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The bar was loud and raucous, crowds of college students hanging out and drinking on a Friday night after a long week studying. Music blared on the speakers and people squished around the bar counter all trying to order drinks.

Katie Rich was sitting at a little booth table with a few of her girlfriends, chatting and gossiping over all the noise. They had all dressed up a bit to go out. The petite, little Katie was wearing a gorgeous shimmery low cut top over a short striped mini skirt that showed off her smooth, slender legs. Her dark auburn hair was down and straightened and hung over her naked shoulders. A little smoky makeup and silver jewellery completed the outfit.

Her friends also looked fabulous. There was Carol, a tall brunette with a smile to die for and a hypnotically attractive rack that even Katie couldn’t help but stare at, despite being perfectly straight. The fact that Carol was wearing such a tight fitting top didn’t help this at all, and she was attracting more than a few lustful looks from guys across the bar. Carol was always far too oblivious to notice, however.

Sitting beside Carol was the stunning, raven haired Amber. Amber oozed sexuality. Tanned, slim and shapely, she was wearing a slinky grey mini dress that hugged every curve of her body like a second skin. Unlike Carol, Amber had the sexual instincts of a predator, and knew how to flaunt her looks to lure the guys she was after, while giving a frosty cold shoulder to everyone other guy that tried.

None of them had drinks yet. The crowd around the bar was still far too thick, and it would be next to impossible to get through. Still, even as the talked, their frustration grew. It didn’t look like they would ever be a gap in the queue.

“Hey Katie, isn’t that Greg?” asked Carol, pointing to a portly guy near the bar counter.

“Huh? Oh yeah, that’s him,” said Katie.

“So did he ask you out that day or what?” asked Carol.

Katie tried not to blush. The other day Greg had come up to her before law class, but it wasn’t to ask her out. He had gotten wind of certain special deals Katie was making with guys to help her ace her classes, and wanted in on the action. The guys would do favors for her by writing up her assignments for her, and in return she would give them favors of a sexual variety.

That day Katie and Greg had sealed their deal by Katie giving him a handjob in a bathroom stall. Despite her protest, Greg came all over her face in the process too. She had been irritated at first and it had taken a while to clean up, but Greg had been doing a good job since, working studiously on Katie’s behalf.

“Oh, no, he’s just been helping me out with some law studying,” Katie lied.

“You’re such a goody two shoes, Katie,” teased Amber. “You should let him feel you up on those study sessions. At least make out with him a bit and have a good time. Studying is so boring.”

“Oh, shut up,” giggled Katie, trying to hide her embarrassment.

“Yeah, Amber, we’re not all sluts like you,” laughed Carol.

“I just know what I want is all,” smiled Amber.

Of course, none of her friends knew what Katie was really getting up to, or just how slutty she had been to get ahead at college. And she intended for it to stay that way.

“Hey Katie, Greg’s almost at the bar counter,” said Carol. “You should go and see if he’ll buy us a round. Save us the trouble of lining up.”

“Yeah, use your charm, Katie,” laughed Amber, nodding at Katie’s perky breasts pushed into a tight and revealing cleavage by her bra and top.

Katie rolled her eyes.

“I’ll give it a try,” said Katie as she slid out of the booth seat and made her way towards Greg at the bar.

Greg was with standing in queue with a friend by the counter, waiting for a bartender to become available to order drinks. The two somewhat nerdy looking guys were talking loudly about something when Katie approached and Greg’s eyes grew wide as he noticed her. They both fell silent as Katie squeezed in next to them.

“Hey Katie!” said Greg, a great grin breaking on to his face. “You look great!”

“Hey, how are you guys going?” asked Katie with a smile.

Meanwhile, Greg’s friend was watching Katie with a slacked jaw and lustful stare.

“Oh, this is my friend Lyle,” said Greg.

“Nice to meet you,” said Katie.

Lyle could only manage mumbling something in return.

“So, what were you guys talking about?” asked Katie.

“Uh, we were talking about this anime and what special moves this character could do to beat her arch nemesis-” Greg began.

“She can’t beat him, Evil Naruzo-san has over twice the power level-” interrupted Lyle suddenly.

“If Lolita-chan combines her two super twinkle abilities she can channel her star ninja power into a temporary energy field-” Greg countered.

“Yeah, that’s great guys,” Katie said quickly to stop the inane conversation. “So my friends and I have been waiting forever to try and get some drinks, and then we saw you over here and I was wondering if you’d like to buy us a round?”

“Um, I guess so,” escort bahçelievler Greg said. “What drinks do you want?”

