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Karen was setting in her car in the parking lot next door to he massage parlor. Her best friend had told her about it a month ago, right after she had discovered it. Her friend Sandy was thirty-five and newly divorced like herself. “You have to try this place. That’s all I’m saying.” And try as she might, that was all Sandy would tell her but she did ask if Karen had made an appointment every time they were together or talked on the phone, which was nearly every day.

So finally, just to shut Sandy up, she called and arranged for a massage and she certainly could use one. Her divorce had been final three months earlier and her life was in a bit of a mess ever since. Financially she was fine. Between what her husband, a successful and well known attorney, had agreed to pay her each month and the fair amount of cash her grandfather had left her, she would be just fine indeed.

The hassle and stress came from having to find a new apartment, furnish it, buy a car and completely change her life. She locked the door of her new bright red Miata and smiled as she turned toward the shop.

When the door closed behind her, she was standing in the waiting area. It was very pleasant with soft jazz playing. It was quite dark but she could see and smell a number of vases of flowers set around and there was a black leather sofa and two matching chairs arranged in sort of a conversation area to her right. There was a very modern glass counter ahead of her and for the first time she saw there was a woman standing behind it.

“I’m guessing you are Karen?” she asked.

Karen walked to the counter and nodded. “Yes.” She said. The woman was around forty or so but striking to look at. She had long red hair with black streaks running through one side. She was taller that Karen by a good six or eight inches and very slender. She was wearing a blue floral silk wrap around her waist and a dark blue spaghetti strap tee that ended above her naval. She was quite beautiful with a flawless tan complexion.

“Please have a seat.” She pointed toward the sofa. “May I offer you a glass of wine?”

“Gee.” Karen said. “Sure. I never expected wine. Do you have white?”

“I’ll bring it to you and I’ll let Tess know you are here.” The woman said.

It was only a couple of minutes when the woman reappeared carrying a glass of white wine and a cloth napkin. When she handed it to Karen she said. “By the way, I’m Samantha. This is my shop but the help all insist on calling me Sam. I wasn’t sure I liked that at first but I decided I couldn’t fire them so now I guess I’m Sam “

“I like Sam.” Karen said. She held out her hand and the woman shook it. She had very long fingers and the softest hands she had ever felt. The woman returned to behind her counter and slid onto a stool. When she crossed her legs, the wrap exposed a lot of thigh and Karen could see that a very exotic tattoo ran from her ankle to well up on her hip and disappeared beneath her wrap.

Maybe fifteen minutes had passed and Karen had finished her glass of wine when the curtain against the far wall slid open and a very young girl walked through. “Karen, this is Tess, she will be providing your massage today.” Karen stood as the girl approached her. She took the glass from Karen’s hand. The girl could not have been more than eighteen. She was physically a mirror image of Samantha except she had short dishwater blonde hair and a breathtaking beauty that can only come from youth. It was then that Karen realized that the girl was wearing an identical outfit as Sam. She assumed it must be the office uniform, Well, Karen thought. Sam had great taste.

“Will you come this way please?” The girl asked as she pointed toward the curtain and the hallway beyond. Karen made her way down the short hall and entered a second room that was only lit by candles. It was dark but everything was still visible. She heard glass clink and when she turned she saw Tess pour her a second glass of wine. She walked over and handed it to Karen and then she put her left hand under Karen’s right elbow and said. “It takes a bit for your eyes to adjust. I’ve told Sam we need a few more candles in here.”

“It is quite dark isn’t it?” Karen agreed.

“Just over here.” The girl said and opened a door leading into a spa. There were more candles and flowers and in the middle of the room set an old-fashioned claw-foot tub filled with water and bubbles and a bit of steam was rising into the room. The girl placed her left had on Karen’s left hip and patted. “You get undressed and we’ll get you all ready for you Massage. I’ll be back in just a couple of minutes.?”

“But I just asked for a massage.” Karen explained.

“It’s all part of the spa package hun. You just relax and enjoy yourself. Its not every day we get to treat ourselves this way is it?” Tess said.

When Tess was gone and Karen heard to door close she just stood there. She walked over and slid her fingers into the tub. The water was quite hot and it felt silky casino oyna to her touch as if some type of oil had been added to the water. “What the hell.” She said out loud to no one. “She is exactly right, how often do I get to do this?” Karen unbuttoned her blouse and slid it over her shoulders and placed it on a hook she located on the wall. She then unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, placing it too on a hook. She set down on a chair and removed her shoes and thigh high stockings. When she stood again she reached behind her and unhooked her bra and placed it on the chair.

