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All characters are over the age of 18. This story contains fictional characters with big tits and a big dick. You’ve been warned.


Alan looked down at his cell phone to make sure he was at the right hotel room door. Initially, he was supposed to be at Harper’s place, but since this was the most significant night in her and her friends’ lives, they all decided to pitch in and rent a fancy hotel suite for the night. He knocked a couple of times on the door before hearing a voice on the other side yell, “Come in.” Alan entered the fancy hotel suite. It was a massive, elegant room with a super king size bed and sitting on the bed were the four socially awkward 18-year-old year virgins who have waited long for this night to come.

The girls were dressed in their comfortable sleepwear while looking extremely nervous at the same time. Alan had a major case of blue balls from not having any sexual intercourse since Cassie and hasn’t masturbated in the same period. Immediately, seeing the girls in their most intimate garments started the enlargement of his cock.

“Enjoy your prom?” Alan asked, breaking the awkward silence.

“It was okay. We didn’t have any dates, so it was just us hanging out with each other as usual,” said Harper.

“Enough small talk, show us that big dick, perv,” spoke an extremely impatient pink-haired Fern.

“Patience, Fern. We have until morning before we must leave the hotel,” spoke Kelsey. “So Alan, how about a little striptease to get us in the mood?”

“Yeah!” the other girls agreed in unison.

“Uh, okay,” Alan nonchalantly agreed with a quizzical look on his face.

Charlotte, the tallest and plumpest of the group, hit play on the hotel suite built-in stereo system and blaring in the room was the Backstreet Boys 90’s hit single, Everybody. Alan had no clue how to dance like a stripper, so he began dancing like a nerdy white boy with no rhythm. Even though he looked like a complete fool, the girls hooted and hollered for him to take off his clothes. Piece by piece, Alan removed an article of clothing until he was down to his tighty-whities and black socks. The girls calmed down with wide eyes and open mouths as they saw the enormous bulge in his underwear that looked like several pairs of tube socks stuffed in his underwear.

Alan kept dancing until his giant-sized balls fell out from the bottom of his underwear. They hung heavy and swung like a pendulum to a grandfather clock between his pasty white thighs. Charlotte turned the music off, and Alan continued to dance like a fool for a few seconds until he realized the music had stopped. He looked down and saw his humongous package distorting his underwear.

“Well, I’m ready. Who’s first?” asked Alan licking his chops.

“We drew straws earlier, and Kelsey will be first,” said Harper.

“Don’t wear him out too much Kelsey. Save some for the rest of us,” Fern warned.

“Don’t worry ladies. If you know my work, then you know I won’t be worn out so easy,” Alan reassured.

Alan sat down on the king size bed next to Kelsey as the other girls got off. They sat down in chairs a couple of feet away from the bed and acted as a live audience. Alan admired Kelsey’s nice frame, particularly her incredibly large breasts that heaved beneath a blue tank top and a sturdy brassiere. Her light-brown hair was tied up in a bun as it usually was and her large glasses were propped up neatly on her face. Her bookworm look was arousing to Alan.

“You know, if you let your hair down, ditch the glasses and conservative clothes, you’ll be a real looker,” Alan complimented.

Kelsey blushed as Alan moved in with a kiss. It was Kelsey’s first kiss from a non-family member. She followed Alan and kissed back. It was wet and sloppy, but Alan wasn’t planning on kissing her for very long. He moved one of his free hands up to a large breast and cupped it. Alan groped and squeezed the considerable mound over her tank top. He broke the kiss and lifted up her tank top over an everyday beige bra. He reached behind Kelsey and unlatched the four hooks that held the ugly garment over her huge tits.

“Hmmm. Much better,” Alan approved as he tossed the bra to the floor and Kelsey’s large 32E sized ivory-white boobs came into view. They hung naturally like real breasts with little fullest and small areolas lightly visible and pink nipples the size of a raisin. Alan scooped one big tit in his clammy palm and squeezed the yielding flesh like bread dough. “You have very nice floppies.”

Alan leaned down and sucked on the nipple of the breast he held in his hand. He opened his mouth wide to stuff as much of her breast meat between his lips as humanly possible while continuing to suck on her nipple. Kelsey had never felt lips on her breasts before, not even her own. This sexual experience was driving her pussy wild. Alan moved his free down into Kelsey’s pink silk pajama bottoms and rubbed the outside of her drenched panties.

“OHHH GOD!” Kelsey cried, as the sexual stimulation to her private parts was becoming ataşehir escort overwhelming.

