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Disclaimers: If you haven’t read Justice For Some, you will be missing out on my characters. This, like almost all my stories, is a work of pure fiction.

My name is Letitia Robin Little Bear. Yes, I know I married Carole Andrews, but after much discussion, we decided I should keep my last name, as a reminder of my heritage.

I started working in my wife’s legal office as a research assistant, and absolutely loved my work. It didn’t hurt seeing my wife every day. We both had to remind ourselves, once in a while, that our sex lives shouldn’t be on display, while at work.

While her father wasn’t all that thrilled with her lifestyle choice, both my new in laws really made me feel more than welcome into their family. That was true with my new sister in law, her husband, and her younger brother, who was going to be married, shortly.

Oh, yes, we did make the long drive to see my family, at least once a month, with Carole becoming very close with all my relatives. She even kidded with my grandmother that she had gained nearly three pounds. Just saying that caused laughter at our dinner table.

After nearly six weeks of my new job, Carole came into my little cubicle, one Friday, and quietly asked me, “how would you like to join me in court, Monday morning?”

I just stared at her, with my jaw dropping to my chin.

With a very soft touch, she put her hand under my chin, gave me the softest kiss, and told me the preliminary hearing was a case I had been researching for over a week.

I was flabbergasted, to say the least. Yes, I breathed, not really able to comprehend the enormity of it all.

Yes, our sex life was still in high gear, and I truly loved the work I was doing, but joining my wife in court was almost too much for me to wrap my head around.

All weekend, when we weren’t fucking our brains out, we actually did get her strategy laid out for court.

Sunday night, after dinner, we were resting on our sofa, after finishing our work.

“Carole, do you get nervous going into court?”

“Not so much nervous, but more like excited,” she replied.

“Does rubbing my boobs, like you’re doing relax you?” I asked, starting to feeling an orgasm building.

Instead of a verbal answer, she lifted my shirt over my head, and leaned down, softly kissing each engorged nipple. With her one hand moving towards my panties, I knew what she had in mind. Or did I?

As we made our way to our bedroom, she whispered in my ear, “shall we try what we’ve been talking about?”

Let me interject, here, giving all you curious readers a little background. We have added some toys, into our very active sex life. Only using hand held ones, even though we have purchased a strap on, or two.

I looked her in her beautiful eyes, and just nodded. Off came our clothes. Out came a strap on and some lube. We got on top of the covers, kissing and touching each other, breathing harder and harder. Carole moved off me, putting on this soon to be used device.

Whispering, I love you so much, Letitia, she moved me onto my back, opened my legs a bit wider, while applying some lube to our newly purchased strap on. Stepping into the harness, and rubbing the head of our new toy up and down my very wet, excited pussy lips, I started breathing harder. Getting onto her knees, Carole slowly pushed just the head of this very realistic looking 8 inch cock into my quivering pussy.

“Oh, my God, this feels so fucking realistic,” I panted, as Carole started pumping in and out, while sucking on both nipples, one at a time.

After 15 minutes, or more, she gets on her knees, still with her ‘cock’ buried deep in my soaking wet sex, and rolls us both over, leaving me on top.

My God, this feels so good, as I move up and down, while lightly biting her rock hard nipples.

We each must have experienced 2 or 3 window rattling orgasms, before I collapsed onto my side, next to my lover, taking her face in both hands and kissing every inch of her beauty.

We just laid there, smiling, trying to catch our breath.

“We better try to get some sleep, if we want to be in court, on time, tomorrow morning,” she smiled.

“We better do something extra, so we don’t smell of sex,” I said, with a mile wide grin.

Sometime later, I got a serious case of horniness. I leaned over, opening my nightstand drawer, taking out our other strap on, and some lube. Very quietly, I put my legs through the harness openings, got a little lube, then a little more, and moved right behind my Carole. I kissed her naked shoulder. Then her neck. Placed one hand on her right breast. Pushed her thong down, uncovering her cute firm butt. Rubbing just the tip of this nearly 6 incher up and down between her cheeks. Listening to her breathing quickening, I put just the tip up against her little brown pucker.

“I’ll give you about an hour to knock that off,” she panted, already shaking with pleasure.

“Just one hour, my love,” I exclaimed.