She was moving to the tub when the door opened and Tess returned. “I see you are about ready for your bath.” She said. Karen was startled and turned, covering her breasts with her arms. Tess walked right up to her. “No need for modesty, I will see most of you before the day is over.” She looked at Karen and smiled. Karen relaxed and was feeling a little silly. Tess took her hand and turned her toward the Tub. Then she knelt down and hooked her thumbs into Karen’s panties and slowly removed them, lowering them to the floor. “Lift.” Tess said and Karen realized she had to step out of her panties. Tess stood and took Karen’s arm and steadied her, “In you go.” She said.

Karen stepped into the tub and immediately sat down, the hot sudsy water felt marvelous. Tess walked to the end of the tub and knelt next to Karen’s head. She took her head into her hands and slowly rolled it side to side. She leaned in to Karen’s ear. “Relax.” She said. “This isn’t by the hour.” Tess lowered Karen’s head back and while holding it in one hand, she placed a thick folded towel under her neck. She released Karen’s head and ran the fingers of both hands over Karen’s forehead and down across her cheeks and along her neck. She brought them back up under Karen’s chin then she stood. “You just soak a bit.” And she was gone out the door again.

Karen closed her eyes and literally fell asleep.

Although it was a mere five minutes since she had left, when Tess once again knelt behind Karen’s head and asked, “Are you ready for your bath?” Karen was startled into consciousness. Tess again placed her fingers on Karen’s temples and slowly massaged her back to reality. Tess then moved to the side of the tub and produced two sponge mitts sliding one on each hand. She picked up a bottle of liquid soap and poured a generous amount onto one mitt then she rubbed them together creating a lot of foam.

Tess lifted Karen’s right arm and proceeded to wash it thoroughly from pit to fingertips. When she lowered it back into the water she repeated the process on her left arm. Then Tess raised Karen’s right leg and ran the foamy mitt the length of her leg starting at her foot and slowly letting the sponge covered hand travel the inside of Karen’s leg until it touched her pubic mound. That’s when Karen jerked. Tess giggled and said. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.’ Karen said. “I was just surprised is all:”

Karen leaned in a little. “Well, just so you know, you have two legs and I’ll probably do that again.” Tess resumed bathing Karen and when she lowered her leg into the water she stood and moved to the opposite side and knelt again. This time when Karen felt Tess’s hand near her mound she was ready but Tess stopped short and returned to finish washing her leg and foot.

Once Karen’s second leg was finished Tess scooted toward the head of the tub and added more soap to her sponges. She looked at Karen and said. “Relax.” Then she slid her left hand down over Karen’s chest and wrapped her mitt around her left breast and slowly rubbed it. Then she repeated it with her right breast. Karen’s eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply.

Tess washed her way across her chest and abdomen and up the sides of her ribs. She slid a hand behind Karen’s neck and leaned her forward and proceeded to wash her back.

Tess stood. “Okay, Up you go.” She said. She removed the mitts and put her hands under Karen’s arms and guided her to a standing position. Karen was relieved the bath was over, as she was becoming more that a bit aroused. But then Tess sat down on the edge of the tub and reached for the soap again. She poured a generous amount into one hand. Tess took Karen’s leg and urged her closer. Karen slid one foot and then the other along side the edge of the tub where Tess sat. Tess slipped a hand between Karen’s Knees and gently pushed so Karen would widen her stance and she did. Tess slid one hand up the front of Karen’s leg and the other up the back.

Tess’s hands found their targets at the same time and Karen drew in a deep breath and put her hand on Tess’s shoulder to keep from falling. “I Don’t…..” She started to say

“Almost finished.” Tess said and Karen went quiet. Tess let her fingers run the length of Karen’s vagina a few times while her other hand was bathing her ass.

“I think I’m going to fall.” Karen said. Tess stood while her fingers remained where they were. “Lean on me,” Tess said. Karen canlı casino draped an arm over Tess’s shoulder. Tess let her fingers slide over Karen’s clit while the fingers of her opposite hand caressed her ass cheeks. Karen let out a soft moan into Tess’s neck.