After five minutes, Alan switched breast giving it the same oral treatment as its twin and boldly slipped his hand into Kelsey’s wet panties and groped her gushing cunt. The other girls looked on amazed as their friend’s virgin body was being ravished.

“Wow. Alan’s cock is sticking out of his underwear!” observed Charlotte.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Ohhhhhh god! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god!” cried out a hyperventilating Kelsey from having her massive hanging boobs sucked and piss-soaked pussy thoroughly finger-fucked.

After another five minutes, the smooth surfaces of her soft breasts glistened in saliva, and both nipples were solid rock hard. Alan removed his face from her chest and his hand from her panties. His fingers were wet with her cunt juices, and he put them one by one in Kelsey’s mouth.

“Holy shit! He made her taste herself!” shouted Fern.

After Kelsey licked Alan’s fingers clean of her pussy juices, he lied back on the bed and removed his pre-cum stained underwear to reveal his massive swollen phallus as it stood proudly from his groin. A collective gasp echoed throughout the room as all eyes were on Alan’s larger than avenge cock.

“There is it again ladies…”Harper spoke, barely able to mutter any words.

“It looks even bigger than before,” moaned Charlotte.

“Sweet heavens! I can’t wait for my turn,” expressed Fern.

“Go ahead. Touch it. Put it in your mouth,” Alan commanded. “In fact, I want all of you to get a taste.”

“Are you sure? Kelsey drew the shortest straw and got first dibs,” Harper questioned and explained.

“She’ll be the first to lose her virginity. Kelsey will get to suck my dick first as well, followed by the order in which I’m supposed to fuck each of you. You will suck me off in rotations until I say switch,” Alan explained.

Kelsey gingerly took her first penis in her hands and shyly planted kisses around the enlarged deep-purple mushroom head. She opened her mouth and took in his throbbing hardness. The other girls watched with bated breath on their knees in front of the bed as Kelsey guided her bow-shaped lips up and down on as much of Alan’s thick cock as she allowed in her mouth. Above half of his enormous long member pulsated on the outside of her drooling lips.

“You’re doing great, Kelsey,” Alan softly moaned, running his fingers through her bun.

Kelsey lovingly sucked his cock while her hands stroked the root of his shaft. Alan wanted to bask in the feeling of her mouth but wanted to give the other girls a fair share.

“Next,” he softly spoke, sitting up on the bed as Kelsey withdrew her mouth off her first penis.

“It tastes even greater than I’ve ever imagined,” a delightful Kelsey expressed.

Charlotte was next as she got down between his legs. Her behemoth watermelon-sized jugs hung and swung loose beneath her large cotton green pajama top with Superhero characters plastered all over it. It was abundantly clear that they were the two most massive pair of tits he ever laid eyes on with no hint of a bra containing them. She examined his enormous jutting cock thoroughly with her big crystal-blue eyes. Charlotte even brought her nose close to the dipping wet fat tip of his cock and got a strong whiff of the masculine aroma that it emitted.

She slowly engulfed his manhood between her thin velvety lips. Without taking a breather, Charlotte bobbed her mouth up and down his meat, taking a little more of his hard shaft each time. She had more of his dick stuffed between her lips than Kelsey . She gagged and spat up and immediately withdrew his cock from her mouth. Charlotte decided to lick his cock all over and slid her mouth up and down the sides of his thick shaft as if she was eating corn on the cob. Her tongue was quite long and felt good on his raging boner, but Alan knew her time was up.

“Next,” Alan softly muttered as Charlotte briefly sucked and licked his engorged cockhead. She relinquished his large pillar and swapped positions with Fern.

“I’m going to show you bitches how to deep throat a fat cock,” she declared.

Clad in only a stretchy 34DDD black sports bra and hot pink yoga pants, Fern swallowed half of Alan’s hard as steel schlong and steadily crammed more and more of his fat sausage between her large full rainbow-colored lips. She moaned around his dick, sliding her pierced tongue along his tool and he shuddered from the sensation. Finally, her mouth reached the very root of his shaft which very few women Alan had been with ever achieved. Aside from Alan, the other girls were quite impressed with her deep-throat skills. His enormous cockhead invaded the back of her throat, and the girls could see Fern was struggling to contain Alan’s mammoth member as her eyes began to water profusely, causing her black mascara to trail down her face. Alan was profoundly moaning through the entire experience.

After several seconds that felt like an eternity, Fern came up for kadıköy escort bayan air with standards of saliva falling out of her mouth and off his dick. It was one of the grossest sights any of the girls had ever seen.

“Christ Fern, where did you learn how to deep throat?” Harper asked.

