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Some of my lady friends have some rather strange sexual preferences, such as pretending to be dogs or ponies. One of the things they all like about me is that I am so completely non-judgmental. As long as nobody gets hurt, whatever role-playing or other activity enhances their sexual pleasure is perfectly okay with me. It makes it better for me too because, the more fun my lady friend has the more pleasurable it is for me, which is a fact of life that all men should be aware of. Compared with some others, the little fetish that turns on Chloe is not really all that odd.

What she likes is being led around by a leash. I don’t mean she pretends to be some kind of animal, or that she likes to be tied up. She just likes to have a leather collar around her neck, with a leather strap attached, and to be ordered, by tugging on the leash, to do fun things and be told where to go around the house and bed. It’s not even any kind of a master/slave relationship, because we always treat each others as equals when we are cavorting together. She really gets off on this, and nobody ever gets hurt. I keep the other end of the leash wrapped around my hand and wrist, even during all the sexual activity, and we are both happy with what we do, especially when we discover a new way to please ourselves and each other.

We got really happy one day last week, when she called me up and said she wanted to come over to see me. I knew what she wanted, and I had nothing that needed to be done, and I am always open for some sexual fun with a sweet, sexy young woman like Chloe. There were a few things I had to do to get ready for her, and I needed a little time to take care of them.

“Come over in about a half an hour,” I told her.

The house was in its usual state of disarray and messiness, but I knew that Chloe would hardly even notice a minor thing like that. However, there were two things that I needed to do. One was to get myself ready, including a shower and shaving, as I always do when I know I am going to have my face between a woman’s thighs. The other thing I did was to change the bed, so it was covered by only a clean bottom sheet. These preparations didn’t take long, and the bed and I were ready for Chloe when I heard her car pull into my driveway and, a minute later, the doorbell rang.

“About time you got her,” I told her when I opened the door. “Now, get in here.” As I ordered Chloe to enter the house, I seized the red leather leash that had one end attached to the dog collar around her neck and put my hand through the loop on the other end.

Besides the collar, which was also made of red leather and had colored glass beads all around it, Chloe was wearing a short, dark green skirt and a light green cotton blouse. Her clothing went well with her short auburn hair, fair skin and green eyes. I knew she was not wearing any kind of undergarment, because such things would just get in the way. After Chloe scuffed off her sneakers, she was barefoot, because she was also not wearing any socks or stockings.

“Heel!” I commanded her, pointing to the floor for emphasis.

Chloe quickly got down on her hands and knees and waited for more commands, which weren’t long in coming. “Stay!” I ordered her, and reached under the front of her body to unbutton her blouse.

It wasn’t necessary to give any commands when I took it off her. She knew what I wanted to do, and raised her hands from the floor to expedite the removal, letting her large breasts sway to and fro. When I loosened the buttons at the waist of her skirt and pulled it down around her shapely ass, she raised one leg at a time so I could slide it off the rest of the way and hang it on the same coat rack as was holding the blouse. Completely naked, she stayed where she was while I took off my shirt. As part of her fetish, it was necessary for me to continue holding onto the leash, so I switched the loop between my hands as I removed the garment and hung it with her clothing. We were both ready, so I gave a slight tug on the leash and started walking toward the living room. On her hands and knees, Chloe obediently followed.

Not wanting to put on a show for any nosy neighbors, I keep all the blinds in my house closed, and I led Chloe into and around the living room. We weren’t pretending she was a dog being taken for a stroll, or anything else like that. Chloe just likes to walk around like that for a little while before the main action starts. She enjoys all the things we do in bed and anywhere else together, but she enjoys them much more when she is wearing the collar and leash and I hold the other end. From the living room, I led her to the bedroom, where I got a condom from the drawer where I keep them. After putting the protection on top of the night stand where it would be available when needed, I sat on the bed, while Chloe remained on her hands and knees in front of me, an eager smile on her pretty face.

My right hand still gripped the leash, and I shortened and lifted it, so she rose to her knees and moved closer to me. “Suck!” I commanded her, pointing to my crotch.

