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This experience of mine may be bit long, but do read completely. I thank for your time my dear readers.


I recently got a mail from Arpita from Pune. She had read one of my experiences and wrote a mail to me appreciating my techniques and few other things. Like usual, I had a doubt, if this person is genuine or not, but still kept chatting with her, once we added eachother on yahoo. On day 1, we spoke casually about each other’s lives. She is a widow and a native of Pune. I shared my other experiences too with her. Nothing much happened on day 1.

On day 2, we spoke on yahoo again. She took the initiative and asked if we could do a cam2cam chat. I had told her about my doubts regarding the genunity of a person. We had a decent cam2cam chat, made each other feel more comfortable and got the respect we both were looking from each other. Later on we spoke over phone too.

She asked my about the different types of massage I offer. I explained to her about everything. She said, her massage experience in Pune was a hopeless. The masseur just rubbed her body. I understood her situation and assured her about things.

She got interested and was really waiting for a relaxing massage. But the problem was she cannot come to Bangalore. Since she stays alone, I suggested her, I can travel to Pune on certain terms and conditions and massage can be done at her home, for which she took couple of days’ time to know me much better. I was absolutely ok with it and had no hurry.

After couple of days, she said, she is ok me visiting her in Pune and did the needful things as we had discussed about the terms and conditions. I reached Pune as per the itinerary and she guided me to reach her house. She greeted me with a warm hug and a lovely smile. Arpita really looked nice.

She prepared green tea for us. I thanked her for the kind of hospitality which I was receiving from her.

Arpita : You don’t have to be so formal Nishant. Be free and treat this as your house.

Nish : Sure.

We sipped tea and she enquired about the comfortness during the journey and spoke casually for some time. I got myself refreshed, had a long bath, after a long journey. We had our breakfast and we went out to get few essential things for the massage.

(I know few guys must be getting really bored and wondering who the hell wants to read all these things. But my dear ones, it’s always good to know how things start rather than knowing all the things which happens later. Sorry but do continue to read. Hopefully you may enjoy reading completely.)

She drove the car to one of the mall, where we got some aromatic candles, massage mattress and few other things I chose the best oil needed for the massage. On the way ataşehir escort bayan back, we went for a movie, had our lunch, got some drinks and reached home by 7.

Arpita : Nish, what would you like to have for dinner?

Nish : Anything in veg or egg would do fine.

I helped her to prepare Egg Biryani. We sipped couple of beers; spoke about different things and had our dinner. It was almost 9pm. I suggested her we can start with the massage now. She was ok with it as well.

We both changed into comfortable dresses, moved to the bathroom to clean our bodies. The bathroom had a bath tub, I had made it ready with the right amount of water, bath oil and some rose petals. I even lit some candles in the bathroom as well as in the massage room, and asked Arpita to get into the tub; I would join her once I arrange the mattress and the other things needed for massage. I made sure, there was also soft music played in the background.

I went inside the bathroom. I was invited inside the bathroom with a cute smile from Arpita. She was in her bra and panty and I was in my shorts. I didn’t step into the bathtub right away. I took some oil, asked her to turn around so that I can apply the oil on her back. I could see, she had closed her eyes and was feeling much relaxed. (It is very important that a person is feeling relaxed during a massage, if the person is afraid, then there is no use of a massage).

I cleaned her back for 5mins, and then worked on her hands, shoulders and armpits. Her looks told me that, she is feeling comfortable; no sense of hesitation was seen on her face. I then moved on to her legs, worked on them for few minutes cleaned every bit of her body after that. In between, we did keep our conversation going, to make sure that, the comfort level is maintained. After cleaning her entire back region, I asked her to turn around so that I could clean her entire body. She did as I told and I cleaned her entire body making her get ready for the next step – a massage.

Arpita : Nish, you are really making me feel very special. It’s good I read one of your experience and contacted you.

Nish : My pleasure mam.

Arpita : Call me Arpita please.

I dried her body and asked her to lie on the mattress which I had made ready for the massage and said, I would join her. I took a refreshing bath and dried myself and went to give a massage for her.

By the time I was in the massage room, she was lying on the mattress. The room had lovely aroma of the candles, the soft music made the room more romantic and more elegant. She had covered her buttocks with a towel.

She was lying, facing her back towards me. I took some luke warm oil and rubbed on to my hands and started escort kadıköy giving a massage to Arpita. I had told her about the breathing exercise to her. A light moan escaped from her.

