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“You certainly know how to tell a sexy story,” acknowledged Trish, as the women sipped their wine.

“Yeah. I was just thinking this is one of the best evenings we’ve ever spent. I mean together, as a group, and that’s all down to you, Karen!” Sharmila said, raising her glass to her friend.

“Thankyou, Sharmila. I suppose the best thing is that it’s all true and could have happened to any one of us. I was just lucky.”

“But it’s not like we’re old women or anything. It could still happen to any one of us,” Melanie was thinking out loud, looking into her glass.

“Are you thinking about it, Melanie?” asked Jenny softly.

“I suppose. What I mean is, I’m listening to Karen tonight and I’m really wet and turned on. So I suppose I am thinking what it would be like, yeah,” admitted Melanie.

“Maybe you have someone in mind already?” Sharmila asked her as she touched Melanie’s thigh under the blanket.

Melanie, somewhat surprisingly, looked a bit embarrassed and she cleared her voice before saying in a voice that was slightly too loud: “Hey, never mind me! I want to hear about Karen’s number four!”

Karen drained her glass and smiled. “Number four was unique.”

“In what way?” asked Jenny as she settled back and placed her hand back on Karen’s thigh.

“Well,” Karen recalled, “first of all her name was Georgia and she was a young black student from San Francisco …”

“When you say ‘young’?” queried Trish.

“The night in question she was celebrating her 18th birthday. You see, I’d gone back to The Top Hat a few weeks after the Paris seminar. My plan had been to go there and observe the clientele and have a few drinks. I wasn’t intending to meet someone but, just in case, I’d put on my sexiest outfit which then was a black mini dress, stockings, lacy suspenders, navy blue silk and lace panties and bra. Anyway, when I went in there was a good crowd, mostly couples and small groups. I got a drink and was sitting on a stool at one corner of the bar. At first, I was just looking at what people were wearing, you know. There was a lot of underwear on show I noticed. Then my gaze just drifted over to a table of half a dozen girls. They looked to be around 20 and no older, not really my age group. But they were all gorgeous looking and sexy dressers too. Two of them were black and the one I got to know later, Georgia, was one of the most stunning looking girls I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and then she caught me staring. She smiled at me and I think I blushed. The next time I glanced over at her group I saw her pointing me out to her friends. I quickly thought I’d better finish my drink and move on because I didn’t want to be accused of ogling ….”

“Even though you were in a club where everyone was probably doing just that?” wondered Jenny.

“Yes, but don’t forget I still wasn’t used to that type of place. But, anyway, before I knew it one of the girls came right up to where I was sitting at the bar and introduced herself. Her name was Annie and she said they were celebrating the 18th birthday of one of their friends, Georgia, and would I like to join them for a drink. I asked her who Georgia was and she pointed her out. I hesitated and was about to say thanks but no thanks when she said that Georgia had been eyeing me up from the moment I’d entered the club. Then I thought what the hell, it’s only a drink with some beautiful girls. So I went over and Annie introduced me to all the girls. All of them were English except for Georgia. She was from New York. The introductions had barely been made when the music changed and a slow song came on. I saw Annie whispering something to Georgia and all the girls seemed in on the secret. Georgia smiled and leaned over to me and said in her lovely voice: ‘Would you like to dance with me?'”

“But what was she like? You didn’t describe her properly,” complained Sharmila mockingly.

“Sorry about that. Well, I’ve said she was stunning. She had long wavy, shiny hair half way down her back and the smoothest skin and deep brown eyes. I didn’t see any makeup but, you know, she just didn’t need any. And, despite being only 18, she had all the right curves. She was dressed simply in a light brown t-shirt and faded jeans.”

“Did you dance with her?” asked Jenny, whose hand was resting now at the top of Karen’s thigh, under the blanket.

“How could I refuse?” smiled Karen. “We followed everyone else’s example on the small dance floor and so held each other close. I could feel her body against mine and the warmth that flowed out of her. As I wished her a happy birthday I felt her breasts brush against mine. I asked her if she’d been to The Top Hat before and she laughed and said no but she’d heard about it from a friend and wanted to see it for herself. I asked her if she was a lesbian and she said not casino siteleri yet and gave me a long look and whispered, ‘Maybe tonight I will be.'”

