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Chapter 1: Frank Meats Joel

This was my third swing party with my wife, Traci. The monthly event was held on Saturday evenings at a small hotel on Route 9 in Englewood, NJ, close to the Palisades. As usual, it was an attractive suite containing a kitchenette/living room and two bedrooms with a total of four queen-sized beds.

My name is Joel and my wife and I live in Montclair, NJ. I’m 37 and stand 5’5″, not the tallest of the species. (However, being from a diminutive family is helpful when it comes to buying clothing since I can save money by shopping in the Youth section). My weight is a trim 135 pounds and so far I still have my own hair on my head. Weekly cycling has kept me in shape and maintained my cute, adorable little butt (at least according to my wife). Traci and I have been married for nine years and have three wonderful kids. However, though still very much in love, our sex life was on the rocks.

My wife is an Italian beauty with long dark hair that reaches her mid-back. She stands 5 feet tall and weighs only 105 pounds. My wife and I used to play out a little fantasy of mine; her being royally nailed by a well-hung guy. The thought of my petite wife struggling to handle an over-sized cock always turned me on. In the porn movies we rent, the guys are massively hung and the women all love it. I’ve always been intrigued by the thought of a guy stuffing his sausage into Traci while she moaned submissively. My own cock is barely six inches when stiff and though my wife seemed to be satisfied, I always wished I was bigger so I could sexually dominate her as I stretched her wide open. That image stimulated me tremendously and seemed to turn her on too. Unfortunately, our role-playing could no longer sustain us and our sex happened only about twice a month. So-o-o after a great deal of soul-searching, we joined a Northern New Jersey swingers group.

Y’know, whenever you think of swing parties, you imagine stunning men and voluptuous women passionately exhibiting their carnal desires and swapping partners with others. Unfortunately, reality does not match a porno flick. I didn’t realize that only a club that practiced “open swinging” would allow partners to swap; this club did not. Partners could only have sex with each other as other couples watched. Exciting the first time, interesting the second, boring by now. At least for me. Traci seemed to be perfectly satisfied with the club’s limits.

In attendance were the usual motley assortment of 40-ish over-weight suburban wives and their out of shape, un-hung husbands. Six couples. All upstanding, bland white citizens for most of the month and so-called “swingers” for one evening. Still, it beat watching porn movies at home.

We’d just finished the introductions when the buzzer sounded. Our host opened the door and in walked a black couple. Boy, did it get quiet in there!

The newcomers introduced themselves as Frank and his wife Miriam from Manhattan. They were definitely a very attractive pair. Miriam was about 35 or so and very attractive at 5’6″, 125 pounds and very close-cropped hair. Frank had to be about 45, 5’11” and probably weighed nearly two hundred pounds.

Our host was not at all fazed since he’d encouraged them to join our group after meeting Frank at a business convention in Connecticut. Still, the actual fact of a black couple joining our group made everyone a bit uncomfortable (except Frank and Miriam who seemed to be enjoying our unease). After a bit of hesitation, we all undressed and the activities started.

I must admit that I found myself staring furtively at Miriam’s sexy body. Hopefully, Traci did not notice. Then Frank undressed and I gasped. (Traci definitely noticed my reaction but said nothing.) His body was rather average. But his cock was a good 7 inches long and truly thick with a big, fat head, bulging veins and heavy-hanging balls; and it wasn’t even hard yet!

My own cock was no more than about six inches when stiff, and this black guy was bigger and thicker than mine while still soft! Yikes! To be perfectly honest, I’d never imagined my wife with a well-hung black man. Sure, I’d seen big, black cocks in porno flicks but my wife was never interested in that particular fantasy. Nevertheless, I began imagining Frank forcefully taking my wife and I instantly became rock-hard.

Traci and I made love and I was surprised how quickly and intensely I came. Gee, not good at all! Then Frank and Miriam started on each other and it was incredible to watch. They kissed passionately for several minutes and we all watched as Frank’s black cock started swelling. Then Miriam kissed her way down her husband’s stomach and started lapping at his swollen manhood. I inhaled sharply as Frank pushed between Miriam’s lips and Traci gave me a sharp look!

To my shock, I felt my own cock start to grow again so I quickly mounted my surprised wife. Our love-making was intense as we both stared at Frank and Miriam until my wife and I had a rather noisy climax as I moaned, “Damn, he’s so big!”

