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‘You’re infuriating,’ Eloise mumbles softly under her breath as she grasps her girlfriend’s wrist to pull her along. ‘I can’t believe you, you’re always making me late. Why did I even move in with you again?’

They had left the apartment minutes before, literally minutes. So, by the time the two had scaled downstairs, left the building and walked to the corner of the busy street intersection, she was sure they remembered everything they needed for their night out. Except they hadn’t, purely because of the brunette beside her – she was always so stubborn (and, wrong too).

Eloise smooths down her sugared pink skirt, sighs and looks at her reflection in the mirror beside her, ‘Just, come on already Talia.’

‘Oh, shut up.’ Talia rolls her eyes. She shuffles for the keys in her purse, unlocking the door and stomping her black heels inside.

‘You shut up.’

‘Make me.’ She retorts as she grabs her girlfriend’s wrist, pulling her behind closed doors. She rolls her eyes, trying to make a point. ‘You won’t.’

‘I will, but you might moan a little.’ Eloise murmured, pressing her lips to the other’s to silence her as she hovered over the girl on the sofa, ‘Maybe it’s hard to keep you quiet, but no one’s going to catch us if you listen to me. It’s just a bit of fun-‘

Talia’s breath hitched in her throat as Eloise slipped her knee between her legs, spread them apart and let her hand trail across her thigh. She sighed into the kiss. casino siteleri The quiet domme tangled her fingers in her submissive’s long brunette tresses, guiding her closer. As they grew more passionate, she tugged her teeth down on the girl’s lower lip, restraining her own pent up desire to pull away slowly.

‘You must really want it, huh, sweetheart?’ Her challenging words come out shakily, breathless after their kiss. A slight smirk graces Eloise’s lips, as she hears her bratty sub whimpering slightly, silently begging for release.

Eloise leaves a trail of kisses, pink lipstick staining pale skin. She starts with some kind of little nibbling on her earlobe tugging gently, then grazes her teeth on the other girl’s neck, leaving another mark.

‘Well, you know what naughty girls who talk back at their mistress get, don’t you?’ Eloise’s eyes sparkle with mischief, she tightens her hands around Talia, giggling softly.

‘Elly, honey-‘ Talia says, blushing fiercely as she’s cut off. She squirms slightly feeling her girlfriend, no Mistress, the other girl’s hands reach for hers. Not now, she thinks, and begs silently.

‘What was that?’

‘Miss… I-‘ Talia stutters, lowering her eyes, hand reaching up to touch the thin leather collar displayed on her neck.

‘Mm… no.’ Eloise tilts her head back up, kissing the corner of her mouth, brushing her hair back softly to lean in and whisper in Talia’s ear. ‘I’ll ruin you whenever slot oyna and wherever I want.’

The words sounded dirty, filthy coming from a girl who looked as innocent as she did.

‘What are you doing to me?’ Talia leans into her, burying her face into the crook of her neck, wrapping her arms around her domme.

‘Lean over the table, sweetheart,’ she orders.

Talia lets go of her, obeying silently as she walks to the middle of the small dimly lit room. She shoots a hesitant look behind her, before grasping the table. Her domme grasps her tight ass hard, spanking it sharply. She inhales and exhales, clenching firmly. Her black lacy panties are soaked.

‘Do you know what happens to naughty girls like you who backtalk their mistresses? I really thought you did, baby… I guess twenty spanks either side never did much for you.’

Eloise orders her to remove the panties, and she puts them in the girls mouth as a gag. Her bare yet plugged ass is on display. Eloise drags her up by the collar, snaking her hand around to finger Talia’s wet pussy and tease her clit. She spanks it hard and the girl whimpers through the lacy panties in her pretty mouth, she soon takes out.


Talia ignores her. The domme clips a strong leash on to her collar, which she grasps tight. She orders her to the floor below her, uses the leash to guide her kneeling. She grinds on her face, easing the white lace away from her covered pussy canlı casino siteleri to allow her sub to lick and eat her out till she comes.

She guides her back up, takes the leash off, tossing it to the floor.

‘Don’t worry, you can cum sweetheart,’ Eloise whispers, dirty thoughts betraying the innocence of her pretty doe eyes. Her manicured hands wrap around Talia’s waist from behind, trailing upwards to clutch the submissive’s breasts, fingers pinching the delicate skin of her pierced nipples.

‘When I tell you. And when you do,’ she murmurs, tugging harder and harsher, twisting slightly. ‘I’ll leave you lying in your dirty mess. Legs trembling. Sweet nectar dripping down your thighs.’

‘No touching, honey.’ Eloise pulls her submissive’s wandering hand back, and holds it. Eloise kisses the girls cheek, stuffing the lace panties in her bag, ‘Love you. Now, let’s go.’

‘Just a few more minutes?’ Talia tries to persuade her, breathlessly.

Eloise gives her a look, once over and sighs, lips curling into a smile. She shakes her head and uses her other hand to reach the door handle, creaking it open slightly. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t already addicted.

‘I know you look cute when I’m fucking you, so it’s tempting…’ Eloise says, thinking it over.

‘Elly, please-‘

‘No baby,’ she says, it’s final. ‘Not yet. Go get your things.’

As much as she’d like to leave her screaming and begging for more, the domme settles those thoughts to the back of her sadistic mind. She’s content knowing that her submissive is going to be constantly craving her.

She slips out the door, pastel coloured heels clicking against the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32