Jenny’s fingers slid down onto the inside of Karen’s warm thigh. On the other settee the women were similarly engaged, their fingers caressing thighs that were not their own.

“More couples were coming onto the floor to dance so we were getting pushed tighter together. Her thighs were pressed hard against mine and her breasts were definitely firm. We made some small talk and, just as that particular song was coming to an end, she whispered into my ear, ‘Where’s my birthday kiss?’ As I leant forward she closed her eyes and offered me her full lips. We kissed without tongues and I felt her pushing herself against me. It was lovely but too short. When another song started up she opened her eyes and smiled her smile. She held my hand as we went back to the table but before I could sit down another of her friends, a gorgeous brunette called Yasmin, led me back to the dance floor. This was another slow song and she held me close so that she could whisper in my ear. ‘Georgia wants to be with you tonight,’ she said. Her words made me moist down below as I looked over at the beautiful creature sitting with her back to me, in deep conversation with her other friends. Yasmin explained further, ‘She wants to be with a woman for the first time and she chose you.’ I asked why me and she replied that it was important to Georgia that her first woman should be beautiful, feminine rather than butch and an experienced lesbian. I didn’t admit that I wasn’t experienced. She ended by saying she hoped we could both make each other happy that night. I nodded and then I asked her if she was a lesbian. She said no, none of them were, but they knew that Georgia wanted to see what it was like so that is why they were all together in the club, to support her. That was their birthday present for her. Then she whispered, ‘You have to know something. I love Georgia with all my heart and I wish it was me tonight instead of you. So you be careful with her, treat her right!’ I asked her if Georgia knew how she felt and she said no.”

“That’s sad,” whispered Melanie.

Karen merely smiled. “When we returned to the table another of her friends asked Georgia did she want to go ahead with it. She looked at me and nodded. This was the cue for the girls to go to the ladies’ room and leave Georgia and me alone for a moment. I smiled at Georgia and said that I liked her friends. She came over and sat next to me, close enough to touch my arm and whisper into my ear. ‘I loved dancing with you, Karen,’ she said. ‘And I’d love us to go to somewhere quiet, just the two of us.’ I was becoming wetter by the second next to this girl. ‘Lead the way,’ I said. She told me as we were leaving that the girls had all booked into a Holiday Inn for the night and Georgia was the only one to have a room to herself.”

“That was handy,” smiled Trish.

“We got a taxi immediately and went straight up to her room on the third floor. In the lift she was giggly and said she couldn’t believe she was going to make love to another woman. Believe me, it took a lot of mental strength to keep my hands off her before we got into her room.”

“And in her room?” asked Jenny, her fingers moving tantalisingly close to Karen’s thong.

“She took both my hands in hers and gently led me to the double bed. She said, ‘I’ve never had sex before, Karen, not even with a boy. So I want you to teach me everything. Make me come and I’ll try and do the same to you.’ I couldn’t believe my ears, you know. The anticipation had made my panties so moist and I knew my nipples were erect and visible through the dress. So were her nipples. I said, ‘OK, I’ll be your teacher but anything you’re not happy with, let me know.’ Then I gently pulled her to me and kissed her mouth. When I knew she was getting into it I told her to use her tongue. Her tongue was long and cool and so slender and I loved it. We were still standing at the foot of the bed, fully clothed, so I slowly brought my hand round to her breast and squeezed it tenderly. She exhaled sharply as I found her hard nipple and rolled my thumb over it.

“I pulled out of the kiss and told her I was going to undress her. She nodded and I could see the expectation in her eyes. I pulled the t-shirt out of her jeans and lifted it over her head. She wore a sexy orange lace bra which was barely restraining her breasts; her nipples must have been fully erect, at least half an inch long. I kissed her again and stroked her breasts long and hard. Then I knelt down in front of her and undid her belt and top button of her jeans. She balanced herself by placing her two hands on top of my head while I let my hands roam over the front and back of her jeans. By the pressure on my head I knew she slot oyna was becoming very aroused. I undid her zip and pulled her jeans down slowly to reveal the lacy orange thong. It was already very damp. I slid the jeans down her bare legs and off. I stood up again and pulled her tight against me and kissed her while my hands roamed over her back and the cheeks of her bottom.

