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“Oh my god! Sherri, you are never going to believe this! Come look!”

“What?” Sherri, my roommate and best friend since eighth grade, put down her true trash novel and looked over my shoulder at the computer monitor.

“Carol told me this classified ads website had a place where people actually advertised for casual sex. I didn’t believe her, but every one of these is just that! Listen. Man, 28, D & D free non-smoker, looking to spend tonight screwing a hottie, NSA. If you’re a D & D free non-smoker between the ages of 22 and 32, good looking and as horny as I am, reply with a picture. Yours get mine.”

“Holy shit! Is he for real?”

“That’s just one! There are hundreds! This page is listed as ‘M4W’. I guess that means men looking for women. There are also listings for W4M, W4W and M4M. Oh, shit. Look. Here are listings for MW4W, MW4M, W4MM and M4WW. Does that mean one man wants to fuck two women?”

“I don’t know. Check one and see what it says.”

I open the first one on the page. “Mature gentleman wants to spend the night pleasing two attractive young women. I am a D & D free non-smoker, 62 YO, in good physical condition. If you and your friend are 21-25 YO D & D free non-smokers and have ever wondered what it would be like to have one man make both of you cum at the same time, tonight may be the best chance you’ll get to find out. NSA. Your pictures get mine, nude gets nude.”

“Holy shit!” Sherri is as surprised as I am. “What are all of these letters? D & D, YO, NSA?”

“I’m not sure. I guess the YO means years old. D & D free might mean disease and drug free. NSA could mean no strings attached, I guess.”

“What is he, some kind of pervert? ‘If you and your friend are 21-25 YO D & D free non-smokers and have ever wondered what it would be like to have one man make both of you cum at the same time, tonight may be the best chance you’ll get to find out.’ How’s he think he’s going to make two women cum at once, unless …? Oh, shit! He is a perv!”

“Look, Sherri, there are probably twenty that were posted today and then more from yesterday and then the day before. I can’t believe anyone would answer an ad like that! One man claiming he can make two women cum at once! But I have to admit, it makes me hot just thinking about it!”

“Toni! You’re joking, right? You wouldn’t really answer an ad like that!”

“No! But it does make me hot thinking about watching you cum at the same time that the guy is making me cum. Doesn’t that turn you on? Even a little?”

Even as Sherri denied getting turned on, I could see her squirming in her seat. For the next hour or so we didn’t talk about the ad. Sherri went back to reading her book and I tried to find something interesting on the internet. But my mind kept going back to that one phrase, ‘what it would be like to have one man make both of you cum at the same time’.



“Do you think he could? Do you think that ‘mature gentleman’ could actually make both of us cum at the same time?” Sherri was practically whispering.

I turned around and looked at her. I’d known her for nearly nine years, but I’d never seen her look like that. I couldn’t tell if she was turned on or what, but she really looked hot!

“There’s only one way to find out.” I realized I was whispering , too. “We need pictures. I think he said if we sent him pictures antalya escort of us nude, he’d send back a picture of himself, also nude.”

Sherri got up slowly from her chair and began pulling her shirt over her head. Within a few moments we were both naked. She posed in front of the fireplace first and then I handed her my phone and took her place at the fireplace.

A few minutes later, shorts and shirts restored, I sat back down at the computer and called back up the ad. Finding the hot link to the guys e-mail, I started to type.

‘I don’t believe I’m doing this. My name is Antonia, but everyone calls me Toni. I’m 22 years old and I don’t do drugs or smoke. I guess you’d say I’m attractive, but you can decide that for yourself. I’m the redhead. The blonde is my roommate and best friend Sherri. She’s 22 also. Neither one of us ever thought about having one guy make both of us cum – until we saw your ad. Our first thought was that you were some kind of conceited pervert. You really think you can make both of us cum at once? But an hour later we realized that neither one of us had been able to quit thinking about it. So, if you like our pictures, you can ‘cum’ to our place for tonight – NSA.’

