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Sarah had started on her first job a couple of weeks ago. It was the dream job for the twenty-year-old girl, in a big consulting firm.

It would have been perfect if not for one small detail. During her interview, Sarah made a daring move. She stripped naked for her interviewer, in an attempt to compensate for her lack of preparation for the job. Her interviewer at the time was very happy with the short, slim body he saw and invited his coworkers to see and enjoy the girl to make sure she was the right candidate for the job. It was the most erotic experience Sarah had ever had, and she ended up getting the job. She was hired, and the man who interviewed her became her boss.

She spent most of the day in the office at her computer. Her relationship with her boss, who had not only seen her naked but who had fucked her as well, was seemingly normal. He never even mentioned what happened. It was a strictly professional relationship, which Sarah found very strange. They knew what had happened between them, but nobody dared say a word. Occasionally, she would cross one of his friends in the hallways (or in the elevators), who had fucked her too during the interview, but they would just exchange a look. A significant look, but nothing more.

For Sarah, it was better like this. In retrospect, what she did was completely insane, “selling” her body like that for a job. She’d rather not have anything similar happen again. Hopefully, if she remained quiet for long enough, her boss wouldn’t mention it again, nor try to make a move on her. Maybe he would even forget, or delete the pictures of her naked he took with his cellphone.

Then, on a Monday morning on her third week at the job, an email from her boss was waiting for her in her inbox. “Special assignment” was the subject. Sarah instantly knew what this was about. The content was brief:

Meet me in my office at 10.

Sarah wondered what it could possibly be. After going without even mentioning what happened for so long, she doubted her boss would simply invite her to have sex in his office. No, that would be too weird. Still, anxious to find out what was going on, she picked up her cellphone and walked to his office.

“I see you got my e-mail. Please, sit down,” he said when she entered the room. Daniel, her boss, was a young and successful manager. He had a strong build, was very handsome and usually spoke to her in an authoritarian tone.

“I’ll give you your first special assignment today. A new demand came up and I think it’ll be perfect for you,” he said. Sarah remembered this place very well, as it was where she was interviewed.

“Alright,” the girl said with a smile, excited, but a little apprehensive. “What exactly is this demand?”

“We’re on the verge of closing a very important deal with a new client,” Daniel started to explain. “He owns one of the biggest companies in this country, and it would be great if we succeeded.”

Alright, Sarah thought. Nothing out of the ordinary.

“But he is a very eccentric man,” Daniel continued. “He has one particular demand that only you can supply. He…” Daniel hesitated before continuing. “He found out about you.”

“What do you mean ‘found out about me?” Sarah asked, fearing what the answer would be.

“Well, I showed him your naked pictures during a dinner last week,” Daniel answered. “He is suddenly more interested in you than in the deal.”

Sarah now knew he not only still had the pictures, but he also shared them with a client.

“We’re worried he will stop the negotiations if we don’t give him what he wants,” Daniel concluded.

“Me? What do you mean by that?” Sarah asked. Having her naked pictures shared with others was very exciting for her. Thinking of other men lusting on her body, wishing to have her.

“You won’t meet him. He just wants a short video of you. But he made a very specific request,” Daniel said.

“A specific request? What would that be?” Sarah started getting anxious, as that was starting to become strange.

“First of all, you’ll have to be wearing a dress. As soon as you arrive tomorrow morning, you’ll come to my office. Then, you’ll find out.”

Sarah started feeling excited. It’ll be a new opportunity to expose her naked body, for sure. She took a deep breath and responded.

“Okay then. Posing for a video can’t be that hard, right? Is that all?”

“Yes, that will be all. I’ll walk you out,” he said as he walked her to the door of his office. “Tomorrow, at my office, wearing a dress,” he reminded her before the closing the door.

Sarah spent the night at home thinking about what it could possibly be. Not knowing made her anxious, but she understood these assignments were now essentially part of her job description. Besides, an opportunity to have a video of her naked body was everything she could wish for. She picked up the dress she would wear and put it aside for the next day. It was a black dress that fit perfectly on her skinny build, a little too short to casino siteleri wear at work, but she thought she would be excused wearing it this time. She also chose black panties and bra to go with it.

