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Six thirty on a Friday evening in February and Gareth was sitting in a pub in South Wales waiting for his mates to turn up ready to watch the game. Wales were playing which should have been good, but they weren’t currently playing well and he didn’t expect a good result against a strong French side.

All of which did nothing to raise the feelings of anger and regret that filled his thoughts these days. Eighteen months ago everything seemed to be going so well, as a rising star in the local rugby system he had been tempted up to London three years previously to play for one of the leading clubs in the country. The first season had been hard but he had applied himself, doing all the things the coaches asked of him even though he didn’t make the first team once.

The second season saw him get a few appearances off the substitutes bench early on in the season and as luck would have it he played impressively, by Christmas he was a regular first teamer and attracting media attention. That was when he met Samantha, five foot nine inches, blonde(natural), legs that went on forever, tits and arse to die for. He couldn’t believe his luck the first time she accepted his invitation to an evening meal, by the third date they were in bed together and two weeks later she moved in.

Gareth was earning more money than he could have dreamt of, consequently he had invested in a luxury flat in an expensive part of Wimbledon. The mortgage would have caused most people to faint, especially back in his home town where he could have bought a house for what he was paying for three months mortgage.

Everything was great, Samantha was the stuff of wet dreams, sex was out of this world. She did like to spend money but he was earning plenty. They were devoted to each other and Gareth had decided that marriage was a definite possibility.

The third season saw him make another good start and by November had been selected for the Wales squad in preparations for coming autumn series of internationals. Then disaster struck; the week before the training camp, playing a cup game against a strong French team, Gareth caught the ball from a high kick, he was immediately tackled and a pile of players landed on top of him. There was a resounding crack and everyone knew something serious had happened, all the players instinctively stopped and when the pile of players moved away, Gareth was left prone with his left leg sticking out at an impossible angle.

Six months later, after three operations, he was able to walk again but was told a return to playing was out of the question. The club were very good in the short term but by the end of the season he was told that his contract would be terminated. There was a fairly tidy lump sum of compensation but it was obvious that he would not be able to maintain his current lifestyle. He had to sell the flat, a decision which coincided with a slump in the property market which left him likely to lose about 20% of the purchase price. Then came the hammer blow when he discovered Samantha had been fucking one of the other players while he’d been in hospital.

There seemed only one solution, to move back to his home town where an Uncle had offered him a managerial position in his firm installing CCTV systems. Luckily Gareth had had the foresight to qualify as an electrician straight from school and had worked in the business while making his way up the rugby ladder. His problem was where to live, immediately before moving to London he had lived at home with his mother, his father having cleared off when Gareth was six years old. His mother had taken the news that he was moving away very badly, in fact she had virtually kicked him out of the door, telling him not to bother to come back. He had taken the bull by the horns and made one return visit, bringing Samantha down to meet his mates and hopefully his mother.

The visit had been a disaster, his mother had stood in the front doorway, calling him all sorts of bastard for leaving her to fend for herself, then turning her vitriol onto Samantha, calling her a cheap slag that was only interested in his money. Gareth had to admit that his mother’s assessment of Samantha had proved to be accurate but at the time it only served to deepen the rift between them.

Leah, Gareth’s mother, had never been the perfect mother, she had tried her best but parenting did not come naturally to her. Having a husband like Tony didn’t help, a complete waste of space who devoted his whole life to watching tv, drinking beer and sex. In fact, during one heated argument Gareth had overheard her screaming at Tony that the only thing about him that worked was his cock and that wasn’t big enough to do a proper job. Needless to say, a few days later Tony disappeared, Gareth later discovered him shacked up with a fat scrubber who lived on the other side of town.

Tony had got Leah pregnant on her eighteenth birthday, she always told Gareth he was the worse birthday present she’d ever had, not that she hated Gareth, she did try to beylikdüzü escort love him, but she just had no maternal instincts, seeing him only as a weight around her neck. At least when he got his first contract as a young player he was earning a decent wage which helped her out with managing the house but then he decided to move to London and all Leah could think of was all the years she had struggled in boring, low paid factory work and as soon as things started to improve the ungrateful little bastard cleared off just like his father.

