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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.


Laura travels to Vermont to be with her lesbian lover, Elizabeth.

It all started when Liz kissed her at a cocktail party in Manhattan. It all started when Liz invited her to spend the weekend with her and Laura accepted her invitation. It all started as soon as Laura stepped in Elizabeth’s house, a charming cabin hidden deep in the Vermont woods. It all started as soon as she put down her suitcase in readiness to have lesbian sex with her lesbian lover.

In the way the cabin was decked out, more luxurious than rustic, it was obvious that Elizabeth had money. If the drive to Vermont from New York wasn’t extraordinary enough, her cabin was spectacular. Yet, something Laura had never done before and something she normally wouldn’t dream of doing, she couldn’t believe she accepted an invitation to spend the weekend with a woman she hardly knew. Only, drawn to her in the same sexual way that a man is drawn to an interesting, beautiful, intelligent, and sexy woman, she was sexually drawn to Liz. It was the first time she was sexually attracted to a woman enough to want to have sex with her.

Normally staying close to home, she was devoted to her job and to her daughter. It had been several years since she had gone anywhere other than back and forth commuting to work. Leaving her in the care of her mother but already missing her and worrying about her, she never went anywhere without her daughter, Heather. Only, this time, instead of the mountain coming to her, with her not having the room and/or the privacy to have a weekend guest stay with her, especially a lesbian guest, she went to the mountain. It had been a long while since she had gone anywhere as beautiful as Vermont.

Having thought about it while struggling with her indecision and questioning her motives, she was already here in Vermont. She was really here and ready to do something she may dread for the rest of her life. She was finally here at the turning point of her life, perhaps ready to do something she’d be so happy doing. Knowing full well that Liz was a lesbian and that she was obviously sexually attracted to her as much as she was sexually attracted to her, Laura was ready to have lesbian sex with Liz.

More than just being at this physical location, she was finally here at this impasse, her personal, private, sexual crossroad in her life. She couldn’t believe she was really here. She couldn’t believe she was going to do what she thought she’d never do. Only, struggling to come to terms with her obvious feelings of lesbianism, coming here was just the first step. With no meaning no, she could always chicken out, refuse to have sex with Elizabeth and return home. In the way that some men may aggressively respond, it wasn’t as if Liz was going to force her to have sex with her by raping her. Lesbian women didn’t do that, did they?

Suddenly, she imagined Liz drugging her. She imagined waking up and finding herself stripped naked and tied to Liz’s bed. She imagined Liz having her wicked, sexual, lesbian way with her naked body. She imagined Liz forcing her to do lesbian, sexual things that she’d never normally do had she not been drugged and tied to her bed. With her imagination getting the better of her, she imagined Liz holding her prisoner for months.

She was taking this first step that would forever change her life. She was about to have sex with a woman that would forever brand her as a lesbian and as a pussy licker instead of a cocksucker. Yet feeling good about her decision to finally forsake a man for a woman, she finally felt free. Mainly for the sake of finding a husband and a father for her daughter, she felt relieved that she no longer had to flirt, act interested, and pretend that she liked men more than she liked women when she didn’t. No longer having to go on boring dates and kiss, fuck, and suck a small army of selfishly, unappreciative, and arrogant frogs, finally being true to herself, this was the beginning of her new life, albeit her lesbian life.

With her always a sexual person, unfortunately for her, for more than two decades, she had been giving herself to the wrong sex. It was obvious to her now that she needed to be with a woman instead of a man. The only thing she got out of heterosexual relationships was heartache, a bad three-year marriage, a subsequent divorce, and, of course, the love of her life, her daughter, Heather.

Perhaps it was the clean, fresh, Vermont, mountain air but as if she had done this before in a prior life, being here with Liz seemed so comfortably familiar. As if she had been here before, she was having feelings of Deja vu. Maybe she had dreamed this and was still asleep and dreaming this now. As if meant to be, maybe she had finally found her forever lover.