Karen began to shake and was trying to speak. She was truly afraid she was going to climax. It had been months since she had enjoyed any type of sexual release and she had never experienced anything quite like being with another woman. But just like that Tess stopped and gently patted Karen’s butt bringing her out of her trance and away from her impending orgasm. But as she stood there in the tub and it was over, she wasn’t sure she was glad it had ended.

Tess suddenly became totally business, acting as if nothing had occurred at all. She turned on a hand held showerhead making sure it was quite warm before rinsing Karen thoroughly. When she was done, Tess held out a giant bath towel and Karen stepped out of the tub and was immediately wrapped up in it.

Tess said. “Come with me.’ She took Karen’s hand and led her through another door and down another short hall. Tess stopped and opened a door then she stepped aside and let Karen enter the room first. It was a small room with a small cabinet against one wall and a lounge chair sat next to it. In the center of the room was a massage table and a stack of towels was at one end. There were no lights anywhere to be seen but the room glowed like it was in moonlight. Then Karen looked up, a skylight was directly over the massage table and filtered light flowed through.

“Have a seat.” Tess said. Karen sat in the lounger and put her feet up, crossing her legs. Tess retrieved a bottle of spring water that was setting on the counter, opened it and handed it to Karen. “It’s good to stay hydrated during a massage. Drink this. When you’re ready you can slip under the sheet and lay on the table face down for me.” She waited but Karen did not respond.

“Will you do that for me?” Karen heard her this time.

She said. “Oh, yes. I’m sorry I was…..”

Tess used her hand to playfully muss Karen’s hair. It’s okay, really.” Tess said. “This is your time. Spend it anyway you want.

Take a few minutes to cool down from your bath and I’ll be back in a bit.” And Tess left the room.

Karen laid her head back against the chair and closed her eyes. “What the hell an I doing?” She asked herself. “I knew I should have made Sandy tell me more about this place before I agreed to make an appointment.” Karen opened her eyes and finished off the bottle of water. “Well it’s too late now.” She stood and took off the towel from the bath and tossed it in the chair. She folded the sheet back on the table and climbed up. When she had adjusted the sheet so she was completely covered she laid her head on a folded towel and closed her eyes.

She didn’t know how long it had been when she heard the door open and close again. Tess walked to the table and leaned over to look at Karen’s face. Karen’s eyes were looking back at her. “Very good.” Tess said. ” I can’t tell you how many times I come in to find my subject sound asleep.”

If you had been just a little quieter you would have found that again.” Karen said.

“Sorry.” Tess offered. She stood beside the table and gently placed a hand on Karen’s back right between her shoulder blades. Then she placed her other hand in the small of Karen’s back. She held them there for a good minute, not moving, not speaking. When she did move she let both hands slide together then to the far side of Karen’s rib cage and back to their starting place. She did that three times.

When she was finished she walked to the foot of the table. “Do they stay asleep?” Karen asked.

“For a while.’ Tess said. “But eventually they all wake up.” Tess giggled and it made Karen think of how young the girl looked when she first saw her.

Tess took the sheet and folded it up so Karen’s legs were totally accessible to her. She lifted first one leg and then the other, moving them to the outer edge of the bed. Tess took a squeeze bottle of massage oil and poured a good amount into one hand. She then drizzled some along the back of both legs. She rubbed her hands together to both spread the oil and to warm them before she started the massage. She lifted a foot and spent a fair amount of time working each toe, the sole of the foot, the instep and the ankle. She repeated that on the other foot.

Tess massaged both calves and both thighs, bending knees and stretching muscles. When she finished she pulled the sheet down and moved to the head of the table. There, she folded the sheet revealing a long lean muscular back. She worked both arms applying more oil as needed. When she finished with Karen’s arms the took them and pulled them over her head, letting them hang forward then she folded them and placed them under her head.

Tess worked Karen’s back for fifteen minutes and covered shoulders, ribs and spine. When Tess kaçak casino moved to the side of the table she folded the sheet and tossed it onto the cabinet counter leaving Karen completely nude. Tess picked up a rolled towel and then she slid one hand palm upward under Karen’s tummy. “Lift up for me.” She said.

Karen raised her mid section and Tess slid the rolled towel under her, placing it just above her pubic mound. This position made Karen’s ass to thrust upward and it caused her to arch her back. “How’s that?” Tess asked.

