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Lying naked on the bed, alone, his legs spread apart, John admired his tool. His six inches of hardness waited for his attention, as his mind drifted to the thoughts of Lenny’s cock firmly planted between the cheeks of his ass. Yes, to have Lenny, his firm, sleek body controlling his own was heaven, to allow him to penetrate him at will was John’s desire. He longed for Lenny’s cock, wanted so badly to lick it, suck it, play with it.

Lenny was his master, he had patiently taught John how to please him, how to caress his nipples, kiss his mouth, stroke his back. John knew every inch of his body, how to clean him in the shower, massage him in the bath, shampoo his hair. They had become sex partners since they were 18 years old, that was when Lenny first kissed him, first held him, first allowed him to feel the joy of manly sex, feel the eruption of hot sperm buried deep inside his ass. Only Lenny could do that to him, fuck him wildly, doggie position, completely surrendered to his desires, obtaining his own climax only when his master was done.

If Lenny casino siteleri needed John to be tied to the bedposts, he gladly obliged. If he needed John to be fucked by his friends while Lenny’s cock received John’s full attention, well, John was hungry to please, only by pleasing could he get the sperm he so desperately wanted.

But fate intervened. Vietnam. Call up. DMZ. Almost made it through, but it wasn’t to be. John buried him, or what was left, on a hilltop called Red Zone.

What was there left to do? Finished out the tour, made my way back home and…….waited. But Lenny never showed, tried to find a new Lenny, but the warm glow of mutual love, of complete trust, of secure knowledge that his cock was meant for my ass, no, there could never be another.

So I lay here, as I have done a thousand times, only my memory of Lenny to help me, as the wind blows a gentle breeze through the window, the tree rustles with the sound of souls flying through the air, free at last to go where they want to go.

When I think about his round, circumcised slot oyna head that fit so perfectly in my mouth, his balls that responded so rapidly to my stroking tongue, his nipples that dearly loved to be sucked, its like he is still next to me, still directing me, still controlling me, still letting me please him, anticipating when he will tell me to get on my stomach and spread my legs.

And then, yes, a rapid penetration of his hardness, an urgent moment for him. A groan would slip out of his mouth, and I knew then that his moments were not far off. His hands would slip underneath me and hold my tool, this tool that I know so well, and I would be at peace as he began his slow, methodical thrusting. Once he reached the apex of his penetration, he would stop for a moment, let me enjoy him to the max, as I begged him to continue. If I was especially pleasing, he would withdraw and let me suck him, let me taste some of what properly belonged in my ass.

I didn’t care if he got rough, didn’t care if he abused me, didn’t care if he treated me like the slave I was. canlı casino siteleri His pleasure was what was important, if it meant I had to endure physical pain, spanking, slapping, or acting as a surrogate sex slave for his pals, it was all okay, but only Lenny could fuck me and make me feel like a man. Only his cock fully cloaked in my mouth or my ass was where both of us knew it should be.

I wanted to be abused by him. I wanted whatever he wanted, I never imagined that one day he would not be there to control me, to satisfy me, to tell me, “John, you are so sweet, you are the best, my cock in your ass pleases me”.

My cock needs a release. My juices are welling up inside me. I can smell his body, taste his mouth, feel his sweat start to mingle with my own. We are locked in a space that is our own, the vibrations of our sex overwhelm us, there is no now, no tomorrow, no yesterday. There is only our need to be released, to do what we know will get us there, happy with our hardness, our bodies tensed in total enjoinment, our cocks ready to reveal their contents without regard for anything.

That was Lenny and I. My mind still needs him, but my body needs the real thing. So, while I can’t say that Mark is Lenny, as I wait for Mark to fuck me, I know that I have been fulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32