipples, and then lower, first taking the dildo into her mouth then unbuckling it easily before placing her mouth on the soaked and salty-sweet flesh below.

Lauren groaned out, “Turn around.”

Cassie did. Eagerly. Lauren’s tongue found her flesh just as her tongue found Lauren’s. Their bodies arched and fell, and their breathing grew ragged and faster.

Cassie, lost in the flavor of the sticky juices coming from Lauren’s sweet pink flesh, and the glorious and intense orgasm spilling from her body, closed her eyes and just relished the moments as her body bucked and thrust and her walls sent even more clear juices falling into Lauren’s full and parted mouth.

Lauren came. Her walls tightened on Cassie’s fingers and her cry was loud and guttural. Her thighs shook and Cassie collapsed, her tongue slowly licking away creamy drops from the shivering outer lips of Lauren’s labia.

Eventually they got themselves sorted out and they lay there, cuddled close together. Cassie could barely speak. The entire day had been almost magical. First she’d worked up the courage to ask Lauren out, and she’d said yes. They’d had a fabulous dinner, and great sex, and now they were tangled together on Lauren’s platform bed, their heartbeats slowing and their bodies cooling.

Lauren let a hand run down her body, her fingers caressing the flesh of her side and hip, tickling along her rib cage and back up to the lower slope of her breast. Cassie sighed with contentment and asked, “Can you believe this whole day?”

Lauren chuckled, “No, I can’t. I swear I figured you’d shoot me down. I was pretty sure you were either straight or taken.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” she said. “Do you know I really wanted to ask you out the first time you walked into the tea room? You were wearing this very crisp red silk blouse and dark slacks and you looked so put together that I froze up. I’m usually covered in flour and egg yolks, or sugar and sandwich fillings, and I figured there was no way you’d be interested.”

“You also smell like sugar.” Lauren out her nose into Cassie’s shoulder and sniffed appreciatively. “It’s delicious. You’re delicious, actually.” Her grin was naught.

Cassie blushed and said, “Well, you are very delicious yourself.”

Their giggles filled the room and didn’t stop until their lips met in yet another fiery kiss.

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