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A/N: I’ve had this sitting around for ages, but never got around to polishing it and posting. It’s a little shorter than I liked, but it does contain a little bit about Bee and where she’s from.

8======D ( );( )

Morning wood was something I had gotten used to.

Most mornings, I’d wake with a stiff cock, aching between my legs.

However, the morning after I first fucked my new slave, I woke to the feeling of my hard cock encased in something soft, warm, and wet.

“Huh?” I said, still muzzy as the last dregs of sleep left my brain. The stimulation of my cockhead was sending little buzzes of pleasure through my dick, through my belly, and up my spine – a wonderful feeling early in the morning.

There was a muffled giggle from somewhere around my crotch area, which sent a thrum through my schlong and made me groan with appreciation. I felt warm pressure on the underside of my cock, and a soft hand wrapped around the base, slowly sliding up and down.

The warm-wetness left my cock with a resounding pop and a breeze of cold air blew across the bulbous tip of my dick. I shivered all over and opened my eyes to look at what woke me up in the best fashion.

Bee knelt between my legs, grinning up at me. One of her small hands was slowly, almost torturously sliding up and down my cock. While her palms weren’t exactly cold, they weren’t as nice and warm as her mouth.

Her other hand stroked my balls, cradling them, rolling them, giving them the gentlest of squeezes, just enough to get me up and going.

“Morning, Master!” Bee chirped at me.

“Morning, Beeaaaaaah!” I replied only to trail off into a groan as she bent her head to my cock again. It was early, barely 6:30 am, and I was getting a blowjob. Bee didn’t try to deepthroat me at all, just slowly worshiped whatever she could fit inside her mouth. She would pull off from time to time to lick me from base to tip, then just suckle on the tip like she was a kitten suckling from its mother’s teat.

I don’t think any hot-blooded male would be able to resist.

“I’m gonna cum!” I growled. Instead of pulling away, Bee just stared me in the eyes with my cock still inside her hot mouth, and sucked harder.

I yelped at the sudden pressure. Her tiny slender hands started to move up and down my monster rod, creating delicious friction along the entire length, all the while her mouth never stopped sucking.

There was no helping it. I slapped a hand over my mouth to muffle my yell as I jizzed in Bee’s eager and waiting mouth. Her hands stripped my cock faster, heightening my pleasure as it continued to pump load after load out.

Bee waited until I had finished cumming, then pulled away. She opened her mouth to show me how it was full of my white, creamy cock juice. Bubbles formed as she gargled my cum. She must have been trained to do this, because not a single drop escaped. I was transfixed. I had seen such things in porn, but never in real life. My dick twitched again, trying to stay hard so I could fuck her again.

Bee closed her mouth, her eyes still staring straight at me, then swallowed. I watched her throat work once, twice, and then three times before she opened her mouth again.

It was empty.

She had swallowed everything.

“Master cum delicious,” she said, a small shy smile creeping over her beautiful face.

Screw it, my dick decided, trying to get right back up because that was incredibly erotic. I clapped my hand over it to make it go down because I had to go to work and boners weren’t conducive to driving or analysing data in the office!

“Slave made breakfast,” Bee said, sliding herself off the bed, completely naked. She walked out of the bedroom hips swaying all the while.

I scrambled to follow.

While I was asleep, Bee had taken the opportunity to raid my cupboards and prepare me a meal of bacon and eggs.

“Master why you no take care yourself? Nothing to cook! Master need to eat better,” Bee scolded me as she made me sit down at the table. She went to kneel beside my chair but I wasn’t about that kind of slavery, so I gestured to the seat beside mine. Bee looked at it for a moment, then went to the drawer where the toys were kept. She returned shortly with the dildo, already slicked up with lube.

She planted it firmly on the chair and pressed the head of that silicone slab against her anus.

With a soft moan and ‘Oh Master’, she slid down onto it.

My bacon fell off my fork onto the table.

Bee fucked herself down onto the dildo until it was completely buried in her ass, then wiggled her bare butt against the wooden surface of the chair’s seat. She smiled at me.

“Master eat then fuck,” she said happily.

I had to wonder in that moment, if she was calling the shots, or if I was supposed to call the shots.

It was very hard to eat when there was a petite brunette fucking her ass onto a large dildo right beside me, but I was proud to say I managed by extreme force of will and because my cock really needed illegal bahis a rest before its encore.