Arpita : Nish, you have got very soft hands. Your touch feels good.

I continued the massage on her back by applying little more oil, I focused more on the trigger points and where she has pain. I worked on her back for nearly 30mins, which included a Swedish massage followed by deep tissue massage. I massaged the trigger points, the spine region & the lower back region.

With her permission i removed the towel on the buttocks, and massaged the region and the hips. It’s always necessary to make sure that one knows the right trigger points and then massage; else it is never ever called a massage. I worked on her buttocks and hips and moved down to her legs.

I made sure the oil was luke warm throughout the massage. I rubbed some oil on her legs and worked on them for some time. I concentrated more on calf muscle region and did a foot massage. The whole massage of her back (back, buttocks, legs, feet) went on for almost 60mins.

I asked her to turn around. She made sure her breasts are covered initially. I worked on her legs for some time, made sure the points on the thighs and knees are well treated and after some time worked on her ankle, feet and soles.

I removed the towel covering her breasts and worked on them for sometime. I could see the cheer on her face while I was massaging her breasts. Her nipples had become hard, she was trying her best not to moan.

Nish : Take deep breaths. Control. Don’t give up.

She did as I told her. After massaging both her breasts I massaged her hands and palms. On her hands I worked on the tendons of the forearm and the wrists region. After hands, I massaged her shoulder & her neck region too.

Nish : The basic massage is done. Would you like to get use the washroom?

Arpita : It is really nice Nish. I have thoroughly enjoyed this massage session. Yes, I would like to use the washroom.

Nish : Lie down for 5mins and then you can use. Make sure you wash your vagina properly.

Arpita : Sure Nish.

It took almost 2hrs to finish the complete body massage. But, now I was all set to give her yoni massage. I give all types of massages (pain massage, stress massage, hernia massage, deep tissue, chair massage, etc.) I am a specialist in giving yoni massage and nuru massage. I can also make a woman squirt during the yoni squirting massage.

She got refreshed and lied down on the mattress. I explained her about the yoni massage and again some breathing exercises.

We both did the breathing exercise for around 5mins and asked her bostancı escort to get ready for a wonderful yoni massage. Though yoni massage is stimulating, the purpose is not to bring an orgasm. It should be enjoyed, relaxed and helps a woman to control her expressions and the orgasm. Yoni is a divine goddess, so it needs to be worshipped by utmost care and respect.

We both adjusted our positions, so that we are comfortable during the massage.

Arpita was lying on her back. One pillow was under her head and another on her hips to lift up the pelvis. I told her to bend the knees and open the legs so that, I could worship the yoni. The aroma in the room had also increased by then.

I massaged her inner thighs and stomach and hips so that, she would be more comfortable rather than directly massaging the yoni. I started massaging the pubic bone area and moved my hands to the inner thigh area. I applied a high-quality oil to massage the mound of the yoni. I gently started to rub the oil on the outer lips of the yoni. Using my thumb and index finger, I softly squeezed each lips of the yoni and slide my fingers on the entire length of both the lips of yoni. I did the same with the inner and outer lips of the yoni.

I maintained eye contact with her, so that, she can control more and get the right enjoyment during the yoni massage.

I then stroked the clitoris, first in a clockwise motion and then in anticlockwise motion. Holding the clitoris between my thumb and index finger, I inserted my middle finger inside the yoni and explored and massaged the interior region. I continued the exploration and massage till I found the sacred spot (G-spot). I continued the massage with different pressures and motions.

I made sure that, she breaths the way I had instructed her. Some women during this process may cry and some may laugh. It all depends on how the masseur treats the woman.

After sometime, I felt she is almost having an orgasm. She also told me.

Arpita : I cannot control anymore.

Nish : Keep breathing… Keep breathing… Keep breathing.

I still continued the massage and she had an orgasm, but I made sure, she would still breath. The fluid started to flow out and I still kept on massaging making sure she is breathing too. Her moans started to increase in a higher pitch.

Arpita : Please stop Nish, I cannot bear anymore.

I took out my fingers slowly, gently from the yoni and took my hand away from the yoni. I moved away, covered her body with a blanket to keep her body warm, so that she could enjoy the after effects of yoni massage.

She relaxed for 30mins and woke up with a glowing smile on her face. By then I had arranged the washroom so that she could clean her body. Once she was in the washroom, I cleaned the floor and used the other washroom to clean myself.


I thank all the readers for their time and patience to read this experience of mine. Hope my dear readers have enjoyed it.

Comments welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32