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“Hey, Matty, why you doing that?” The woman’s voice broke through my reverie, as I lay naked on the bed, my cock softening, the cum seeping into my pubic hair.

I scrambled under the bedclothes, embarrassed, looked at Marie, apologising, flustered. We had got to know Marie over the 5 or 6 days we had been at the hotel and apartment complex — our chamber maid. Marie was in her early twenties, from the Philippines. She had typical Filipino long black hair. Round face. She was taller than most — maybe 5′ 6″ and slim. She had a typical oriental look and manner, and was gorgeous. We had chatted when my wife was around and we had found out a little about her — she was at the resort working for the summer — like many of the other staff – to raise enough money for her course back in the Philippines where she would return after the season was over. I think she had come to like us as well, maybe developed a little crush on us.

“Don’t worry Matty, I won’t tell, I’m not worried. Seen a lot of things much worse in rooms when I’m cleaning.” I must have missed her when she entered the room — well, when you’re wanking and dreaming of orgies and the wife’s sister and mother you don’t hear much……. Marie had been watching near the door, but as I covered up she crossed the room towards the en suite bathroom and grabbed the corner of the sheet and pulled it off me with a big smile on her face, leaving me naked on the bed, my cock and balls glistening from my cum.

“So why you wanking when you have gorgeous wife? Why you not doing it to her?” Marie’s lack of embarrassment was odd, but made me just lie there on the bed naked. “You should have wife on the bed with you. She not sleep in bed with you?”

Marie disappeared into the bathroom and came out with a towel. She came towards the bed. “Here, I am supposed to clean everything in the room.” Before I realised what was happening she was wiping my cum off my stomach and cock with the towel, as if she were just wiping a few dishes in the kitchen. Marie might not have felt embarrassed: I felt acutely embarrassed!

“Course she sleeps in the bed with me. But the trouble is her mother sleeps in the bed over there at the same time. We’re never alone. How can I, um, with my mother-in-law watching and listening?”

My mind wandered back to the monumental cock up this holiday had become. Sadly it was not a “cock-up” literally.

I liked my mother-in-law, Judith. She was on her own since her husband Mike had died in a car crash two years before. It had taken her two years to come to terms with his death, and now in her mid fifties she was ready to go on her first holiday. Judith was just an older version of her daughter in looks, although she kept her blonde hair short, whereas Tammy my wife kept hers long. They were both about 5’6″, both nicely shaped, although Judith had filled out — in all the right places — with age. Neither were slim. Both would be called curvy. It wasn’t a problem when Tammy asked if her mother could come on holiday with us. She would have her own room, we would have ours.

For me holidays were about sunbathing, sightseeing, and long slow sex with my wife! Life generally was busy — we were both rushing around working to keep our teenage kids in their fashions, sports and hobbies, and sex was quicker, had to be fitted around all sorts of work and leisure activities. But holidays were the place where we could just spend lots of time enjoying it, especially as the kids spent the summer months with their real father in the south.

Tammy had married Tom when she was only eighteen. He was a good guy, but they were both too young for marriage, and before they realised it had two gorgeous children. The breakup had been unpleasant, but that was well in the past and common sense had prevailed. Both Tom and Tammy had remarried, and I had been married to her for 7 years.

So it was planned. The kids would spend the summer with their father. Myself and Tammy would have a hot holiday in more ways than one, both on the beach and in the bed, and while Tammy’s mother Judith had been added to the party, it was still going to be fine.

It was, until we got to the hotel. We might have filled the forms in wrong, or confused the booking clerk when we talked about a family holiday. Or the computer system had messed up. Or the hotel had double booked rooms. They had us down as husband, wife and daughter, happy to share a family room! Of course we complained, and were given free meal vouchers for the whole holiday, but there was no alternative — Myself and Tammy in the same bed for two weeks, with her mother in a single bed in the same room. And that was the end of my dreams. The last thing you want in a room when you are having sex is your mother, or your mother-in-law!

I had tried a number of times, cuddling up to Tammy in bed, reaching around caressing a breast, letting my cock rub between her ass, but each time she had moved away and whispered no. Mum will hear. It was hard — part of me found it even more exciting to know her mother would be there…… Through the day we couldn’t find time when there wasn’t somewhere to go, or do, or see. On about the sixth day was the first chance of being alone and guaranteeing being alone, or so I thought. antalya escort Tammy and Judith had gone to the local town to shop. But I had forgotten Marie, that she would be coming in. Here I was, caught wanking, with cum all over my cock, and a gorgeous Filipino woman wiping my cock with a towel. A towel she threw in the laundry basket after she had finished.

