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Marie was back on her bed. She couldn’t think of exactly how or when she’d gotten there, but it didn’t really matter. A sudden shock of pleasure radiated from her pussy and she gasped. She reached between her legs to bury her fingers in Eva’s thick black hair. Eva pressed her tongue against Marie’s clit again and smiled when she let out another gasp. Marie couldn’t remember feeling so good before. It wasn’t just Eva’s tongue, or the two fingers she had buried inside her. It was also her long hair spread across Marie’s thighs, so dark and soft. It was the fact that she still smelled so sweet. Marie closed her eyes as Eva stopped caressing and lapped the juices dribbling from her snatch.

Eva locked her blue eyes on Marie’s darling, doll-like face and pulled back the hood that barely covered her swollen clit. She wanted full access to the core of Marie’s pleasure. Donovan grunted from the dining room chair. He’d dragged it into the bedroom so he could watch the girls play for a bit. Eva glanced at him and noticed he was unzipping his black jeans. His coat had been dropped somewhere in the living room and he’d taken off his shirt not long after. She was amused at the shocked look on Marie’s face when Donovan had taken off the white t-shirt. He was incredible. His body seemed carved from stone. His chest, stomach, and back curved and rippled evenly showing off every muscle. Donovan liked to watch, at first, but Eva knew he’d be anxious to have Marie all to himself soon. In fact, he may never let her play with his new doll again after that night. That’s why Eva wanted to enjoy every bit of Marie while she could. Donovan met her gaze and shook his head. He knew she was teasing him.

“Oh,” Marie sighed. Eva had removed her fingers and sealed her mouth against Marie’s pussy. She lifted her hips to allow Eva’s tongue full access to her hot box. Eva tongue fucked her roughly, moaning whenever her mouth completely covered her cunt. The vibrations made Marie’s head swim. Marie had never been so turned on. She put her left hand on her breast and tugged at the stiff, dark nipple and moved her right hand down to play with her swollen clit. “I’m cumming,” she cried after a few minutes of rubbing herself with Eva’s tongue inside her.

Eva replaced her tongue with her fingers just as Marie’s pussy began to spasm. She quickly pulled them out to lap up the juices that dribbled out. Marie moaned long and loud when her orgasm finished. That was the first time she’d ever cum without a dick inside her.

Eva sat back on her haunches and slowly licked Maries cum off her fingers. Donovan stood quickly and pulled down his jeans and boxers in one swift motion. He toed off his boots and stepped out of the pants quickly. Marie was slow to notice him, she was still in an orgasmic haze, but when she saw his naked form, her pussy involuntarily jumped. He stood beside her bed; his pale body was lean and incredibly muscular. He had a broad chest. She could count his six-pack and turns out, it was more of an eight-pack. His legs were long, but muscular, and covered with a down of jet black hair.

The antalya escort best feature was his dick. He had a hand wrapped around his erection and she could see that he was huge. The head of his dick was the only part of him that wasn’t pale. It was an angry red and pointed straight at her. His cock was thick and long, she’d never seen one so big. Her pussy begged for it by getting even wetter than Eva had already made her.

Eva crawled around to lay beside Marie and Donovan took her place between Marie’s legs. Marie let out a slow moan when he rested his dick on her pussy lips. He didn’t push inside yet; he seemed to be waiting for something. Suddenly, he set his black eyes on her and opened his mouth slightly. Marie saw what he’d been waiting for. Pearly white fangs had grown from his incisors and he ran his tongue over the two inch long daggers, first up one, then across his top teeth, then down the other. Marie’s heart began to race in fear. Was he going to kill her with those things?

Before she could scream or even say anything, Donovan parted her pussy lips and pushed into her. Her body immediately relaxed and she urged him on by lifting her hips. Donovan smiled that half smile and pushed further. Marie felt him opening her wide as his member slowly moved further into her. She thought for a moment he was too big for her, but he wasn’t. He managed to bury all nine inches into her cunt and he growled deep in his throat. The noise was animalistic, scary and sexy at the same time.

When he didn’t move, Marie frowned. His dick had spread her apart, but she wanted to feel it running through her again and again. “Fuck me,” she said so quietly, she almost couldn’t hear herself.

Donovan lifted an eyebrow in amusement. “What was that?”

“Fuck me,” Marie said louder, this time.

Donovan nodded. “Let me taste you and I will do just that,” he said slowly.

Marie nodded and yelped when, in a flash, he had leaned into her neck and punctured the skin of her delicate throat with those massive canine teeth. She didn’t feel the blood come out of the wound because he kept his mouth locked to her flesh to catch the flow with his tongue. He swallowed quickly for a few minutes, like he was drinking water after running miles and miles. “Aah,” Marie moaned closing her eyes when he began moving his hips as he drank. It was slow at first, but his fucking sped up as his sucking slowed down.

Marie was lost in the feeling of his cock moving in and out of her, driving her closer to orgasm with each thrust. She’d forgotten Eva was there until she felt Donovan pull away from her neck and a smaller mouth latch on. Eva swirled her tongue against Marie’s tender flesh as she drank, much the same way she had moved it on her pussy moments earlier. Donovan growled again and Marie opened her eyes.

