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The following story is the property of Renzajones copyright 2004.

The girl looked like a dream come true from the crown of her honey blonde and chestnut hair to the tips of her mango colored toenails. Her sense of style was fantastically gaudy and cheap despite the fact that the clothes were designer or perhaps because they were. Unbound breasts bounced beneath a barely there halter top and it looked like one false would put her hardly hidden secrets on display. It was a wonder she could even walk in such a short skirt without revealing everything. I watched her flip through the rack of shorts in front of her looking for yet another garment to distract and entice. Her perfectly manicured fingers drifted over the hangers rapidly as her eyes darted to the price tag. This girl knew shopping her movements were swift and her eye was precise in less than a moment she’d found a pair of black hot pants among the mish mash of sizes and was already moving to the next rack in search of a shirt.

In the midst of her search she flicked her eyes in my direction. I looked away and pretended I hadn’t been coveting her I had only met her brown eyes for a moment but I wondered if the interest that I’d seen there had been real or imagined. I chanced another look at her and she met my gaze as if she had known full well that I wouldn’t be able to stop staring. I felt my cheeks blaze and damned my light brown skin. I was probably blushing like crazy. The curly haired woman smiled and commenced her search for a shirt while I pretended to be looking for a dress. All the dresses were far to short for my liking and I could hardly see myself breaking out of my conservative mode and going all trashy chic.

I glanced up but the woman was gone as if she really had been a mirage, I felt disappointed which seemed odd because it’s not like I’d have had the balls to go up and introduce myself I mean what would I say. “Hi I’m Shellie and I’d like to fuck the hell out of you.” Not bloody likely the chances of me even saying hi without being a spastic case was slim to none. I sighed audibly and turned away from the rack of dresses and nearly collided with the woman I had been staring at. I gasped not because she had startled me, which she had but because she was breathtaking. Her skin was the color of smooth Belgian chocolate and the wide set eyes that I’d thought to be brown were in fact flecked with hazel and her lips were full and naturally pink although the intense shine was bottled most likely in the form of Mac lip glass. Her hair was pulled into a sloppy haphazard bun and held in place with a decorative set of chopsticks. For a fleeting moment I wanted to pull the utensils cum hair accessories away and run my fingers through her hair. Of course I suppressed the impulse and stood there staring at her like an idiot. She smiled illegal bahis as if indulging a child and reached past me to pick up a dress.

Of course she had come over here to get a dress; I gave myself a mental kick for even supposing she had sought me out. She held up the dress that was short and strategically cut to leave the wearer virtually naked. I had to take a few deep breaths to keep myself from passing out as images of her in that dress flew through my head.

“This one would look great on you.” She said holding up the tiny swatch of fabric.

I raised an eyebrow and looked down at myself examining my figure, Okay so I had the figure just not the confidence. I looked at the dress again and laughed a little

“Oh I could never wear anything like that.”

“Why not?” She asked as if the thought of modesty never even crossed her mind. I shrugged unable to come up with a verbal response. “I’m telling you this dress would be amazing on you especially with that killer ass.”

I was blushing again had this woman just acknowledged that she’d checked out my ass and thought it was killer? Yes she had, and here I was blushing and silent as a scared schoolgirl. I bit my bottom lip out of habit and just looked from her face to the dress.

Both looked quite appealing and downright irresistible.

“Just try it on.” She said shoving the dress toward me.

“Fine.” I said, taking the dress from her hand. I couldn’t resist her request and I wanted to keep her attention if only for another moment or two. She was still standing in front of me blocking my way and the clothing rack was directly behind me. I knew I should be asking her to excuse me but all I seemed capable of was staring mutely at her face. She let me look and I had a feeling that this woman was used to being admired.

“What’s your name?” She asked me searching my eyes as if the answer would appear there before spilling from my lips. “Shellie.” I murmured.

“Well Shellie are you going to try on the dress?”

“Yes” I replied “but you’re going to have to let me by.” She stepped back as if just realizing she was blocking my path. I walked toward the dressing room almost sure that her eyes were on me. Just in case I put a little extra swing in my hips.