“So, you are saying you no get any sex because mother-in-law is here?” She smiled.

“Nothing,” I replied gloomily.

“So your balls were aching and you had to have a wank today?” She giggled: she seemed to have no embarrassment as she spoke. “Perhaps by next week you would fuck me?”

“No, I couldn’t do that, I adore Tammy. Love her mother. Just have to stick it out.”

Marie was sweeping the floor of the room, then stopped and paused. “If your wife said you could fuck me, would you do it then?”

This conversation was feeling truly bizarre, but my cock was beginning to stir. I would love to fuck Marie — she was hot. “I guess so………..”

“Your cock is twitching Matty. You would love to!” Marie returned to her sweeping, but I interrupted her again. “Marie, do you talk to everyone like this. So openly?”

“No. Just you. You and Tammy and mother have been so nice to me this week. I would repay any one of you, or all of you if I could. But I’m not naughty. Everyone must like it.” Marie winked extravagantly as she said it.

My mind whirled at what she might define naughty as — she sounded very naughty to me. Suddenly Marie started to giggle. I stared hard at her.

Marie spoke through her giggles: “Suddenly know why you find it so hard. You want her mummy to watch. I bet you really want to fuck mummy as well.” I said nothing, but my cock began to twitch hard and gave me away. Marie giggled again.

“Matty, I know things, you know. You’ve got to tell them. And do it. Because I reckon they want to as well. Have you ever thought they did the room thing on purpose. They might not have said anything…….”

I was aghast at what she said, but as my mind turned over I wondered whether she might be right. But I would be too scared to say anything — how do you introduce that into a conversation. “Darling, I want your mother to watch us fucking, then I want to fuck her as well, and want to watch the two of you having sex as well. And by the way, can we let Marie fuck us all as well?” I didn’t say it out loud. I listened to Marie again.

“You’ll never say anything, will you Matty? So tell you what. You got 24 hours to tell them. If you don’t I will tell them. And when you have had both of them, tell them you want little Marie to join you as well………”

I gasped, would Tammy?

Marie gave me a broad smile. “Matty, take your hand off your cock. You’re going to want everything you got when you fuck those two gorgeous ladies at the same time. Gotta go, more rooms to clean………”

Marie was out of the room and gone before I could remove my hand. I hadn’t even realised I has been stroking my cock again in the fog Marie had created in my mind. I looked at the clock. Maybe get dressed, go find a drink……..

It was late afternoon when the three of us were sitting on the balcony, enjoying a cold drink. Judith and Tammy were chatting, looking at the clothes they had bought, the gifts to take home. As they chatted I let my mind wander, until suddenly was aware the conversation had changed and was being aimed towards me. Tammy was talking. “Matty — we met that girl Marie just now — really sweet. Bet she is a real head-turner for a hot blooded male. Anyway Matty, she was saying how sad she was that you didn’t seem to be enjoying your holiday. What did she mean? Thought you were having a great time?”

I mumbled something, but Tammy wasn’t going to let me off the hook, nor Judith. It was Judith who continued. “I’m having a great time, and it was so nice of you to let me come. What’s wrong. Is it me?”

I squirmed and tried to change the subject, but for some reason they were like dogs with bones. Over and over they asked why I was unhappy. What was wrong. I kept trying to deflect the questions. In the end it was Tammy who pushed the buttons too far, to mix a metaphor. “So how can we make you happy. What do you want to do………..”

I snapped. “You know what I want to do, but you won’t, because your mother is here. I’ve had to take cold showers all week to cool down.”

Tammy stared. “Matty, we all have to make compromises in a situation like this. That way we can all enjoy it.”

I was furious by now. “Compromises? What you mean is I make compromises. You enjoy it. Doesn’t matter about me.”

Judith came back. “Matty, I’m trying as hard as I can. I’m sorry you hate me. I must organise early flights home, this isn’t working……..”

I was angry, couldn’t control what I said. “Don’t you get it? I think you’re fantastic. I want to fuck my wife. I want you to watch. And I probably want to fuck you as well.” The moment I said I knew I had gone too far. I shouldn’t have said it. They would really hate me for it. I had probably finished my marriage. There was a long silence.

