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A normal day at school for Usagi, Rei, Makoto, Ami and Minako.

They sat in the cafeteria at lunch, deciding what to do after school, when Michiru and her girlfriend Haruka sat down with them at the table.

Haruka was holding 5 pink envelops in her hand.

“Hey guys” said Michiru with a smile. Haruka gave them a friendly smile also.

“Heya!” the others replied.

Haruke handed the pink envelopes round for the girls.

“It’s my birthday on Saturday, I’m having a party at mine! How about it?”

The girls nodded and Usagi was beside herself; after all she loved parties. (especially when there was lots of good food.)

“Of course we’ll come!”

Minako arrived at Usagi’s house at 7.30. She knocked on Usagi’s door.

Usagi sat up in shock. She wasn’t wearing anything and her pussy was wet.

“Hello? It’s me, Minako.”

She tried to cover her pussy up with the blanket so Minako wouldn’t see the cum dripping. Apart from that, Usagi didn’t mind seeing Minako seeing her naked – she had done so before anyway.

“Er – come in!”

Minako slowly opened the door. Minako’s eyes widened when she saw Usagi half naked on the bed. She swallowed.

Usagi smiled and pointed at the chair in front of the desk for Minako to sit down.

Minako bit her lip. She had always felt something for Usagi and she masturbated about her a few times before.

Then her eyes fell on a wet patch on the duvet; Usagi had been masturbating! Minako bahis firmaları felt herself getting wet: she wanted to touch Usagi so badly! Minako, now blushed a vivid red, sat down on the chair.

“I – I think we need to go soon…”

Usagi nodded, and Minako’s eyes fell on Usagi’s round perfect breasts, hell she had tender pink nipples…Minako could feel her cunt swelling up and moistening with her own juices. When Usagi was sure that she had calmed down a little from her last orgasm she got up. Minako’s clit swell up more than ever at the sight of Usagi’s pink shaved pussy.

“Yes, you’re right. Let me just go for a quick shower.”

Minako had to fight to stifle a moan of pleasure.


Usagi left for the bathroom attached to her bedroom.

A little later Minako heard the rustle of pouring water and Usagi’s humming.

Was it worth masturbating for 5 minutes?

Slowly she reached up her small checked cheerleader-skirt that she loved to wear to parties.

Her knickers were so soiled!

She went over to Usagi’s chest of draws to get a new pair; she was sure she wouldn’t mind.

she pulled off her soiled panties and she could not believe how wet swollen and red her pussy actually was, she needed to relieve herself of the urge, and quick, before Usagi came back from the shower.

Minako sat down on Usagi’s bed. One hand held Usagi’s clean knickers and her soiled ones, the other hand started circling her clit, she shuddered kaçak iddaa at the feeling, it felt so good!

Her labia and clit were so slippery and she imagined it was Usagi’s she was fingering.

All of a sudden the room went quiet. Too quiet…

Minako didn’t care, she was in pleasure.

But she went rigid when the bathroom door opened and Usagi stood there, naked. Minako was in so much shock, she could not move.

Usagi grinned at the sight of Minako’s open welcoming cunt. She wanted her so badly now.

“Hey Minako, looks like you’re having a great time – Can I join in?”

Minako’s eyes were wide, her dream had come true!

She moaned in pleasure.

“Yes!”she replied.

Usagi kneeled on the bed next to Minako and started licking her neck.

Slowly her hands slipped down to Minako’s minge.

“God you are wet!”

Minako moaned in pleasure.

Usagi’s finger slipped inside her.

Minako could have screamed; it felt so good!

“Oh and so tight as well…”

Her finger went in and out, Minako’s love juices flowing all over Usagi’s hands…

“Minako, I want to lick your pussy, I want to lick you clean, I am longing for the taste of your cum in my mouth, I am sure you are delicious!”

Minako’s heart pumped faster; Usagi blushed a cherry red.

“Yes, Usagi, eat me!”

Usagi kissed her flat belly and circled Minakos clit for a moment and went down on her.

When she had tasted a bit of Minako’s kaçak bahis cum, she wanted more!

Her tongue went over Minako’s clit and Minako moaned in pleasure. With ever lap of Usagi’s tongue she could feel the climax approaching, she couldn’t hold it in for very long…

But she couldn’t hold it in at all when Usagi suckled on her clit, swollen as it was and Usagis warm saliva replaced the cum.

Minako screamed.

Usagi looked up, pleased to have done such a good job, she licked her lips, savouring the taste of such delicious cum.

Just moments after (Minako recovered from the orgasm) Minako asked if she could finger Usagis pussy.

“I thought you wouldn’t ask at all!”

Usagi leaned on her pillow, her legs open wide, her pussy pink, tight, swollen and so slippery!

Minako pinned her labia aside with her thumb and index finger.She started stroking and caressing the revealed clitoris with the other hand.

her middle finger slipped over the opening and back to the clitoris, and Usagi’s sweet moans filled Minako’s ears, turning her on once more and making her smile.

She slipped one finger in, then another and yet another one.

Three fingers slipped in and out of Usagi and she shuddered at the waves of pleasure.

“Usagi, i want to lick you out so badly,oh, please let me!”

“Yes, yes eat my cunt!” Usagi managed to say between the sighs.

Minako went straight to work, her tongue darting in and out of Usagi’s hole, so hard it gave usagi and orgasm after a minute or so.

They lay in Usagi’s bed, cuddling.

“I loved that.” Minako broke the silence.

“Hell, so did I.”

The two girl started giggling.

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