Leah could easily have found another man, 5ft 7ins, a full head of auburn curls falling to her shoulders, 34C boobs with not an inch of sag, trim waist, firm bum and great legs, any man in the town would have her like a shot but most of them were married and she wasn’t going down that route, the ones that were single were just as big wasters as Tony. She had tried on-line dating twice all she got out of that was having to take the train to Cardiff to meet a couple of real weirdos.

Consequently the only sex Leah had experienced since Tony left was courtesy of her vibrators, which cost her a fortune in batteries. There had been that one time on that awful holiday to Lanzarotte, an all-in job paid with vouchers from a national newspaper. The plane was filthy, the hotel plagued with cockroaches and after getting drunk one night she found herself up against a wall with her panties round her ankles with some smelly, greased waiter humping her. That in itself had caused weeks of panic as she wasn’t on the pill and the bastard hadn’t used anything.

When Gareth arrived on the doorstep virtually broke having just managed to pay off the mortgage and saddled with huge credit card debts thanks to Samantha, Leah was less than pleased to see him, but in the end he was her son so she agreed to let him stay until he got back on his feet again. There was little prospect of that, despite him working full time as more debts seemed to be arriving with every post delivery.

Gareth felt trapped, snowed under with his money problems and as if that wasn’t bad enough his mother never missed an opportunity to remind him that going to London was one huge mistake and “shacking up with that slut Samantha,” was another. His only respite was when he was with his mates. They were all players in the local rugby club, the club Gareth had started out with, back in the day they had been a gang of 25 young lads who played hard on the pitch and off, all enjoying each other’s company. Sure enough the group had diminished as years passed, most still playing but social activities curtailed by wives and family commitments. There were just six of them left including Gareth but they were a close group, all trying to keep his spirits up. Charlie, the youngest was convinced that Gareth could fuck his way out of depression, he insisted there were plenty of young tarts in the town who would be happy to open their legs for a good looking guy like Gareth.

Gareth was in the pub waiting for the others to turn up, Charlie was first to arrive, “The others will be late,” he said sitting down with his pint, ” some tosser has thrown himself under a train so all the services are delayed.” Charlie worked at the local council depot in the town but the others all worked in Cardiff.

“No problem,” Gareth replied, ” nothing happening this evening anyway, looks like the game has been called off for a security alert.”

Charlie started on his favourite subject. “You fucking anyone yet?”

“Not interested Charlie, at least wanking can’t get me into trouble.”

“That’s terrible man,”. Charlie took a big swig of his beer. “What about that hot mother of yours, ever thought of er…”

“Thought of what?” Gareth glared at him. “Thought of… you mean… fuck off.”

“Why not?” Charlie came back defensively. “She’s fucking hot man, l bet you’ve thought of it, l know l would.”

“Fuck off Charlie, that’s fucking incest.”

“Nah man, incest is with kids not adults.”

“Of course it is Charlie you tosser.”

“Are you sure?” Charlie looked genuinely puzzled. “what about me and my sister then, is that incest? I mean she’s three years older than me.”

“What?” Gareth said loud enough to turn a few heads at the bar. “Are you fucking your sister?”

“Well yeah,” Charlie replied, “l mean well, just about every fella in our street has fucked her, she a right slag. She’s got three kids, l reckon they’ve each got different fathers and that wet lettuce she’s married to ain’t one of them. I reckoned that if she was giving anyone a piece of her cunt l might as well have some.”

“You’re fucking mental Charlie.”

“No fucking harm in it mate, we’re adults, that’s not illegal is it?”

“Of course it is you plonker.”

“Well no harm done, l didn’t get her pregnant cos l fucked her up her arse.”

Gareth burst out laughing, “Charlie you’re a one off mate.”

“What about you and your mother then?” Charlie beylikdüzü eve gelen escort asked with a smirk. “She’s so fucking hot man, makes me want to cum watching her walking down the street, those fucking tits man and that arse, what l wouldn’t give for ten minutes between her thighs.”