Inside the dressing room I almost lost my nerve but I couldn’t very well hide out in there so I stripped out of my jeans and Baby Phat t-shirt and donned the dress. The woman had been right the dress showed of my figure and looked damn sexy but I doubted I would purchase it. Just the thought of walking out of the dressing room sent a shot of self-consciousness through me. If I had occasion to wear the garment chances are I’d be a nervous wreck. I was about to take the dress off when there was a knock on the fitting room door. “Aren’t you illegal bahis siteleri going to let me see?” The woman asked. I shook my head and realized that she couldn’t see the motion. Before I could say anything at all she opened the door. I know I should have been mad or at least a little put out that she would just invite herself into a space that should have been private but rational thought left my head as her eyes swept over me. She made me feel sexy without so much as a word. When she looked into my eyes I wondered if I’d been struck mute. I couldn’t have said a word if my life depended on it. I was so caught up in the intensity of her eyes I almost missed it when she whispered “Damn.” I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks as I blushed yet again. She entered the dressing room fully and shut the door without even turning around.

Before I could even process what she was doing she kissed me right on the lips. My body responded automatically and it was all I could do not to moan. Her tongue flicked over my lips, which I willingly parted for her. She tasted like cherry jolly ranchers and smelled like sandalwood and patchouli. I inhaled her scent as if trying to commit it to memory and pushed my tongue against hers tasting all I could. Her hands seemed to be everywhere at once and everywhere she touched seemed hot as if she were branding me with her fingertips. One of us moaned although I can’t say which of us it was. The woman pressed me against the mirror and I shivered just a bit at the feel of the cool glass touching my back. Her hands were under the dress now. And I knew she could feel my heat. I was slightly embarrassed that this stranger had aroused me so but she seemed thrilled. Her fingertips danced over the wet spot on my panties making me feel a little dizzy. I held on to her as much to steady myself as to make sure she was for real. My thighs parted on their on as she slipped her hand into my panties and ran her fingertips against the slick flesh before she slipped two fingers into me. My hips were arching before she even caught a rhythm and my fingernails gripped her bare shoulders. The woman didn’t tease; she fucked me rapidly letting her thumb roll my clit as her fingers pounded into me. I almost forgot where we were and screamed when I felt the waves of climax sweeping through me. Even with her lips on mine the scream was just barely repressed. The woman pulled her lips from mine and looked me in the eyes. She withdrew her fingers from my pussy slowly and smiled before licking them clean.

“I’m Jasmine.” She said extending her hand.

“That’s one helluva introduction.” I said returning her smile and shaking her hand. I was past embarrassment as it would have been idiotic to shy away after the impromptu fuck.

Jasmine kept her eyes on me as I took off the dress. canlı bahis siteleri I was definitely buying it and would gladly get ten more like it if it meant her eyes caressing me as they were. She kept on looking as I put my clothes back on and made no move to leave even after I was fully dressed. The way she watched me made me nervous, unlike her I wasn’t used to scrutiny.

“Are you going to make me ask for it Shellie?” She said her voice was definitely lower and smoother. I blushed because I hadn’t even thought about returning the favor, mostly because I couldn’t imagine myself fucking her. I shook my head and kept staring at her.

She laughed and grabbed my hand. “You may be gorgeous but you’re going to need more than good looks to get me off.” She said. I started to object that I was hardly gorgeous but

It hardly seemed like the time. She pressed the back of my palm between her thighs and I felt her wetness immediately she was waxed and panty less. Her skin felt at once hot and slick pressed against my hand. Without even thinking about it I dropped to my knees and pressed my lips against her. She tasted sweet and almost familiar as my tongue drifted over her puffy pink wetness. She gasped and twined her fingers in my hair as I went to work licking kissing and sucking. The sounds of her moaning only pushed me to please her more. I sucked her clit between my lips sucking and flicking as I pushed two fingers into her easily. The sound and feel of her wetness was almost enough to push me over the edge again. I was so into her taste that it was barely about her pleasure anymore. I just wanted more of her, with an intensity that damn near scared me. I felt her muscles tightening but I didn’t let up not even when I felt the proof of her passion sliding down my fingers. The smell of her was in the air as I locked my lips on her pussy and took her again. Her legs were shaking when I pulled away and the both of us were a little dazed. I just sat there on my knees looking up at her.

“Fuck.” Was the only thing she said before walking out of the dressing room and leaving me kneeling in the doorway. By the time I stood up, got myself together and grabbed the dress Jasmine was gone. I felt like crying, I put the dress down on the first rack and started for the door. I was almost there when one of the store’s employees stopped me. The woman that had been chasing me and calling out “Miss, Miss” handed me the dress I had discarded. “Your friend paid for this for you.” She said I just stared at her. “Hold on let me just bag it . I followed the girl back into the store and waited as she put the dress into a plastic garment bag. She handed me the dress a receipt and a business card. The card had Jasmines name on it and a phone number but nothing more. Not even a last name. Still it was better than the nothing I’d had to go on only moments ago.

I took tucked the card into my pocket and walked out of the store taking the dress and my memories with me.

* * * * *

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32