Staying on our sides, with my hand moving from her breast, casino siteleri downward to her sexual core, feeling just how wet she already was, I slowly started fucking her adorable backside.

“Jesus, fucking Christ, Letitia, do you want us to fuck all night?”

“Uh hum, that sounds fine with me,” pumping a little faster.

Both of us exploded at the same time, literally falling into a heap.

“I love you so much. Carole.”

“Not as much as I love you, my dear, Letitia.”

Believe it or not, we were in court at few minutes early, each with a huge grin on our faces.

Our client was suing her landlord for unlawfully raising her rent, twice in less than 6 months. Her landlord had an attorney I had seen, but never met. I knew him by reputation, and that he thought himself quite a ladies man.

Randall Conway, stood about 6’4″ or more, well built, with a shaved head, and a smirk that I just didn’t care for. It wasn’t that he was a black man, just that he had this “God’s gift to women” attitude.

After our hearing, which our client’s case was allowed to proceed, Carole was called away for an important phone call. This left me sitting in the courthouse lobby, when Randall walks up to me and starts talking.

“Hey, babe, how are you doing?” smiling at me like I should be impressed, or something.

“First off, my name isn’t babe, secondly, I’m married, and third,” I couldn’t think of a third, so I just said, “Those two are enough”

Just then Carole returned, taking my hand, and quietly said to me, “we should be going.” As we passed Randall, she turned and quietly told he had the wrong plumbing for either of us.

As we got back to her car, we were still smiling.

“Did you imagine anybody hitting on you in a courthouse?” she asked me.

“I think I owe all of this to you.”

About a month later, we had her brother’s wedding to attend. Jerry, Jr. and Lucy wanted just a small wedding, with Lucy asking Jerry’s sister, Carole and me to be her bridesmaids. Her own sister was her Matron of Honor.

Carole, her sister Beth, and me had so much fun shopping for bridesmaids dresses, as they both made me truly feel like a third sister.

What made it even better was Beth announcing she was pregnant, due in about 5 months. Wow, I was going to be an Auntie, again. Their older boy, Kenny, and I got along, just OK. He was more attached to him mommy, but that didn’t bother me.

In no time, she gave birth to a second beautiful boy, who they named Karl. He was such a pleasure to be around. I just loved holding him, knowing if he messed his diaper, I could give him back to his parents. One Sunday, just before our family dinner, I was holding Karl in the crook of my arm, when he moved right up to my left boob, trying to latch on. With a very gentle hand, I moved him away, and with a calming voice told him he was at the wrong location.

Giving him back to his mommy, just grinning, thinking to myself, what if. Watching him nurse, gave me feelings I thought I would never have.

Unbeknownst to me, Carole, Beth and Lucy all saw the look on my face.

Three more Sunday dinners, and I found myself fitting in even better. As we were all sitting around, after dessert, with Karl sound asleep, my father in law quietly asked Carole and me, if we had given any thought to children. We just looked at each other, and before either of could answer, my mother in law, Beverly, said “we have all seen how good you are with Karl.”

I just smiled, and looked at Carole, who was smiling back at me.

Finally, it was Lucy who spoke up, first.

“Carole and Letitia, its obvious to all of us that you both would make excellent parents. So, we all have been talking among ourselves, and have a proposal to make.”

Carole just stared at me, and I stared back, not knowing what was going on.

Beth picked up on the conversation, saying that if we wanted a child, Jerry, Jr. would be a donor. I was wondering what she was talking about, when Carole whispered in my ear, “he’s volunteering to father a child for us.”

“Are you asking me to fu, um sleep with him?”

“No, my dear, he wants to be our sperm donor.”

I felt a bit silly, but started thinking about the possibility of having a baby. Edwin and I had talked about children, and when he was killed, I thought that idea might have died with him.

I looked over at my in laws and noticed they were both grinning.

I began to think this could be a reality. A week after this was first proposed, Carole and Beth made an appointment for me with their Doctor. Neither of them could believe I had never been to an OB/Gyn, before. I had to remind them about the sad state of the medical care on the reservation I grew up on.

I was so frightened before my appointment, I told Carole I wanted to cancel. She assured me this doctor was a very kind, female, just in her early 40’s.