“Then I told her to take off my dress. There were no buttons or zip so she had to pull it over my head. Her eyes opened wide when she looked at my underwear. Then she put the palms of her hands against my hard breasts and closed her eyes and moaned. I took one of her hands and brought it down to the damp area between my legs. I told her that she made me very wet and I was going to make her orgasm for doing that. I reached behind her and released the catch of her bra and slipped it off her shoulders.

“I led her to the bed and gently pushed her down. Her breasts were very pert and her nipples were erect. To start with, I decided to concentrate on her breasts and strummed the closed fingers of my hand across the nipples. She began moaning immediately and I realised she would come very quickly. It was incredible looking at how turned on her nipples were. Under my fingers they seemed to be getting harder too. I kissed them and sucked on her small, hard breasts and began nibbling the nipples. By this stage she was arching her back and I heard her give a long moan. When I reached down to touch the front of her thong I knew she had just had a mini orgasm. Her legs were clenched tight together but, even so, I could feel the ripple of excitement in her lower tummy.

“I kissed her again and sucked on her delicious tongue. Then I changed position slightly so that I could get my leg in between hers. At first, she resisted then parted her legs and I was able to bring my knee up against her sex. She lifted her leg too and I could feel her thigh pressing against my wet panties. I knew that she was getting wetter and I had an idea that would give her another orgasm. I raised myself off her and slowly eased her soaked thong down her thighs and legs. As I spread her legs apart I saw that her vagina was sodden. Like myself, her pubic hair was cut short in a Brazilian style and I also saw her long ridge. I wanted to kiss it but I knew I had to be patient. I lay on the bed and told her to lie on top of me. I brought one of my legs in between hers and told her to rub herself up and down my thigh. Because I was still wearing the stockings I knew the friction would excite her tremendously, especially as I started kissing and sucking her breasts again and running my fingernails up and down her spine. As she moved up and down I felt her juices soaking the top of my stocking and the bare skin between stocking and panties. She began to moan again and almost immediately her legs gripped my thigh and I felt the liquid oozing out of her onto my skin.”

Karen asked for some more wine. The break in the story seemed momentarily to bring everyone back to reality. Jenny’s hand had been resting right over Karen’s warm, wet thong while both Trish and Melanie had several fingers inside each leg of Sharmila’s knickers, stroking the moist area each side of her labia. They all sipped the wine in silence for a minute.

“I take it that wasn’t all that happened,” commented Jenny, looking her friend in the eye.

“No,” answered Karen, “we’d just got started. She’d stopped moaning and kissed me again then she rolled off me and lay on her back. I took her hand and placed it over my wet nylons and told her that I was going to lick her until she exploded because she’d made my stockings all sticky. She had a strange look in her eyes and she moved her hand from my leg across to my crotch and then began to caress the wet material against my sex. Despite her lack of experience, Georgia seemed to know I was on the point of coming and as I closed my eyes she slipped her fingers under the gusset of my panties and directly into my dripping vagina. That sent me over the edge and I spasmed violently. I wasn’t expecting to come so quickly or so soon. When I’d stopped shaking I put my hands over my panties. They were totally drenched.”

Under the blanket Jenny had just begun to trace her finger over the wetness that was now saturating Karen’s micro thong. Karen was reciprocating too by letting her fingers touch the wet satin over Jenny’s clitoris. Both women had allowed their legs to part sufficiently for easy access.

“I french-kissed Georgia once more and whispered to her, ‘You’ve made my panties sodden so in the morning I’m going to make you wear them.’ And she replied, ‘I want your stockings too.’ I smiled and agreed and told her I was going to show her how to lick a woman to orgasm.