Bee didn’t seem to have any trouble at all, bouncing her ass onto the fleshy silicone as she took tiny dainty bites of her own breakfast. She was completely unbothered by the way the cool air had turned her nipples into hard pebbles, and unconcerned by the way I was openly staring at her bouncing tits. In fact, she appeared to enjoy it, giving me a sultry look when I tried to tear my gaze away.

I managed to turn my attention back to my food. Eat first, fuck later, eat first fuck later, I repeated to myself, scarfing down everything as fast as I could.

By the time I had finished off my glass of orange juice, my cock was hard and ready to go again.

I stood up from the table, pushing my plate away, and my chair backwards.

Bee’s eyes practically lit up when she saw that my dick was giving her an enthusiastic salute.

She stood up as well, the dildo leaving her ass with a slurping sound, eyes giving me a big, hopeful look.

“Get over here and bend over the table,” I said, hoarse with naked desire.

Bee wasted no time in doing as I said, pulling her ass cheeks apart again to offer up her asshole.

“Master, slave hole need cock, please Master please fuck slave asshole!” she pleaded.

I wasn’t as cruel as to deny her when she had asked so nicely, right?

I grabbed her hips and slammed mine forwards, getting a good half of my dick inside her in one thrust. Bee squealed as I began fuck her ass in earnest, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her eager asshole until I was slamming all 12 inches of me in and out of her well-used shitter in slick, smooth strokes.

Last night had seemed like a fevered dream. It was utterly insane to think that clicking an ad would lead me to pounding the butt of a lovely, petite beauty who desired nothing more than to empty my balls of my sperm and keep it inside her. But there I was, sliding my meat pole into the tight anus of this tiny asian girl who was gasping and moaning and begging for me to fuck her asshole harder and cum inside, all before 7 am.

“Oh Master so big, Master feel so good inside!” Bee moaned, wiggling her hips from side to side.

I could feel her ass muscles on my cock, massaging every single inch of it. Her asshole, slick with lube, was sucking my cock inwards. But I wasn’t satisfied yet.

“Go get the vibrator,” I said, sliding my dick out of her hole. Bee pouted at the emptiness of her ass, but then went to retrieve the toy. My cock, shiny with lube and her juices, stood bobbing in the cold air.

Bee returned shortly and handed me the vibrator, her eyes fixed on my dick instead of my face.

“Over the couch,” I instructed. Bee bent over the back of the couch. I wasted no time in slamming my cock all the way home again.

To think, all of me, balls deep in her hot and horny hole.

“Nnngh, nnngh, nngh!” Bee moaned as I pummeled her backdoor. How could someone so tiny fit all of this monster? It was a mystery, a beautiful mystery indeed. I reached around her and pushed the vibrator into her pussy, dialing it up to the highest setting.

Being encased in the soft velvety walls of Bee’s asshole was glorious enough. Having a vibrator pulsing, moving against my cock through her inner walls while I fucked her was on another level completely.

Bee grabbed a cushion and wailed into it as I roughly diddled her twat with the vibrator! Her cunt was already wet with her juices, aroused at being ass-fucked by my monster dick. It slurped and slorped as I thrust the vibrator in and out of her pussy, pulling it out at times to press it against her clit.

“Master, slave going to cum!” Bee panted out.

“Cum! Cum on my cock and the toy!” I growled “Cum like the slave you are, Bee!”

Bee did exactly that.

I felt her entire body go taut, then spasm. She was a quiet cummer. Her expressive brown eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth, as every muscle in her body clenched over and over again.

The fiery hot passage of Bee’s rectum milked my cock, her rectal muscles pressing, massaging my length as she tipped over her peak of pleasure. Her pussy juices gushed over the hand I was using to hold the vibrator in her.

Bee twitched, jerked against me for what felt like an eternity, little moans and gasps coming from her pretty pink mouth.

Then at last, she began to slump in my hold.

Which was when I started to fuck her asshole again.

How small is Bee? Short enough that I have to bend my knees so that her asshole is at cock height to fuck her over the couch. I got tired of maintaining that semi-squat position so I straightened my legs.

Bee, impaled on my cock, couldn’t get away. She yelped as her feet left the ground.

“Take my cock, slave, take it!” I growled, slamming my dick into her hungry little shitter.

Bee, all cummed out, braced herself weakly against the back of the couch, legs dangling illegal bahis siteleri in the air as I plowed her asshole roughly. The vibrator I stuck in her pussy slipped free and fell to the ground, forgotten in the moment.