I still was shaking like a leaf in the waiting room, while Carole was my calming influence. After my very thorough, but embarrassing slot oyna exam, my Doctor had Carole join us, giving me a very clean bill of health.

We then started our conversation to begin the process that just hopefully would culminate in us having a child.

It became difficult to concentrate at work, but the rest of my colleagues kept my focus on what I needed to do.

One night, just after dinner, we were sitting in our living room, and I guess I had a very strange look on my face.

“Penny for you thoughts, my dear?”

“Nope, you’ll think I’m not very bright,” I said, lowering my chin.

“T, what have I told you about that?”

She was the only person I allowed to call me that nickname.

“What is bothering you?”

“Umm, I am wondering just how this umm donation is collected?”

“Well, Junior will go into your Doctor’s office, and into a private room, and masturbate into a specimen cup.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.”

“Wow, can’t Lucy go and help him?”

“Nope, even though I’m sure they would both enjoy that, more.”

We weren’t told until the day of Junior’s contribution. Now, we both started to get excited.

I was scheduled to go in for my part of this very technical procedure the very next day. Of course, Carole was right by my side, holding my hand. We were told we now had to wait about six weeks, or so.

This had to be the longest six weeks in history.

We were so busy at work, the fact that my period wasn’t there, escaped my mind, for a few days, before I finally realized this might really be happening.

On the third morning, with nothing happening, Carole finally asked if there was anything was going on. I just broke down in her arms, sobbing.

“I think I’m pregnant, sweetheart!”

Now, we were both sobbing. Lets get you an appointment, to make sure.

We had to wait only a day, to find out my brother in law’s swimmers had done their job. Wow. All we had to do is wait just about 7 months.

My doctor gave me a huge amount of information, we both needed in preparation for parent hood. Again, all this state of the art medical care was very new to me.

Telling both our families, we now sat in our living room, just grinning at each other.

“Carole, can we look for a little bigger place, with our growing family?”

“OK, what do you have on mind?”

“Well, I’d like to put in some of my money, if you don’t mind.”

“Let’s start looking, this weekend.”

We both started looking online at homes in our area. We also looked in some of the newer areas close by.

We finally took off early, one Friday, to visit my family. We also made plans to visit Edwin’s family, too. They were so happy for us, we had to pay them a visit, too.

As usual, my family had enough food to feed a small army. My 90 something grandmother tried to understand the process of artificial insemination. She just shook her head in bewilderment.

“I guess this is a better way than her brother and you, you know,” she made a gesture of poking her index finger through her other hand that made a circle.

Poor grandma was so embarrassed, Carole took her in her arms and gave her a huge hug.

“How are you going to feel being a great grandmother?”

She just had the widest grin, with just one tear already leaking from her eye.

Our house hunting was progressing, with online views, and some in person showings. Since I was starting to show, we had mostly positive comments from the agents showing us houses.

With one exception. This one class A jerk, looked at us, and asked if my husband was too busy to join us. Before Carole had a chance to respond, I quietly said, “This beautiful lady is my wife, and we wouldn’t buy a home from you, even if we loved it!”

With that, we left, hand in hand, smiling, and Carole saying how much she loved the new assertiveness I was showing.

Into my seventh month, we found a house that more than checked all our boxes. Except, Carole thought it was too expensive.

Sitting at our dinner table, I took her hands in mine, and said, “We both know we have the money to buy this perfect house. How about we buy the house, and use some of the proceeds from this place to buy new furniture?”

“Wow, and dad thinks I’m good with money! Let’s call our agent and make an offer.

Since this was an all cash offer, we were able to move in, just as I was starting my ninth month.

I was told by all the women on both sides of my family, that I had to be the luckiest woman they knew. No morning sickness, to speak of. A most caring wife, who catered to my every need, and all my colleagues at work treating me like family. I guess I was family to them, too.

We were just getting all settled into our new house, when early one Saturday morning, I was pretty sure our baby was through being cooped up inside of me. Yes, we decided not to know the sex, thinking we needed a surprise. My father in law did mention that his two grandsons needed some females to balance canlı casino siteleri out the family.

We didn’t care, as long as he/she was healthy.

