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“Considering your age and family history I’m sending you for a prostate exam.” My doctor wrote out a prescription and handed it to me. “Have fun” he added with a smirk.

I got to the specialist’s office and registered with the receptionist. I sat down and looked around for something to read. There were copies of various sports, and business magazines, and several issues of Stuff, Maxim, Cosmopolitan and similar reading material. I picked up a copy of Maxim. I was half way through when my name was called. The receptionist told me to go to the second door on the left and change into a dressing gown. With that done, I began to look around. There were the usual things… scale, exam table (though I was surprised to see restraints attached to it) sink, medicine chest. I looked inside and saw more of the usual things; needles, vials, gauze, pads, and then I noticed the bags for enemas. I started to get a bit excited. I’d always wondered what it felt like.

At that point the doctor walked in. Until then I didn’t understand the smirk on my doctor’s face when he gave me the referral. This doctor was young, gorgeous and female!

She looked me up and down and smiled the most seductive smile. “Aren’t we excited to be here? She said, looking at my tent. I smiled weakly and stammered some unintelligible answer. “OK let’s see what you’ve got. Have you washed “she asked as she put on a latex glove. “Yes Ma’am. ” I answered. She raised an eyebrow at the submissive tone of my voice. Did you wash thoroughly?”

“How thoroughly do you mean, Ma’am?”

“‘Ma’am’? She asked with her eyebrows raised again? “Do I look like a ‘Ma’am’ to you?”

I looked down pretending to be apologetic.. In fact I was hopeful. “I can always hope, Ma’am.”

“Well if that’s what you like… ” An evil grin replaced the expression of surprise on her face.

Her tone shifted to one of impatience as she clarified” Inside and out. What else could I mean?”

Somewhat embarrassed I said “I did the best I could, Ma’am, on the outside”

“Well we’ll have to do a better job, won’t we? Up on the table, legs in the stirrups.” she ordered as she pulled out and affixed a couple of raised metal pieces to the end of the table. “Didn’t your doctor tell you to do this before coming in?’

“No Ma’am, I’m sorry”

“He should be punished for his laxness” she said, matter of factly.

“He’s really a nice doctor, but if you really want to punish someone, you could use me if it would please you Ma’am.”

She looked at me, lying there waiting for the enema, naked and all open to her.

“Hmmm, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I nodded. “What else would you like?’

“I would like you to use me Ma’am.”

“Use you? How? “She asked almost in a purr as she smeared my ass with lubricant and aimed the nozzle at my hole.

“As your plaything, Ma’am. As your slut and antalya escort boytoy.”

“Is that what you are? Are you my little slut? Boy?” She slid the nozzle in and released the fluid. I like my toys completely and thoroughly clean before I play with them. Would you like me to clean you boy?”

“Yes Ma’am. Please do.”

She glanced at the fluid level as the bag emptied into me.

“Stay there. Don’t move and don’t make a sound. ” she started to walk away and suddenly turned back “or nothing else will happen.”

She left the room. The fluids were rapidly filling me and I had the feeling that I had to empty them soon or I’d explode. I remembered her warning and tried very hard to keep still. Just when I thought I’d burst she came back into the room with the receptionist who now sported a very brief nurses outfit. The blouse was low cut, the mini skirt left little to the imagination and she wore high-heeled white patent leather shoes.

“Our patient here has requested a very special and thorough exam, ” the doctor said to her nurse.

The receptionist/ nurse smiled evilly. “How fortunate that he’s the last one for today. What’s his name?”

“What difference does it make? He’s our slut to play with as we choose.”

The doctor pushed gently on my abdomen, increasing the pressure on my bowel. I moaned.

“Do you want something slut?”

“Yes please Ma’am” I croaked out.

“What’s that? She asked leaning more heavily on my stomach so I thought I was going to lose it.

“If it pleases you Ma’am, may I please empty out?”

“OOOH “cooed the nurse “so well trained. Let’s let him so we can get to it.”

I was directed to the washroom door off the examining room.

“Don’t you dare let anything slip or leave any drops.”

As I got up and headed to the door, the nurse blocked my way, leaned in close and said “We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

From behind I barely heard a brief whoosh of air as a paddle landed on my backside. “Move slut” the doctor ordered. The nurse moved and I dashed to the door.

Upon my return I noticed that the doctor had changed clothing to a tight black leather corset with thigh high boots. She wore nothing else.

“Up on the table slut!” she ordered hopped up and was positioned on my back with my legs spread apart like before and my head just over the edge of the table. Again I felt the cool lubricant being applied.

“Let’s dispense with business first. ” A gloved finger slid into my rectum and began to prod and move. I moaned again.

“You really like that don’t you slut?”

“Oh yes, Ma’am, very much.”

She slid in a second one. I was too busy with the feeling to notice that the nurse had attached the restraints from the table on my wrists and chest.

“I have good news and bad news” she announced. “Everything seems normal but alanya escort I have a few more things I want to try…. And you have no say in the matter. ” She looked at her nurse and said, “He’s yours until I come back. Have fun.”