Accepting her invitation because of one forbidden, stolen kiss, she didn’t know why she had accepted casino siteleri a weekend invitation from someone she barely knew. Something so strange, why would she do that now when she had never done that before? Nothing more than a strange feeling of familiarity by the excited way she felt whenever around her and with her, there was something compelling and mysterious about Elizabeth that made her want to know her better. When with Liz, she had those butterflies in her stomach she got when with a man she liked.

Yet, in defense of her impulsive decision to spend the weekend with a stranger, how better to learn about someone than to spend the weekend with them while sleeping in the same bed? Oh, my God, even though she knew that Liz had a guest room, she couldn’t believe she was ready to sleep in the same bed with her. Yet, what if Liz didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed with her? What if Liz was the one who rejected her? She needed to know who this woman was and why she was not only so sexually attracted to her but also why she was already so emotionally attached to her. Laura sexually wanted Liz in the way she never sexually wanted any man.

Taking a big step by doing something so impulsively crazy that wasn’t planned but something she decided and needed to do on the spur of the moment, this was her one adventure in a lifetime. Normally planning ahead, she went with her gut instead of with her head. Had she thought more about what she was doing, staying over someone’s house she hardly knew for an entire weekend, she never would have done something like that. Normally, she may more have done this for a man, but she never would have driven all of this way to Winooski, Vermont to stay alone in a cabin with a woman. This was crazy, yet this felt so right.

Now that she was here and thought more about her reckless decision, taking a huge risk, a woman driving alone in a state where there are more cows than people, anything could have happened to her. With many of the roads so windingly narrow and unfamiliar, she could have been in a car crash and killed. She could have been robbed and beaten. She could have been sexually assaulted. She could have been raped. Never to see her daughter again, she could have been murdered. She could have been buried somewhere in the vast Vermont forest where no one would ever find her.


Even though she liked her as a new acquaintance, with her not knowing her that long, she didn’t even know her well enough to be friends. She didn’t know how much she was physically, emotionally, and sexually attracted to her until Liz kissed her that fateful day. Having never been kissed by a woman, especially like that before, it was a magical kiss, a memorable kiss, a kiss she’d always remember, and a kiss she’d never forget. A kiss from a woman instead of from a man, it was the best kiss she ever had in her life.

When Elizabeth kissed her, she felt more than just a kiss. She felt passion. She felt a sexual longing. She felt love. When Liz kissed her, as if she was sleeping Beauty who had suddenly come to life with a kiss, she heard tiny bells ringing and felt a tingling sensation all over her body. As if coming from a music box, she heard soft music playing a long distance away. She felt emotional, physical, and sexual feelings with a woman that she had never felt before with a man.

She felt wanton feelings and lustful desires that she had never felt before and would never feel again until she was in the arms of her lover, Liz, again. Strangely enough and something she never would have known until experiencing it, it took a woman and not a man to make her feel like a woman. If she was to measure love and romance by that one, first kiss then, the time she spent with Liz was the new beginning of her love story. A story of two women coming together as if it was fated to be, she would soon discover that she would never be as happy as she would be when in bed naked with Elizabeth.

As soon as Liz opened her front door and closed it behind her, Laura felt as if she was Alice in Wonderland. In the way that horny, drunken men kissed her, groped her, and sexually assaulted her, as if she had four hands, her not yet lesbian lover was all over her. Surprising her, with Liz playing the part of the aggressive man, Laura assumed the role of the helpless and defenseless woman. Allowing her to do so, Liz made all of the first moves.

As if they were long lost lovers, without coming up for air, Liz kissed, kissed, and kissed her. She passionately kissed her and deeply French kissed her as if they had already had sex and been lovers. Liz touched her, felt her, and fondled her everywhere only a man had ever touched, felt, and fondled her. Laura was putty in her arms. Whatever was Liz’s sexual whim was not Laura’s sexual fantasy.

Odd that she’d feel that for another woman, never had she felt such passion and desire from anyone and for anyone, especially not for a man. Never had she felt such passion and desire slot oyna from anyone and for anyone, especially not for another woman. Definitely tonight, without a doubt and no ands, buts, ifs, or maybes, they’d be sleeping together naked and in the same bed. Definitely tonight, they’d be having sex, lesbian sex. Definitely tonight, she’d be having multiple orgasms and would be living Liz multiple orgasms too.

