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Author’s note: This is about a fetish and of limited interest. This story contains a cis-hetero couple engaging in menstrual/period sex. It is told from the male’s perspective who has a period fetish. Some readers may not want to continue.


A particularly erotic memory from the days when my wife and I were dating occurred during a trip to see one of her good friends. Sam and Danielle had been quite close when they worked for the same bank. Job changes and moves had put them in a few hours apart in separate states. Neither being good at long distance friendships they hadn’t talked a lot in the 6 months since Sam and I started dating but picked right back where they left off when Sam and I drove down to Danielle’s new house to spend the weekend Danielle.

It was a typical low key visit. Having drove down after we each worked a half day we got there for dinner on Friday. Danielle isn’t big on cooking so we went out to a local place and came back to drink and chill on her back porch. Obviously, the topic of how Sam and I met came up and Danielle, unsurprisingly, wanted all the details.

Steph recounted to Danielle how when she first heard my voice on the phone, we met on a dating website, she thought I had a really deep voice. I remarked that I thought at the time she did too. Sam was a smoker, maybe she had a bit of a cold at the time, maybe it was a poor cell connection too. It doesn’t really matter why I thought it, but I shouldn’t have said it. Doubly so since Sam was on this trip with Aunt Flo and that makes her more sensitive.

Sam looked at me with a little shock, but Danielle gave it a laugh and we went on shooting the breeze. It wasn’t particularly late when we called it a night, but none of us are night owls. After long day, a few drinks and pleasant company had relaxed us all. Or so I thought.

After Sam and I went to the guest room to get ready for bed I discover not everyone is relaxed.

“I can’t believe you think I have a deep voice.” she says calmly with undertones of hurt.

“At that instant I did. But I like your voice. I don’t see why that is a bad thing, or what the problem is.”

“Women aren’t supposed to have deep voices. It’s not a good thing.” With definite hurt in her voice now.

“Babe, I really don’t care what other people think. I love hearing your voice. Besides it was probably a bad cell connection that day because I don’t think your voice sounds as deep as it did that day.”

“Nice trying to backpedal. Let’s just go to sleep.” And she closes the door as she goes to the sink in the attached bathroom to do her nightly routine.

I pendik escort sighed. Wanting to give her some space I skip brushing my teeth, get undressed, and climb into bed naked like I always do. I’m very smart about the opposite sex, but I recognize that this is an unwinnable situation that I will likely make worse if I continue. Being at Sam’s best friend Danielle’s house in Michigan when my apartment is back in Ohio, when Sam had drove, had me keenly aware of my very limited options should this go completely sideways. The bed is very soft. Not like the hotel mattresses I am used to sleeping on traveling for work. Although, like most beds, the pillow is too soft for me. However, the sheets are wonderful and I find a comfortable spot on my back under the covers right away.

Sam turns out the lamp on the night stand as she slides under the covers in her underwear. Inside them is an Always Ultrathin Overnight; not that you would notice unless you felt her up. I stir a bit at the thought. I’ve had a period fetish since puberty at least. Like many people with fetishes I have no idea why it excites me so much. However, I know I need to calm down, because I am certain nothing is going to happen.

Sam is over-reacting to the deep voice comment with her hormones on overdrive. In a couple days she’ll be first to admit it was the hormones, but right now is not the time to mention that. It is the time to ride it out. Second, her best friend’s guest bed with light colored sheets would be a terrible place for red sex even though Sam isn’t flowing too heavily.

Sam rolls on to her side and faces away from me. I reach out with my hand and wiggle closer to her so that I can comfortably run my fingers through her little longer than shoulder length brown hair. She loves when I runs my fingers through her hair. It helps her relax, and it is quickly becoming part of our nightly ritual. I thought it might help her calm down and get a good night sleep.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to do that.” She says. I hear in her voice she is still upset.

“I like to do it. It’ll help you sleep. I love you.”

I run my hand once more through her hair before she says ‘thanks’ – my queue to stop. However, unlike usual she doesn’t roll over and make me the little spoon. We haven’t been dating too long, and I assume that she is still upset with me about the deep voice comment. What I fail to realize is that she is far more upset with herself for having a deep voice, and not understanding how and why I could love a woman who I thought had a deep voice.

I dozed off in a few minutes. My soporific state heavily influenced maltepe escort by the number of adult beverages I’d consumed. I am not yet fully asleep when Steph gets out of bed.

