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To those who have been patient with me, i’d like to say thank you for the wait. To the people who criticized my work, i’d also like to thank you. I’m new to this kind of thing and appreciate your honest thoughts on my work. If you see any mistakes or wish to run something by me, please don’t hesitant to do so.


Manu wasn’t sure what to do about this development. Badru clearly wasn’t going to back down from this endeavor but something about that slave bothered him to no end. Maybe it was just his brotherly impulses that stayed his hand, but his instincts had never failed him. Holding to that, Manu stayed quiet as they moved toward the slave traders. The man in chains followed them, his eyes never straying from Badru.

“Manu!” Badru pushed, glaring at his brother. “Call them or I will. And you know how that will turn out.” He threatened. He was stuck between his instincts, telling him to leave the slave be, and his desire to make his little brother happy. His hands clenched in indecision.

“You said you wanted to keep fathers new slave from coming on time.” Manu pointed out, speaking Latin. Both brothers were well learned in the language and used it often since most couldn’t understand it. “If you are going to drag me on some inane prank, at least have the courtesy to stay with it.”

Badru stood up, his face scrunched up. “If you will not help me, then so be it.” He said, not following Manu’s example. This was not a private conversation they were going to have at that time. He turned toward the shore, his legs braced apart. “You there, slave traders!” He shouted, drawing both Manu’s and the slave trader’s eyes. “Stop by the order of your prince!”

Manu didn’t bother to stop Badru. There was nothing he could do anymore except back him up. He should have seen this coming. Why he never tried to stop his brother, he did not know. Either way, he was stuck doing something he’d rather not. So with his face impassive and his posture set, he stepped beside his brother, looking as official as possible despite his unwillingness to be involved.

“You heard him. Stop.” He ordered, seeing the five or so men stop with the slave behind him. As their boat drew closer to the shore, both brothers noticed some fascinating things about the slave.

For one thing, despite be obviously malnourished, he was still over a foot taller that his captors and well muscled. Manu frowned at this while Badru almost drooled at the sight of those tanned muscles. The slave’s hair was matted with sand and dirt but looked to be brown, much like Manu’s. His face, scarred over his cheek and left eye, were badges that showed how well this man could fight. Badru admired the slave’s body with obvious interest, seeing as the man was only wearing a loin cloth. Manu, however, wondered about how they got a warrior and a good one, from the looks of it, in chains.

As their boat hit the shore, Badru couldn’t resist jumping off the rushing over to the slave. He didn’t even wait for his attendants to help him down. He usually didn’t do that in public. It was unbecoming of a prince. Only, he was blocked by his brother who had stepped off first and held an arm out to stop him. What worried him more was that the slave traders were about to do the same. Manu’s eyes narrowed at them, his general persona coming up for real.

The men bowed, clearly shocked to be stopped by both princes. Surely, their luck wasn’t that good, was it? Their slave stayed quiet, staring only at Badru, who stared back with a smile.

“Your majesty’s, what do we owe this honor?” The apparent leader asked, even more ragged than the rest. He was bandaged a bit and looked weary, though he hid it well. Badru opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted by Manu.

“His majesty, Prince Badru, wishes to purchase the slave you have behind you.” Manu explained, ignoring the pouting Badru behind him. Until he knew how much of a threat the slave was, he was going to act as Badru’s shield. The young man didn’t understand how dangerous people could be, especially when under someone else’s thumb. They had little to lose.

The men before him exchanged slightly worried glances, while their leader smiled. “But of course you do.” He said, confidently. “This specimen is quite a prize. Handsome, strong and surely a valuable to any person who owns him.” He boasted, walking up the slave and taking his chin in hand to pull it down to their level. “He is a bit stubborn. He wouldn’t eat or drink anything we gave him for weeks. I don’t know how he survived but at least you know he can take any punishment without dying. It is a shame that we lose such assets to their stubbornness, really.”

“What is that around his neck and wrists?” Badru asked, again drawing the slaves gaze. Annoyed, Manu stood in front of Badru, earning a glare from the slave. He glared right back. He was starting to see the stubbornness in the slave.

Unfortunately, Badru didn’t care.