“Two vodka sunrises, a lychee martini, an orange tequila margarita, and three shots of green voodoo,” Katie rattled off in rapid fire order.

“That sounds really expensive, Katie,” said Greg.

“Good thing there’s two of you then,” encouraged Katie.

“It’s still a lot of money for us,” complained Greg.

“You sure you can’t do it for me,” said Katie sweetly, pressing her cleavage up against Greg’s chest.

“Um,” mumbled Greg, before lowering his voice, “how about I do it for a favour? You know, like our other deal.”

“It’s not the same, it’s only one round of drinks,” said Katie.

“Ok, how about Lyle and I buy all your drinks for the rest of the night,” proposed Greg, “but you have to service both of us. And, you have to blow us, not just handjobs.”

“My, we are being bold today,” laughed Katie. “Ok, you got yourself a deal. But buy us a few rounds first, it’s not every day I go down on two guys, despite what you may think.”

“Alright, drinks on us then,” said Greg loudly.

“Wait, what?” complained Lyle. “I don’t want to buy drinks for some chicks I don’t know.”

Greg turned to Lyle and whispered something into his ear for a moment. Katie watched as Lyle’s expression grew shocked, and then looked Katie up and down with sheer horny lust.

“I’ll see you guys back at the table then,” said Katie, “we’re sitting over there.”

Katie rejoined the table, and was shortly after joined by Greg and Lyle supplying their first round of drinks. At first things were a little awkward as the boys clearly didn’t have the best social skills, and Amber kept rolling her eyes at all the geeky things they talked about. But as the liquor kept flowing they all began to roll back their inhibitions and things were proceeding about as smoothly as could be hoped for.

Mostly Katie, Carol and Amber were gossiping amongst themselves, leaving Greg and Lyle to continue their fan boy arguments. Eventually however, Amber got into her mind that this was something of an entertaining spectator sport, so she began to ask the guys questions and egg them on against each other.

Katie knew Amber was just teasing them, but the guys seemed to be very encouraged that such a gorgeous woman was interested in their fandom, and kept trying to outdo each other to impress her. Amber kept up her game well, feigning wide eyed interest in every little detail the guy spilled, and often provoking them with unsubtle flirting and teasing. Carol and Katie meanwhile were trying not to burst into laughter at Amber’s act, and kept up a steady conversation on what they were going to do for the next semester break.

The rounds of drinks kept coming as the night went on, and the table of five got progressively more tipsy. The guys had finally begun to loosen up and were happily enjoying all the attention they were getting from the three gorgeous girls in their company. Nevertheless, they would still fall into trances where one or both of them would be flat out ogling the girls, their gazes fixed on the girls’ cleavage or luscious lips.

The alcohol was working its magic on the girls too; Katie was already beginning to get turned on by the idea of what she was going to do for Greg and Lyle; meanwhile Amber had turned from teasing the guys to actual flirting. Both Katie and Carol could tell the difference; their friend Amber got a certain look in her eye when she grew hungry with sexual desire.

Finally, as things were winding up, they decided to call it a night. Carol caught a taxi and Amber had ducked into the ladies’ room, leaving Katie alone with Greg and Lyle.

“So guys, thank you for all the drinks this evening, we had a great time,” said Katie sincerely.

“No problem, Katie,” grinned Greg, “now there’s just the little matter of our payment.”

“Yeah, when do you want to meet up for that?” asked Katie, idly playing with her hair.

“Oh, we’re not waiting for another day, we’re doing it now,” said Lyle.

“Follow me,” said Greg, grabbing Katie by the hand and practically dragging the petite girl behind him.

Greg and Lyle led Katie back through the bar towards the back exit. On their way they zoomed past Amber who was still in line for the bathrooms. Amber raised her eyebrows at Katie questioningly, and Katie just managed to smile sheepishly back.

Moments later Greg and Lyle had led Katie out the back of the bar and into a cramped dark alleyway behind the building. The alley was completely deserted except for a few stacks of crates, and after Greg and Lyle looked around for a bit to check no one else was around, they quickly circled in on Katie like hungry predators.

Katie backed up against the brick wall of the alley, flushed with heat and nervous with excitement.

The guys didn’t waste any time. Greg pushed himself up against Katie, squishing her up against the wall as he bent down to kiss her. Katie let out a muffled squeal as Greg’s tongue pushed escort balgat into her mouth and collided with her own. Katie moaned and returned the deep, urgent kissing. Meanwhile Greg’s hands roamed across her small, slim body, stroking her bare thighs under Katie’s striped mini skirt.