“Why? You want to fuck her twice?” Gareth chuckled as he went to get them both a refill. He was hoping to change the subject when he got back as he was getting a bit uncomfortable in his underpants.

He returned to the table but Charlie wasn’t letting the subject drop.

“Have you ever seen her tits? Are they as fantastic naked?”

“No l haven’t.”

“What about in her undies? Bet she looks a million dollars in nice lace undies, does she shave her cunt?”

“I don’t fucking know for fuck’s sake, she’s my mother, l’ve never thought about her like that.”

“Christ l never think about anything else when l see her man, l know the others think the same, Bri was saying the other day he’d love to stick that donkey dick of his up her arse and make her squeal.”

Gareth’s phone went, it was Paul, he was with the other three, they had just pulled in at the train station and as they had an early start for an away match the following day he said they’d call off for the evening. Gareth told Charlie who checked his watch and decided he’d better go as well.

“Big cup game tomorrow, better not turn up with a hangover.” He finished his pint and said he’d see Gareth in the morning. “Think about it mate, l bet she wouldn’t say no, l wish she’d give me a go at that sweet pussy of hers, l’d love to tongue fuck her.”

Gareth chuckled as they went their separate ways, he decided Charlie was beyond help, the nearest thing he had for a brain was hanging between his legs. Brilliant rugby player, could have gone places if he’d only concentrated as much effort on training as he did trying to bury his dick in the nearest pussy.

Gareth went straight home looking in on his mother who was in the lounge watching tv, telling her he was going straight to bed as he would be going with the team in the morning as a supporter. Leah gave a grunted acceptance as he went to his room.

Gareth had a quick shower then got into bed, trying to settle. The conversation with Charlie kept coming back to him, he had to admit all the talk about his mother had had an effect on him. He had honestly never thought about it but had to admit she wasn’t bad looking, she certainly had a good figure. The way Charlie had talked about her had got his loins stirring, just like they were now as he felt his erection growing. Instinctively his hands went down, one cupping his balls as the other wrapped around his cock, sliding up and down his shaft.

He closed his eyes, picturing his mother in front of him, taking his cock into her mouth.

He pushed the quilt off him so he could watch his hand pulling back his foreskin to expose the big purple head of his cock. It may not have been the biggest cock in the world but at about eight inches and with a good girth, he’d never had any complaints. Just as he began pumping faster something at the corner of his vision caught his attention. He had the immediate feeling that he was being watched; making sure not to make any sudden movement he continued stroking his cock as he slowly shifted his field of vision.

His eyes picked up a movement in the mirror on the front of the wardrobe, the reflection showing his bedroom door which was not fully closed. There was the smallest gap but in that gap there was definitely movement, it could only be his mother, she was watching him wanking. Without being too obvious he adjusted his position so that she had a better view, slowly massaging his cock. He started talking to himself, not loud enough for her to hear clearly. “That’s good Samantha, yes…slide that arsehole onto my cock; yes that’s good, milk me with your arse…oh that’s good…now your mouth, take me in your mouth, yes, l’m cumming!”

He took his hand away, giving her an uninterrupted view of his cock pulsating as his body arched up and jets of hot white spunk shot into the air. He had never cum like it, that first ribbon on cum had shot in the air, most of it landing on his chest but part of it reaching his chin. He was sure he heard a gasp coming from the door as he kept pumping more of his hot cum onto his tummy. He had never done it before in his life but without thinking he removed the spunk from his chin with his finger then put his finger into his mouth, tasting his own salty cum. There was another sound from the door, this time a low groan.

“Why don’t you come in Mum and get a better view?”

Leah had her hand inside her panties watching her son wanking, he had a beautiful cock, nice and long and thick, if only she could have one like that up her pussy instead of her fingers. When he came she thought she would faint, then he scooped his own cum to his mouth and she felt the flood of beylikdüzü masöz escort her own juices as she came. She must have made a sound because he spoke to her, what was she to do? Walk away and pretend it had never happened? That wouldn’t work, she hadn’t realised that she had pushed the door open wider and now he could see her full reflection in the mirror, his mother stood there with one hand playing with her tits, the other inside her panties.

