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What attracted me to…

Linda Groves at first was the hair on the arms. The blonde that worked with me at my part-time job at the grocery store during my first year of college was not extraordinary looking in any other way, but one look at her arms got my attention right away.

Her slender arms had a profuse growth of hair on them that grew from just above her elbow to her wrists, yet the hair was so fine and fair that it was almost invisible despite the extraordinary volume of it. You could actually see the hair flutter when she moved her arms, and the sight of it reminded me of fields of wheat billowing in the breeze.

We went out once after work, and then had a real date, which ended up at my place. We made out on the couch, and I finally got to run my hand up and down those furry arms. The hair was every bit as soft as it had looked, and the feel of it made me hard as blue steel.

I managed to get her blouse off, and was greeted by the perkiest pair of titties imaginable. The little breasts jutted straight out and had pudgy nipples that looked like strawberries. They were so great that it took me a few minutes to notice Linda’s armpits.

Her underarms weren’t completely hairy, but it was clear that she hadn’t shaved in a couple of weeks. Given the amount of hair on her forearms, I was surprised to see that she had only small clusters of hair in the center of her deep armpits. The light brown hairs were about an inch long and stood up like a porcupine – not quite hair yet beyond the stubble stage – until my tongue got busy.

“I’m sorry,” Linda said to me as I nuzzled under her arm. “Should have shaved.”

“No,” I assured her. “I love girls with armpit hair.”

That settled that, because Linda was enjoying what I was doing to her armpits. Something that she said no one had ever tried to do to her before, which was neither the first or last time I had heard that, and she also said that it kind of turned her on. Again, nothing new there.

Linda seemed content to let me suck on her armpits and play with those amazing tits, if only because I didn’t press her for sex. She was a virgin, and was going to save herself for her husband.

I got to look at her pussy, which had a nice triangle of golden brown hair that was delightfully soft, and even got to dip my finger inside of her while she would jerk me off, but that was it.

“My future husband – he’ll thank me for that someday,” Linda told me when she explained that there was no way I would be putting my cock inside of her. “Who knows, maybe that will be you.”

It wasn’t going to be me, but I was happy to spend my evenings watching the sprouts under her arms grow into long and silky hairs, which Linda claimed was due to my constant attention.

“Can’t believe how hairy I’m getting,” Linda mused one evening as she looked under her arm and pulled at the modest spray of hair. “Wonder if I’ll end up like my Mom?”

“How’s that?” I asked, my ears perking up as Linda spoke and my cock swelling as I watched her playing with her pit hair.

“My Mom,” Linda said. “You should see her. She’s got the hairiest pits in the world. Ever since Dad left she stopped shaving them and she’s like a bear. You wouldn’t believe it.”

I didn’t say it, but Linda was right. I should see her Mom. Maybe seeing would be believing. I only met her once, since she worked evenings and I went to school during the day, and she seemed like a nice enough woman.

Linda giving me that information made her Mom a whole lot more interesting, and I made a mental note to figure out a way to get a look at her.


Tuesday was my light day at school, with only one class for the whole day, so I decided to blow off Marketing to do Linda a favor. I had an old stereo that I didn’t need anymore, and had offered it to her, but had never gotten around to bringing it over to her house.

With Linda at work, this would give me the chance to be a good guy and deliver the stereo, and maybe set it up as well. That way I could check out Mrs. Groves for myself.

I drove over to her place around 10, checking to make sure that Linda was at work, and lugged it up the steps of their porch. I rang the bell, and for a minute I thought that maybe Linda’s mother wasn’t home, but the door finally opened.

“Hi, I’m…,” I started to say, afraid that she might not recognize me from that one meeting, but Linda’s mother’s eyes lit up with recognition.

“Tony!” she chirped, ataşehir escort bayan interrupting me and stepping aside to let me in. “Come in. That looks heavy.”

“Not really,” I said slipping inside and following Mrs. Groves into the kitchen.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Groves was wearing a sweater, which derailed my plan to check out her armpits. Too bad, because Mrs. Groves was a decent looking woman. A bit plain, and reminded me of that woman on the Dick Van Dyke Show. Not Mary Tyler Moore, but her neighbor. Millie Halper.

That was funny, because as we spoke Mrs. Groves insisted that I stop calling her Mrs. Groves.

“Millie,” Mrs. Groves said. “No need to be formal, especially since you and Linda seem to be so serious about each other. That’s all I ever hear. Tony this and Tony that. Tony Tony Tony!”

She laughed loudly, and I joined in, glad to be getting along with the woman. Who knows, maybe I could come back again to deliver something and catch her with a sleeveless top on?

After I explained about the stereo I was giving her daughter, Millie took me up on my offer to set it up for Linda, leading me up to her bedroom.

“Without a man around the house anymore, Linda and I could never figure out how to hook up something complicated like that,” Mrs. Groves said. “Plus, we don’t have a lot of money, so buying stereos is out for now. I’ll get you a soda while you figure out where to put it.”

Millie went downstairs, leaving me alone in Linda’s bedroom. I glanced around quickly, hoping to find a diary or something, but came up empty. I figured that a shelf of her bookcase would be as good as any place, so I rearranged the books so I could slide the turntable in there.