“Take my cum!” I shouted and shoved my cock balls deep in her ass!

My balls drew up, my body tensed and then began to shoot all of my white, creamy cock juice deep into Bee’s wonderful asshole.

I held her hips flush against mine, loving the way I could manhandle her. I kept her there, feet off the ground, until I was sure that all of my cum had been pumped deep into her bowels. Probably next to last night’s load. She would be shitting cum for ages at this rate. I imagined her doing work around the house, my cum slowly oozing from her loose shitter, sliding down the inside of her legs. I could forbid her from cleaning up, force her to wear the evidence of my virility, my dominance over her. The thought was very attractive indeed.

Slowly, I let my cock slide out of her hole. Her asshole and pussy were glistening from the combination of lube and pussy juice. Her shitter gaped open, asslips raw and puffy from the rough fucking I had doled out, but Bee’s expression was one of utter contentment.

“You liked that?” I asked, putting her feet back down on the ground and helping her to stand up. Bee wobbled on her two feet for a moment then gave me a dazed smile.

“Slave like when Master fuck asshole,” she assured me.

She tottered over to my bedroom, weak-kneed from the anal attack, and then brought out my shirt and pants, neatly ironed.

Bee handed them both to me with one of the sweetest smiles I’d ever seen.

“Here, Slave prepare everything for master. Have good day at work!” she breathed out.

Libido satisfied, heart full of affection, I pulled her into a deep kiss. Bee startled, then melted against me, seemingly enjoying my tongue in her mouth.

I broke away from her when my alarm went off. It was 7:30. Time to put on my clothes and go to work.

8======D ( );( )

It was very difficult to get into the working mindset when I knew there was a slave waiting for me at home.

I was worried.

Bee was right. I lived a life of a confirmed bachelor, usually eating where it was convenient, not always for nutrition. I didn’t have much food in my apartment. I didn’t know if Bee had enough food to eat. While I didn’t mind going hungry from time to time, or living off ramen for a few days, the thought of my beautiful slave being forced into that kind of lifestyle didn’t sit right with me.

I ordered groceries online. Bee deserved better than that. I wouldn’t be able to lavish her with gold accessories or Wagyu dinners every single day, but at the very least, I could ensure a comfortable life for her.

Fortunately, my colleagues and my boss didn’t notice how distracted I was. Or if they did, they made no mention of it to me.

I hurried home as soon as I could, eager to talk to Bee again.

I fumbled the keys twice when I was trying to get the door open. Finally, I managed to get the little piece of metal into the hole, and then turn it. I hit the doorcode, and pulled the latch. The door swung open.

My jaw fell open as well.

Many men have dreamed of having a beautiful girl on their knees, waiting for cock when they get home.

I was one of the lucky few for whom it was a reality.

There, in the hallway, was Bee, completely naked, a huge smile on her face, hands behind her back, waiting for me.

“Welcome home, Master. Slave suck cock?” She asked.

I sputtered, then looked left and right. One of my neighbours caught my eye and waved, but she was far away enough that she didn’t see Bee kneeling in the hall.

I made a shooing motion at Bee and then quickly entered, closing the door behind me.

Bee scooted back a little and waited, gazing up at me with an eager smile.

“After work, good to relax, slave help Master relax,” she insisted.

“L… later,” I stuttered, walking past her to put my work bag at the desk. Before I could continue that thought, I was distracted by a delicious aroma from the kitchen.

“Slave make steam chicken soup,” Bee chirped “Good for stamina, very nutritious.”

I followed my nose to the kitchen and inhaled the smell. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was on the way home, but I was now acutely aware of it.

Bee got up from her kneeling position and started bustling around the kitchen. She had managed to find the flour and butter, and had made some kind of unleavened bread, which sat by the pot of soup.

She deftly ladled out a portion into a big bowl, then brought both soup and bread to the table.

I plonked myself into the seat and grabbed the bread, sticking it directly into the soup and then taking a bite out of it. The bread was plain, but it soaked up all the chickeny goodness of the soup. It was great.

“You’re a great cook,” I told Bee. She blushed.

“Slave had big family,” she explained, coming canlı bahis siteleri to kneel at my feet. I stopped her again, and gestured to the chair.

“What happened to your family? How did you end up a slave?” I asked her as I devoured my dinner. There were strips of chicken in the soup, boiled till it was falling apart, soft and tender, melting in my mouth.