“Huh? What’s up?” I say as I sit up a bit in bed

“I can’t sleep. I’m going to take a bath.” and walks to the bathroom.

What she said is still computing as she closes the door to the attached bathroom. I see the light come on through the crack at the bottom of the door and hear the water start. I lay back down and being half out of it already drift off again with only half thoughts about how upset or mad she is. I have no idea how much time passes, but I feel like I have been sleeping soundly when I feel her snuggle up on her side next to me.

“Hrm. Oh. Hey.” my eyes still mostly closed.

“Hey. I’m sorry about earlier. Hormones. I don’t know why you put up with me. My deep voice. And being a hormonal mess and smoking when you don’t and…” she continues listing her faults as she sees them until I cut her off.

“I love you just the way you are babe.” And I kissed her forehead the smell of her lotion, a light lavender smell, is enticing.

“I know you do.” She sniffs slightly and in the dark I can’t tell if her eyes are wet or not. “I was wondering if you were up for letting me show you how much I love you too.” As she began to run her hand from my cheek, to my chest, and continuing down.

I shudder at her caress and say “Always.” I was mostly hard by the time her hand touched me there. Sam. On her period. In her padded panties. Overkill to get me excited. Having her not be mad at me and wanting to fool around is off the charts. I am ready in record time. Her being so turned on fueled the fire. A hand job or some mutual masturbation is going to be a great ending to what I had thought was a bad night.

I rolled into her. We kissed each other deeply. Her hand moving up and down my straining length. My hand held her face in the embrace but quickly moved on. IT ran down her chest and lingered at her breast elicting a moan. Further down I grabbed her butt in the snug spandex of her period panties pulling her close. I let go and moved my hand around to the front. As she stroked me I rubbed her padded pussy. It is just an ultrathin pad but the feel of it through her panties is intoxicating. We both moan in expectant ecstasy as we kiss and caress each other. Her panties are snug to keep her pad in place, but they are keeping me from using my fingers her swollen clit where she is most sensitive. I make do with rubbing her through her padded panties.

I almost can’t take any more when she rolls kartal escort away from me. I am briefly perplexed at the sudden stop. I almost say something about her leaving me in such a state when I see her raise her butt in the air. She is taking off her panties! I almost come.

She deftly cast the padded panties to the floor. She climbs on top of me saying “I need you inside me.”

I am throbbing in her hand as she begins guiding me into her red canal “Babe, I’m not going to last long.”

She moans as I filled her. I feel myself building rapidly as we thrust against each other. I glide in and out of her on the bloody lubrication. I feel her wetness. Her heat. I’m just want it to last. Lost in the pleasure of my own building orgasm I don’t realize she is nearly there too.

“Oh God!” I cry as I sit up and hold on to her. My orgasm explodes from me. Shaking with involuntary muscle spasms I’m certain it is the closest to multiple orgasms any man with ever come.

She moans and trembles as she climaxes on my still spasming body. Our bodies still thrusting against each other as if stuck in a boot loop. Our minds have stopped. I fall back on the pillow taking her with me. We lay there in a pile enjoying a moment of total contentment.

Sam snaps back to reality. In a feat rivaled by the best gymnasts rolls off me and the bed, and grabs some tissues from the night stand in a single fluid motion. I have barely realized in my stupor that she has got up before she flicks the light on.

“Watch the bed.” She says as she walks awkwardly to the bath. One hand between her legs holding a wad of tissue to her pleasure spot, and the other carrying her previously discarded underwear.

I keep my legs together and maneuverer to the edge of the bed on my back. I swing my legs over the edge. Looking back I see, by miracle or karma, we didn’t get anything on the bed. Eternally thankful, I make my way to the sink in the bathroom. My hand holding my shrinking, but still shockingly sensitive, manhood.

Sam finishes peeing and wiping much of love’s juices away on the toilet, and she meets me at the sink. On the counter her waiting underwear winks at me with a knowing smile as she cleans up first; a small circular stain on her otherwise clean pad and a curve of elastic band. She hands me the wash cloth. I wash up as she put on her panties and walks back to bed.

I am extra thorough cleaning up, not wanting to accidentally stain the sheets or the wash cloth, so she is nearly asleep when I slide into bed laying on my back. She is facing away from me on her favorite side to sleep so I ran my fingers through her hair for a minute or two. With an unintelligible mumble she flips toward me and a give me a half-hearted push with her hand. My cue to roll over. I take my preferred position as the little spoon and we drift off contented. And closer than before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32