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Having this woman tell me that he had talked about my finesse at fellatio made me proud. I do take great pleasure in the pleasure I give, and knowing that he had made us come so beautifully, I now wanted to do as she bade me. I wanted to show her. Perhaps I might learn that there are some things that cannot be taught.

“I’d love to show you, but where would we get a willing man?” I teased.

“You bitch,” I heard him laugh, hand wrapped tightly around his own cock.

“Look. We have a volunteer.” He caught me with that half smile and that you’regonnagetit tilt to his eyes and I felt my heart racing.

“Now, if I’m going to teach you, I’m going to have to know your name.”

“Dana,” she said.

“Dana, are you a lefty or a righty?”


Do you prefer to be on the left or right of the man when you go down on him?” I stroked her hair, making a little physical connection with her, to remind her of when she had done well, when she was pleasing me.

“Ummm… Right, I guess.”

“Then get there.”

She scurried over to his right side as he stretched full out on the floor, arranging pillows under his head to help him watch what was about to unfold.

“The first thing you need to know, Dana, is that all men like this. When you do this to them, you press buttons so deep in them that even I have forgotten where they came from. For a man to see a woman’s lips working his prick, the same lips that have kissed other men, whispered promises, hurled epithets, imbibed liquor, smiled sweetly, sneered haughtily, is for him to subsume all other experiences for that woman, at least in his mind.

“Suffice to say, that you are the one in control. You understand?” escort ataşehir I paused here to make sure she was listening. We had begun stroking Zack’s cock in rhythm, me on his shaft and her on his balls, just playing with him until he was hard enough to suck. As soon as I felt him stiffen sufficiently, knowing the effect my voice has on him, I told her to watch.

“Now, sometimes in this lesson, I will be able to tell you what I am doing. At others, I won’t for obvious reasons. You must watch very closely. Come down here with me.”

I felt her breath on my lips as we met face to face over his cock. I have to admit, there were times where he almost faded. To be sucking such a great cock with this incredibly beautiful woman was fantastic in and of itself. “OK, be sure to take the shaft and pump it a few times.” She began fisting him as he settled back to let her know all was well. “Good. Now watch.”

With her hand on him, I lowered my lips just to his head, contracting my lips for just enough pressure to make him feel the resistance. My tongue swirled all over his head.

“Ok, I get it. Let me,” Dana said. Reluctantly, I backed away to let her crimson tongue work him. She was so beautiful, a little too eager as she was with me, but still doing well.

“Slow down. Let him feel your passion build as well. Do you really love to give head, Dana?”

“Well. . . I just don’t know.”

“You’ve got to love it. Then you’ll get better. Now that you have a first step down, try taking him just into your mouth, as deep as you are comfortable with.”

I watched her try to take him in, but she got only a little past halfway. At least her hand was still on him.

“Not kadıköy escort bayan bad. Now, I want you to imagine you have a tennis ball in the back of your mouth, only you have to keep your lips closed.”

“What?” she laughed, hand still stroking his shaft.

“OK, how about a ping pong ball? You just have to feel that soft part at the back of the roof of your mouth go up.”

“I’ll try.” She dutifully went back down and got deeper, closer to his base. He pushed up against her and she continued as best she could, but it was clear he wanted more.

“Dana, let her,” he whispered, trying to be nice but wanting what only I can give him. She backed away and I lowered effortlessly onto him, loving that feel of him hard against my tongue, increasing the intensity to help him take the edge off, but not too much. He started to understand that being the model for this class might be more difficult than he thought. The push and pull between us. Knowing an expert was there, but allowing the novice to try. . . .

I almost had to laugh at how easy it was for me. I stopped and asked him if he was sated for now. “Yes, for now. Show her how you go all the way down, how you swallow me.”

“Yes, sir. Now, when you start this, it will feel. . . “

“STOP it!” you hissed. “Show her, don’t tell her.”

“OK, Zack. OK. Dana, come back here with me. I want you to see this.” I kissed her on the mouth so that he could wait a little, see us playing with each other’s tongues, a stray hand placed on a beautiful firm tit, nipples being squeezed. All that beautiful flesh and none of it being used on him.

“Please God Now, Ari, Please?” I heard the implied “bitch” in his escort bostancı voice and had he said it, I would not have taken him. He knew enough not to share that with Dana right now.

“Yes, sir.” I knelt beside him and with a beautiful swift sure stroke, sucked him all the way to the bottom. I swallowed, caressing his head with the muscles of my throat. Dana began stroking my neck, feeling him embedded there.

“Oh God,” I heard her moan. “You can do it. I didn’t believe him at first, but now. . .” I loved her disbelief and amazement. I came up for air, continuing more shallowly for a minute.

“You try again,” I told her. “He won’t mind.” She dove down as I rested my hand against her pussy, mirroring where his was on me now. This distraction was too much for her. I sensed her rhythm getting unsteady, so I stopped. Zack moaned a little and grabbed my hair. Without a word, I waited until she came up, then I took her place on him, sucking and drooling on his shaft, making it shiny, pumping with my fist. Again, I dove full down on him, tonguing his balls, grabbing his ass, until I felt him rear back, getting ready to erupt.

“Dana, NOW.” I continued to pump his dick furiously, aiming it at our faces, waiting for the sweet stream of come to shoot there, my hand never stopping on his cock and then, hot and hard, I felt his sperm splatter my lips and hers. Covered in that sticky sweet hot jism, her lips candycumcoated, our faces gleaming with his juice, I felt my orgasm soaring. My fingers dug into her cunt, finding her wet and contracting already.

Breath finally returned to me. She and I now rested on either side of him, naked and satisfied. My hands stroked both of them in turn and I felt their hands in turn on me.

“I’m afraid I didn’t teach you much,” I told Dana.

“You did fine. I really think I can learn by watching you. Do you think we might be able to do this again sometime?”

His sigh was the only answer we needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32