The next day, she went back to Daniel’s office on the fifteenth floor, as instructed. She attracted many looks on the way there, which made her question her choice of attire. Maybe it wasn’t an appropriate choice after all. Still, she loved the attention.

She stopped by Daniel’s office door and took a deep breath. Then, she knocked twice and slowly opened the door.

“Sarah?” he looked very pleased to see her. “Please, come in.”

The girl walked in and closed the door behind her. Still standing, she noticed he was checking something on his phone.

As he got up and came close to her, Sarah caught a glimpse of his cellphone screen. It was showing a picture of Sarah. In it, she was sitting at his desk, legs spread open, wearing only her heels, looking at the camera. Her slim body completely exposed: her shaved pussy and small tits. Sarah began to remember the day she took those pictures. It was during her interview, and exposing her body was part of her plan to land the job. Now, almost a month later, it was the first time she was looking at the pictures. Sarah knew they were shared among at least a handful of people.

“Remember these?” Daniel teased her.

Daniel made a motion with this thumb and the next photo came up. In it, the girl was bending down on the desk, her back exposed to the camera. It was a strange situation, never having seen herself in that position, but at the same time, very erotic to realize she was capable of such slutty act.

“Yes, I do remember those,” she finally answered, blushing. After a couple of awkward moments, she continued. “I see you enjoy them a lot, right?”

“I do. In fact, I was just getting ready for your assignment,” Daniel said as he pointed cellphone’s camera at her. Sarah noticed his erection was very, very visible. He came closer to her and started speaking in his typical authoritarian tone.

“Raise your dress up. I’m already recording it.”

Being bossed around like that had an effect in Sarah that she never thought it would. It was like being somebody’s personal whore, completely at her master’s mercy. Since Daniel was above her in the command hierarchy in the company, it only intensified this effect.

“Yes, mas… mister. Of course,” she said, making her tone of voice lower and more fragile.

She pulled her dress up with both hands, while submissively looking down. Her pale legs and black

panties being revealed to Daniel. A small gap formed between her thighs.

“Very good, very obedient,” Daniel said, rubbing his erection through his pants with his free hand. “Now let me see your pussy.”

Still holding her dress with her left hand, she awkwardly pulled the front of her panties down a little with the right hand.

“I see you haven’t shaved,” Daniel said, as he saw Sarah’s hairy pussy.

“I’m sorry, Mr,” Sarah said, suddenly realizing she should probably have shaved. “I didn’t think it would be necessary.”

“You haven’t shaved since the last time I saw your pussy, am I right?” Daniel continued.

“Yes, Mr. I’m so sorry this was not what you expected.”

“No, this will be perfect,” Daniel said in a whisper as he took his belt off. He quickly proceeded to pull his already hard cock out of his pants and start stroking it, slowly.

Sarah wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but she didn’t ask. She just continued to hold her dress up and the front of her panties down, exposing her hairy pussy to him. Her clit was almost hidden among her pubes. The head of Daniel’s cock was already so wet it was dripping precum as he stroked it back and forth. He took a step forward closer to her, pointing his cock directly at her pussy. As he stroked, his cock would rub against her mound, getting her pubes sticky wet. Sarah was shaking with excitement, wishing to have that wet cock inside her immediately. She reached for his cock, trying to pull it closer to her pussy.

Daniel started moaning and stroking it even faster. His cock began twitching and the first rope of cum flew out of his cock straight on her hairy mound. Then, other four jets felt on her pussy hair and on the inside of her panties, making a sticky mess, with the white cum contrasting with her black pubes and her black panties.

“Oh, this is perfect,” Daniel said in a whisper, still half moaning. He cleaned the tip of his cock on her pubes and put it back in his pants, still recording the action.

Sarah let go of her panties, having it go back to its resting place, splattering all the cum on her pussy. Then, she put her dress back down.

“Is that all, Mr?” She finally asked, in a tone almost as if she was asking for mercy. The warm cum in contact with her pussy made her extremely horny. She just wanted to have his cock inside her. “Can I go clean myself?”

“What? You still slot oyna have a lot to do, girl,” he said almost angrily. “You can’t clean yourself until you’re done. If you do so, you’ll have to start it all over again and, believe me, I will know if you have done so.”

“Alright, I won’t. But what else do I have to do?” Sarah asked.