I had remained barefoot escort kartal after my shower, but had put on clean jeans and underwear. They didn’t stay on very long. Chloe quickly unbuttoned the waist, unzipped my fly and started to pull the pants down. I raised my ass from the bed to help her, and she peeled them all the way off and dropped them on the floor. With the jeans gone, she treated my underwear the same way. From looking at her sexy, naked body and anticipating what we would be doing, my cock was ready for her mouth, and Chloe smiled up at me and held it gently in her right hand.

Her idea of sucking a cock involves more than just moving it in and out between her lips, and I slid forward on the bed so she could start doing what she and I both enjoy so much. While I held my end of the leash wrapped around my hand with no slack, Chloe started licking my crotch, starting right in front of my ass. Knowing what she would be doing there, I had meticulously scrubbed that area in the shower. Like a soft sponge, her skillful tongue caressed me up to the base of my scrotum.

After licking all over my crotch, Chloe raised her head slightly and smiled up at me. I tugged on the leash, pulling her face against me, and she began licking one side of my scrotum while she held my hard cock against the side of her face. Using the leash to give commands wasn’t necessary, but she enjoys herself so much more when I do, and that adds to my pleasure too. After she had licked the first side of my balls, I moved my hand that held the leather strap, and she followed my command and started her tongue pleasuring the other side and massaging my cock with her other cheek.

In the middle is more fun for both of us, and when she had finished licking the second side of my scrotum, I used the leash to guide her to the center, and she started there. The best part about it for both of us is when Chloe captures one of my balls and holds it between her soft lips while her tongue massages the testicle. After treating and releasing both of them, she licked her way to the top of my ball sack, where she stopped, held my cock with one hand and playfully batted it with her nose. Directing her by use of the leash, I raised her head. After moving myself into the best position, I used the leash to order Chloe to lower her face until her mouth was just above the tip of my cock, where both of us wanted it to be.

Holding the shaft in one hand, she reached out with her tongue and started licking the head in concentric circles, while slowly moving her mouth closer. My body quivered with delight at the gentle touch and at the way Chloe looked at me adoringly with her pretty green eyes. Letting her have her way with what she was doing, I unwound the leash from my hand to give her plenty of slack. She started using it and slowly lowered her face. Even as I watched, the head of my cock was enveloped between her lips, and I felt her tongue tracing the ridge.

Chloe stayed in that position for about a minute, moving her head so her lips would caress my cock while her tongue worked its magic. Finally, she started lowering her head farther, and I watched the shaft slowly disappearing into the warm, wet pleasure chamber of her mouth. She continued moving her head lower, all the while focusing her eyes on me, until her lips were pressed against my pubic hair. For another minute, she stayed like that, and I could feel her agile tongue having its way with every part of my cock she could reach.

Although tempted, I refrained from using the leash to make her raise her head, and Chloe did so when she was ready. Her movements were slow, and she stopped when the head of my cock was once more nestled between her lips while she caressed it with her tongue. This time, she didn’t leave it there so long, but her movements were still slow and steady as she engulfed the entire shaft again, licking it all the way, and when she once again raised her head.

After those preliminaries, Chloe really got into it, slowly bobbing her head as she sucked me off. With every stroke of her lips, my cock disappeared into her mouth, to be laved by her tongue, while her eyes constantly watched me. Every now and then, I tugged on her leash, not to give an order, but to remind her it was still nominally controlling her movements. I could tell she liked what she was doing, including being controlled like that, because her hand crept down to her crotch and started stroking. She didn’t want to get herself off; she knew I would do that. Chloe just liked the feel of it in accompaniment to my cock going in and of her mouth and knowing she was under the control of a collar and leash.

However, she was definitely going to get me off. After a long session of slowly massaging my cock with her lips and tongue, Chloe could feel it starting to throb inside her mouth. She was aware of what that meant, and increased the speed of her strokes and tightened her lips around the shaft. She didn’t want any of my cum to trickle out of her mouth and be wasted. I had felt my climax building up for some time but, from being sucked faster and with maltepe escort bayan her lips pressed more tightly, the eruption became more and more imminent.

“I’m gonna cum, Chloe,” I told her. That information was unnecessary, but I told her out of a sense of nobles oblige.