“Honestly it feels a bit strange/,” Karen said.

“Just give it a minute.” Tess said. “You’ll adjust to it.”

Karen felt the warm oil drip onto her ass cheeks, and then Tess applied more until Karen felt the oil running down her ass crack. Tess placed both hands on Karen’s ass and began to massage them. She would allow a finger or two to slip into her crack as her hands passed over.

Karen would exhibit just the slightest acknowledgement when she did by making the slightest flinch or slowing clenching her cheek muscles. But when Tess let the fingers of her right hand slid completely between her legs and rubbing her vagina lips Karen moaned out loud. Tess placed her left hand on the small of Karen’s back and rubbed up her spine as the fingers on her other hand continued to work at her pussy.

Karen turned her face into the towel and Tess watched as Karen’s ass began a slow up and down rhythm matching Tess’s fingers. Tess increased the speed of her fingers and Karen matched the timing with her ass pumping. Tess slowed her rubbing and Karen moaned in protest but when one of those fingers slipped into her vaginal tunnel Karen stiffened. Tess pushed her finger as far into Karen as possible and Karen rolled her pussy onto Tess’s hand.

Tess worked her that way for a while before she added a second finger and then a third. That one caused Karen to begin gasping breaths. Tess was concerned that Karen would reach orgasm too soon so she immediately slowed her fingers and then pulled them free and Karen was clenching her vaginal muscles trying to prevent their removal.

Tess drizzled more oil onto Karen’s butt and this time she placed the palm of her hand on the small of Karen’s back and slowly ran her hand down across her ass letting her thumb slip down into her crack. When her thumb found her ass ring she paused and used her thumb to run little circles around her anus. Each time she ran it around she would push a bit harder and finally her thumb sunk into Karen’s asshole to the knuckle. Karen jerked and tried to twist sideways. Tess leaned over and put her mouth on Karen’s ear.

“Do you trust me?” Tess asked. She waited. She wiggled her thumb and pushed it in farther and Karen moaned and squeezed her ass cheeks together, “Do you trust me?” She asked again.

“I Guess. But it sort of hurts.” Karen said,

“Really? It hurts or did it just surprise you?” Tess asked.

“I guess.” Karen said.

“Just relax. I promise I won’t hurt you. Tess pressed her lips to Karen’s cheek and kissed her gently. She started to roll her thumb and slowly press it into Karen.

Karen started to work her ass once again and Tess used her fingers to work on Karen’s vagina and her thumb continued its anal invasion. Karen started raising her ass off of the towel and Tess slid three fingers into Karen’s pussy. Tess’s left hand continued to massage Karen’s long slender back.

“Jesus.” Karen said. “It feels so good. Um. Um. Oh God.” Tess slipped her left hand under Karen’s tummy and let it slip down to her find her clit. She used two fingers to trap it and a third to press up onto it, rubbing back and forth. She pushed three fingers from her right hand as far into Karen’s pussy as she could and buried her thumb into her asshole. Karen was off of the table on her knees and elbows. She was grunting and gasping for air as Tess pushed her over an invisible cliff. When she started cuming her juices ran out onto Tess’s hand and she started to sob. Her ass was rolling in circles onto Tess’s hands. She was helpless to prevent anything. The orgasm slowly subsided and Tess remained locked onto Karen, steadily working on her sex.

“Please.” Karen said. “I can’t really.”

“Are you sure you’re finished?” Tess asked.

“I can’t move. I can’t breath. Jesus how did you learn to do that? How old are you anyway? Karen was rambling

“That’s a lot of questions.” Tess said.

“Uh huh.” Karen muttered. Tess slowly pulled her thumb free and then her fingers from Karen’s pussy but her left had kept hold of her clit from underneath. Tess moved to the end of the table and used her hand to cause Karen to raise her midsection thrusting her ass higher. Tess leaned in and let her lips brush Karen’s vagina.

“Oh my God.” Karen said. “You can’t do that. Please.”

Tess’s tongue spread her pussy lips and she placed a soft kiss right on Karen’s sex tunnel.

“No.” Karen cried but her ass as moving again. When Tess’s tongue flicked her clit and started a long sweep up her vagina stopping again at her entrance, Karen whimpered. Tess let her tongue slip into Karen and she flicked the end of her tongue and Karen rocked onto her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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