“Come on, come and taste my cum, my cock’s still hard, come and slide your cunt down on me,” all his previous thoughts of the taboo of incest vanished, he wanted a cunt to fuck and she was there. “Come on, l’m waiting, come and get fucked.”

Leah knew this was wrong but there was some irresistible force pushing her into that bedroom. As if by magic she found herself stood at the side of the bed, staring at his still rigid cock, that pool of cum sitting on his tummy.

“Get naked,” he ordered, “strip and show me you want it,”

Silently she removed her top, them undid her skirt and let it fall, pulling down her panties then finally removing her bra. She felt no shame displaying her naked body to her son, at that moment she would do anything if only he would stick that cock up her.

Just like Charlie had said, her tits were fantastic, standing proud and firm with large, engorged, rosey nipples. Her pussy completely shaved, the cleft between her legs glistening with her own juices. He felt the reaction in his cock, this beautiful woman was his, completely at his command, no defences, he could do with her whatever he wanted.

“Get on top of me, put my cock in your cunt.”

The way he spoke to her just heightened her excitement, she wanted him to take control of her. Silently she climbed onto the bed, straddling him with the head of his cock resting against the entrance to her pussy. Slowly she sank onto him, relishing every inch as it glided up her welcoming passage, she savoured the feel of him, no matter how expensive, she had never found a dildo or vibrator that could match the feeling of having a real, living cock inside her. She had him completely now, just feeling it throbbing inside her.

“Eat my spunk,” he commanded but she was slow to respond. He gave her a sharp slap across her tits.

“Hey! No!” She shrieked, “that hurt.” Despite her protest she felt her whole body tremble and a flood of juices flow down over his cock ands balls.

“You just came you bitch,” he yelled at her, “you liked that didn’t you?, do you want another one?”

“No; please, that hurt.”

“It was meant to hurt, now eat my spunk or the next one will be harder.”

Leah stared down at him, tears running down her cheeks, tears of pain but also tears of shame… She didn’t understand how she had got here, all she knew was that she had the most wonderful feeling from deep in her pussy, that her breast were still hurting but that that slap had caused her first orgasm without some form of plastic device in years. She felt his cock throbbing inside her, felt the muscles in her pussy responding. She saw him raise his hand to hit her again.

“No, no, no, please… please not again,” she begged.

“Do it then bitch, eat it.” Gareth felt all the anger that had built up over his betrayal by Samantha coming out. Also he felt the electrical charge from the power he had over this woman, his mother.

Leah traced her fingers over his tummy, through the lines of cum lying there, scooping it up then, looking him square in the eyes, placed her fingers in her mouth, tasting the saltiness of him. Another flutter passed through her body, this was her ultimate humiliation, the fact that her own son could treat her like this and that it felt so good.

“That’s it bitch, take it all, every last drop of your son’s spunk,” he reached for her tits, squeezing them hard then pinching her nipples as she scooped up more of his cum. “I can feel your cunt milking me, you love it bitch don’t you? Tell me you love it, love being my slut.”

Her tears kept coming, even as she was now taking every last trace of his cum from his body, wanting the taste of him. Tears because he felt so good, her hips had begun to rotate on his cock, her body was reacting despite her trying to stop it. She knew this was wrong but it didn’t feel wrong. She fought to try and not say those words but every sensation in her body was telling her he was right, that she wanted this and more.

“I… l love it,” those few words finally broke any mental resistance she had, now her body and her needs took over. “Fuck me, please fuck me… oh god that’s good… oh yes, fuck me.”

Gareth needed to take her, take her and overpower her. Grabbing her he pulled her onto her side, somehow managing to stay inside her, rolled her onto her back and began viciously pounding his cock into her, not caring if he hurt her… wanting to hurt her.

Leah wrapped her legs around his waist, driving her hips up to meet each thrust, the feel of his cock pummelling her insides, his hands mauling her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples. She felt her orgasm building, she managed to get her arms around his neck, pulling herself up to him their lower bodies still crashing into each other. Her teeth sank into his neck as her whole body convulsed, the dam of her orgasm burst, flooding his cock with her heat.

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