She did respond to my announcement, but by sliding her lips over my cock even faster and by taking shorter strokes. I knew she wanted to make sure the end of my cock would be over her tongue when I spurted my cum into her mouth, so she could get the full benefit of its flavor. Seconds later, the eruption welled up inside of me, and my semen exploded forth. I knew Chloe caught it, just like she wanted to, because she stopped sucking briefly to relish the flavor. She either swallowed it or saved it for later, but she did resume sucking.

I pumped another spurt of cum into her mouth, and she didn’t even slow down, but kept caressing my cock between her lips. After another couple of minutes, when it became apparent I was through cumming, she slowly raised her face. When I saw what she was doing, I pulled down on the leash to bring her face back down to my cock. It was necessary to let her know that I was the one in charge and, besides that, I knew there was something else she wanted to do.

Still looking up at me with a happy smile on her face, Chloe swirled my semen inside her mouth before swallowing it and going back for the rest. She licked the head and under the ridge, and after she had gotten everything from those places, she applied her tongue to the sides and top, until the shaft was equally clean. Still wanting more, Chloe held the head between her lips and brought her thumb forward on the underside to squeeze out everything left inside. Confident that she had gotten it all, Chloe took my softening cock from her mouth and held it lightly in her fingers, waiting for my next command.

“That was great, Chloe,” I told her. “Now I’ll do the same for you.”

Keeping my grip on the leash, I got on top of the bed and lay flat on my back, with a pillow under my head. Once I was in position, I switched the leash to my left hand and started to wrap it around my wrist and pull on it, shortening the strap and forcing Chloe, who had remained on the floor, to get onto the bed next to me in a kneeling position. I stretched out my arm and pushed on her left thigh with my right hand, and she obeyed my signal to straddle my body, facing my feet. She knew what I wanted her to do, before we even got together that day, and had easily interpreted the signals I was silently giving her.

Her legs were spread wide apart, and I looked lustfully at her plump ass cheeks and at her cute little rosebud that was nestled between them. Just below that, also surrounded by ivory skin was her delectable pussy, with its pink lips, dark and swollen with lust and shiny with her juices. The latter was what I wanted, and I pulled on the leash again, ordering her to move in my direction and lean forward until we were in a 69 position. She ended up straddling my face, with those adorable engorged pussy lips just inches from my mouth and nose. Chloe had gotten quite aroused from sucking me off, and her juices were trickling from her pussy down her thighs. The aroma was delightful in the extreme, and I knew the nectar she was producing for me would taste even better than it smelled, once I started licking it off her.

I also knew I had to always hold on to the leash or have it fastened to my hand or arm, and that I would have to tug on it now and then, to let her know it was still there. I also wanted to use both my hands and all my fingers while I was eating her pussy. While still holding it in my left hand, I enlarged the loop by unsnapping the fastener, and slipped that hand through the loop, followed by snapping it shut again. That made it tight enough on my wrist that it would not accidently slip off over my hand, ruining the moment, and I would be able to swing my arm around to give commands to Chloe. I started with plenty of slack, because I knew she would have no desire to move away from where I wanted her, and I could easily reach up and shorten the leash any time I felt the need.

The first command I gave her was with my hands, by pressing them against her lower back to pull her pussy down to my face. She spread her legs slightly, to get more comfortable, and to give better access to my tongue, letting it go wherever it wanted. The first place it wanted to go was to the insides of Chloe’s thighs, to lick from her soft skin all the drops of her nectar that had spattered there. They were delicious, as I knew they would be, and she relished the feel of my tongue on her sensitive skin.

“Mmmmm, I love that, George. Keep doing it.”

I loved it too, and I did keep doing it. At least my tongue did. After it had licked all the juices from Chloe’s thighs, I moved my arm to let her know she still had a collar on, and I had control over it. Having demonstrated that, I pressed my face in more snugly against her and started mopping up the juices that had trickled out and down her crotch. pendik escort bayan Her skin wasn’t quite as smooth there, but it was more sensitive and, by the time I had cleaned off all the nectar, she was squirming above me and I could hear her cooing her pleasure. My mouth was otherwise too pleasurably engaged to make any audible sounds, or I would have been cooing too.