This “complicated” stereo system would take me about 30 seconds to “install”, and I probably could have had the speakers plugged in by the time Mrs. Groves got back upstairs with the soda, but I didn’t.

Instead I began to fiddle around with the wires and the connections, figuring that my day was shot anyway, so I might as well hang around for a bit. Mrs. Groves was very friendly, and seemed to have a nice pair of tits on her under that sweater. No harm in looking.

“Here’s your soda, Tony,” I heard Mrs. Groves say, and I glanced over and thanked her, then almost broke my neck as I did the most obvious double-take in history.


The sweater was gone…

Mrs. Groves had put the soda on the table next to the book case and was now looking at me with amusement, clearly enjoying me trying to act like I wasn’t rattled.

Mrs. Groves had taken off the sweater. She was still fully dressed, but instead of a sweater Millie Groves was wearing a pink sleeveless top. Maybe she was just getting warm and decided to take off her sweater. It was possible, I supposed, but given the look she was giving me I didn’t think so.

I tried not to stare at the cantaloupe-sized breasts that hung unsupported under the clingy top, and went back to fiddling with the wires, while Linda’s mother leaned against the doorway and any chance of this wardrobe change being a coincidence flew out the door.

I didn’t even get the chance to wish for it to happen. That was how quickly Millie had raised her arm, putting her hand on the upper hinge of the door in an innocent relaxed way and leaving it there, doing everything possible except actually coming out and saying, “Look. This is what you came here to see. Look.”

So I did. I looked and Millie watched me as I looked at her exposed armpit. Linda had told me that her mother had the hairiest pits in the world, and while that wasn’t true – Becky still held that distinction – there was a whole lot of hair that sprouted wildly from under Millie’s upraised arm; medium brown hair that had a soft part in the center of her underarm with the hair heading upward and downward from there.

The length of the hair indicated that it had been quite a while since a razor had passed through there. I felt my face flush and my heart race as I forgot all about the speaker wire in my hand, so captivated was I by this bold exhibitionist display by Linda’s mother.

“My little girl wasn’t kidding,” Millie said, her voice breaking me out of my trance. “She told me that you had a thing for girls with hair under their arms.”

“She told you that?” I asked, my voice wobbling when I first spoke.

“Just girl talk,” Mrs. Groves explained. “I asked her why she wasn’t shaving any more and she told escort kadıköy me it was because you said you liked them hairy. Thought she was imitating me for a while.”

“My husband used to make me shave my pits everyday,” Millie continued. “When we broke up, I stopped, just to piss him off when he comes to see Linda. He thinks I look disgusting. You don’t, do you Tony?”

I shook my head as Mrs. Groves smiled and raised her other arm. Now she was holding onto the top of the door frames, stretching her lithe arms so that her hands could grip the ledge. She had nicely shaped arms, especially for a woman that had to be close to 50, and unlike her daughter, her forearms were virtually hairless.

“Linda told me some of the things you do to her armpits,” Millie said, biting her lower lip. “For such a straight-laced looking guy, you sure have a wild side to you.”

“Guess I could say the same thing about you,” I said, brushing the sweat off of my brow before it started to run down my face. “You and Linda sure do talk a lot.”

“We’re all each other have,” Mrs. Groves said. “You aren’t embarrassed about that, are you? She’s really stuck on you. She told me something else too. She said you’ve got a big cock. Doesn’t look like she was kidding either.”

Mrs. Groves was staring at my crotch where my erection was probably bulging as it was pinned over by my jeans pocket, and I blushed at her comment.

“It’s not big,” I told Mrs. Groves. “It’s thick.”

“My ex-husband had a long one, but it was skinny,” Mrs. Groves said. “I would sure like to try a thick one. Are you circumcised?”


“Show me,” Mrs. Groves said, almost swinging in the doorway, her body rocking and swaying as she waited for me to do something. “Show me your cock.”

I started to unzip my fly, but suddenly stopped. Mrs. Groves must have thought that I was feeling guilty about doing it, but I had only stopped because I knew I would have trouble pulling my boner out of my pants.

“Don’t feel guilty,” Mrs. Groves interjected when I hesitated. “Linda won’t mind.”

I undid my belt and tugged my jeans down to my knees, and then brought my underwear down to join the pants. I heard Mrs. Groves inhale through her teeth as I gave my cock a tug or two before allowing it bob in front of me.

“Nice,” Millie said, and I saw that the thick pegs of her nipples were practically drilling holes in her blouse as she looked at me. “That’s a jaw breaker. Do you want me? Want me as bad as I want you?”

I nodded while stepping out of my pants, and Mrs. Groves dropped her hands, clutching the bottom of her blouse and peeling it up over her head. Her tits had a little sag in them, but they still looked great, and her beet red aureoles were the size of drink coasters.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head, and by the time it got past my eyes Mrs. Groves was kneeling in front of me, her mouth wet and open. Her lips slid halfway down my cock while her hands grabbed my ass cheeks hard.