I attached the two pictures we had taken standing nude in front of the fireplace. We had turned just enough from full front to show our boobs. Sherri’s are a bit bigger than mine but neither one of us really needs to wear a bra and the pictures looked pretty hot.

Twenty minutes later we had a response from Gentleman Hank with two pictures attached. The first was taken in a mirror of him standing naked in his bathroom. The second was a close up of a really big hard-on. He offered to bring pizza and a bottle of wine if we’d tell him where we lived. Instead we made arrangements to meet at the pizza shop and he followed us back home.

We talked as we each ate a slice of pizza and drank a glass of wine and I came to the conclusion that Hank really was a ‘gentleman’. He seemed to be the real deal, kind and thoughtful, with a great sense of humor. As I put the remaining pizza on the kitchen counter, Sherri asked if it was time to get undressed.

“I really want to see both of you as naked as you were in the pictures you sent,” Hank replied. “I have a feeling both of you are even better looking naked than the pictures showed. But I think the slower we take things this evening the more we’ll all enjoy everything. If you have a deck of cards, maybe we could play a game of strip poker.”

I produced a deck and he explained that we’d each get a 3 card hand and the person with the best hand would take one piece of clothing off the person with the worst hand. It was only a few minutes before Sherri was taking off my blouse. During the next half hour I took off her blouse and Hank’s shirt. He took off my jeans and Sherri’s jeans and bra. Then I won the next hand and took off his jeans. Then I lost 2 hands in a row. Hank took off my bra and Sherri took off my panties.

I gave Hank a theatrical turnaround and then sat back down. “I guess I sit out a few hands now while the two of you finish undressing each other.”

“I think it would be more exciting if you kept playing” Hank said.

“But if I lose I don’t have anything left to take off.”

“That’s okay. If you lose you give the winner a couple of minutes of oral sex.”

“But what kemer escort if I lose and Sherri wins?”

“Then when we all get undressed, Sherri gets a couple minutes of the best pussy licking you can give her.”

Sherri and I both gasped and looked at each other in total shock. We had both thought it would be hot to share Hank, but sex with each other had never crossed our minds.

Hank continued. “Look, if you two aren’t willing to spice things up a little, that’s okay. I understand. But if you’re willing to try something new, we can all have a really great time. I mean, there are only so many ways I can satisfy both of you at the same time. And, I hate to admit it, but there is a limit to my stamina. If, on the other hand, you’re willing to try something new, I think there’s a real good chance we can keep the party going strong all night.”

We never took our eyes off each other. After nearly ten years of very close friendship we were almost telepathic, but for what seemed to be several minutes I couldn’t read her. And then slowly her eyes moved down over my tits and to my pussy and back up to meet mine. The nod was so close to imperceptible that I don’t think Hank could have seen it.

“Deal,” I whispered.

I don’t know if I was hoping to lose or win, but I did lose and Sherri did win.

“Well,” Hank said, “I guess in a few minutes we’re gonna find out if you know how to eat pussy.”

He dealt again and he won and Sherri lost. As He took off her panties I could feel myself getting even more excited thinking about the chance that she might lick my pussy. Hank dealt another hand. I wonder if he knows how to stack a deck of cards. Sherri’s hand was a pair of kings. She smiled as she laid it down, sure that she had won again. Hank laid down a pair of aces and looked at me. I had three sixes!

Hank grinned. “So now, Sherri, you get to return Toni’s favor. You’ll find out just how good her pussy tastes.”

The next hand he finally lost his undershorts and we found out that his cock was even bigger and harder than the picture had made it look. “Okay, girls let’s put the cards away , take one more sip of wine and start enjoying a little – no make that a lot of sex!”

“I tell you what, Toni. I know I didn’t “owe” you anything from the card game, but if you stretch out right there, Sherri can kneel at your shoulders and you can lick that gorgeous cunt of hers while I eat yours.”