“These bostancı escort bayan are his chains.” The leader said, taking the man’s wrists in hand. Manu hadn’t noticed them, instead paying attention to the slaves face. He had yet to turn away from them nor had he seemed to have an ounce of fear. This man was going to trouble, he could tell. The ‘chains’ were just a thin metal bracelet on each wrist and a collar around his neck. Both looked equally fragile and the only thing that stood out about them was the single blood red jewel embedded in it.

“Those things? They look like they’ll break if so much as a breeze brushed it.” Badru pointed out, frowning at them. Manu agreed but considering how the slave had yet to fight his captors despite his clear unwillingness to be there kept him quiet.

“You don’t believe me? Fair enough.” The leader conceded, shrugging. “But allow me to demonstrate its abilities against such a man. Slave!” He called. The slave flinched, as if knowing something was going to happen. “Show his majesty, Prince Manu your respect by…. Kissing his feet.”

Manu didn’t think the slave would do it. Hell, the slave even glared and growled at the leader for a second, looking like he was going to attack. Manu was about to push his brother away as the slave walked forward but stopped as the man, a little taller than himself, knelt down to the ground. Manu couldn’t hide his shock as the man leaned down to press his dry chapped lips to Manu’s sand covered foot. Leaning back up, the slave wiped his mouth and glared up at Manu, as if this was all his fault.

“You see. Theses charms are quite special.” The Leader boasted, pressing his foot on the slaves back and leaning forward on him. The man growled deep in his throat, clearly wanting nothing more than to rip the slave trader to shreds but stayed where he was. At this, Manu had to question whether the slave trader’s boasts were false or not. “It takes a lot to keep his kind down and-“

“His kind?” Manu asked, not missing a beat. The leader flinched, realizing his mistake but recovering fast.

“W-what I mean, is that where he is from, men are quite…. Dominating, so we needed something to force his compliance.” He rushed, looking away. Manu was curious about this but Badru, finally fed up with being ignored stepped up.

“It doesn’t matter where he comes from or what you did to get him complacent.” He said, kicking the slave trader’s foot off of the slaves back. “I want this man for myself. So state your price and stop boring me with such mundane details.”

Silence filled the air. Manu had been hoping to convince Badru of not buying the clearly dangerous slave. No matter what the traders said, he couldn’t shake the feeling that taking this foreigner would only bring about trouble. And he had a good sense for these things. The traders were shocked. They hadn’t expected the Prince to be so blunt about his desires. Most nobles they came across hid their motives and emotions. This one just came right out, like those feelings couldn’t be used against him.

The leader smiled, amused. He bowed and his cohorts followed suit. “As you wish, your highness.” He said.

Badru puffed up like a peacock, seeing that he won. “Then I’ll leave my brother to handle the deal. I don’t want you unsavory folks trying to swindle me.” Again, the leader couldn’t help but be amused.

“We would never do that, my lord.” The leader said, chuckling. “We’d give him to you for free but we have to make some profit after all our trouble.”

“Trouble? What kind?” Manu asked, knowing where this was going.

The men exchanged glances, debating whether or not to disclose such information to their potential buyers. It may kill their chances. But just as they were about to lie and say it was nothing, they say Manu glare at them. They shuddered in fear. Though they were unaware of it, this was the glare an older sibling gave those who risk the lives of their younger siblings. And just to make matters worse, Manu smiled evilly.

“You wouldn’t be thinking of trying to lie and tell us it’s nothing, are you?” He said, his voice daring them to try. Badru looked up at his brother’s face and chuckled.

“You’d better spit it out.” He warned. “Or else we just might get the slave for free after all. Dead men can’t gain profits, you know.” At that, the men grew even more nervous.

“This man is a danger!” One rushed to say, earning a glare from the others. “He killed three of our men and injured our leader just on the way here. We don’t know how he’s survived this whole time since we haven’t fed him anything more than bread and water but he’s still as fit as when we first caught him. If you take him, you’ll only invite trouble.”

The traders rushed to stop the man’s tirade but were too late to stop the worse from coming out. As they fought, Manu looked over at his brother. “Do you really think this is a good idea?” He asked, switching ümraniye escort back to Latin.

