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Katie had been gone for a month. An entire month! Now she was coming back. Jack sat on her bed and smiled to himself. The last school year had been awesome with Katie. And now he was about to spend the rest of the summer with her.

He looked around the room and felt a surge of happiness. Katie’s room was comforting to him. She’d be home any minute now. He was hoping to surprise her. Lost in his own thoughts, he barely registered the commotion dowstairs that signaled Katie’s return. He finally snapped out of it when he heard heavy footsteps on the stairs. He looked up as the door opened.

She walked into her room without noticing anything at first. Since she’d been living with her aunt nothing had been changed or touched. And then she saw Jack, reclined on her bed, hands laced behind his head. Her heart leapt and she shrieked in joy,


She ran to him and jumped on his stomach, covering his face in kisses.

Jack was slightly surprised, but regained composure quickly. Her kisses began to come more slowly, but now down on his mouth. Slowler and slower until her lips did not leave his. Until her tongue slid inside his mouth. Her grasped her hips, covered in denim short-shorts and kissed her back.

“You were right. He is cute.” Came a voice from the doorway. They both jumped in surprise. Jack looked up and almost swallowed his tongue.

She was about 5’6″ with tan legs that went on forever. Her torso was flat and smooth, covered in deep bronze skin. Her breasts, a good C-cup that left his palms sweating and his mouth watering. Her face was beautiful. High cheekbones, flawless complexion, sparkling green eyes, and perfect white teeth. Her nose held just a dusting of freckles across it. Her hair was sandy brown, just like Katie’s. As a matter of fact, this girl looked alot like Katie, only with a bigger chest and slightly taller.

Katie laughed and rolled off Jack’s prone body. “Told you so.” She answered the girl.

Katie turned to Jack and said, “This is May, my cousin from the country.”

Jack closed his mouth and smiled, saying, “Welcome to the suburbs.”

May smiled back, “I’m sure I’ll have a great time.”


Jack watched Katie in amazement. She’d never been very keen on this idea, but now she was fully into it. He was on her bed, in darkness except for the candles she’d lit. She’d reversed their roles tonight. She’d been the one to sneak his pants open while they were kissing this time. She’d trailed her mouth down his chest and bare stomach until, once it was released, his penis was enclosed illegal bahis in her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down on him, taking great care to not scrape him as she’d done in the past. Her tongue was so slick, so hot, she felt it caress him like she couldn’t get enough of him. His head bumped the back of her throat, and she seemed to hesitate, but then her throat relaxed, opening enough to allow the thick head of his dick to slip inside. He felt orgasm approach as her mouth suckled and licked his cock. She lifted her head and began to slowly stroke him with her hand. She looked into his eyes and said,

“Do you like May?”

Jack wrinkled his brow. Why was she asking him this now? “Uh, yeah, she’s. . . . .uh. . . . . . . .Holy shit baby. . . . . . .she’s okay.”

Katie laughed and squeezed his dick, pumping even more slowly now. “No, I mean, do you want her? And don’t lie to me. I won’t get mad.”

Jack let out a gasp of breath and said, “Okay, I do want her.”

Katie stopped and smiled. “Good. Jack, I’ve got to tell you something.” She let out a deep breath and continued, “May isn’t like most girls. She showed me a side of myself I never knew existed. Did you know I’m bisexual?” She asked.

Jack shook his head, bewildered.

“Neither did I.” She said. “May and I made love together.”

Jack just stared at her. Was she serious?

“There’s more Jack. I made love to another girl too. Her name was Jessi. They wanted me to have sex with a guy, but I wouldn’t do it. Please tell me it’s okay. I feel so guilty.” She finished quickly.

Jack’s mind was spinning. His girlfriend had been out fucking other girls? And he didn’t even get to see it? He laughed.

“Of course it’s okay baby, this is every guy’s fantasy.” He said.

Katie beamed at him and kissed him hard. She pulled away, “There’s something else. May wants you. And I’m” she took a deep breath, ” I’m willing to share.”

Jack wondered if he’d heard right. “What?” he asked.

“I want you and May to have sex, to. . . .to fuck.” Her eyes were shiny with excitement now. “I want to watch you fuck her while I touch myself. I want to-“

Jack put a hand over her mouth and said simply, “Okay.”

He couldn’t believe this was his girlfriend. Never timid, but always somewhat reserved, she had never said the word “fuck” in front of him before. And now she wanted to watch while he fucked another girl? While he sat and thought, Katie turned and said,

“Okay May, he said yes!”

The door opened and May walked in, her breasts bouncing inside her sheer white T-shirt. She looked so hot that Jack momentarily forgot that his dick was out of his pants. The shirt was cut illegal bahis siteleri right below her generous breasts, and left an expanse of tan belly that went down till it hid beneath a pair of ragged denim shorts. Her hair was up, and her eyes were locked on Jack.

