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“Ow! Goddamit! Fuck!”

The rusted bolt Ray Peterson had been attempting to loosen on the 1934 Ford he was restoring abruptly broke loose, raking his knuckles against the vehicles frame.

“Why didn’t I wear the goddamn gloves?” he muttered, shaking his injured hand. Then he heard barely suppressed laughter; it sounded like a woman.

“What the hell?” he muttered. Sliding his creeper from underneath the Ford, he saw a pretty young girl standing there, her hand over her mouth, shoulders shaking in mirth.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, still giggling, “You sounded just like my uncle when he hurts himself.” She saw Ray’s bloody knuckles and continued “Are you okay? Do you need a bandage or something?”

“Nah, I just skinned my knuckles. There’s a first aid kit hanging over my workbench over there.”

“I’ll get it,” she replied.

‘Now who the hell is this?’ Ray wondered. All the children in the neighborhood were grown and gone and, in many cases, their parents as well. Dottie never wanted kids, but he got along well with everyone else’s in the neighborhood and watched them grow up and set out on their own.

“Here you go,” the pretty girl replied, kneeling beside him as he sat on the creeper holding his bleeding hand. She opened the kit, wiped his wounds with an alcohol swab making him wince, then applied an antibiotic cream and carefully bandaged each knuckle.

“You sure know what you’re doing,” Ray said admiringly.

“I used to volunteer in the hospital back home,” she replied. “Sometimes I’d help the nurses bandage people up.”

Ray grabbed the door handle and raised himself to a standing position, the girl standing up with him. She was tall, nicely built, with auburn hair and green eyes, dressed in cutoff hip hugger jean shorts and a tube top which set off her figure nicely. Emeralds decorated her ear lobes and belly button.

“What can I do for you, Florence?” Ray said playfully.

“Florence? My name’s Heather, Heather Wilson,” she replied.

“I was making a joke,” Ray said. “Florence Nightingale was a famous nurse in the Crimean War. You bandaged me so well, I …” He saw the confused look on her face and continued “Aw, forget it. Do you live around here?”

“I just moved in across the street ’cause my dad got a new job in town. He and my mom went out shopping for furniture and I got locked out when I went on the back deck to lie in the sun. I called their cells, but they aren’t picking up. Can you help me get back in?”

Ray was sure he could. Charlie and Madge’s place had been on the market for some time after they retired to Florida. He and Charlie were friends for sixteen years and he knew the place like his own. If they didn’t take their spare key …

“Sure, I can help you,” he replied, “C’mon, we’ll get you inside in a jiffy.”

“Yay!” she replied, That’d be great. Thanks so much.”

Ray slipped on his moccasins and they went across the street. Heather was intrigued by the older man and checked him out while they walked. He was of average height, stocky with black hair turning gray at the temples and on his deep chest, a rugged, yet handsome face and piercing blue eyes.

He wore only a stained pair of athletic shorts and the sweat ran in rivulets down his muscular frame. He walked with an easy stride, head held high, exuding confidence. Heather licked her lips, he was hot for an old guy.

Reaching the house, Ray walked carefully along the flagstone walk that led around the house, looking for a specific stone. When he saw one with a star incised on it, he bent and lifted it by a corner revealing a small metal box. Brushing the dirt from it, he opened the lid revealing a grimy, yet serviceable key.

“Here we go,” he said, “This opens every door in the house, front and back.”

“Yay!” Heather said again. “That’s so cool.”

Continuing down the walk, they climbed the stairs to the deck and crossed it to the back door. Ray put the key in the lock and turned it; nothing.

“Damn,” he muttered, “Must be the rust. Might need some WD-40. Lemme try this again.”

He turned harder, the lock snapped and the door swung open.

“There you go, hon,” he said. “I’ll put this back in case you need it again.”

“Oh, thanks so much,” Heather said, hugging him impulsively. “Can I get you something to drink? You look like you’re thirsty.”

“Uh, yeah, sure, some water’d be good.”

Ray remembered the kitchen well with its patterned vinyl floor, oak cabinets and butcher block countertops. He and Charlie had drunk many a beer in this kitchen while Madge and Dottie cooked dinner. They’d had some good times together and he missed them.

Heather took two bottles of water from the fridge, motioned Ray to sit at the kitchen table and sat across from him. Twisting the caps off the bottles, they both took a drink and stared at each other.