Badru shrugged, smiling at the traders antics. “I want him. I have a feeling he will be interesting.” He replied back, this time in Latin as well. Manu grimaced at that. Badru smiled up at Manu and pat his shoulder. “Don’t worry, brother. I know what I am doing. Trust me.”

“Every time you say that, something bad happens.” He pointed out, folding his arms across his chest. “Why do you not try trusting me this time?”

Badru said nothing for a while and then sighed. “Traders!” He called out, switching back to his native tongue. The traders turn back to them, glad they had not left yet. “I’m still waiting for a price. Give it or else I will just take the man now.” He stated.

Once the deal was done, fairly, Badru walked back to the boat. As he passed Manu, he whispered in Latin. “I trust you, brother. I just trust my own instincts a bit more this time around.” With that, Badru was soon seated under the built on canopy and awaiting his brother and new slave. The traders had long since left, filled glee at their transaction.

Manu went over to where the slave still was, on the ground kneeling down. As soon as he drew near, the man glared up at Manu. Manu glared right back He knelt down until they were eye to eye.

“I know you are angry at your circumstances.” He started, his voice strained at the thought of what he’d just let happen. “I know you would like nothing more than to lash out at those who own and trade you off like nothing. I sympathize with that. But do not think that I will let you hurt a hair on my brother’s head. If you even think to do so, I will make sure your last moments in this world are worse than any fate you can think of. Do you understand?”

The man stared back at Manu for a long moment, seemingly unfazed. It was clear he had no clue what Manu was saying but, man to man, it didn’t take words to understand a promise of retribution. After a brief snort, the man nodded, just before snapping his teeth at Manu. Anyone else would have flinched but Manu stood his ground.

“I am glad you understand.”


Meanwhile at a dingy inn, a man paced. He was an older man, clothed in robes of fine silk and adorned in jewels and such. Back and forth, he paced as his companion, a scantily clad woman, watched him in amusement.

“My lord, why ever are you so anxious?” She asked her voice like wine. Sweet but carrying a punch that only hit you later. “Are you that worried about the Princes?”

The man turned to her, enraged. “Do not test my patience, woman!” He snarled, gritting his teeth as she smiled seductively at him. “I will punish you if you push me.”

The woman moaned and rolled over onto her back, displaying her plentiful breast and bare body to him. Her hair was red all over and her skin was tanned from long days in the sun. Though most would see her and think she looked strange but it was just that made her popular. No one made such a conflicting look appealing.

“Oh, please do, my lord!” She begged, smiling at him. Even after how much they’d done already, all she had to do was look at him and he wanted more. He scowled at her as his cock hardened for another round with the slut. The man turned from her and continued pacing.

“I have no times for your games, Karla.” He growled. “If you are not going to be of any use, then be gone.” He said, looking out the window. Had he been looking, he’d have seen Karla glare at him. How dare he say such a thing to the one who had pleasured him like he’d never been pleasured before? Ungrateful bastard!

Despite her acidic thoughts, she was all smiles when he turned back. She lay on his bed facing him. She rested her head on her palms as she leered at the unappealing man. “I apologize. I was just thinking about how a great man like you could easily become more than just a Scribe.” She took on her best scolded child face and continued. “How silly of me to think that such fantasies were real. So stupid of me.”

Silence filled the room. She knew it was coming but it took so much longer than she’d like for it to happen. The man grabbed at her bait.

“You honestly think I could be more than this?” He asked, staring at her as if she was some kind of oracle. She mentally rolled her eyes. Men. She thought. If they’re not lead around by their dicks, they lead with their egos.

“I am but a humble courtesan, dear sir.” She said, sounding all the while like a servant. “Surely I could not say.” The man grabbed her shoulders and shook her. It jarred her a bit and it took everything she had not to pull out the dagger she always kept nearby and cut him. Somehow, she resisted the urge to do it. But only because her plan was so much more fun.

“Do not toy with me, woman!” He shouted. “You are his majesty’s most regarded courtesan. I know you have his ear and know his thoughts. Have you escort kartal heard him say anything about me? Is that why you said those words before?” He questioned, squeezing her forearms tightly. It hurt but not as badly as it did with most men. This man was so weak.