Everyone heard my loud comment escort kartal and several of the guys looked embarrassed. I’d never said a thing while watching these other couples making love at previous parties. And here I was having an orgasm and letting the whole world know that I was turned on by watching this black guy’s big cock impale his wife. How tacky!

Frank gave me a knowing look and smiled. Several minutes later, he was bellowing as his climax rocked both of them. I’m pretty sure that Miriam came too, but I was too intent on watching to see if Frank was still hard. Why? This little show had suddenly reinforced all those stereotypes I’d heard about the “black man and his big dick!”

All of us were staring and I noticed that several guys were getting hard. Frank finally pulled his cock out of his lovely wife. Wow! It was still semi-erect. The two kissed briefly and Frank walked into the kitchenette. Traci eyed me, frowned and headed to the bathroom. I quickly followed Frank into the kitchenette/living room. So here I was, standing buck naked in front of a hung, naked black guy who looked at me and smiled again.

Before I could say something lame, Frank asked, “You liked that, didn’t you?”

Nervously, I answered, “Yes, I did!”


“Well, uh… you’re so damn big!”

I kept glancing down at his fat prick.

He smiled and looked me over.

“Turn around,” he said.


“Just turn around!” he demanded.

I slowly spun around so he could see my entire body.

When I faced him, I saw his cock was starting to grow again.

“You’ve got a very, very nice ass. Very small and very round. You ever been with another guy?”

“Are you crazy? No way! I’m no fag!”

“I know,” he laughed.

I realized immediately what he was thinking. And though I’d never thought about being with a man before, the possibility of such an encounter was somehow intoxicating!

Several seconds passed…

Finally, he said, “Let’s exchange info. In the meantime, I want you to think about my black cock and your pretty, round white ass doing what comes naturally. I’ll be back this way in about three weeks. Then we’ll see what happens.”

I continued to stare at his fat, black glistening cock. I’d never thought about a guy in this manner; now it was all I could think about. Was this something my sub-conscious mind wanted?

Once we exchanged contact info, I sensed that Frank knew without a doubt what would be happening in about three weeks!

I quickly exited the kitchenette as Traci came out of the bathroom. We hung around another hour or so, dressed and then left. On the way home, Traci spoke.

“You seemed to like that.”

“Well sure, it was like watching a porn video.”

“Is that all it was?”

“Of course. Didn’t you notice how hard it made me?”

“I definitely noticed that!” she laughed.

In bed that night, I thought about what I’d seen and Frank’s words to me. I was confused – and very excited. Would I actually end up in bed with this black guy?

Over the next several days, I found myself watching X-rated movies of hung black men with white women; hung black men with black women; and finally hung black men with white men. I knew they were all actors, but I was amazed as I watched huge swollen, black cocks disappearing into various white male asses. Unbelievable but strangely erotic! Still, as turned on as I was by the action, I kept telling myself that I would not stay in touch with Frank.

Then his email arrived: “Hi, how’s it going?”

Nothing at all suggestive. I answered in like-wise fashion. By the third email, I began thinking Frank had lost interest in me or changed his mind. I was disappointed. Then his next email asked: “Have you thought about what I said to you?” I was instantly aroused.

My email response: “Yes, but I’m not sure if I really want to.”

He emailed a tutorial titled “The ABC’s of Male-to-Male Sex-play” and recommended the section sub-titled “How to be The Perfect Bottom.” It described how to please a man orally and talked in depth about pleasing a man anally. Translation – it described the things I should do when sucking Frank as well as how to get my bottom ready to receive his cock. Tips on enemas, lubrication and “pushing out” my anal-mouth when Frank was “pushing in” his big, black cock-head.

Though I kept telling myself I would not do this, I was in a constant state of arousal whenever I thought of Frank and his big, black meat going inside my trim, white body. I was terrified and fascinated at the erotic thought!

He advised me of the date he’d be in NYC and the hotel he’d booked for Friday evening. He emailed to tell me that if I met him downstairs at the hotel bar by 7:30pm, we’d end up in his hotel room. And then I’d have NO CHOICE but to take his big, black snake inside me. Yikes!

Though I found the situation highly erotic as a fantasy, would I actually have the nerve to try this in the hard world of reality?

On Thursday, maltepe escort bayan my wife mentioned her plans for a surprise visit to her mother in Connecticut over the weekend with the kids. Could I come?

I knew the right answer was “Of course, honey!”

Instead I lied.

“Traci, I wish I could come, but I’ve got to finish working on some accounts. So sorry dear.”