Bee hummed softly.

“Small village, big family. Me oldest, four brother, three sister.”

I goggled at the numbers. I couldn’t imagine having two siblings, let alone seven.

“Everyone work, but not enough, so Bee study. Bee learn many language. Many dialect. Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Mingnan, Canto, Indonesian, Malaysian, Tagalog, Tamil, Foochow, Chongqing, Shanghai, Vietnamese. Many-many Asian language I know. I go to big company, I say, I know many Asia language, I do tour guide ten years. You give family money. Company said ok.”

Bee shrugged.

“But when Bee go with company, they say let this man fuck, he like virgin, you virgin, we give you eight times money. A lot of money. So Bee said yes. Now family all have food to eat, brother sister all go to good school.”

“Was it worth it?” I asked.

Bee nodded emphatically.

“Bee oldest, is responsibility!” She said with pride “Littlest brother, he become champion for chess, I saw on TV news.” she looked very happy.

“Are you still in contact with them?” I asked.

Bee shook her head with a sigh.

“Previous masters no let contact,” her expressive eyes were downcast, her brow furrowed.

“What were your previous masters like?” I asked, still working my way through the bread and the soup.

Bee perked up immediately.

“First master very rich. First master many slave, some boys, some girls, he fuck slaves, slave fuck slave, everyday fuck. Bee have girl slave partner, fuck for show everyday. Master love it! But he very young, his father very angry. He make master sell half the slaves. Bee with first master, one year. I learn some English with first master, but usually speak Thai and Canto.”

“Second master also very rich. Second master ask me teach language to children. Daytime teach, night fuck. Fuck every night. Good dick, very good, Bee cum lots, Bee enjoy. But second master wife jealous, she hate Bee. She make Master sell Bee.”

“Third Master big cock. Third master like fuck pussy, want small girl take huge cock. Try to train Bee pussy to take big cock with toys, but toys no fit, his cock no fit. Master give up. Bee offer ass, Master no like ass, Master sell Bee.”

“Master four, five, six also have big cock, also no like fuck ass. Return Bee. Company no happy, put Bee on discount, and now Bee is buy by you, Master!”

I slurped the last of the soup and burped.

If Bee wasn’t sitting in front of me right then and there, and I hadn’t been balls deep in her ass that very morning, I wouldn’t have believed her.

How insane is that? Offering yourself up as a tour guide only to be sold as a sex-slave?

“Did you… were you okay with being a sex slave?” I asked hesitantly. She had seemed enthusiastic enough last night, and this morning, but part of me wondered if she actually wanted it. Tour-guide and slave were two very very different career choices!

Bee hummed again.

“Beginning, very strange, very weird, naked always, very cold. Last time when Bee sad, think of family eating good food, then Bee happy,” then she grinned at me “But now Bee like cock, like make Master happy, like take care of Master.”

She reached over the table and wiped the corner of my mouth with her thumb.

“Bee like cum, taste good, good for skin too, see?” she gestured to her own face with a proud smile.

I couldn’t help but smile as well. I hadn’t wanted to admit it, but I was lonely. And now there was a bubbly girl who was eager for my cock.

Bee held my gaze as she sank to her knees. I watched her crawl under the table and pop up between my knees.

“Bee suck Master cock?” she asked, brows coming together in a hopeful look.

I wordlessly unzipped my pants and shoved them down my thighs, freeing my massive anaconda.

Bee wrapped her delicate fingers around my girth and began to move her hand up and down. I could feel the callouses on her palm, rubbing almost painfully on the sensitive skin of my rapidly hardening cock.

“Lube, please, Bee,” I gasped out.

Bee responded by swallowing me down a good 8 inches and bobbing her head there forcefully. I could feel the head of my cock pushing past the spongy flesh of her throat, being massaged by her throat muscles.

Her drool was running down my cock and easing the slide of her hand up and down my cock.

“Nnnngh!” I moaned. I wanted to just throw my head back and enjoy the sensation of my cock engulfed in a warm, wet hole. But at the same time, I was transfixed by the sight of such a beautiful young girl sucking me off enthusiastically without complaint.

“Master want fuck hole?” Bee pulled off long enough to ask.

“Bedroom,” I managed to get out. I stood, bow-legged and led my young slave to my bed.

I picked her up and put her on the bed, and then climbed over her.

She lifted her legs and spread them wide, displaying her fuckholes for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32