An evil yet playful smile eased itself across her face. ” So you like to be a slut, do you?” I nodded. “We’ll see just how much of a slut you really are. .” With that she slapped my ass hard. I gasped and she repeated her action. ” I love a bit of colour in a person’s cheeks. Don’t you think it looks better with rosy cheeks? Let’s see, what else can we do to make you look better? Stand up slut. Spread your legs so I can see what you have. Turn around …slowly. I want to enjoy this.”

I did as ordered. She ran her hands over me as I turned.

“Nice” she said. “Good muscle development, nice posture, but too much hair especially HERE!” she said as she grabbed me by the short hairs. “We’ll change that. Not that you really need it but it will make your cock look bigger too. Ahh but how shall we do it? I think a combination of styles. Let’s start with your front.”

She snapped on a pair of latex gloves, took some liquid soap and began to work up lather in my pubic hair. Then she produced some shaving cream and a razor. “I would suggest you not move, slut. We wouldn’t want me to slip now, would we?” When she was done she rinsed away the remaining soap. I looked down at my erect cock, standing proudly, all clean and pink. I must say it looked quite nice.

“Now turn around and hold the table and let’s clean up that hairy ass of yours” She attached my wrists with the restraints and moments later I felt something hot dripping on my backside. She spread it around so it covered both cheeks and down the crack. She let it cool and said, “brace yourself slut. Now you’re going to know what some women do for you. ‘ She giggled as I felt her peel up an edge and the peel the dried wax, pulling out my hair as it lifted.

“Now that looks much better, so nice and clean. What else can we do to you.? Would you like some cream on your ass, slut? It must be tender after your first waxing. ” I nodded and soon felt her finger caressing my hole with a paste. At first it felt so soothing and cool, but very soon it began to heat up and sting. I heard her laugh as I realized it must have been some form of camphor paste. I must have started writhing because the next thing she asked was ” do you want to dance for me slut? I’ll give you a beat to dance to” With that said she began to spank me again but this time with the paddle.

The door opened as the doctor returned with a big black bag. She smiled as she passed me. “Are we enjoying our checkup?

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am.”

“Good. Do you like the idea of being our bitch, our plaything?

“Very much Ma’am, thank you.”

She smiled alanya rus escort as she came closer and examined me. “Nice colour in the cheeks and so nice and clean” she said as she ran her hands over my ass, cock and balls. But now it’s time for us to have some pleasure too. ” She sat on the table with her legs spread on either side of my head. “Let’s see if your any good with that tongue of yours. Get busy slut!” She pulled my head forward to her bare shaven pussy. I lapped eagerly at her slit hoping to bring forth her juices. Her moans told me I was doing well. I lapped at her pussy and sucked her clit in and out of my mouth. As I began to probe her cunt I felt oil being poured over my asshole. The nurse began to probe me first with one finger and then two. I redoubled my oral efforts.

I think he’s ready for you Mistress, ” the nurse said. She moved to the doctor and began kissing her and playing with her nipples. I made the mistake of stopping what I was doing to get a better view.

“Who told you to stop slut?! Maybe he needs something to keep his mind on what he’s doing. Get the clips. ” The nurse turned to the bag the doctor had brought in and pulled out some nipple clamps, which she proceeded to put on me. “Now get back to it slut,” the doctor commanded as she grabbed my head by the hair pulling me to her pussy. “That’s right slut lick it good. Mmm, oh yess. Ooooh good boy! I think maybe you deserve something special.”

The next thing I felt was my ass being probed as hands gripped my waist. I heard the nurse say “You may be her slut but you’re my bitch now!” I lapped and sucked with greater excitement as the nurse with the strapon pounded my ass. It must have been a double header because before long we were all moaning.

The women soon reached orgasm as the nurse fell forward onto my back pushing me further into the doctor’s pussy. I have never been able to cum only with anal stimulation but I knew it wouldn’t take much to put me over the edge. Nurse detached herself and sat on the floor between my legs as the doctor took up her position with the strapon. I felt a mouth close on my cock as the ass fucking resumed. The clips were removed from my nipples and fingers pushed on my now extremely sensitive nubs. The nurse must have been playing with herself as she was sucking me off because finally came as the women reached their second orgasm.

The nurse then stood up and kissed me deeply, passing my own cum into my mouth. “Swallow, slut” she ordered. I was released from my position and told to go clean myself up and get dressed.

When I returned the ladies were back in their original clothes and the doctor had a chart in her hand. “Well, everything seems normal to me. Shall we make an appointment to discuss your results when they come back from the lab?

I thought to myself ‘lab’? There was nothing to send to the lab! They were behaving as if nothing had happened! That sounds fine, Ma’am. Can we make it for the end of the day again?

“Certainly. We look forward to seeing you again.”

“Thank you Doctor” I said.

“Your welcome” she answered. As I turned to leave I heard her softly add “my slut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32