He was staring at her, his black eyes hooded with desire. He was an Adonis; his face was delicate, but still manly. His cheeks were pink with color now, his black hair hung in his face as he leaned over her, supporting himself with one arm. His narrow nostrils flared alanya escort every time he bottomed out in Marie’s tight pussy. His square jaw was set and his thin, red lips were drawn together in a straight line. A bit of her blood had escaped a corner and snaked down from his mouth to his chin and finally falling onto Marie’s right breast. His eyes finally left her face when he saw the crimson droplet on her flesh. He leaned down and licked it off. The move was so slow and tantalizing; his tongue flat against her dewy skin, grazing her stiff nipple as he slowly collected his prize, that she came immediately. Her body shuddered and her pussy clenched his huge dick even tighter. Donovan growled again and watched her brown eyes close.

He loved the way humans felt, so warm and tender. He had wanted Marie from the moment he’d seen her walking to the bar that night. He watched the way her hips swayed and knew he had to have her. She was soft and beautiful, like a Botticelli model. He’d actually slept with a few of those women and his comparison was right on point. Marie had the same lush beauty and softness they’d had.

He was so sick of fucking the stick figures that paraded around these days. Sure, they were beautiful, he wouldn’t fuck them if they weren’t, but there had been something missing. Their embrace was too cold, almost as cold as his own. He wanted, nay, needed to be with someone that could set him on fire again…someone who wouldn’t pass out after only five minutes of blood letting.

That was why he’d sent Eva after Marie. She was exactly what he’d had in mind. Her face was round, with large dark eyes, a straight nose, and juicy lips. She had a beautiful body that had called to him, even as he saw her from across the street. Marie was perfect.

“Augh!” Marie cried beneath him as Eva pulled away from her throat. The two holes Donovan had made immediately began to heal. Eva smiled at Donovan before leaning over to whisper in Marie’s ear.

“It’s my turn now, my sweet,” Eva cooed. “You lick me just as I licked you, okay?”

Marie nodded as well as she could in her position and watched as Eva took off her green halter top, exposing pale, cantaloupe-sized breasts with stiff pink nipples. Then she removed her black leather mini skirt. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear so her pussy was revealed immediately, she was completely shaved and her swollen pussy lips were shiny and wet. Eva stood over her and squatted to place her cunt right over Marie’s face. Marie stared at the first pussy she’d ever seen up close and blew on it, letting the air come out slowly.

“Oooh,” Eva moaned from above. “Lick it, my sweet, make me cum all over your pretty face!”

Donovan moaned and began fucking Marie even harder. He and Eva were face to face. Marie couldn’t see the jealous glare he was giving Eva. Eva only smiled at him and lowered herself to Marie’s mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked Eva’s clit. She received an appreciative hiss and delved further into the folds of Eva’s cunt. It was wet, and tasted sweet. She alanya rus escort slammed her tongue into Eva’s pussy for an even better taste.

“Oh,” Eva cried out in pleasure. She quickly placed her fingers on her clit to rub herself. “That’s it, love. Go deep.”

Marie obeyed, lifting her head off the bed to plunge her nimble tongue deeper into Eva’s wetness. Eva wiggled on her face, but Marie didn’t stay in that position long. Donovan began fucking her even faster and she could feel her own orgasm coming. Marie dropped her head back onto the bed and moaned, momentarily lost in her own pleasure. Donovan smiled coyly at Eva and began rubbing Marie’s clit with his rather large thumb. Marie wiggled beneath him mewling loudly.

It was Eva’s turn to glare at Donovan. She knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted Marie’s attention, but that wasn’t fair. She’d done all this work to get Marie for him; she deserved to get off too.

“Front to back,” Eva whispered sweetly. “Do it.”

Marie’s pussy was almost ready to erupt, but she managed to focus on Eva’s dripping wet pussy again. She placed her tongue on Eva’s exposed clit and slowly pulled it back, stopping at the opening to collect her tasty prize. She did it again and again while moaning at the assault on her own snatch. Donovan’s dick was pummeling her pussy and seemed to be growing bigger. He stopped a moment to angle her hips up and began fucking her again. This time, he hit her g-spot with every stroke.

Marie screamed at the wonderful sensation, but it was muffled by Eva’s cunt in her mouth. Marie noticed that Eva was stiffly fingering her clit and decided to use her own fingers to help out. She continued licking from clit to cunt as she shoved two fingers deep inside Eva. With one last moan, Eva came. Marie felt the soft pussy walls contract on her fingers and saw Eva’s juices come down, over her fingers and down her hand where she licked it off. The same way Eva had lapped up her juices earlier.

When her orgasm had finished, Eva got off the bed, leaving Marie to lick her nectar from her fingers. She sat in the chair that Donovan had vacated and watched his dick move in and out of Marie. She languidly rubbed her clit and each nipple in turn.

Marie still had her cum soaked fingers in her mouth when Donovan brought her to another orgasm. She closed her eyes as she came on his fat dick. He pumped even harder before letting out a primal scream and emptying his balls into her tender cunt. He shot three loads deep inside her and rested his head on her breasts. He stayed there until his soft dick fell out of her wetness. Then, he stood and began dressing.

Eva hopped off the chair and joined Marie on the bed again. She buried her head between her thick thighs and began licking and sucking Donovan’s cum as it leaked out of Marie’s pussy. Marie wiggled and sighed happily as her pussy received careful attention.

“Eva,” Donovan said as he zipped his jeans. It sounded like a warning. She ignored him, burying her tongue deep into Marie’s cunt. “Eva!” Both women jumped at the boom in his voice and Eva scurried off the bed. She began pulling on her leather skirt and Marie tried to sit up but Donovan said, “Sleep!”

Marie fell onto her bed, sound asleep. She didn’t see them finish dressing or hear them leave. She just slept peacefully a slight smile playing on her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32