It got even better for both of us. I like it when a woman shaves or waxes her pussy, because the bare skin feels so good to my tongue, but Chloe’s pubic hair is sparse and very soft, almost like eiderdown, and feels as good to lick as her clean-shaven skin would. With my hands tightly gripping her luscious ass cheeks, my tongue started caressing one of her outer lips, reveling in the texture of her skin and the hair that lightly covered it. By the time I licked my way to her mons, she was squirming even more above me, and her noises of bliss were growing louder.

Still holding Chloe’s ass, and with the leash still fastened to my wrist, I moved my mouth slightly and her pussy slightly, and started licking the other outer lip. This one felt just as good, and my tongue slowly wended its way forward until I was once again at her soft Mount of Venus. I kissed her there, and moved my mouth back just in time to catch a gush of her nectar before it dribbled onto my face. After savoring and swallowing the tasty treat, I started licking between a pair of her inner and outer lips.

Although we were in the 69 position, neither Chloe nor I expected her to suck my cock any more than briefly. She would play with it and lick it after I used the leash to pull her face close to a position where she could reach it. Aided by the flavor and aroma of her juices and all the other wonderful things about her pussy, her hands and mouth would get it good and stiff. That was what we both wanted, because we would both want to fuck after she climaxed from what my tongue was doing. In all honesty, the Viagra I had taken before she arrived would probably be as much help as anything else.

But that would be later, and neither of us was in a hurry to reach that point. Once again, I started at Chloe’s love hole, this time dabbing the tip of my tongue against the very soft and smooth area between the origins of an inner and outer lip. I slowly advanced my ministrations between the labia until I reached the place where they were close together. After tilting my head slightly, I slid my tongue between the lips, relishing the flavor and the texture, and started moving it back and forth, so I was caressing both of them simultaneously.

This was a more sensitive part of her pussy, and Chloe’s cooing started turning to blissful moans and whimpers. The movements of her body became more pronounced, and she started fucking down against my face. My tongue darted in and out of the seam between the labia, moving quickly, but I covered the distance back to her mons extremely slowly. I wanted to concentrate on eating her pussy thoroughly, and taking a long time to do it, and I knew Chloe wanted the same thing. From her moans and whimpers and the way she was moving above my face, I was quite sure she had no complaints about what I was doing.

I had no complaints about anything either, because Chloe’s pussy was one of the best of the many I have eaten. The aroma and the flavor and the texture were small pieces of Heaven above my face, and they all got better as my tongue advanced to the end of the inner lip. That’s the place where it merges with the other inner lip to form Chloe’s clit hood, and I moved my face away to see how the little cutie that sheltered there was doing. It was doing quite well, resembling a lovely pink pearl, and was so swollen with lust, it had pushed most of the way out from under its protection. My tongue stroked across the top of the hood a few times, evoking louder moans of bliss from Chloe, and her hips started swiveling above me, thrusting her knees into the mattress beside my face. I moved my mouth back to where I would be starting to lick her other pair of lips.

Besides her verbal and physical responses, the increasing sexual excitement from my licking next to Chloe’s clit had caused her to produce more nectar, and I greedily devoured it all. Her delightful pussy was well on its way toward getting my cock ready to fuck so, before starting on her other labia, I shortened my grip on her leash and pulled on it, ordering Chloe to lower her face, and she knew why. Besides her mouth, she started putting her hands to use, her fingers lightly holding my burgeoning erection while she licked and kissed it. With her mouth busy again, I put mine back to work too, pleasuring us both.

I treated the second pair of pussy lips as I had the first, slowly licking forward and upward, while Chloe’s movements became wilder by the second. With my fingers firmly clinging to the cheeks of her ass, I pulled my mouth more tightly against her pussy, and continued thrusting my tongue in and out of the seam between the two lips. Once again, I covered the delectable area slowly and, by the time my tongue reached her clit hood again, it was obvious that Chloe was ready to cum. My cock was also ready, so I reached up and pulled back on her leash so she would raise her head. I hated the idea of her teeth clamping down on my hard shaft while she was cumming, but I liked having her soft hands fondling it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32