Greg broke off the kiss and pulled back a bit, making room for Lyle to move in while Greg snaked a hand down to Katie’s ass, groping it aggressively. Lyle had groping ideas of his own, planting both of his hands squarely on Katie’s perky breasts. Katie groaned and thrust out her chest, mashing her aching tits into Lyle’s palms as he squeezed and fondled them.

Katie reached down with her own hands to rub and grope the boy’s growing packages through their jeans. They both felt huge; hard and stiff and swelling up the crotch of their trousers. Katie stroked them through the denim, feeling them up as they manhandled her in return.

Greg was first to make a move, acting with more confidence having been with Katie once already. He firmly grabbed Katie by her bare shoulders.

“Get on your knees, Katie,” Greg commanded, forcing Katie to crouch down before him as he pushed hard on her shoulders.

Within moments, Greg had unzipped himself and his familiar hard, angry cock collided with Katie’s face. Katie barely had time to brace herself with her hands on Greg’s thighs before he had grabbed Katie’s hair with one hand and his thick cock with the other and swiftly stuffed his stiff meat into her mouth.

“Suck it!” Greg ordered.

Katie, still tipsy from the drinks and aroused by the situation, quickly complied. She made her lips into a tight oval seal around Greg’s cock and began bobbing her head back and forth. Her tongue rolled around the bulbous cock head as it surged between her lips, and her cheeks hollowed with effort as she sucked.

“Oh yeah, that is fucking amazing,” groaned Greg.

Katie looked up at Greg as she blew him, making flirty eyes as she slid her mouth steadily up and down the first few inches of his cock.

Greg felt like he was in heaven, or something close to it. Katie’s mouth was so warm and moist, and her tongue so agile. After a few short minutes he wanted to get deeper. He needed to feel her throat around him. Greg began thrusting with his hips, trying forcefully to push himself past the back of Katie’s mouth with great squelching sounds on each attempt.

Katie gagged and moaned in protest at Greg’s eager mouth fucking. Pushing back forcefully against Greg’s thighs, Katie pushed Greg’s cock out of her mouth and coughed, gasping for some air.

“Not so deep, Greg, you’re making me gag!” Katie complained, feeling her mascara beginning to run a little as her eyes watered up a bit.

“That’s the idea, Katie, I’m trying to fuck you’re throat here,” insisted Greg, while trying to push his cock back into Katie’s mouth.

“At least take it slower, let me get used to — mmmfhh!” said Katie, suddenly cut off by Greg finally getting his cock back into her mouth successfully.

“Hey Greg, I want a go with her, I’m fucking dying of blue balls here,” protested Lyle, already with his surprisingly long dick out and hard, stroking it in one hand.

“Hmm? Ah yeah, sure,” grunted Greg, reluctantly pulling out from Katie’s mouth and moving aside for Lyle.

Lyle almost tripped over himself hurrying to get in front of Katie’s face. Katie opened her mouth wide for him and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She felt the heat and hardness of him in her mouth and the salty taste of pre-cum on her tongue, savouring the moment before taking him further down.

“Oh fuck, her mouth is so wet! It’s fucking drooling with spit!” exclaimed Lyle happily.

Katie meanwhile was pulling out her well practiced oral expertise, bobbing with rhythmic procession as she treated Lyle’s dick to the best blowjob of his life.

Suddenly Amber’s voice rang out from somewhere in the alleyway.

“Katie, are you out here?” shouted Amber.

Oh shit! Thought Katie. Her mouth still stuffed with Lyle’s cock, Katie swivelled her eyes to see the stunning raven-haired Amber approaching them. Her friend had discovered them. I am so fucked, thought Katie.

“Oh my God, Katie!” exclaimed Amber. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Katie squealed and tried to push Lyle’s cock out of her mouth, but Lyle still seemed to be in a lust driven daze and didn’t want to pull out from Katie’s heavenly oral orifice.

But as Amber approached she seemed to be smiling, although her face still looked shocked as she drew near.

“You little minx, Katie!” said Amber. “I didn’t know you were such a wild slut! Two at once? You should have saved some for me!”

Katie finally managed to pull her mouth off of Lyle’s cock, and wiped her lips with the back of her hand as she stood to face her friend.

“You mean you’re not mad?” asked Katie.

“I’m impressed,” said Amber. “I mean, I’m shocked too. I always thought you were such a sweet thing, not a nympho like me. If only I had known sooner, we could have escort batıkent had some fun together!”

Katie’s mind raced to process all this. Amber just thought Katie was being slutty, like her, not a whore trading favors like she really was. Well, that’s not too bad, thought Katie, her reaction could have been worse.