I didn’t need any convincing. As Sherri knelt over my face I felt his tongue begin to tease my clit. I gently started licking Sherri. I was really surprised at how much I liked the taste of her pussy. Two minutes later when the cell phone timer buzzed I didn’t want to stop eating Sherri’s cunt. I couldn’t believe how good it tasted, or how much it turned me on to have her squirming on my face, I’m sure she was really close to a climax. And I really didn’t want Hank to stop eating my pussy. Just a few more seconds and I was sure I would cum.

But he did stop. “Okay, Sherri, it’s your turn to lie down and let me take over where Toni left off, while you get to finish what I started.”

Sherri pulled her pussy away from my mouth and laid down beside me. “Hurry up, Toni. I can’t wait to find out what your pussy tastes like!”

I knelt over her face and her tongue found my pussy and pushed hard against konyaaltı escort my clit. I started to cum almost immediately and from the way she drove her tongue into me, Hank must have been making her cum, too. I looked over my shoulder and watched as he licked and sucked her pussy. The cell phone timer buzzed several minutes too soon. I wanted to keep cuming in Sherri’s mouth for at least another hour!

“Okay, girls,” Hank whispered, “it’s time to find out if I can keep my promise. We’ll see if I really can make both of you cum at once. Who gets the cock first?”

“Toni wrote the e-mail and put the pictures together,” Sherri said. “I think she should get the privilege.”

“Okay, Toni, slide that sweet pussy all the way down on this and we’ll try to move real slow. Sherri, if you bring that hot little pussy down here, we’ll see if I can work as much magic with my tongue as I do with my cock.”

I pushed my pussy down onto his hard-on and started a slow rocking up and down as Sherri settled down over his face. She leaned back and I took those awesome tits in my hands and gently squeezed her nipples as Hank pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my cunt. Sherri was leaning back far enough that I could see Hank’s mouth clamped tight against her crotch. It didn’t really take very long for me to reach my climax. Sherri and Hank had both eaten me out only a short while ago and I was watching him eat her while he fucked me. Only a few moments after I start to cum I felt Sherri stiffen and arch her back, pushing her cunt harder against Hank’s tongue as she started to cum again. And then I felt Hank explode inside me.

After a few minutes we all collapsed on the bed.

“God, Sherri, wait until you feel his cock pumping your pussy full of cum! it was even hotter holding your tits and watching you rub your pussy all over his face! I don’t think I ever came that hard!”

“I could tell! I thought you were going to pinch my nipples completely off! Are you almost ready to go again, Hank? I really want that hard-on in my pussy, now!”

Hank needed a few more minutes to get his breathing back to normal, but his cock seemed to be ready almost as soon as he pulled it out of me.

“Okay,” he said, “Bring me that pussy, Toni. I want to suck my cum back out of your pussy while I’m filling Sherri’s.”

Sherri didn’t need any coaxing to push her cunt down onto Hank’s cock and I pushed my pussy down onto his mouth just as quickly. I felt his tongue drive deep into my pussy and started to cum almost immediately. A few moments later Sherri squealed and her hands grabed my tits.

“Oh my god, Toni, he’s cuming in my pussy! Yes, Hank, yes! Fuck me!”

I’m surprised that Hank wasn’t choking as hard as I was cuming in his mouth.

As we lay on the bed trying to catch our breath, Hank suggested that I might like the taste of his cum mixed with Sherri’s. A few minutes later Sherri was kneeling over my face and I was sucking the cum out of her pussy. I was surprised that I could actually taste the difference between what Hank had left and her cum that followed it as I licked her out.

It was three in the morning before we all took our turns under the hot water of the shower. I’d lost track of how many times I came, sometimes with Hank’s hard-on in me, sometimes his tongue and as many times with Sherri eating me out. I’m pretty sure Sherri had as many climaxes as I did and Hank came close to that many, too.

Hank left around four and we all knew we’d never see him again, but Sherri and I also knew that we didn’t need to worry about when we’d get laid again – we can take care of each other any time we want to!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32