By 4pm on Friday, she and the kids were gone so they could beat the traffic. By 5:30pm, I was soaking in the tub, finishing my enema and practicing pushing my sphincter out. By 7pm, I was in Manhattan at the hotel bar, very nervous but eager.

Frank walked in at 7:20, saw me and smiled broadly.

“Hello Joel. Good to see you again,” he greeted as he shook my hand tightly.

There was an air of confidence about this man. He was sure of himself and commanded respect. And since I knew what he carried between his legs, it gave him even more authority in my eyes.

His gaze locked onto mine and I knew what would be happening to me shortly as I tried to remain calm. Frank expected to bed me tonight. Soon enough, this man’s big, black destroyer would be invading my body. Would I be able to satisfy him?

Our drinks were brought to a small, round table where we sat opposite each other. Frank ordered wine but I ordered a strong Black Russian to steady my nerves as Frank watched.

“Nervous?” he asked.

“Of course!” I answered rudely. What a ridiculous question!


“W-well, you’re pretty damn big! And I’ve never been with a guy before!”

“I know.” Frank smiled knowingly. “Did you take an enema?”

“Well, yes.”


“Well, y’know. It was in that thing you sent.”

“How to be The Perfect Bottom. How’d you like it?”

“Uh – it was helpful!” I sounded like an idiot.

“Good!” Frank was obviously enjoying my discomfort. “Did you practice pushing out with your butt?”

“Well… of course!” I answered meekly.


I was too nervous to answer but Frank caught my gaze and locked my eyes.

“Why?” he demanded.

Softly I said,” To help your cock get… um, you know…”

“Answer me now!”

I was nervous, but I knew I had to answer him.

“Uh – to help your cock get inside my ass!”

“Good! Do you think you can fit all of me inside you?”

“I don’t know. Your cock is really big! And my ass is really small!”

“Oh yeah. I noticed your cute ass when we met. You have a very cute little white-boy ass. And I’ve been thinking about how I’m gonna open you up with my big, black dick!”

By now, I was gulping down my second Black Russian as he leaned in close to my ear.

“You know I’m gonna cum in you! That’ll make you my bitch!”

I realized that I hadn’t really thought everything through.

“I’m not a bitch, dammit!”

Consciously, I was in denial, but on a sub-conscious level my sexual urges were coming to the fore.

He locked my eyes.

“Don’t play dumb, Joel. You know my dick will be in your mouth, right?”

“Well, yes.”

“And when I cum in your mouth, what will you do?”

“Swallow,” I answered quietly.

“Very good, Joel. Is that what you want?”

Meekly, I answered “Yes.”

“Good boy. Now tell me Joel, where else is my big, black dick gonna go?”

“Um, you know.”

“Tell me!”

“Um, in my white ass.”

“C’mon Joel. Tell me what I want to hear!”

“Um… your big, black cock is gonna go inside my tight, white little round ass.”

“Wrong answer Joel!”


“Because from this moment on, your little white ass is a little white pussy!”


“You heard me! Now say it!”

Now was the moment of truth. Would I actually submit to my sexual desires for this man? If I did submit, would that make me gay? Or would I be bi-sexual? Then my mind recalled one of the gay videos where a well-hung black man was roughly fucking a small white guy who moaned in ecstasy. My sub-conscious urges were going to win this battle tonight!

“My ass is a little white pussy. I murmured.

“Good Joel. My big, black dick will fuck your little white pussy! Say it!”

“Your big, black cock will fuck my little white pussy.”

“For how long, Joel?”

“Until you get enough.”

“And then?”

“Then your big, black cock will sperm in my little white pussy.”

“Say it again, Joel!”

“Your big, black cock will sperm in my little, white pussy.”

“One more time, Joel!”

I’d lost all of my will.

“Your big, black cock will sperm in me.”

“Is that what you want?”

Totally defeated, I meekly answered, “Yes.”

“What does that make you?” he asked leering.

“Your little white bitch.”

“And don’t you forget it, Joel!”

I gulped down two more very strong Black Russians as Frank paid the bill.

Minutes later, we were on the 8th floor in his hotel room. As soon as we were inside, Frank started rubbing and feeling my ass aggressively. pendik escort bayan The drinks really went to my head and made me physically submissive and ready to please him.

Frank demanded, “Okay Bitch, take off those clothes!”

I removed everything and stood there, pink-skinned and stark naked.

“Now turn around so I can see what you got for me!”