Always attracted to men before, yet none that she could even remember, Laura had a few brief, drunken, stoned, lesbian affairs in college. Then, later at the behest of men who wanted to watch her with another woman, laughing more than they were sexual, she had pretend lesbian sex with another woman while the men watched. Yet, that was then and this was now. This was different. This was real. This was magical. This was something she had never felt before with anyone. Having lesbian sex with Liz was something that she had stone, cold sober. Having lesbian sex with Liz was something that she willingly wanted to do. Having lesbian sex with Liz was something that wasn’t what some man wanted to watch while masturbating himself.

The feelings and sexual desires she felt for Liz were different. This was the real deal. Without a doubt, had she met Liz years ago, she never would have had sex with a man. Had she met Liz years ago, she may have not had her daughter, Heather. Had she met Liz years ago, they may have married and still could have been together today. Had she met Liz years ago, maybe she’d be living in Vermont instead of in New York.

She remembered their first, romantic time together as if it happened yesterday instead of ten, long years ago. Missing her, she always thought about the first time with Liz whenever horny and masturbating herself. Practically ripping off her clothes, stripping her naked, Liz was the lover she always wanted but never had. Making her feel loved, wanted, and desired, leave it to another woman to give her what a man was incapable of giving her, that loving feeling along with multiple orgasms.

In all of the years she had sex with men and with a spattering of women, the first time being stripped naked, Liz was the only lover who was as sexually aggressive as Laura needed her to be. She did everything a man should have done but to slap her, spank her, and tie her to the bed. Only, unlike men, Liz gave her real sexual pleasure. Unlike men, she didn’t have to make them cum first and hope they’d return the favor before leaving. Unlike men, she didn’t have to wonder if Liz loved her, she knew she did. Having unselfish sex with Elizabeth made her want to pleasure Liz in the same way she had pleasured her.

Not one to play games, Liz was a woman who knew what she wanted and took it. Had Liz been a man, Laura would have been afraid that he’d rape her. Yet, with her a woman, a beautiful, sexy, and sensuous woman, Laura wanted Liz in the way that she had never wanted anyone, man or woman. With them both already on the same sexual page, Laura wanted her in the same way that Liz wanted her. Whatever was her pleasure and/or her sexual desire, Laura wanted Liz to have her wicked, sexual way with her naked body. Whatever was her pleasure and/or desire, Laura wanted Liz to sexually experience what she had just sexually experienced too.


With them looking more like sisters than lesbian lovers, both women were blonde, blue eyed, and busty. Laura had double D cup breasts and Liz had D cup breasts. Liz was taller, 5’9 ½ inches tall to Laura’s 5’5″ height. Other than that, especially when they were sitting across from one another having a drink in a bar, men thought they were sisters, even identical, twin sisters. Right down to their huge tits, their shapely asses, and their sexy legs, but for the 4 ½” difference in their heights, especially when they were sitting instead of standing, they looked so much alike that it was uncanny.

Yet, if Laura had a sister who looked like Liz, unable to keep her hands and her mouth off of her beautiful body, she would have been a lesbian years ago. If Laura had a sister who looked like Liz, she’d be deemed incestuously perverted in having sex with her lesbian sister. Fortunately for both, they’re not related. Fortunately, for both, with them both free and unencumbered and without baggage, other than Laura’s daughter, they were free to be lesbian lovers.

Not even waiting for her to agree to have sex with her, making the first sexual move, Liz made the decision to have sex for her. Their first time alone together, they met at a business lunch and after only sharing a stolen kiss, Liz was ready to have lesbian sex with her. As if it was love at first sight, just by looking at one another from across the room, obviously, they both knew that they’d be lovers. Granted, Laura suspected that Liz was lesbian but she was surprised that Liz thought that she was lesbian too. Obviously, Liz suspected that Laura was bi-sexual or a lesbian too, otherwise she wouldn’t have invited her to her canlı casino siteleri cabin in Vermont for the weekend and Laura never would have accepted the invitation.