“I practiced on cucumbers,” she explained, as she used both hands to stroke Alan’s wet cock up and down and swirled her pierced tongue around his bloated mushroom.

“Okay. It’s my turn,” Harper spoke up realizing Alan was too enthralled to say anything.

“Hold on a minute. I didn’t even get a chance to taste these balls yet,” Fern disputed and emphasized while bouncing his giant hanging balls in her palm.

“Its Harper’s turn,” Alan moaned softly.

“Fine,” Fern pouted as she handed over Alan’s massive meat tool to Harper. She wore on a loose-fitting pure white tee-shirt with no bra underneath that was apparent by her fiercely hard piercing nipples and red cotton pajama bottoms with animal prints. She seized his dick with two hands and stroked it up and down. It was blistering red and soiled in 3 different kinds of saliva. Harper took a different approach than the other girls and started licking his fat balls.

“Hey???” Fern erupted a bit angry.

“You had your turn, now shut up and let me have mines,” Harper responded and resumed lashing at his thick scrotum with her tongue. She sucked one and then the other oversized testicle in her mouth while her hands progressively jerked his massive hard cock above her head. Alan’s only response was involuntary deep moans and groans.

“It sounds like he wants to cum,” Kelsey noted.

“Hmm hmm,” Harper moaned in agreement as she felt one of his already giant balls had swelled even larger in her mouth.

“I want some of that cum,” Fern announced as she swooped down with her face side by side Harper’s and took his other heavy testicle in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Charlotte positioned themselves on opposite sides of Alan, and their lips did dueling action on his mammoth fuck pole , running their mouths and tongue up and down the veined sides of his shaft and their lips meeting at the top of his incredibly bloated dickhead without touching each other. Harper and Fern lifted his short legs into the air while continuing to double suck his enormous scrotum. Alan fell back onto the king size bed in sheer ecstasy and constant moaning.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he cried, knowing he wasn’t going to last very much longer. “I can’t hold back… any longer…”

All four girls stopped their oral assault on his massive cock and resorted to using their hands to make him cum. Charlotte and Kelsey each had his elongated slick member wrapped around their closed fist as they stroked up and down while Fern and Harper squeezed his giant testicles. Alan’s semen erupted violently from his cock, shooting up into the air and spooking the girls as he endured one of the biggest and most orgasmic climaxes in weeks.

“Oh shit! He’s like a fucking geyser!” gasped Charlotte, as an enormous flow of milky cum oozed from his twitching dick and drenched both hers and Kelsey’s stroking hands. The spunk that exploded from his cock first landed on his stomach and chest. A few sticky droplets of jism fell in Kelsey’s hair. Harper took a standard of Alan’s man juices from Kelsey’s hair and tasted it.

“Not bad. Not as salty as I expected,” Harper examined.

Charlotte sniffed the runny cum on her hand and became engrossed by the masculine scent. She then proceeded to lick her hand and fingers clean as if she just finished a bucket of KFC chicken. Kelsey followed suit and licked her entire hand clean. Fern went directly to the source of the semen, Alan’s slightly limped monster cock and licked it clean.

“That taste so damn good,” Fern rejoiced. “Can’t believe I’ve waited this long to taste a boy’s cum.”

“We hope you’ve tired out already, Alan?” Harper questioned.

“Of course not. I’m just getting started. The night is still young, and I plan on keeping my promise,” he replied. “Now why don’t you girls get naked, lie down on the bed and let me have my turn.”

10 minutes had passed, and all of the girls were completely naked except the purple tube socks on Charlotte’s big feet and the white ankle socks on Harper’s small feet. It wasn’t their feet that revived Alan’s enormous cock back to full mast but the reveal of Charlotte’s titanic-sized 38N knockers in all their naked glory. They softly hung heavy down to her waistline due to their voluminous weight and shaped like gigantic teardrops with a cascade of blue veins towards and around the center of massive peach-colored areolas that contrast her porcelain white skin. Her pink nipples looked like tiny dots hidden in the sea of mass milky-white tit flesh.

While Alan’s giant hard cock throbbed for Charlotte’s insanely huge funbags, he licked his chops at Fern’s ski-slope shaped 34DDD breasts with dark brown puffy areolas and large thick nipples of the same color, pierced with escort maltepe metal barbells. Harper regrettably had the smallest rack, but they were a good 34C handful with wide pink areolas and cherry-shaped pink nipples.