Off we went, arriving in plenty of time. We notified my family, and my in laws were already there, waiting for us.

With Carole by my side, off we went to enlarge our family. Just under 90 minutes later, Hannah Rose Andrews made her first appearance into the world. 7 pounds 11 ounces, 20 inches long. With a shock of jet black hair, showing off my native heritage.

Carole kept ahold of my hand, saying over and over how beautiful our daughter is. Between her tears of joy, there were also many “I love you so much” comments.

As soon as Hannah Rose was done with the nurses, she was placed on my chest. Just staring up at me with dark brown eyes, the enormity of this hit me, and I pulled Carole to me sobbing, we did it, my love, we really did it.

After texting my family pictures, it was my grandmother who said how much she looked like me, but with Carole’s beautiful nose and chin.

Getting wheeled out of the delivery room, with Hannah Rose in my arms, my in laws couldn’t stop smiling. My father in law’s smile could have lit up the entire wing.

Getting settled in a room, for my one night stay, my doctor came in to check on all three of us. Damn that sounds nice, saying the three of us.

Seeing our daughter comfortably at my breast, she said, that’s one less thing we have to worry about. Letitia, you’re a natural.

As we were packing up to go home, the nurses all told us to enjoy our new family. Both of us just couldn’t stop smiling.

My in laws waited a few days for their first at home visit. The very first thing Senior said to his new granddaughter was, “I am so jealous of your head of hair.” He had only seen her in the hospital wearing a little pink hat. With a barely noticeable rim of hair, we were lucky she had my families hair genes. All throughout our visit, none of us could stop smiling. While not being overly affectionate, my in laws both gave me the warmest hugs in our entire relationship.

Carole started back to work, with me just enjoying being a mother. One morning, talking to Hannah while she had her breakfast, I could have sworn I heard Edwin’s soft voice telling me how happy he was.

The following Thursday evening, we got a call from my dad, asking if it was OK for them to visit, for the weekend. With us having extra room, we naturally said it was fine with us.

I knew my grandma would sleep with her namesake, Hannah, and my parents could sleep anywhere.

I had started using the breast pump my two sisters in law got me so Carole could share in the joy of feeding our daughter. I knew for sure, grandma would want to do that, too.

The next afternoon, before my wife got home from work, my family arrived from their home in Neah Bay.

Even though our daughter was napping, grandma just stood in her doorway staring at her first great granddaughter. My parents stood right behind her, hugging each other.

When Carole got home, there were enough hugs to go all around. Just as we all settled down, Hannah Rose announced she was done sleeping, wet and or hungry.

I was surprised, my family actually let me change her, and start feeding her. I should mention, here that in my culture, breastfeeding was as natural as life, itself. I had absolutely no problems feeding her in front of my family. Not so in front of my in laws. At one family dinner, I asked Beverly if she wanted to feed her granddaughter. She started to say something, when Carole brought out a bottle, filled from the breast pump. She loved feeding our daughter, and Hannah was such a good baby, anyone with a bottle, or milk laden breast was her best friend, at that moment.

Our weekend started with hearing my grandmother singing to our daughter. I did have to remind her to put our daughter into her crib, to sleep.

After what can only be described as a marvelous weekend, we hated to see my family leave. As they were leaving, grandma gave Carole another big hug and a wide smile, saying, again, you are fantastic for a skinny girl. We weren’t too worried about them traveling all the way back home, as we had bought them a very reliable used SUV, because they refused to allow us to buy them something brand new. We knew dad could keep it in tip top shape, as he was a mechanic by trade.

With our house now so quiet, we were sitting, relaxing after our busy weekend, when Carole knew I had something on my mind.

“When do you want me to return to work,” I asked.

“What if you work remotely, for a while longer,” she replied.

I couldn’t contain my happiness. We danced around our living room, moving closer to our bedroom. We started taking our clothes off, with me saying I wasn’t ready to receive, but more than ready to give my darling some long awaited love.

I just couldn’t stop myself from diving right between her wide open legs, licking her soaking wet pussy, up and down, from her pulsating clit to her cute back door pucker.

She knew my boobs were off limits. as was my still recovering pussy. I was just so happy to give the love of my life multiple orgasms, that fortunately didn’t wake our daughter.

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