“Well, two guys is a little much for me to handle I think, you’re always welcome to join,” said Katie, half joking.

But Amber seemed to be completely up for it, sidling over to Greg and reaching down to tug on his erect pecker. Her friend really was a nymphomaniac.

“Don’t mind if I do,” said Amber as she pulled Greg with her back up against the alley wall, so that Amber was now standing alongside Katie.

The two girls were right next to each other now, backs to the brick alley wall, with two guys in front of them with massive raging boners.

“You really want to do this?” asked Katie, still a little shocked that her friend had joined in so willingly.

Amber smiled at her, “I’ve been telling you for months that college is for fun like this.”

“I guess I should have known you’d be into stuff like this,” giggled Katie.

“Yep. Now Katie, I’m going to race you. First to make their guy cum wins!” said Amber, winking at Katie.

“Win what?” laughed Katie.

“If I win, I get to tell Carol about this and about you,” said Amber deviously. “If you win, it’ll be our secret.”

Amber then slunk to her knees before Greg, her slinky grey dress riding up her thighs as she grabbed hold of Greg’s mighty cock.

“Three,” said Amber sexily, beginning a countdown.

Suddenly fired up by the challenge and not wanting to fall behind, Katie dropped to her knees alongside Amber. They were so close together that their bare shoulders and arms were literally rubbing against each other.

“Two,” replied Katie, grinning at her friend.

Katie leaned forward, her lips pursed just before Lyle’s cock, ready to devour him into her wet hot mouth.

“One,” both the girls said together, their lips hovering just mere inches before the boys’ hard and throbbing cocks.

Lyle and Greg just looked at each other grinning, and then turned their attention back to the girls. This evening had worked out incredibly well for them.

At the same time, both Katie and Amber opened their lips and plunged their mouths down on the cocks in front of them.

The guys couldn’t help but grunt and groan in relief and satisfaction as they felt the two college babes begin to suck on their cocks.

“Mmmmnn mmmnn mmnhh hmmmnn hmmnhhh hmmnghh…” moaned the girls, making deep slurping noises as they performed their blowjobs.

Both Katie and Amber built up a growing rhythm of bobbing as they slipped their lips and mouth down the lengths of the cocks faster and faster with each stroke. They could watch each other out of the corner of their eyes, and kept trying to match each other’s speed and intensity, making a game out of the tag team fellatio.

Soon however, they began to divert into their own particular styles and skills.

Katie was sucking Lyle’s balls while she stroked his dick in her hand. Then she would lick her way back up the shaft and take him back into her mouth, sucking incredibly fast on the cock head while her hands worked the length of the dick.

“Oh fuck yes, Katie, that’s so good!” breathed Lyle.

Katie glanced over at Amber while she blew Lyle and watched with amazement and jealousy as Amber effortlessly pushed her mouth down the entirety of Greg’s thick shaft until her lips were sealed around the base and her face was buried in Greg’s portly belly. Amber was deep throating Greg’s cock, gagging slightly but keeping her head down diligently. Katie could even see the huge bulge in Amber’s throat where Greg’s cock was lodged.

Greg groaned and whimpered in pleasure as he felt Amber squeeze her tight throat around his aching member.

“Ahhh, you brilliant little slut Amber, take it all!” moaned Greg, reaching down to grope Amber’s tits through her dress while she sucked.

After a few long moments, Amber slowly slurped back until she pulled off Greg’s cock and gasped for some air. Then, before Katie even had time to blink, Amber’s head was back down again, taking Greg’s drenched cock all the way back in to her throat.

Now Lyle, having watched Amber’s amazing technique, seemed to be worked up to do roughly the same thing with Katie.

Lyle grabbed hold of Katie’s head with both hands, and with long powerful but slow thrusts, he forced his manhood deeper and deeper into her mouth. He kept this up, slowly growing faster until his cock was surging in and out of Katie’s squelching throat.

Katie could do nothing but kneel there and take it, gagging occasionally but mostly having adjusted to the steady deep throat onslaught.

Greg meanwhile had grabbed tight hold of Amber’s hair and having almost pushed her head back to the wall itself, was frantically and desperately fucking her gorgeous face. To her surprise, Katie could see Amber grabbing Greg’s ass with her hands and urging him even deeper, encouraging him to fuck her mouth and throat even harder and faster. Katie could hear the low rapid breathing of Greg’s grunting colliding with the gagging moans of her friend Amber. All this even as Katie’s own mouth was being thoroughly used and pummelled by Lyle.

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