It was Judith who spoke first. “Of course, a man must have sex with his wife. fethiye escort I just didn’t think. No wonder you’re unhappy. And I have often wondered, um, what sort of equipment you’ve got and what it would feel like, and wondered what my daughter is like in bed, but it is the idea that no-one should ever think, and should never ever say. And I’ve not been with a man since Mike died. I thought no man would ever want me again, and I had resigned myself to that. Me and Mike had a great time, and part of the heartache is that no-one would ever touch me again, or want to touch me again. You’ve taken some of that heartache away just in your anger.”

Tammy looked shocked, but said nothing. The silence seemed to last for ever. All sorts of thought went through my mind. Someone had to say something. Me. “If we do this, I don’t know what will happen. Don’t know what taboos we’ll break through. But I might be very bad…….”

Another pause. This time it was Tammy who spoke. She giggled. “Let’s risk it. Mum, come and hold my hand while this great monster seduces your sweet little daughter. Hug me and kiss me like you did when I was young to comfort me. Let’s go in…………….”

I sat stunned — couldn’t believe what was happening. My wife willing to do it in front of her mother. I’d never had sex watched by someone else! Maybe they had organised this between them! Me given permission to have her mother. Her mother happy to go along with………… It was Judith who broke my inertia as she spoke with smirk in her voice. “Come on Matty, let’s see some action!”

She stood, and I stood straight after, and followed my wife Tammy into our room. Time for grasping the moment! I stepped forward past Judith, reached around my wife from the back and grasped her tits. I whispered to her but loud enough for Judith to hear: “I’m going to give you the fucking like you’ve never dreamt before.” My hard cock was resting against her ass as I pulled her to us. I looked around at Judith and spoke to her loudly. “You don’t need a chair — just sit on the bed.”

I waited a moment until Judith was sat on the bed — the side where I slept — then pushed Tammy onto her back beside her. I leant forward, undid the waistband of her skirt, and pulled it off along with her panties so she was naked from the waist down.

I looked down at Tammy — I always thought she was gorgeous with beautiful flaring hips, neatly trimmed pubic hair and sweet lips showing through the hair. Sometimes I would pull her legs into the air just to see her beautiful asshole — although I never told her how much I loved to see it. Maybe today we had stepped over a mark. Maybe today I would tell her. Maybe today I wouldn’t have any inhibitions. Maybe today I would just say whatever I wanted — I don’t hurt people, just love to push things…………

I moved to the bed and put my face between Tammy’s hips, and gently kissed the lips of her pussy. They taste so good — already sopping wet. I let my teeth nibble along the lips, then put my tongue between them, thrusting inside her. I let my tongue explore her pussy as much as I could, occasionally flicking her clit with my tongue, making her moan with pleasure. Time to take it further…….

I stood up again and looked at Judith. “Take off her top, and bra — I want to see her tits.” Judith looked stunned, but leant over and began to undo Tammy’s blouse, and spread it wide. Tammy sat up and helped Judith remove it. I watched as Judith fiddled with Tammy’s bra catch, and then let the bra fall away, Tammy’s tits swinging clear. They weren’t huge, but had a gorgeous shape. Tammy lay back on the bed beside her mother as I began to remove my shorts and boxers, releasing my cock which was already standing proud and hard, a good 7 inches!

I saw Judith staring at my cock which made me even harder, my cock twitching. I let her look for a few moments while I thought again — nothing was out of limits now we had passed a point in our relationship. I walked around the side of the bed where Judith was sitting, moved close to the edge and spoke quietly to her: “Okay babe, you can kiss my cock before I thrust it into your daughter.”

There was a long pause, then Judith leaned over and gently kissed the tip, my precum sticking to her lips.

Truth was I couldn’t take anymore. I moved back around to my wife, to Tammy, stood between her legs, leant forward onto her, and as I did I thrust my cock deep between the lips of her pussy, plunging deep into her in one movement. She felt so warm and wet and welcoming.

I held for a moment, again aware of the barrier that had been broken, the freedom I had. I spoke to Tammy, but loudly enough for Judith to hear. “Bet you like my cock in your cunt. Bet you like your mother watching my cock deep inside you. Bet you like your mother watching you being fucked.” Each time I spoke I withdrew my cock and thrust into her, Tammy moaning with each thrust her pussy muscles pulsing with each crudity I said to her. I continued. “Bet you would love to see me fuck your mother. Bet you would like to see my cock deep in her cunt.” Again I pulled out and thrust in after each crudity, and again Tammy was moaning, her pussy sopping wet. I was still kaş escort just able to control my fucking of her, so suddenly stopped.