I could see a bit of gray in the roots of her hair as I looked down at her expertly sucking my cock, and the sight of that silver actually turned me on. My hands went through her scalp before sliding down to her shoulders. Millie twitched when she felt my hands slide beneath her shoulders and under her arms.

Millie’s armpit hair was damp to the touch, and when I raked my fingers through the dense jungles she writhed in response, which inspired me to dig my fingernails in a little harder.

“Here,” Mrs. Groves gasped, stumbling to her feet and practically ripping her slacks off before falling onto the bed, her legs flying in the air as she clawed off her panties.

Her bush was just as profusely hairy as her armpits were, but I didn’t get a chance to get a good look at first because she wanted my cock in her. Now.

No foreplay. No gentle fingering or tender tonguing of her pussy. Millie Groves just wanted me to fuck her, and I knew that because that was how she phrased it.

“Fuck me!” she hissed, grabbing my cock savagely as I climbed on top of her, and as she guided me between the lips of her sex I could feel that she was dripping wet.

Linda’s mother was wild-eyed, looking at me with the kind of desperation that I didn’t understand but enjoyed seeing. It was such a different look than the prim middle-aged woman that had let me in the door less than an hour ago, and if her look was a bit crazed, the scream that came out of her throat when my cock bostancı escort plunged into her was sheer insanity.

Staying on top of Millie Groves was like trying to ride a bull. For such a petite woman, she was bucking and clawing like a woman possessed. I don’t think she realized how thick my cock was, but I knew how tight her pussy felt as I tore into that tight channel that felt as snug as a virgin’s.

I couldn’t tell when Millie’s orgasms began or ended, and I was enjoying it too much to care. What was important that she was enjoying it as much as I was, maybe more so, and it wasn’t until I finally shot my load deep into her pussy that Millie stopped clawing at my back.

“Oh damn, I needed that,” Millie gasped, throwing her hands back over her head as I suspended myself above her.

I knew what I needed, and lowered my head down to her exposed armpit, burying my face into the damp tuft of hair. Millie wasn’t wearing deodorant, so all I tasted was a faint hint of soap, and all I got when I inhaled deeply was whole lot of Millie’s natural aroma.

“Oh, that’s it Tony,” Millie cooed when I began licking her armpit hair. “That feels so good. Not used to that much hair, are you babe? Mmmm… that’s so nice. Bet you’ll get hard again real quick, won’t you?”

Her hand began to milk me hard, and as she found out, an almost 19 year old guy can get it up almost on demand. I was hard in a matter of minutes, and this time Millie climbed on top of me, straddling my cock and slowly impaling herself on me.

We lasted longer this time, with a passion that was just as intense as the first time, but without the frantic pace. Millie ground herself on me while I kneaded her doughy tits slowly and roughly.

“That’s it. Squeeze my tits. Squeeze them hard,” Millie implored me, and I did as she asked.

Her hands clamped onto my own, forcing me to knead them even harder, and that sent her on the way to another orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her pussy seized up around my cock, and after she stopped shaking she looked exhausted.

“Did you cum for me, Tony?” Millie said softly.

I responded by thrusting myself up into her hard, and Millie groaned as she felt my hardness still throb inside of her. She put her right hand behind her head and looked over at her armpit.

“Look how sweaty you made me,” Millie said, running her left hair through the hairs that were pasted against the skin of her underarm, and when she heard me moan a little as a reaction to her fondling her armpit hair, leaned over and licked herself.

The sight of Millie’s tongue lapping at her own soggy armpit had me cumming instantly, and after my cock finally stopped spurting she leaned over and had me sample it along with her, our tongues slapping against each other in the salty pocket.


Before I left the house…

Millie took care of my erection, which had appeared when we took a shower together. She knelt in the tub and took care of me orally while I leaned back against the tiles and enjoyed it.

She was a fantastic cocksucker who had no problem with my girth, and as I came she was churning my balls in her palm, trying to drain me completely.

“So Linda won’t have to fight you off later,” her mother explained after swallowing all she could coax out of me.

I left the Groves house a weary but happy man, only to feel guilty when I thought about Linda. How would I be able to face her after what I had just done with her mother?

We were planning on going to see a movie that night, so when I picked her up, it was an uncomfortable ride with a lot of silent moments.

“You’re quiet tonight,” Linda said as we neared the theatre. “Did you have an interesting day?”

“Yeah, I guess,” I said.

“Why don’t you tell me about it?” Linda asked as we got out of the car in the parking lot. “Did you enjoy it as much as my Mom did?”

I stopped dead in my tracks and swiveled to face her, but instead of seeing a crying or furious face, what I saw was Linda smiling at me.


“She told me, silly,” Linda said excitedly. “When I stopped by her work before she said that she was so sore she didn’t think she would be able to finish her shift, but she said it was worth it.”

“And you aren’t mad?”

“Of course not,” Linda said. “I love my Mom, and she deserved a good time. She said you were the best she ever had, and that I should hang onto you with all my might.”

I sat through the movie, but I don’t even remember what it was that we were watching, so stunned was I at this crazy situation I found myself in.

Little did I know that the craziness wasn’t over yet.


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