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All Together Now

The rest of the group, hearing the commotion, gathered around.

Robert and Joan merely stared at each other with questioning looks.

Only Roxanne, whose wine glass was mostly empty already, and who’d had a significant amount to drink at the restaurant, had the balls to speak up. “So, who’s fucking who?”

“Roxanne,” Brad admonished in a reprimanding tone. “Not now.”

“It’s okay, Brad,” Joan said.

But even through her drunken haze, Roxanne could see the affectionate look her husband gave their female host. “You’re fucking Joan,” she said, knowingly.

Joan’s mistake was to turn to her husband to catch his reaction.

That gesture, for Robert, lent credence to the accusation.

Roxanne moved next to Robert very close and put her arm around him. “What do you think about that?”

“You fucked Roxanne?” This outburst came from Peg who turned to face Robert.

As all attention focused on Peg, Joan calmly asked, “Why would that matter to you?”

But her only response was a guilty expression.

“Peg is fucking Robert too?” Roxanne’s intoxicated state apparently did not cloud her ability to reason.

“Joan told me not to give up dick,” Peg blurted out defensively.

“You and Peg?” Brad asked incredulously, turning to Joan.

“You and Peg?” Roxanne echoed. “Damn! Who haven’t you fucked here?”

“Us!” Lorna and Gale responded in chorus.

“But we’re still hopeful,” Lorna added.

“Robert, is there any woman here you haven’t fucked?” Roxanne slurred.

“Me,” Kara spoke up spontaneously. “We haven’t actually fucked.”

“Then what else have you done?” Roxanne asked.

“You’re not saying much, Brad,” Joan pointed out. “Did you know my husband was screwing your wife?”

“He likes to watch Robert fuck me,” Roxanne said, her intoxication throwing care to the wind.

All eyes turned to Brad, who merely grinned and shrugged.

“Why am I not surprised?” Maude remarked distastefully, breaking her silence. “Robert, did you know your wife liked women too?” She phrased it like she was really trying to drive a wedge between the Cranes.

Having quietly listened to all of this, Robert realized he could not fault his wife for something he was doing too. But it was also a revelation of sorts. He smirked as he thought about it. And then it turned into a full belly laugh. Finally, to the group’s frowns of incomprehension, he stepped over to his wife, put his arm around her and explained. “You know, Joan, we thought we were getting older and didn’t need as much sex as we used to have, but it occurs to me that instead of less sex, we just needed something to spark the routineness that our sex had evolved into. I mean, who would have thought that threesomes, massages, or even just another woman would make me appreciate what you and I really have.”

“We’ve always said that we think alike, Robert,” Joan said. “Those exact thoughts occurred to me. And now that this is all out in the open—”

“Maybe those threesomes could become foursomes—”

“I’m game!” Roxanne shouted out.

“So am I,” Brad agreed.

Don and Kara looked at each other, then chimed, “Count us in!”

“The old broads, too,” Lorna said.

“Where does that leave me?” Peg asked.

“Why not just have an orgy?” Maude suggested facetiously.

“That’s the spirit, Maude!” Robert chided. He glanced over to Darrell who just had a big grin on his face.

“That does sound intriguing,” Joan commented.

“Are we going to talk about this all night?” Roxanne asked, pouring herself more wine and guzzling half of it. “Or are we going to do something about it?” Swallowing the remainder of her Chardonnay, she added, “I choose the latter.” She set her glass on the counter, dropped to her knees in front of Robert and reached for his zipper. She was quick and had his cock out before anyone could react. From the discussion, he was semi-hard, and it only took Roxanne a couple of strokes to get him the rest of the way and between her lips.

“Really, Rox?” Brad said, not entirely in disbelief.

“It’s okay, Brad,” Joan said. “Come here.”

He complied and she mashed her lips to his.

Except for Maude, everyone else was grinning.

“So, you and Joan really got together?” Kara asked Peg.


“Was it your first time with a woman?”


“It was for me and Joan the first time we did it. How did you like it?”

“I loved it.”

“Me, too,” Kara agreed as the two continued to watch Roxanne blow Robert. “But I agree with Joan. I don’t want to give up dick.”

“Nor do I.” Peg’s eyes widened. “She’s good,” the lawyer remarked with a nod to the fellatio.

“Yes, she is,” Kara concurred. “Makes you want to . . .” Kara rubbed her husband’s cock through his pants, then quietly squatted and freed it from its confinement. She sucked just the head.

Peg dropped down beside her, lustfully eying Don’s respectable penis. “May I?”