With her mother watching Heather for the weekend, that was the first time, other than to go to work, that Laura was away from her daughter. She felt guilty that she left her daughter to have a lesbian, sexual tryst instead of having a sexual affair with a man who could possibly be her husband and one day be Heather’s adopted father. Only she was tired of playing men’s games. She was tired of acting who she wasn’t when the men she met didn’t and were unable to commit to marry her but just wanted her for sex. Tired of men, she now wanted a woman. Besides, there was something about Elizabeth that made her want to give herself to her and to be with her.

Moreover, now that she was older and knew more what she wanted, she had been there and done all of that before with men, too many men. Feeling compelled to put out and to fuck and suck to get a second date, men are bastards. Men don’t have the respect for women that other women do. With men always wanting to take control and make all of her decisions for her, it was always their way or the highway. Different sexual animals all together, women were always much more accommodating, open, honest, and vulnerable with one another than men could ever be. Easier on the emotions without all of the drama, she now preferred a lesbian relationship to a heterosexual one.

Sex without the commitment, the drama, the guilt, the suspicion, the shame, the misgivings, the embarrassment, and the games, she wished she had accepted this lesbian lifestyle years ago. While packing her bag to leave for the weekend and while driving to Vermont, still not clear why she was driving there, she suspected, assumed, and even hoped that they’d have sex. They only shared that one kiss and a look that touched her soul. Yet, with everything out in the open and with all of her cards on the table, with neither one of them bluffing or pretending just to get the other one in bed, there were no surprises with Liz. Unlike men who aren’t honest, Liz is what she is and she was exactly what Laura wanted.


As if Liz was the man and Laura was the woman, it turned her on to be so taken. She kissed Elizabeth as passionately as she kissed her. She was so beautiful, so sexy, and so shapely. Liz was as beautiful, as sexy, and as shapely as she was. Later in their relationship, whenever they were out on the town together with men trying to pick them both up to take them home, if only they knew they were lesbian lovers, they’d never believe them. If only they knew they were lesbian lovers, no doubt, they’d want to watch them having sex with one another before having a threesome.

With many men imagining a lesbian being short, fat, and hairy, they certainly didn’t fit that mold of a butch dyke type of lesbian who enjoyed dressing like a man. Feeling her big tits and fingering her erect nipples with one hand, Liz fingered Laura’s pussy with her other hand. Touching her and feeling her differently than how a man would touch and feel her, their first time together wasn’t rushed. Liz kissed her more than men usually kissed her. With men, it was all about her tits. They couldn’t wait to see, to touch, to feel, to fondle, and to suck her big tits.

Yet, in the way how Liz would be if she was a man, not even allowing Laura to have her sexual fun too, it was all about Liz sexually seducing her. In the way that Laura always so wanted to be taken, as if reading her mind, Liz was giving her what she wanted by playing out her sexual fantasy. As if being cooperatively forced, Laura loved being seduced and taken. Later, Laura couldn’t wait to seduce and take Liz too.

Not even allowing her to see the rest of the cabin, Liz slowly unbuttoned Laura’s blouse, one slow button at a time. While kissing her and kissing her, she looked to see what each button revealed before unbuttoning the next button. Once her blouse was unbuttoned, instead of going right for her bra clad breasts, she gently massaged her shoulder and the tops of her breasts before cupping her breasts through her bra. She was more patient than any man was with her.

Then, once Laura’s nipples begged to be fingered through her bra, Liz fingered Laura’s nipples. She pinched them, pulled them, and twisted them out more through her bra before leaning her head down to suck her nipples through her big brassiere. She cupped Laura’s big tits with both hands and squeezed before she focused her concentration on her short skirt. She reached her hand down and lifted Laura’s short skirt to feel her panty clad pussy. Then, she unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to her ankles.

Instead of rushing their first time together, Liz continued kissing Laura while feeling her big breasts through her bra and her shapely ass and trimmed pussy through her panties. Then, as if Liz was a man alone in a strippers’ club VIP room, she reached around her to unhook her bra. She removed Laura’s bra straps and bra cups as if she was unwrapping an expensive gift from Tiffany’s. As soon as Liz removed Laura’s bra, her hands were all over Laura’s big tits.

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