Heather had a lovely smile, a heart shaped face and a cute little nose. Her auburn hair hung below her shoulders and her eyes were like glittering emeralds. The tube top molded dikmen escort bayan itself to her high, firm breasts and her nipples stood out proudly against the thin fabric. Her skin was smooth and lightly tanned, lacking a blemish or a wrinkle, suffused with the bloom of youth.

‘She’s a little sweetie’, Ray thought and his cock stirred in his shorts. He suddenly realized she was talking to him and began paying attention.

“… so my Dad waited until I graduated school before we moved,” Heather was saying, “I knew I’d miss my friends, but I knew a lot of them were going to college in the fall anyway, so I wasn’t too sad when we left. We still text and go on Facebook and ‘phone each other.”

“Are you planning on going to college too?” Ray asked, getting back into the conversation.

“I guess. Dad wants me to go to law school like he did and Mom wants me to study Communication and Journalism like she did; I’m not sure I want to do either one.”

“What do you want to do, then?”

“I want to be a forest ranger. I love being outside; going camping and fishing. My Uncle Paul used to take me camping and fishing all the time and I loved it. We went hunting a few times, but I didn’t like killing animals, so we quit that. He was fun.”

“He sounds like a nice guy.”

“He was, so was my Aunt. They didn’t get along real well with my parents. Dad called them hippies, flower children and bums because they lived in a cabin in the woods. He wore his hair long, lived off the land and worked odd jobs to make money when he needed some. My Aunt sold eggs from their chickens and veggies from her garden to make a little money too. I thought they were cool. I miss them a lot.”

Ray noticed her eyes sparkled when she warmed to her subject. Damn, she was pretty.

“I better get goin’,” He said. “I need to finish gettin’ the bell housing off that tranny and check the gears before it gets dark. Thanks for the drink. I’ll see you around.”

They stood up and she walked him to the door, holding his arm, saying “Thanks so much for helping me. You’re really nice. Maybe I’ll stop by and say ‘Hi’ if I see you in your garage.”

“Anytime. Take care, Heather.”

“Bye, Ray.”

She watched until he rounded the house and disappeared. The scent of him lingered on her clothing from when she’d hugged him. Her heart began to beat faster and her pussy was moist. Man, he was hot.


Two weeks passed. Ray saw Heather from time to time and she always smiled and waved and he waved back. If he was twenty years younger … then he shook off the thought. He was still married after all.

He had tried calling Dottie any number of times at her sister’s after she left, but she never answered his messages, so he figured she was still pissed at him about him not being the Executive Vice President of Amalgamated Steel any longer.

When he decided to take the golden parachute offered to him when Amalgamated and Consolidated Smelting merged, Madge was furious. He’d had enough of the corporate bullshit and wanted out; she, on the other hand, liked the prestige it gave her in her circle of snobby friends. They fought about it constantly until she moved out and went to live with her widowed older sister.

Ray missed her at first, then, after a year had passed, became used to living alone. Many of their mutual friends had retired and moved away, so he mostly kept to himself. He still went to the American Legion post on Saturday night for a beer and to see his ‘Nam buddies, but he was happier alone restoring cars in his garage, which is where he was when Heather visited him again.


When he felt something cold against his bare back, he flinched, then ducked out from under the Ford’s hood to see Heather standing there, grinning and holding two bottles of water. She wore a bikini top, cutoff jean shorts and sandals. Damn, she was cute.

“I didn’t scare you did I?” she said, playfully. “I thought you might like a cold drink.”

“Scare, no, startle, yes. Thanks for the drink. How ya doin’?”

“Okay, I guess. My folks are kinda pissed at me because I told them I wanted to major in Forestry and Environmental Studies instead’a what they’re interested in, but they’ll get over it. I’m gonna go to the Community College in town for a few semesters and get my GPA up a bit. I didn’t do too well in high school; too much sports and not enough studyin’.”

“What kind of sports did you play?”

“Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field; I was good, not great, but I liked the exercise. I still go jogging in the park twice a week. Maybe I can get on a team in college.”

“I played football four years in college and lifted weights. I still go to the gym; don’t wanna get flabby.”

“Oh, you’re not flabby,” Heather said emphatically, then blushed, “I mean you look damn good for a guy your age,” she blushed again, “I mean …”

Ray chuckled, “Thanks, hon, I got it. You wanna go sit on the back porch for a while. I could use a break.”

“I’d elvankent escort bayan like that.”


