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Mario and Maria brought two friends to our place who, they believed, were curious. No, not oddballs, just curious about swinging. They even said they were ready to try soft swinging, maybe, and were nervously ready to watch the rest of us in action. Since Sue and I successfully introduced Mario and the lovely Maria to swinging, they wanted to be part of another intro.

It only took one tall Long Island Iced Tea apiece to totally relax their inhibitions and loosen up. Since Pete and Polly said they were merely ‘curious’, Sue chose to ‘snatch’ the opportunity to teach by example and seize some thrills for herself when she teased our new victims, uh, friends. One LIIT isn’t enough to take her out of control, but she’s very good at faking it.

With the temperature outside at 92 and our A/C dead, Mario, Pete and I wore loose-fitting shorts and Polos; Maria wore a tiny, yellow bandeau top and matching tiny, loose, yellow linen shorts that NEARLY hid her panties. Her sculpted abs and overflowing C-cups with dense, tall nipples over shapely and toned legs made an irresistible sight despite the beaded sweat. Mario smirked as Pete and I drooled. I didn’t know if Pete knew that I had already tasted Maria’s most intimate bits and fluids. I didn’t care!

Sue had chosen a light, free-flowing and easily blown dress with eight big, frail buttons; she left the bottom three open to mid thigh. Conservative Polly wore a short, double-tied halter and a wrap around skirt with eight inches of bare skin from her bra line to below her navel. I knew why Sue had chosen such an easily accessible frock, but I wondered why Polly was so daring. I bet that SHE, at least, was willing to do more than watch even if Pete wasn’t. Sue took extra pains to parade from place to place with flair, complaining of the heat, fluffing her skirt and letting her short dress rise and tease the room. Polly was much more cautious.

She constantly tugged at her loose top as she tried to keep her obvious, hefty D-cups covered and yet managed to give me frequent, sweaty, little flashes. When she turned to sit, her small waist and alluring muscular back looked naked except for the wrap’s tail. When she sat, her skirt billowed up and split open to expose a very tempting thigh. I was ready to lick her sweat and make her sweat.

After lifting and shifting, she tried covering her luscious thigh with her short skirt yet flashed one or both well turned, creamy thighs frequently. I sighed at the captivating sight and could see the shadows of her nipples and tiny bikini panty thru her translucent dress. My cock throbbed at the anticipation of seeing all of her without the annoying clothes. Though I could see Sue’s hard nipples shift and joust, it was impossible to know what panties she chose, if any.

Sue topped off all our glasses, I silently noted that her top button was now open and exposed her to mid chest. She encouraged another tall toast to ‘good times’ before whipping around to grab something long and slim off the buffet. A dildo? No, it was our Mr. Mic. Sue slurred her words a bit when she announced, “It’z time for zome Kary uh, Karaochi! Whoss firts?” The silence was deafening. “I guess it’s gonna be me den!”

“OK. Honey, let me get to a Karaoke site.” When I looked up from the laptop, Sue was already standing, shoeless, on the coffee table, eyes closed, TWO top buttons open, swaying wildly, unsteadily back and forth directly in front of Pete. Though the table was low, he and Polly had a good view of my Sue’s shapely legs. Polly sat tightly between me and Pete, Mario and Maria moved from the opposite sofa to the love seat near us for a better view. The web site came up and Sue picked one of the first songs up. I lit up the big screen with the lyrics and the image of Pete and Polly.

“Al, put that casino siteleri thing on your lap so I can read it. Better shift your big sht-stick around so the PC sits flat and tops throbbing!” Polly blushed. I adjusted myself in an obvious way as Polly slyly peeked, then started the song choice and turned the laptop toward her. She walked the table like a stage and began belting out “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar” with dress-flying energy.

When she settled into hip thrusts and finger pointing at Pete, I put the PC on the table and aimed the camera a bit lower so it framed from her hips to her toes. The lens caught frequent glimpses of her sexy, bare thighs, but left their juncture a mystery.

Somehow staying in tune, and her slurring mysteriously gone, she began bending actively, making Mario regret his change of seats though her tiny tits did fall out of her dress. When she got to the chorus, she squatted energetically directly in front of Pete. Her short dress floated up as she went down, her ass dropped below her knees which spread with each squat and displayed her rounded, bare cheeks.

Pete’s eyes kept darting up her skirt and she knew to look away so he could stare up her widely spread legs. Polly gulped and checked if I were watching her antics. Her own skirt kept slipping off her thigh and she finally quit fussing with it and left a sexy leg exposed up to her hip. Just a flash of her high-cut panty was visible.

