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After putting my butt plug in I went back upstairs. I hit the app on my phone which reinflated it to the last setting by Master. He warned me about the soreness and he was right. I had never felt this type of internal soreness before. Even my dick felt like I had spent the last hour cumming. Although I wanted to take advil, I understood where Master was coming from and that it would be better to work through the pain.

Master made me order lunch for him and Zach and Zach went to pick it up. I started to go back to my chores when I felt my butt plug deflate. Before I could react Master came in the room grabbed me with two hands – one on my side the other on my shoulder — and threw me. I landed on my hands a foot or so away from the couch. Before I could collect myself he pounced on top of me, ripped the butt plug out and violently entered me. As his cock forced inside me the only lubrication was from the previous butt plug insertion.

It was like a switch had been turned on — no more of the loving caring Master from last night — this was his animal instinct coming out. He pounded me in that position hard for a few minutes until his hard dick slipped out. He helped to get me on to my feet and then from behind pushed me again this time against the wall.

I was able to brace myself briefly but my face pressed against the wall and he poised and entered me pushing my midsection against it as well. He pushed with a tremendous amount of force and I felt my entire body slam. I felt my chastity device bash along with my whole body as he continued to violently fuck me in that standing position for a few more minutes. The only thing that cushioned the force of his thrusts was my already sore body. I wanted to brace myself with my hands but did not want to possibly interrupt his feeling.

Then, with his dick still in me he moved both of us off bostancı escort the wall making us fall hard back on to the floor. I have no idea how his cock stayed in me but he landed on top of me — I felt the wind leave my body. His appetite to take me was voracious. You can see that he did not at all concern himself with how this affected me — he wanted to achieve his orgasm and he would stop at nothing to get there.

He went on for another few minutes each thrust more potent than the other. His hands grabbed me hard by the back and shoulder. I didn’t even notice his climax begin — until I felt his cock explode inside my ass and heard a triumphant grunt come from behind me. He laid on top of me catching his breath and relishing in his satisfying orgasm as I stayed motionless and numb on the floor. He rested his full weight on me having conquered his prey as he caught back his wind. I mustered all my internal will and said, “Thank you Sir.”

Disregarding my thanks, he climbed off me and just walked away back to his bedroom. I stayed on the floor a few more minutes then got up – just as Zach was walking back in with lunch. He looked at me and the butt plug on the floor a few feet away and just shook his head. I picked up the plug and went to the bathroom to put it back in. I stayed away and let them both eat as I collected myself alone. I felt sore inside and a bit battered outside – a sharp contrast from the love I had felt with him inside me. I concentrated on the sound he made when he came in me – a satisfied grunt – and realized that I was able to fulfill his need. In the end, that’s my purpose.

After a few minutes Master called out to me and said, “Seth, come and sit here while we eat – you can have the scraps if you want when you clean up.”

They were eating chicken wings and pizza. There were already a few bones ümraniye escort bayan with a little meat left on them and a few pizza crusts. I sat on the floor at Master’s feet between the couch and the coffee table where the food was. Zach was sitting on the love seat across the table. They were talking generally about the food and other stuff and reaching in and taking food then throwing the bones or scraps close to my face.

The effects of the milking accelerated by the rough fuck were really taking effect sending a dull ache through my body and a dehydrated sense bringing on a severe thirst. I looked up and asked, “Sir, may I get something to drink?”

Master nodded. The house rule was that other than coffee or similar hot beverage, which I could have from a cup, all drinking was to be done out of a bowl kept on the floor. I was allowed to pick it up, clean it and fill it as necessary but I was to drink on the floor. The bowl was empty so I cleaned and filled it with water and got back down on the floor and drank it with my face close to the floor by putting my lips on the side and tipping it forward. I finished the whole bowl and ran through the process one more time – finishing that as well.

Back in the living room, they had finished eating and were just sitting back watching television. I proceeded to clean up finishing some of the pizza crust scraps but leaving the mostly eaten chicken wing bones alone. When done I took my place at Master’s feet. South Park was on and we had watched a whole episode and were in the middle of a second one when Master tapped me on the shoulder and softly said, “I have to take a piss, help me with that now.”

I got up grabbed the funnel and came back. It had a seal around the lips and the end of the hose protruded about an inch into the mouth. The hose was clean and on the other end kartal escort was a clear funnel. I put the receiving end into my mouth and closed my lips around it then kneeled in front of Master between his feet. I tried not to think about Zach being in the room other than when I glanced up and saw him looking over smiling. Master was wearing sweatpants and I pulled down on the front as he moved to the edge of the sofa seat and helped move his sweats and boxer briefs down pulling out his soft dick. He held his dick and pointed as I held the funnel and in a few seconds I heard the whir of piss against the plastic and saw the clear tube fill up with yellow liquid.

Now regretting drinking so much water from the bowl, I started to swallow. The taste was awful and it seemed stronger than the other times but I kept taking gulps to keep the funnel from over filling. Like before I tried to think of it as something to get through and focused on the relief he was feeling. He pissed for about a minute until the last few drops came out. The funnel was still about a quarter full and it took me a few more seconds to swallow that and in that time he pulled his dick back and pulled up his pants saying, “Wow I had to go badly.”

Zach – who had said nothing during this whole process could no longer contain himself and laughed out loud and matter-of-factly said, “that’s so gross”.

I went to the bathroom feeling sick and washed the unit thoroughly with soap and hot water. The nausea added to the overall soreness I was already feeling but I did not throw up. Again I took my place beneath him this time with an acrid taste in my mouth reflecting on the imagery of what just happened.

It was interesting how casual Master was as he relieved himself. I wondered if he thought of how it felt for me – especially having to do it in front of Zach and what a significant dehumanizing task it was for me with just a minimal benefit to him. No matter what he thought I felt the humiliation and inferiority as I sat there on the floor still tasting his piss. After the conclusion of the second episode Master told me to get dressed to go out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32