As time went by, Heather stopped by more often and Ray was always happy to see her. She usually regaled him with her various exploits in registering for college, the courses she was taking and the people she’d met there. She said her parents still weren’t happy with her course of study, but were resigned to it. Ray mostly let her talk, commenting now and then and offering his advice and opinions if asked.

They had become increasingly relaxed around each other, often sitting in the back porch swing, their hips and shoulders touching while they conversed. Ray made her lunch several times and she invited him to her house to do the same.

Ray thought it odd that her parents never seemed to be home and figured they were both pursuing their careers. Heather never said anything regarding their absence and seemed to be perfectly content, so he forgot about it.


One afternoon, he was tuning up the flathead V-8 motor in the Ford when Heather strolled into the garage. “What’cha doin’?” she chirped.

“Givin’ this beast a tune-up. Makes it run better.”

“What’s a tune-up? Is something wrong with it?”

“Nope, nothing’s wrong. Old cars like this need to have things adjusted so they run better, like the plugs, carb, points, fuel pump, fan belt, that sort of thing. New cars don’t need that anymore.”

“You sure know a lot about cars,” Heather replied. “I just get in mine and drive it.”

“You still have to maintain them though. When was your last oil change?”

“Oil change? I dunno, why?”

“You gotta change your oil every so often, hon,” Ray said, wiping his hands on a shop cloth. “You can gum up your engine real bad and it’ll damage it.”

“Could you see if my car needs an oil change?” Heather said. “I can bring it over now if that’s okay.”

“Sure, go get it.”

Heather strolled across the street swinging her hips, drove out of her garage in a red Mazda Miata and into Ray’s driveway. She pulled the hood release and got out. Ray disengaged the safety latch, lifted the hood and looked for the dipstick. He checked the oil, then said, “This car seriously needs an oil change. Lookit’ this oil; it’s thick as molasses.”

Heather looked, then wrinkled her nose at the black goop on the cloth Ray was holding, “That’s not good is it?”

“Nope. Tell ya what, pull up to the empty bay and leave the engine running, I’ll change it for you.”

“Oh Ray, you’re so sweet. I don’t want to put you to any trouble.”

“No trouble. It won’t take long.”

Heather did as she was told while Ray set up ramps, then drove the car up on them to elevate the front end. Taking a wrench and a bucket with him, he slid under the car, found the drain plug on the engines crankcase, loosened it and let the hot oil drain out into the bucket.

Then Heather slid under next to him, saying “So this is what it looks like under here. Ew, it’s filthy.”

Her body was soft and warm against his, her perfume filling his nostrils, making his cock twitch.

“You’ll get all dirty under here, babe,” he said, trying to distract himself.

“I don’t mind,” she purred, wiggling against him, her breast rubbing his elbow. “That’s where the oil goes, huh?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s called the crankcase, that’s where the oil collects when the motor…are you interested in this?”

“You make everything interesting,” Heather replied, wiggling against him again.

‘Damn, she’s coming on to me’, Ray thought, ‘She’s just a kid, I’m no cradle robber’. She pressed her breast against his elbow again and said “What do we do now?”

Ray could think of several answers to her question, but replied “When the old oil is drained, we replace the drain plug, change the filter, dump the waste oil and put fresh oil in the crankcase.”

“Can I help with that?”

“Sure, the oil’s drained, so we put the drain plug back in like this. You have to be careful not to over tighten it or you’ll strip the plug or the pan threads and then you’ll have a real problem.”

“I’ll remember that. I’d like to try doing this myself next time.”

They slid out from under the car with more wiggling on Heather’s part. Ray stood up and offered his hand to her. Her hand was soft and her grip was firm. Her eyes shone as she said “Thank you, kind sir,” and sprang to her feet, bumping against him, “Whoops, sorry.”

‘Oh, man,’ Ray thought, “She’s so damn cute, I wonder how old she is? She’s gotta be at least eighteen if she’s outta high school … nah, I better not, I don’t want any trouble with her folks. She’s just flirtin’ anyway. I’m old enough to be her father.’

He showed her how to change the Miata’s oil filter and add fresh oil to the engine. She watched him intently, rubbing against him as they worked under the car’s hood. When she asked a question, he turned to answer her and they were practically nose to nose. They stared into the emek escort bayan others eyes for what seemed to be a long time, then she smiled and he smiled back.

Finishing their work, Ray started the car and let the engine run as he checked for leaks from the plug or the filter; there were none.

“There you go, princess,” he said, turning the ignition off, “Now your engine will run better and won’t be damaged.”