Grasping her husband’s escort kartal cock at the base, Kara pointed it at her neighbor. “Of course.”

Robert watched as his wife pulled out Brad’s rod and slowly stroked it as the two continued to smooch. He looked over at Maude, who was watching all the sexual activity, but not with the disgust he expected. It was more . . . anguish. “Still here, Maude? Thought you’d have a problem with this.”

“You’re right. We’re out of here.” She arose, her husband in tow, and they headed for the door.

Something about all of this didn’t feel right to Robert so he gently pushed Roxanne aside, stuffed his cock back in his pants and went after the Burkes. Trusting her husband’s instincts, Joan turned Brad around to his wife, and Roxanne sucked her husband’s dick.

Outside, Robert caught up with Darrell and Maude. “Guys, wait.”

They stopped and turned as Joan joined the group.

“Look, this got out of hand,” Robert pointed out. “Don’t leave. You’re good neighbors and we want to be friends.”

“I just wanted to know what was wrong with us, Robert,” Maude repeated.

“There’s nothing wrong with you. Now, that it’s all out, you’re right, my visits to the other neighbors turned into much more than just helping. For what it’s worth, it started out innocently—well, maybe except for the Bullocks—and every time you invited me over, I feared getting caught, so that was why I declined. And honestly, Maude, you’re no less attractive than any of the other women.”

There was a moment of silence before Darrell finally spoke up. “Thank you for saying that, Robert. I think that’s what Maude wanted to hear.”

“I’m sorry, too, Maude,” Joan offered. “I think we all said some things we really didn’t mean. And Robert is right. You look very nice.”

“You’re right,” Maude agreed. “I apologize also.”

“Let’s get back to the party,” Robert suggested.

When the four returned, only the Bullocks were still in the living room sitting on the sofa. Maude and Darrell reclaimed their places on the love seat; Robert sat closest to them on the sofa next to Roxanne and Brad on her other side. Joan went in search of the others.

Lifting her left leg over Robert’s, Roxanne asked, “So, everybody kissed and made up?”

“You have a way with words, Roxanne,” Maude said.

“She means we’ve resolved our differences,” Darrell translated.

“Good. I don’t like conflict,” Roxanne stated, placing Robert’s hand on her leg. “I prefer to make love, not war. So, you guys are okay with all this sexual activity?”

“I guess we just don’t understand it,” Maude explained. “Where we come from, people are not this open.”

“Well, who knew any of us were?” Robert posed, rubbing Roxanne’s leg.

Joan returned and sat on the arm of the chair next to Maude. “Well, if anyone is not comfortable with it, don’t go into the bedroom. There’s a lot of it going on in there. That’s where everyone else is.”

“Oh, my!” Maude said.

“Does that make you uncomfortable, Maude?” Roxanne asked.

“I guess this openness is just a different concept for us.”

“Are you opposed to it?” Joan asked, looking at Maude in a new light. For the first time, she saw something sexy about the slightly overweight woman. She took a thick stand of Maude’s hand in her hand and stroked it. “Does this bother you? Or does it excite you?”

“I . . . don’t . . . know.” But her tone did not convey repulsiveness.

* * *

In the bedroom, Peg and Kara had stripped down to all but their panties. Their hands were stroking each other’s pussies while Don was enjoying sucking one of Peg’s nipples. Lorna had her lips on one of Kara’s breasts. Gale was just watching, but not for long as she stepped closer to Kara and kissed her.

Peg pulled away and helped Don out of his shirt. He was kneeling on the bed. Peg undid his pants and pushed them down as far as possible to get at his cock. She grabbed it and stroked it as Lorna reached out and cupped his balls.

* * *

“How about you, Darrell?” Joan asked. “Are you enjoying this?

His answer was merely a grin.

Joan leaned in and kissed Maude on the lips. Not surprisingly, Maude kissed back. “Just relax and enjoy yourself.”

Robert was watching with interest; one because he’d never seen his wife with another woman, and two, of all women to see her with. But he also was dividing his attention with Roxanne, who kept turning his head to kiss him as Brad was fondling her tits in her low-cut dress.

* * *

Back in the bedroom, things had escalated. Peg was enjoying a mouthful of Don’s cock and Lorna was locking lips with him while Gale’s tongue tasted Kara’s sweet pussy. Seeing her business partner doing the younger woman, Lorna drifted over to sample Kara’s sweet lips. This freed up Peg and Don to ease into a 69 position.