“You’re going to Tyler’s office. He’ll be waiting for you,” he ordered her.

Without saying another word, Sarah turned around and started walking out. The feeling of having so much cum splashed on her hairy mound, held in her panties was extremely hot. She left Daniel’s room and moved through the hallway. A few people went by her, unsuspicious of her situation. Slowly, as she walked, the cum started to drip down by her slit.

Sarah arrived at Tyler’s office door. Again, she knocked twice and slowly opened it. Tyler was sitting behind his desk, laid back in his suit. He seemed to be waiting for her. As soon as she entered, he got up and walked in her direction.

“You really are one of a kind, aren’t you?” He said as he got near her. His cock was already struggling to get out of his pants. With one hand, he held his cellphone and started to film the girl.

Sarah couldn’t resist this time and just went for it. With her left hand, she grabbed her dress and pulled it up to her mouth, biting it to hold it in place. Then, she pulled the front of her panties down. As she did so, she revealed her pussy to him. It was a hairy, sticky, wet, mess with some white stains here and there. At the same time, Tyler pulled his cock out of his pants. With her right hand, she proceeded to stroke it. It was even wetter than Daniel’s, getting her hands completely wet with precum just after a few strokes. She noticed it was a rather thick cock, making it a bit hard to wrap it on her small hand.

She masturbated him for a couple of minutes, his warm, thick cock moving in her hands. Slowly, he began making a movement with his hips, matching her strokes, as if fucking her hand. As she felt his cock start pulsating, she directed it to her pussy, bringing it in contact with her wet slit. Tyler, moaning, grabbed the back of her ass with both hands and pushed his cock forward, sliding it through her already wet slit, down near her entrance. Then, he started rubbing it in as he came, sending jets of cum directly in her slit.

As he pulled his cock away from her, she released her panties to let it go back to its place. Now it was starting to get really messy in there, with cum slowly leaking through her panties. Some of it was glued to the inner side of her thighs, but some would soon accumulate and start dropping.

“You’ll need to take the elevator now, five floors up. Go see Leo, he’s waiting,” Tyler said, as he walked back to his desk, checking the video he just recorded.

Sarah turned around to leave, feeling hornier than ever. She quickly put her hands inside her panties, spreading the cum of both men all over her pussy, and fingering herself a couple of times. Her clit was so sensitive she felt she would cum at the slightest stimulus. With her dirty hands, she opened the door and left.

Sarah took the elevator, feeling some cum drip down her thighs. She felt the urge to go clean herself but remembered that she couldn’t do that until she was done. She was pretty sure some of it had dropped straight to the ground while she was walking.

Going up five floors on the elevator, she arrived at Leo’s office. Repeating the ritual, she knocked twice and entered. There, she found not only Leo, but also John and Todd.

A little surprised, Sarah could only say a shy, “Hello.”

The three men were quick to approach her, and Leo already had his cellphone in his hands to record the action.

“It’s my turn now, if you excuse me,” Leo said, positioning himself behind her.

He pulled her dress up and she held it in place, making her beautiful, firm ass exposed to him. With one hand, he pulled her panties down a little, revealing her ass to him, and pushing his cock nearer. Then, he started stroking it. The two men in front of her started masturbating as Sarah pulled her panties to reveal her hairy, cum splattered pussy to them.

As Leo filmed his cock rubbing against her ass, John filmed the girl’s cum splattered hairy pussy. Both John and Todd were stroking their cocks really close to her pussy. All Sarah could think about was getting double penetrated, maybe triple, with John in her ass. Without being able to resist, she just said it.

“Why don’t you all fuck me right now?”

“We’d love to, girl,” John said, “but remember we have a job to do here. We’re not playing.”

He was right. For a moment, taken by lust, Sarah forgot about her assignment. Their client just wanted a video of the men cumming on her, not fucking her.

“I’m sorry, it’s just…” Sarah tried to apologize but started moaning instead. Her pussy was aching for it, and she couldn’t get it.

Soon enough, she felt the warm jizz start dripping canlı casino siteleri on her ass. One jet after the next, falling down on her panties. Leo rubbed his cock against her ass, spreading cum at the entrance of her asshole and on her pussy from behind. As his cock was rubbing at the entrance of her asshole, Sarah moved her hips around sensually. She tried pushing her ass back, to get his cock inside her, but Leo was quick to put his cock back in his pants.