Alan had arranged the four girls to lay across the king size bed to where their feet dangled off the edge. He got a good look at their pussies before kneeling in between Kelsey’s legs and burying his face in her hot snatch. She sprayed a right amount of a raspberry fragrance as it immediately hit his sense of smell. His fingers had already introduced themselves to her bald cunt. Now his tongue was doing a thorough deep probing.

“OH… MY… GOD!!” screamed Kelsey in immense pleasure. Never before had she felt anything like what Alan’s tongue was doing to her pussy.

He had one of her legs up on his shoulders while burying his tongue as deep as it could go inside her wet pussy, lapping at her juices along the way. He made contact with her clitoris and Kelsey immediately surrendered to the most prominent orgasm she ever had. The other girls couldn’t see what Alan was doing to her pussy, but from her loud noise making and wild shaking, they couldn’t wait their turn.

Alan moved over to Charlotte next and spread her chubby thighs. A thick blanket of black unkempt black hair that looked like a moist jungle covered her pussy. Her pussy aroma had kind of a sour smell that was stronger than Kelsey’s. He buried his face into her young virgin wet bush and caused the larger girl to trash on top of the bed and sob hysterically.

Alan looked up through her drenched bush at the mountainous spheres of flesh that jiggled gradually in Charlotte’s cradled arms as she tried to keep them from falling off to her sides. Her hard, prominent nipples look like buoys lost at sea on top of her gargantuan teen breasts. The obscene sight fueled Alan’s hunger, and thirst on her full meaty snatch and the intensity brought Charlotte to her first orgasm by a man.

“OHHHHHHHHH YES! OHHHHHHH YEEEES! I’m cumming!” Charlotte loudly cried.

Alan didn’t stop his amplified licking and lapped up all of Charlotte’s cum juices as she released her arms from underneath her monster melons and pawed at the bedding to endure her orgasmic climax. After she had settled down, Alan removed his face from her cunt and moved over to Fern.

“Hope you enjoy. Didn’t know if you like your pussy hairy and shaved, so I trimmed the hair down for a smooth patch and added a little color to it,” Fern explained as she lifted up her legs from behind her knees and exposed her virgin teen pussy with a light patch of candy-apple red hair.

“Pussy is pussy. Makes no difference to me,” Alan stated. “But I’ve never seen one with red drapes before.”

Fern chuckled as Alan plunged his face into her red velvet carpet . He licked and sucked every nook and cranny of her sweet smelling cunt before focusing on her rather large clitoris. He attacked it with eagerness, switching between sucking and nibbling on one of her most intimate and sensitive parts.

“Eat my pussy! Ohhh god! Ohhhhhhhhh god!” cried Fern as her first ever orgasm by a man was drawing near.

Since Fern held her legs up in the air, Alan’s hands found themselves groping and mauling her enormous succulent tits. While sinking his fingers into their softness, he ran his thumbs repeatedly over her primarily engorged pierced nipples. Then he used his fingers to tweak and pull her oversensitive teats.

“OH FUCK! Not my nipples! Ughhhhh fuck! Ohhhhh, fuck! I’m going to cum! Ohhhhh, fuck! I’m cumming!” Fern screeched, arching her back and thrusting her hot soggy pussy into Alan’s mouth as she surrendered her body to an ecstasy she never experienced before.

Alan kept up his intense onslaught on Fern’s cum-gushing pussy until he drank and lapped every drop of her womanly fluids. Fern started to come down from her high and Alan made his way to his final virgin pussy. The lower half of his face was soaked and glossy with three different cunt juices. He wasted no time in burying his face into Harper’s tight teen virgin pussy, cleaned shaven with a small landing strip of hair above it. Just the little bit of caressing from Alan’s tongue on the smooth outer walls of her vagina was revitalizing and send chills throughout her milky-white body.

Harper sat her legs on top of Alan’s shoulders for support. The upper half of her body shifted and shuddered on top of the bed from Alan’s skillful oral assault. He was doing tricks with his tongue like making figure eights deep in her wet cunt. To Harper’s delightful surprise, Alan pushed a finger into her pussy entrance and penetrated while he focused his lips and tongue on the small nub she called a clit. A few seconds of licking, nibbling, sucking, and biting on her clitoris send Harper over the edge wailing.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” Harper shuddered, as her petite body became wrecked with the best orgasm she has ever felt.

Alan kept his mouth glued to her teen virgin honey pot as her cum flooded his mouth with its sweet and tart essences. He made sure he thoroughly cleaned her pussy out as he felt her legs squeezed his head while her orgasmic bliss surged through her body. After a few seconds, Harper released her legs from around Alan’s head as he licked up the last of her nectar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32