As talented as Gale’s tongue was on her pussy, Kara surmised that she and Lorna were probably no strangers to each other’s bodies, particularly maltepe escort bayan given their occupations. Regardless, it was the best pussy-licking she’d ever had.

* * *

Joan pawed Maude’s big, but not huge, round breasts, and then pulled her low-cut top down to expose the nipples, which she promptly went to sucking on. Joan’s eyes were on Darrell, who watched with great interest and his ever present grin. She also noticed her husband locked in a salivating kiss with Roxanne. Brad’s eyes were scanning back and forth between the actions on both pieces of furniture.

Pushing Maude’s skirt up to reveal her panties, Joan was impressed that, despite the woman’s plump physique, she still had a very womanly figure. Pulling Maude’s panties down and off, Joan was further surprised that the older woman’s pussy was completely bald and freshly shaven. Had she been hopeful for tonight’s activity?

Going down on Maude, Joan noticed that the woman’s hand had been on Darrel’s lap, probably touching her husband’s penis. Darrel’s right hand met his wife’s on his crotch and the two fondled his cock through his pants, while his other hand pinched and twisted his wife’s hard nipple. Seeing this, Joan reached over to undo Darrel’s pants, and when Maude saw this, she assisted, pulling her husband’s pants down his thighs to expose his cock. Joan gasped at his size, clearly significantly bigger than even Robert’s.

“I’ll have to have a taste of that later,” Joan heard Roxanne remark as she went back down on Maude, who leaned over to take her husband’s massive tool in her mouth. Finger fucking Maude, it occurred to Joan that the Burkes were both considerably more aroused than they might be accustomed to, if Maude’s mewling and Darrel’s groaning were any clues.

Maude lifted her head and turned to kiss her husband, whose hand immediately replaced her mouth on his cock, stroking vigorously.

Now, Joan had Maude writhing and attempting to close her legs, but the younger woman kept up, having inserted three fingers. Finally, Maude came in an explosive orgasm that had her husband pumping his penis furiously. When Maude’s climax wound down, Joan pulled her to her feet and undressed both of them.

Even Robert and Brad took notice of the rotund woman’s proportionate figure.

* * *

Action in the bedroom had shifted with Don on his back and Peg riding him maddeningly. The other three women had formed a daisy chain with Gale eating Kara, who was licking Lorna. The latter was in position to fondle Don’s balls as Peg pumped up and down.

* * *

On the sofa, a still clothed Roxanne was sitting on Robert’s lap facing him, rubbing her pussy against his covered cock.

Maude had undressed Darrell and was kneeling on the love seat bent over her husband’s cock, half of it down her throat. Joan was kneeling on the floor behind Maude, still playing with the larger woman’s pussy. Brad had come around behind Joan, kissing her on the neck and snaking his hand around front to stroke her pussy. He had removed all of his clothes also.

Much to Joan’s surprise, Maude came again almost as hard as she had the first time. But she was still not finished. She wanted dick now, so she pivoted around, shaking her ass at her husband. Darrel rose to a kneeling position aiming his huge hard-on at his wife’s snatch.

Brad used the opportunity to enjoy a passionate kiss with Joan, but she didn’t allow it to last for long. She squirmed into position to watch Darrel’s big cock slide effortlessly into Maude’s juicy pussy. Joan was particularly excited by the long strokes he was able to do. She hoped she got to feel that monster in her before the evening was over.

While Joan watched, Brad stuck his hard cock in her face, so she obliged him by sucking on it. But the desperate sounds that were coming from both Maude and Darrel made Joan want a dick in her pussy too, so she balanced herself on her back on the wide arm of the love seat and spread her legs. Brad wasted no time in ramming his prick in. The two women were in position to gaze into each other’s eyes as they were fucked mercilessly, and so out of her mind was Joan with desire she reached out and pulled Maude’s face to hers. The woman was an amazingly good kisser, and Joan would never have imagined herself so engaged with this woman. Realistically, she never would have conceived of herself doing any of the sexual things she had done in the last few weeks.

Of further disbelief was when Maude reached out and stroked Joan’s clit as Brad banged away.

* * *

The bedroom was just as hot and heavy, and certainly everyone in the living room had to hear when Peg screamed in delight at her orgasm. So winded was she, she immediately rolled off of Don. But before the fluids on his cock could drip or dry, Gale was replacing Peg on Don. He barely skipped a beat in his thrusts. Kara was sitting on her husband’s face, enjoying more tongue action. Lorna straddled Don’s legs behind Gale and tweaked her friend’s nipples pendik escort bayan with one hand while doing the same to her clit with the other. To complete the circle, Gale was playing with Kara’s tits, and two involuntarily leaned in to kiss each other off and on.