I paused, and this time without moving I spoke again. “I bet you would like your mother to suck your cunt. I bet you would like to suck her cunt.”

This was perhaps too much for Tammy, but now I was past caring. I spoke to her again. “I’m not going to move my cock again until you tell me what you and your mother should do.”

Tammy in her moaning whispered: “Please no, I can’t………”

I spoke more strongly to her. “If you don’t tell us, then I will pull out of you and fuck her.”

This time I slid my cock out a little and thrust back in reminding her of what she could have. Suddenly she screamed out: “Yes, yes, I want her to suck my cunt. I want to lick her cunt. I want my mother to make me cum…..”

As she cried out I reached out to Judith and grabbed her hand, pulled it to Tammy’s tit, and told her “Squeeze that!” I released her hand, but Judith kept her hand on Tammy’s tit, her fingers searching to roll the nipple in her fingers. I reached out and grabbed Judith’s other hand and pushed it between her own legs, pushing it hard onto the crotch of her panties.

It was all too much. I began to pound hard in and out of Tammy’s now sopping cunt. I could feel my spunk rising as Tammy moaned louder and louder, until our orgasms crashed in together, Tammy moaning out loud, almost screaming in my ear, as I pumped my cum deep into her guts, seemingly spurting endlessly, but both coming down together.

At last I was lying on top of her, my cock having slipped out of her, both of us gasping for breath in the afterglow of such huge orgasms. My ears tuned in to what was happening around, and I could hear gentle moaning, but not Tammy.

I looked and saw the Judith was moaning, her hand thrust between her legs, pushing into her crotch. I rolled off Tammy, rolled off the end of the bed. I stood in front of Judith, reach forward under her short skirt and grabbed her panties which I pulled off her legs. I leant forward and within seconds my tongue was probing, thrusting in and out of Judith’s also wet cunt, before concentrating on her clitoris.

I let my tongue caress her clitoris, and could hear her moaning louder and louder, until suddenly I heard her scream, felt her body shaking, felt my head thrown around as I held on tight to her thighs, keeping my tongue pressed on her clit, forcing her orgasm to go on, her moaning go on, until there was no more. At last I released her and sat on the bed between the two of them.

It was odd. We were all sat on the bed, no-one willing to break the ice, not knowing what to say. It was Tammy who broke the ice as she noticed. “Mum, why are you crying? Why are you sad?”

It took Judith a few moments to calm down before replying. “Honey, not sad. This is the first time a man has touched me since he died, you know, dad died. It was so special.”

The silence was palpable, but I felt I had to break it. “Personally I fancy a good cup of tea…..”

The next couple of days were hot. Bizarre. Strange. We had sex. I fucked Tammy a couple of times. I fucked Judith just as many, and she was as hot as her daughter, although in different ways — she was much gentler for a start. We took to the same bed, and slept together. I never touched either of them without the other one present. Sometimes while I was fucking one I would feel the other grasp my balls and squeeze them. Once Judith plunged a finger into my ass as I was coming in Tammy. A couple of times they both rode me at the same time — me lying on my back, Tammy with her pussy grinding on my face while Judith let her pussy ride my cock. The only thing that hadn’t been mentioned again or even approached for reality was Judith and Tammy making love to each other, with me watching. I wanted to see them really badly, but for the moment the two women — especially Judith, were just enjoying sex, sex and sex again.

Part 2

Tammy sat in their apartment wondering about the previous 4 days, while Judith showered and then made some coffee. Everything had changed. She had changed. Her mother had changed. Matty had changed, or perhaps he was just being a man. At that moment he had probably decided he needed a rest for the day, and had taken a fishing trip to a local Island.

The first part of the holiday had been difficult. Tammy and Matty had been looking forward to the holiday. It had been a good idea for Judith to come with them, but the issues of the room, and Judith needing to share a room with them had been difficult. Tammy had assumed Matty would cope with his Mother-in-law in the same room, although it would mean no sex for the fortnight. But then had been the outburst. The previous Friday She and Judith had pushed Matty too far, and he said what he thought. Well — what his cock thought! And it had change everything. From them being a perfectly respectable family on holiday in an apartment, they had spent three days completely uninhibited, sharing the same bed, Matty having sex with her and her mother, and both of them taking him at the same time. And while they clearly hadn’t had sex together although Matty had told them they should that first night, they had on a number of occasions held hands with each other while Matty had sex with one or the other. Matty had made her mother Judith hold her tit once — the first time — when they had been together, and while it felt good, they hadn’t repeated that either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32