She looked away innocently. “I cannot say, sir.” She retorted. “My Pharaoh is so very hard to figure out. He may have spoken of you fondly and considered promoting you from a scribe to a full fledged noble. Maybe even a Priest. You have been quite a help to him, so he was thinking of letting you be promoted .” She lied. Though such a thing did happen, it was so rare one didn’t hold out hope for such a thing. Yet this man fell for her sugared words like a fly. How fitting a description too, since this man was nothing but a nuisance.

“T-truly?” He asked, kneeling before her in his shock. Surely, his majesty would see how hard he worked and reward him, if this woman was correct. And she had to be. As someone who slept with his majesty, she had to know their Pharaoh’s thoughts.

Karla nodded, grinning openly. “But, his majesty needs further proof of your dedication.” She proclaimed, rolling off the bed. The man stared at her body as she glided across the room. Her body was what men dreamed off though if she had one fault; it was the nasty burn on her left hip. It was small, circular and deep red. No one knew where it had come from or how it would happen. Anyone who asked was refused thereafter so many stopped questioning it.

Karl pulled on a robe and covered herself until she was half way decent. Her legs were bare and there was nothing beneath her clothes to cover up her privates but they themselves were not all that private. Most knew her and knew what lay underneath so she no longer bothered with such fancies. Just before leaving, her customer grabbed her arm to stop her. Again, she had to keep herself from slitting the man’s throat.

Forcing a smile, Karla turned to the man. “Yes, is there something else you need of me?” She asked, impatient to leave. The man somehow saw that and didn’t waste her time. At least, what he thought wasn’t a waste.

“H-how do I gain his majesty’s favor?” He asked, looking around nervously. Karla just resisted rolling her eyes. Was the man really that stupid? He honestly believed her? Then he deserved this.

Karla grinned and strode over to the man to whisper in his ear. As she spoke, the man’s face pales and he moves way. “A-are you mad?” He cries, looking around like she’d just suggested something treasonous. And she had, but if the man was stupid enough to believe her sugared words, he deserved everything he got as a result.

She spun out of his grip and looked over her shoulder at him. “You asked what needed to be done and I told you.” She replied, fixing her hair. “If you want to get on top, you have to step on some toes, my dear.” She advised.

“B-but, to do so with our god king?” He stammered, wavering a bit but reaching for the reassurance that this would work. And she gave it.

“Of course, good sir.” She assured, watching the stupid man smile in relief. “Just do as I have told you and all will work out for you. Oh! And please don’t mention this was my idea to anyone.” She said, running a long finger down the man’s cheek. “My Pharaoh would be quite cross with me if he learned I gave advise to his people. I wouldn’t be able to help good men like you if he lost his trust for me.”

The man nodded, understanding this. “I swear to Isis that I will never reveal your involvement to anyone, Karla.” He promised, sealing his fate. Karla smiled and leaned over to kiss the man’s cheek.

“I knew you would understand.” She whispered, smiling at the man who, if she didn’t leave soon, would toss her down and have his way with her again. No way was she letting that happen. As soon as she was out of his sight, she shuddered in disgust, hating that she had to touch that guy. Not that he was ugly or anything. He was quite handsome for his age. It’s just she hated men like him and reveled in her little vengeance.

Satisfied that her lie would bring about interesting results, Karla left the humble building that acted as her sanctuary away from the envious eyes of those who wanted her position. Why does everyone assume that being the Pharaoh’s favorite was a good thing? He wasn’t overtly cruel but neither was he pleasant. He had a wife, several in fact. Why was she even needed? Couldn’t any man just be fateful to their wife? Even he last client, as young and dumb as he was, had a loving wife at home.

Karla scowled as she walked down the city streets. With her head and face covered, she could look around without drawing anyone’s attention. The beige buildings were quite a sight to see after so long in the elaborately decorated palace.

Strangely, Karla had always preferred the city to the palace. Why? She had no clue. It was hot, there was sand everywhere and the people smelled not of perfumes and oils, but sweat and poverty. Despite that, she always loved coming down here.

But, it seemed that peace was not something she would have for long. Karla stopped, hearing a bunch of noise coming from somewhere. She turned to see a crowd of people observing something.

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