Sue began to lose her balance so she put her free hand on Pete’s shoulder and her left knee on the table. If only there were a little more light under her skirt. . . . The big screen still showed a bigger-than-life image of my wife’s sexy legs . . . AND a hand, Pete’s hand, which reached out to Sue’s vacillating right leg to further ‘stabilize’ her. He slid up her knee, up her thigh and leaned forward for a farther trip. With her legs spread so widely, it was inconceivable that neither the camera nor Pete was still deprived!

Shocked, Polly slapped her inexacting hand on my thigh where my shorts ended. She leaned into me, nose in my ear, warm breath melting me, and whispered, “Is …is she wearing panties? I uhh. . . .” She squeezed my leg and felt my hardness advance and assault her hand. She released then gripped my thigh again, this time high enough to smother my cock below my helm. My eyes closed and a low moan escaped me.

I moved her hand higher without resistance, held it firmly against my rod and leaned toward her. With my nose in her ear, my warm breath pulsed it and my tongue licked her lobe as I responded, “I hhhreally don’t know, and I ssssuddenly don’t care.” She tilted her head to yield complete access to her delicate ear, smiled, and watched her husband’s hand vanish under Sue’s skirt. His hand began slowly pistoning into the gaping shadow that was Sue’s groin and Sue lost track of the song. Words were replaced with moans and grunts.

Polly startled when she saw Mario fondling Maria’s big, beautiful, bared tits, licking her hard nipple and Mario’s uncut cock half out of his shorts being slowly jerked. “Oh! I didn’t realize we were starting to uh, SOFT swing.” Pete was still enjoying Sue’s moist warmth. With her skirt pushed up, the camera gigantically relayed her exposed, shaved pussy and Pete’s fingers plunging deeply past her swollen lips. We ALL had a great TV view of my wife’s beautiful, wet sex. Mario was already fascinated and Polly was shocked. “So, umm NO panties then! Is fingering her still part of soft swinging? Can, MAY I touch her?”

When I nodded, she slowly slid her hand along Pete’s arm and followed it all the way to Sue’s pussy. We watched the screen to see her fingers tentatively touch and rub Sue’s labia then her hard clit. When I slid a finger into and across her top, she squeezed my cock firmly, slot oyna bracing herself, but didn’t resist me.

I slowly pushed her halter top over her impressive D-cups and hard, dense nipples. One hand torqued her bared nipple and my other hand untied the top of her halter. I stroked her fit abs and untied the lower halter tie without resistance. It fell into her lap and left her hefty tits and firm nipples standing proudly on her inflated chest.

As she and Pete fingered my wife, I tossed the halter behind the sofa and admired her firm, even tits. After taking a firming nipple into my mouth gently and nibbling on it, I pushed her skirt up as far as I could and completely revealed her small bikini, I looked left and saw Maria’s full, curvy, bare ass and swollen pussy just inches from me since she was bent over and gulping Mario’s cock. I untied Polly’s wrap around skirt and threw it fully open. No reaction.

Sue’s hand was under Pete’s shorts and had pushed a leg up so she had most of his bare cock in her hand. His free hand unhooked his shorts and my wife and his jointly struggled to pull his shorts off to leave him naked. I pulled Polly’s skirt completely off leaving her in just shoes and a navy bikini. She closely watched my wife stroke her husband and mindlessly lifted her ass slightly when I nudged so I could slide her panty off. Finally naked, with her legs squeezed tightly, I only saw a tuft of her short, coiffed, dark hair.

She returned to fingering Sue as Pete fully unbuttoned and stripped Sue naked. Maria was suddenly pulling my shirt off, Sue shifted to her knees so she could deep throat Pete; Mario stepped behind her and slipped his stiff cock into her slippery, swollen snatch. The camera was aimed between her legs so Pete, Polly and I watched his ‘giant’ cock plunder my Sue on TV and listened to the amplified, squishy, discordant, melodious euphony of their sweltry sex.

“See this, Polly? All this is a bit over the line of ‘soft swinging’ and you’re just seven stiff inches from being an active participant. You may call my cock ‘inspiration’ and I will happily instill it in you!” She unzipped me with the slightest smirk and without comment. In just seconds, Polly had my bare cock and her husband’s in her hand as Sue sucked him. I leaned in and our lips met, gently at first but quickly became breathless, passionate and deep.