“Thanks so much, Ray, I certainly appreciate it. Do you mind if I wash my hands?”

“Nope. You know where the bathroom is.”

She strolled into the house, wiggling her firm ass at him, looked over her shoulder, grinned and went inside.

Ray leaned back against the Miata’s fender and expelled a blast of air from his suddenly dry mouth. He wiped sweat from his chest with a shop towel as his swelling cock rubbed against his workout shorts. Damn, she was hot.

He began working on the Ford again and when Heather didn’t appear after twenty minutes, he wondered if she was okay and went looking for her. She wasn’t in the downstairs half bath and she wasn’t in the kitchen or the living room; where was she?

“Upstairs,” he muttered and as he reached the upper story he called “Heather, are you up here?” No answer. “Where in the hell…” he growled aloud and saw the master bedroom door halfway open. When he walked in, he saw her clothes neatly folded on the bed, felt her bare breasts on his back and her arms went around his neck.

“Surprise!” she said.

“Heather, I dunno about this…” he began.

“Shush! You’re smokin’ hot and I want you to fuck me ’cause I sure wanna fuck you.” She released her grip, so he turned to face her and she kissed him, hard, her tongue seeking entrance to his mouth. His resolve crumbled and they embraced, tongues dueling as they began to caress each other. Her skin was warm and felt like fine silk.

“Mmmmm,” Heather said, pulling her mouth from his and tugging on the drawstring of his shorts, “I’ve wanted this for so long. You are so damn hot I can’t stand it.”

Ray’s shorts dropped to his ankles and his cock stood up, rigid as a steel bar, precum glistening on the head.

“Oooo, I gotta suck this bad boy,” Heather said, dropping to her knees before him. Taking the bulbous cock head into her mouth, she licked it round and round like a Popsicle and then took it into her mouth, humming as she did.

Ray moaned, leaned against the wall and watched her suck him, surprised she could take him in so easily. In the past, girls had told him that he had a big cock and some wouldn’t fuck him again because their pussies couldn’t handle it. Dottie tolerated sex, but never seemed to enjoy it.

Heather had nearly half of him in her mouth and drool ran down her chin as she continued to suck him. She grabbed his ass as he gripped her head and began face fucking her. He felt cum building in his balls and, with a grunting moan, erupted into her greedy mouth. She swallowed what she could, the rest running down her chin and pooling on the carpet.

Heather leaned back on her heels, licking cum from her lips, took a deep breath and said “Did that feel good, baby?”

Ray knelt down, took her in his arms, stood up and said “What do you think?” They soul kissed as he tasted his own cum in her mouth.

“Take me to bed, baby,” Heather purred, “Take me and fuck me silly with your big cock, I want to feel you way up in me.”

Ray kicked his shorts away from his ankles, led her to his bed and turned down the comforter. Heather giggled, bounced up on the mattress, lay on her back in the center and spread her legs wide; her furred pussy glistening, pulsing with desire.

He lay between her spread legs, gripped her ass cheeks in his strong hands, inhaled the wonderful smell of an aroused woman and began to lick her wet crevice like an ice cream cone, burrowing his tongue deep inside her.

“Oh God … yeesss … nnnnnhh … suck it … lick it … make me cum … I want to cum for you,” Heather moaned, bucking her hips against Ray’s mouth. He feasted on her gushing pussy, swallowing the warm nectar flowing from it as she writhed on the bed clutching handfuls of the sheet. He removed one hand from her ass and plunged two fingers deep inside her gooey cunt, sucking on her engorged clit as she whimpered and moaned.

Heather felt a spine arching orgasm rising within her as Ray finger fucked her and nibbled on her throbbing clit. She had been eaten out before, but never like this and abruptly her orgasm blossomed sending her body into jerking spasms.

“Oh God … oh Jesus … don’t stop … pleeease … I’m gonna cummmm …YEEEEEE!”

Her pussy exploded into Ray’s face, drenching him in clear ejaculate as he gulped and swallowed, not wanting to miss a drop. Heather was a squirter and Ray’s ministrations had carried her passions beyond where she’d ever been before.

She bucked and thrashed on the bed as he ate her to a second powerful orgasm; uttering little shrieks until she collapsed, gasping for breath. Ray licked her engorged pussy lips clean, then crawled up and held her close until she began breathing normally.

“Ohhh, that was wonderful, baby,” Heather sighed, “Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“Here and there, y’know. I’ve had lots of practice over the years. You have a delicious pussy, sweetie.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32