“You won’t get it, girl,” Leo said as he painfully grabbed her hair from behind.

“I’m sorry, I just…” Sarah began moaning again.

Then, John started to put ropes and more ropes of cum on her pussy and panties. As he was finishing it, Todd started, making her black pussy pubes almost completely white out of so much cum. When they were all done, Sarah put her panties back in place and her dress down. The excess of warm cum was making a small puddle inside her panties, with some of it dripping down. John and Leo both turned their cellphone cameras off and started checking the video.

“Now you go back to your boss. He needs to see how well you did,” Leo said, shooing her out.

Sarah walked out, her legs weak out of being so horny. The warm cum splashing inside her panties as she moved was making it a bit uncomfortable to walk, although very hot. She was starting to catch up on the fact Daniel (and maybe his client, too) enjoyed humiliating her a little, putting her through these awkward situations. She felt even hornier knowing she was being used like that.

As she arrived back in his office, he was sitting behind his desk with a dirty smile on his face.

“Don’t sit down. Take off your dress, I need to see if you did everything as you were told,” Daniel said in this authoritarian tone he would only use when they were alone with each other. Then, he picked up his cellphone and started filming the girl.

“Of course, Mr,” Sarah said lightly, obeying. She pulled her dress up, took it off and put it on one of the chairs. Her panties had clear wet stains and her thighs were dripping cum.

“That looks like a good job, whore,” he said while getting closer to her. “Now take off your panties and sit down on my desk, like you did in that photo I took.”

Sarah obeyed. As she started to pull her panties down, ropes of cum stuck and stretched as they were pulled apart. She put her panties on the chair and took her bra off, revealing her small boobs. Then, she sat on his desk, put her hands behind her for support and pulled her legs apart. Her cum splattered hairy pussy was aching for cock and she couldn’t hold it much longer. Her boss filmed her from every angle he could, and snapped a couple of pictures of her mess of a pussy, right before she started to masturbate.

She spread the cum around her clit and started rubbing it. Not long after, her boss came closer, holding his cock in his hands and pushing it close to her entrance. Just to tease her, he rubbed it without really penetrating. Sarah moaned and started making a motion with her hips forward and backward as if she was riding a cock. Daniel took the opportunity to penetrate her, finally giving Sarah what she wanted.

Sarah moaned loudly as he entered her pussy, pushing much of the cum inside. She was so wet he would simply slide all the way in and out. He fucked her slowly, teasing her. Sarah was shaking and moaning loudly now, but managed to say a few words.

“I thought we couldn’t fuck. The assignment…”

Daniel stopped thrusting his cock for a moment. With a grin, he responded.

“The assignment was completed when you first left my office. Our client just wanted a short video of me cumming on your pussy, and having you go back to do your work like that.”

“What?” Sarah felt betrayed and used. “I didn’t have to do all that?”

Daniel laughed. “Of course, you did. Didn’t you want to provide some fun to your coworkers? Where’s your teamwork spirit at?”

Used like a whore. Sarah thought. I never thought this could be so hot.

“Yes, I really want to help my coworkers have some fun,” Sarah finally said, submissively. “Please, fuck me.”

Daniel proceeded to fuck Sarah faster, as she moaned out of control. This time, he came deep inside her pussy.

Sarah laid back on the desk, exhausted. She heard Daniel’s phone making a few more clicking sounds, indicating that he was snapping even more pictures of her. She just let him do it.

After a few moments, she got back up. On the table, a small pool of cum was formed where she sat.

“You’re gonna clean that up, aren’t you?” Daniel said. It wasn’t a question.

Sarah promptly took the hem of her dress and made a motion to use it to clean, when she was interrupted.

“You’re gonna use your tongue,” he commanded.

Sarah stood still for a moment, took a deep breath and got her face down at the desk. It wasn’t much, so she quickly licked it off and swallowed it all, gagging a little. When she was done, she wore the same cum dirty panties. Then, her bra and finally her dress.

“Our client will be very pleased with our little video, Sarah,” he said. “You’ve shown yourself to be a valuable asset. If he likes you, maybe you can even meet him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32