“She lay back and opened her legs. I removed my panties and suspender belt and canlı casino siteleri turned around and rolled over the top of her. My vagina was hovering over her face while I was looking straight into her sex. In this 69 position I hoped she would do to me what I was going to do to her. First of all I began to gently blow on her open vagina and clitoris and then I licked all around her sex without touching it. I teased her inner thighs with my tongue and every now and then gave her a little bite with my teeth. As I hoped, it wasn’t long before she got into the action. At first, she concentrated on the wet part of my nylons. She seemed to be tasting her own juices. Her tongue and her lips moved up onto the damp sensitive skin and several times I felt something brush against my clit. I knew that the time for finesse was at an end so I positioned myself to eat her out. She must have had the same thought because I felt her lips encircling my clit and suck on it. Right then I thought I was going to orgasm because it was like a current of electricity setting off all the sensitive nerve endings between my legs. I quickly lowered my head onto her sex and began to lick furiously. Instantly she began to squirm and moan and just momentarily left my clitoris alone. I used my fingers to pull her labia apart so I could insert my tongue. Briefly she locked her thighs around my head so I eased up a bit.

“I slowly introduced my tongue into her and within seconds felt her doing the same to me. But she did something that I couldn’t do. She was able to vibrate her tongue inside me and it just felt incredible. My orgasm was building and I had this desire to make her come at the same time as me. So I eased back her clitoral hood and raked her exposed bud with my tongue. Just as she flicked her fingernails across my own clit we both exploded in spasms. Her thighs were throbbing next to my head and I saw that she was oozing thick white liquid but I kept up the pressure on her clit. She began begging me to stop, slapping my bottom and biting my thigh. After about half a minute her legs suddenly opened wide and then closed tightly. She arched her back and managed to throw me off and then her whole body went into convulsions. It must have taken her a full two minutes to regain her senses. She was too out of breath to speak but her gorgeous smile said it all. I eased her legs apart to see the damage. She really did have an explosive orgasm; her vagina was still open and was dripping juice over the bedcover. And her inner thighs were wet. Of course I’d had an orgasm too and knew that the stockings I still wore were soaked with my juice. I picked up my panties and used them to dry myself down below. Georgia asked me what I was doing and I told her I was giving her something to remember me by. She laughed and did the same with her thong. It was totally saturated. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘doesn’t look like they’ll be dry enough to wear. You’d better stay the night.’ So I did.”

“And in the morning?” asked Melanie.

“We lay in the bed talking for about an hour, gently stroking each other’s breasts and stomachs but purposely staying away from the danger zone, shall we say. I asked her about her friends and especially Yasmin. And when I told her what Yasmin had said to me on the dance floor she seemed startled. She kept asking me what else did she say; how did she look; was she serious; and so on.”

“So you were playing matchmaker?” asked Trish.

“Sort of. Yeah, I suppose I was. After we had a shower I told Georgia to put on my stockings, suspender belt and panties and return to bed. I put on her thong, which was still damp, and my dress and shoes. I kissed Georgia goodbye and told her, with a laugh, to remember all that I’d taught her. ‘Teach it to Yasmin,’ I added. I went across the corridor and knocked on a door. Yasmin, still in her satin pyjamas, answered. So I said, ‘Yasmin, Georgia needs you for a moment.’ Yasmin’s face showed concern but I told her not to worry. The last I saw was Yasmin going into Georgia’s room and closing the door after her.”

“Now that is a nice ending!” Sharmila’s voice seemed a bit strange but nobody commented on it.

“Well, I think we need another toilet break here, girls!” said Jenny. The others nodded in agreement. “And, Karen, I think you’re going to have to produce more underwear. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m wet again.”

Karen smiled at Jenny while there was approval from the others.

“No more panties or thongs or knickers, sorry. If they’re wet just take them off and go commando. And I’m first for the bathroom!”

“Just one more to go!” Melanie said, when Karen disappeared. “So we should make it memorable.”

When Karen returned her eyes opened wide. There, on the floor under the two blankets, were her friends. They had left a gap for her in the middle.

Melanie pointed to the smaller settee where Karen could see the discarded underwear. And then the women smiled and, altogether, pointed in the direction of Karen’s thong.

“And then let’s hear about number five!” smiled Sharmila.

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