“Did he now?” She asked.

Katie pulled Jack up until he was sitting on the edge of his bed. May dropped to her knees beside Katie in front of him. Jack’s dick was swollen and throbbing, slightly sticky from dried saliva. As he watched, Katie leaned over and kissed May’s bee-stung lips. May responded immediately and opened her mouth, snaking her own tongue between Katie’s lips. Jack just stared, dazed at the sight. In the silent room, the soft wet sounds of the two girls kissing was audible. He barely even noticed it when May’s hand reached over and wrapped itself around hes penis.

He gasped as she squeezed and the girls stopped kissing. Katie turned back to jack and, while looking up into his eyes, slid her pink tongue up against his engorged shaft. As this was happening, May was slowly working her own tongue up the other side. Their mouths met over the top, licking and kissing eachother and the object of their desire. Jack was incoherent to anything besides the sweet bliss of having his dick licked by two girls at once.

Katie stopped kissing his shaft and May took over, downing the dick inside her hot mouth. Jack arched his back, feeling his orgasm once again approach. As if sensing this, May slowed down to an eventual hand job. Jack opened his eyes to find Katie naked, sprawled out on the floor, propped up by one elbow, with her little hand between her thighs. Her eyes were shining bright and her hand was working fast over her little clit. Jack felt as if he were going to cum any second, when May stopped altogether.

“Kat, are you ready?” she asked. Katie withdrew her fingers from her pink wet pussy and nodded, giving a small moan. Jack figured he was about to fuck her. She climbed up on her bed behind Jack and got on her hands and knees, breasts swaying. Jack stood up and pulled off his shirt and pants. climbing up on top of the bed behind Katie’s bared ass, he got in position to impale her with his hard cock.

“Hold on there, cowboy.” May said, slipping a small plastic bottle from her pocket. Jack only stared as she opened it and squirted some into her hand. Before he could say anything she leaned forward and wrapped her hand around his dick. The liquid was cool, but incredibly slick. Katie turned her head to look at Jack,

“I want to try something new.” she whispered. Realization slowly dawned on Jack as May took her lubed hand from his penis and moved it to Katie’s asshole. She canlı bahis siteleri spread the cheeks with one hand while sliding her finger in and out with the other. Katie began to moan and May switched to two fingers, slowly letting liquid trickle into her tight anus. She looked up at Jack in the dim dusky light coming through the window.

“Have at it.” she said.

Jack held his dick loosely in one hand and spread Katie’s cheeks with the other. The hole looked so tight! He and Katie had discussed this before, but had never gone on with it. But Katie was quiet and wetness was dripping from her swollen pussy. She was hornier than ever before. Steeling himself, Jack put the head of his dick against the resistance and pushed.

And got nowhere.

“It won’t go in!” Jack half-whispered.

“Try harder.” answered Katie in a breathless voice.

He pushed harder and finally his head slipped inside with a faint pop, past the tight ring on the outside. He didn’t go any further.

“Are you okay baby?” he asked.

“Oh God dammit, just do it!” May shouted. She grabbed his ass with one hand and Katie’s hip with the other and shove them together with surprising force.

In on fell swoop, Jack was encased in Katie’s ass. His dick was being squeezed rapidly as Katie’s muscles clenched together. Katie was moaning and crying at the same time. She said something softly, “Do it.”

Jack pretended he didn’t hear. “What?” he asked.

“Do it! Now!” she answered in a hard, horny voice. Jack slowly pulled out, dragging his dick back out of that burning tight passage. The lube was so slick, it felt like a really tight pussy. He pushed himself back inside, eliciting a moan from Katie. Jack felt a tingle in his spine, so he pulled out once again, only to shove it back inside her ass. This time it was rougher. In and out. Katie’s thighs were trembling and Jack reached under her stomache and found his way to her swollen clit. As he pumped in and out of her, he rubbed her sensetive bud. Faster he fucked her ass, and faster he stroked her clit. Her moans became louder and he thanked god her parents weren’t home. Her ass gripped his dick tighter as she came, exploding with a peircing shriek. This almost did it for him.

Her ass cheeks began to make waves ass his thrusting picked up in pace. He watched it and it turned him on even more. Faster and faster, his dick became fat with cum, spiralling through his shaft, and finally shooting his first wad of cum inside her butt. Another spasm, another load. Her ass was trembling and insanely hot inside. Her muscles clenched and he shot again, listening to her low moans. Finally, his cum ran out and her pulled out, laying on his back beside her in exhaustion. Still on her hands and knees, cumm dribbled in a thin line down her ass crack and over her wet pussy.

“Wow, when’s my turn?” May asked in the silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32