* * *

On the sofa, Roxanne and Robert were enjoying a leisurely fuck. Oddly enough, it was the first time they had ever really done it without Brad participating in some way. Even though still mostly intoxicated, Roxanne felt as though she could live with Robert’s beautiful cock permanently inside her. It occurred to her that she would have to have Brad check to see if someone could make a mold of Robert’s hard penis and craft a plastic, latex or glass dildo out of it. Then she could absolutely have him whenever she wanted.

* * *

So, dick-starved was Gale that once she had a hard cock inside of her, particularly with all of the other erotic action going on around her, it didn’t take long for her to come. She was barely finished when her partner urged her off so she could ride.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold out,” Don groaned.

“Then just shoot your wad inside me,” Lorna cooed.

“No!” the other women chimed in chorus. “Share!”

But fortunately, like her friend, Gale, the older women didn’t get nearly enough cock, so it didn’t take her long to climax either.

“That’s it! I’m gonna cum!” Don warned.

Lorna scurried off and Kara grabbed her husband’s dick and held it erect, stroking as she did. Don fired several bursts straight up, all of which landed on his belly, Kara’s arm and hand, and a few drops on his chest. All four women gathered around him on hands and knees and lapped it up like kittens crowding around a milk bowl. Having four women lick cum off of him actually caused a few more drops to bubble out. But after using her tongue to clean the semen off of her arm, Kara sucked the tip of her husband’s cock clean.

* * *

Just the sexual aura in the house was enough to make Joan come hard; that and the fact that Maude stroking her was an incredible turn on. And by chain reaction, seeing her neighbor climax caused Maude to orgasm an amazing third time.

Likewise, the two women coming was enough to spur the men on. Joan told Brad to come on her chest. As open as this evening had been, she wasn’t quite ready for her husband to see another man come inside her. Brad’s aim was poor and as much white cream ended up on her face as on her chest.

When they heard Darrel’s moans crescendo, signaling his impending climax, Joan urged him to come outside of his wife. She wanted to see that hose’s spray. Mimicking Joan, Maude leaned her head back and stuck out her chest, and to be sure, her husband spurted all over her, her face, and even aimed some at Joan. He literally came in buckets to Joan’s amazement and delight. The two women looked at each other and grinned at their cum-coated skin. Joan couldn’t help but press her lips to Maude’s, and the two slurped all of the semen from each other’s faces.

Still all naked, the others migrated back into the living room and joined, Joan, Brad, Maude and Darrel on the floor as the center of attention was now Robert and Roxanne. She was sitting on his lap her legs spread, wet pussy wide open for all to see; except that it was mostly obscured by Robert’s hand playing with it.

Robert knew she liked being watched, so he eased her off of him and sat her down on the sofa in the same position with her legs spread. He sat on the floor and sensually ate her pussy, making certain to make lapping sounds for everyone to hear. It drove her wild as the sounds escaping from her lips attested. He stuck his tongue in as far as he could and fucked her with it. She grabbed his head both forcing it in tighter and trying to push it away when it was more that she could bear.

When she came in a shuddering orgasm, their audience clapped.

“Fuck her hard!” Brad shouted, to the giggles of some of the others. He didn’t care. His secret was out.

But instead, Robert laid her down on the sofa and straddled her chest. She instantly sucked his cock, oozing pre-cum, into her mouth. Like he had, she made slurping sounds to ham it up. When it was completely coated with her slimy saliva, she pushed him down and wrapped her boobs around it. Naturally, he slid back and forth. It occurred to him that he had never fucked her tits, and the more he glided back and forth the more exciting it was.

“Fuck her!” Brad repeated.

“Are you kidding?” Joan disputed. “This is hot!”

“Oh, so you like watching, huh? Wait until you see him really fuck her.”

Robert couldn’t believe how great it felt to fuck Roxanne’s tits. But as her saliva on his pole gradually dried, he knew it was time for a change. He got off the sofa and pulled her onto the floor in a kneeling position with her upper body bent over the sofa. He slid his cock into her pussy, which didn’t need any lube because it was already drenched. He pumped her slowly rotating his dick around in her hole to make liquidy sounds.

Roxanne’s oohs and ahs were anything but forced. She was getting the fucking she wanted. “Faster!” she cried. “Fuck me faster!”

Robert complied.

“Yeah!” Brad urged.

“This is exciting,” Joan whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32