She fondled my wife’s dangling little tit, firmly pinched her nipple until the cerise tip blanched painfully. Only because Sue was intensely aroused did she enjoy the pain. Lacking the reaction she wanted, Polly moved to Sue’s clit and we watched her furiously squeeze and twist the sensitive pink pearl. Sue groaned and shuddered in deep orgasmic relief. It looked like Polly was disappointed that her tempestuous attack only furthered Sue’s release. Her groans and shudders triggered Mario to repeatedly squeeze his cheeks as he firmly thrust them forward and unloaded streams of hot cum into my wife.

Polly slipped a finger into Sue’s hot, sloppy pussy as Mario filled it with his seed. Her mouth dropped open as her finger was trapped between them and soon covered with their cum. Pete’s eyes popped as he watched his wife finger Sue, slip her cum-soaked finger under her nose then, after deeply inhaling the joint sex fluids’ aroma, lick and suck both strangers’ cum. She was ready for more.

Maria fingered herself to orgasm with harsh puda and tit-lurching spasms. Sue spun around, planted her feet between Pete’s, hands on the table, leaned forward to swallow Mario’s drenched cock and cleaned his balls as she presented her beautiful pussy and pulsing rosebud to Pete and Polly.

As his wife watched, Pete spread Sue’s shapely cheeks and swollen, lusty, flooded pussy. Globs of cum spilled onto his hand. He sniffed it canlı casino siteleri and teasingly offered the palmful of cum to his wife. “She rarely swallows my cum.” he bleated. She stared angrily into his eyes as she sucked and licked his slimy palm clean. His surprised cock lurched.

I stood, but before I could position Polly to receive my inspiration, she took it in her mouth. As her husband fingered my wife, he watched her energetically lap my sac and rod before bobbing it deeper and deeper until it was swelling her throat. “She never does THAT to me!” he whined.

She stared at him as she began humming “Little Man” around my embedded cock. I assumed the veiled insult was meant for him and instinctively began face fucking her deeply, but when she felt my sac rise and prepare to unload, she got on her knees on the couch, offered me her sightly ass and quickly swallowed her husband’s smaller cock.

After only briefly admiring her very pretty pussy, I introduced my aching cock to it. In one deep stroke, I crushed her cheeks and melted in her warm wet snatch. Only lasting three strokes, I filled her welcoming pussy with my sperm. “Now. . . your’e. . . a. . . hard. . . swinger!” She shuddered in climax.

Maria and Mario lay on the floor in a 69 position where they could watch as their friends made it into our Group Fucking Club. Polly and I watched Pete deep finger my wife and plant kisses on her cheeks, puffy labia, clit and puckered hole. “He doesn’t do that to me. Yet!” Polly whispered. As he licked Sue’s rear hole, I opened Polly’s shapely, firm cheeks for a closeup look at her very pretty pussy and leaned in for close olfactory and lingual inspection. As I licked her dripping pussy and pressed her puckered hole, she moaned “Ohhh, that. . . does. . . feel. . . so. . . ughh, GOD!” She shuddered again and collapsed.

As Sue wiggled her bare ass and pussy in Pete’s face, I continued to lick his wife’s wet pussy and found its lusty scent and heavenly taste aphrodisiacal. My happy, jouncey cock testified to my pleasant surprise. Polly’s dreamy smile said she too was pleased. When I pried open her swollen, snug outer labia, her cherry red inner labia begged to be unfolded and tasted separately. I happily agreed.

I moved around to my wife’s face and offered my semi stiff, Polly-drenched cock which she eagerly lapped and inhaled. “Polly, come behind me and spread my ass. Make me feel your hot tongue on my rear hole. YES! Wet your finger and start pushing it inside me. Find my prostate and tickle it firmly. No, that’s not it. Maria, come and show her how.”

Maria wet her finger and wiggled it in me as Polly watched. She plunged in and out, yet carefully avoided my prostate. After squeezing in a second finger and teasing my ass open, she had Polly replace that finger with her own so two hot women were in my ass at once. “If we keep pressing down, we can rub his perineum which can be another hot spot. But rotate your finger with mine so we can flex up and find his prostate. When his knees wobble -like that- you are on target.”

As they found their goal, Mario got behind Polly and, I soon learned, he melded his stiff cock and her soaked pussy. Pete got behind Maria and hungrily did the same with her. Despite the distractions, the two sexy women triggered my prostate and ‘milked’ it perfectly. I filled Sue’s mouth with my reinvigorated gift. My eruption helped or signaled Mario and Pete to flood the melded pussies at once. As Mario fell away from Polly’s pleasing pussy he proffered, “If I may, I believe that now that you have been well and happily fucked by two members, you are BOTH inducted into our Group Fucking Club!” He hit the floor with a thud.

“I couldn’t have said it better. Well-cum!”

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