Docilely, I obeyed.

Frank looked at me approvingly as he smiled darkly. He exuded complete confidence in his actions. I could feel the raw sexual lust emanating from him as he took in the sight of my trim, white body; there for his enjoyment, his pleasure, his use.

I knew this would be an evening of pure sex! No kissing, hand-holding, tender talk or gentle caressing. This was all about Frank and his big, black cock! I was there to pleasure and please Frank’s huge dick. That was my destiny. To serve Frank’s needs, to suck his big dick, swallow his cum and take him deeply up my small, white virgin ass. And then to make sure my ass pleasured his big, black man-meat until his thick, hot sperm was deposited deep in my buns. Yes, I was there to be this black man’s bitch; we both knew it!

Frank slowly stripped. The differences in skin tone were intoxicating. I was pink and he was a dusky deep brown; I really got excited from the size of his growing black tool. Damn, it was huge. Definitely a killing machine. I was terrified and thrilled since I was about to take my first cock; a huge, black one.

Frank led me to the queen-size bed, tossed a tube of lube on it, shoved me onto my back, sat on my chest and ordered, “Open your mouth Bitch, you’re takin’ this dick deep!”

His huge, distended cock-head hovered over my white mouth as I stared in fascination at this monster which was already leaking pre-cum juice. The cock jutted out of a full bush of thick, curly hair and easily measured a full 9 inches to the tip. The sleek sides were outlined with veins and the over-size balls hung down heavily. The shaft was easily 7 inches around and his ebony weapon was capped with a bloated, distorted head. This was a cock of power that demanded complete respect and total obedience!

Instinctively, my lips parted and he slipped the very tip of his bloated cock-head between my lips.

“Ooh!” I moaned as I tasted my first cock and it’s pre-cum juice.

It was big, black and so good.

Frank’s pre-cum juice covered my tongue as he slipped more of his monster between my sucking lips. My mouth opened wider and wider as his superior girth slipped inside. Seconds later, I choked and gasped as his killing machine bumped the back of my throat. Yikes, there was definitely too much cock in my mouth!

“What’s wrong you pussy-ass bitch? Too big?” Frank taunted. He obviously enjoyed my discomfort!

“Mmph-ph!” I gasped.

Frank’s cock WAS too big. But there was nothing I could do as I sucked him wildly. It was like my mouth was being raped. He wasn’t kind or gentle at all and held my head while I sucked him good. His black dick and my white mouth became one as I sucked him madly. From the first time I’d seen Frank’s manhood, I’d been fantasizing about it. Now it was ramming my throat and making me respect it. I gasped and choked as he pumped my lips expertly.

After several minutes, Frank rolled over on to his back and pulled me between his legs on my stomach.

“Please Frank, I can’t breathe. You’re too big!” I gasped.

Frank roughly pulled my head down to his massive pole as he prepared to re-enter my mouth.

“Please Frank, don’t make me suck it anymore. It’s too big! Please don’t ummph, um-phrf!” I choked as his spermy tip was rammed home.

“Suck it Bitch! Suck it good!”

“Umph, umph!” I gasped desperately.

Several times he tried to slip his bloated cock-head down my throat, but I couldn’t handle it. I could barely breathe and began to seriously wonder if Frank’s huge meat would choke me to death! After another twenty minutes or so, I thought he would cum in my mouth, but he stopped and pulled his lethal weapon out.

I gasped loudly as I could finally breathe freely again. I was amazed at the size and strength of his man-meat.

Frank climbed behind me and placed two or three pillows under my stomach to raise my tight, white ass up in the air. Then he started rubbing his black dick against my white ass, all the time calling me his bitch and a pussy. His cock was really big by now and looking back over my shoulder, I began to moan and complain about his size.

“Frank, please don’t! Your black cock’s too big! I can’t take it!” I realized I was repeating phrases I’d heard in the porno videos depicting big black men with small white women.

“Shut the fuck up, you cock-suckin’ bitch!” he growled as he opened my legs and got in between them.

Frank had made it clear in his e-mails that he loved the way my small white bubble-butt looked and wouldn’t rest until “his dick had gotten a piece of that”. He planned to fuck my tight pussy into submission.

He was entering me from behind which would give him total control of the fucking AND the deepest penetration into me. Being only 5’5″ and 135 pounds, my body would be no match for Frank at 5’11” and 195 pounds.

“Please Frank! Your cock is too big!” I cooed as I blurted out more video phrases.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32