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Part 1: Thunderstorms and Virginity,/B>

I know a little cafe bar in a rural town near my lake home that is a great place for burgers and beer. They have a sign over the bar proclaiming cold food, warm beer, and lousy service. Fortunately, we patrons know the sign is wrong. It is a place to bring family for a good dinner when driving several miles into the city is just not an option. It is not a pick-up joint.

Folks do not know mw well there since my lake home is a weekend retreat and a place where I can go vacation on little money. I am quickly approaching my mid sixties, carry some extra weight, and prefer jeans and sweatshirts to business attire. I am in business for myself and it is a jeans and sweatshirt business making me comfortable at work or lounging.

Spring weather is in full bloom and I am working in yard along the lake trying to clean winter debris and make the shore presentable. It is not the warm part of spring leading into summer; it is still cool enough for a jacket until the sun reaches its noontime high.

“Hi Mister Jackson,” I heard a sweet voice call. I looked to see who called my name and standing near by was Molly, my neighbor’s 19-year daughter. Molly is cute, light brown hair that goes blond in the summer sun. She is a nice height of about five feet seven inches tall. Over the years, I watched her grow from a bumbling nervous tween into the womanly figure she is now.

“Oh, hi Molly. I bet you are glad for warm weather to return. Do you need something?” I could see apprehension in her demeanor and waited for her answer.

She took a few more paces closer. It was her habit to stand away waiting for me to turn and acknowledge her. “Well, Mister Jackson,” the apprehension was in her voice as well, “uhm, yeah, I do need something and I hope you don’t think it is foolish.”

“Molly, it is only foolish if you don’t tell me. I can take a break from this job for a sweet neighbor. Why don’t you go inside and make us some hot tea while I finish this spot. She trotted off to my house, her young body showing off its firmness. Before long, her summer attire of bikinis will taunt all the neighborhood boys and men.

I was about ten minutes finishing my task and putting away tools before I went inside for tea. Molly was just heating the tea pot with hot water before pouring in the tea water and tea ball full of King Cole tea from Canada. She also had tea cakes laid out. “Let me wash up a bit, I’ll be right out.” I disappeared into the bathroom to wash.

When I returned, Molly had place settings ready, “Come, Mister Jackson, sit down for your tea.” Molly smiled a magnetic smile as she called me. She would not sit until I did her show of politeness and respect. “I think I brewed it the way you like it.”

“Come on, Molly, sit down, I’m here now. What is the issue on your mind today?” I knew if I did not get to the point, Molly would take her time and maybe not say anything at all. She sat across from me; her smile and bright eyes could melt the winter snow and warm the Arctic.

“Will you vacation here this summer, Mister Jackson? If you do when will you start?” Molly’s voice foretold a longer story and I asked her to tell me what she needed to tell me. “My family said I could stay here this summer instead of going on vacation with them. I’m happy about that but staying alone for three weeks is kind of scary for me. If you are here, I have a neighbor who I call if I need.”

I already knew about the vacation arrangements and already planned my vacation at the lake for the same time; however, Molly did not know that. I suspected her parents said nothing to her since she asked in ways confirming she did not know the plans.

“I do have a month of vacation planned for July. I am not traveling anywhere and will be here. When do your parents leave?” Molly lit up when she heard my vacation plans. She was almost giddy with excitement.

“Mister Jackson, really! That’s perfect. Can I visit you while you’re here? We can drink tea and talk about things.” I was not sure what topics I could talk about with a young women or what topics she would want to talk to me about. I guess that will wait for July.

We finished our tea and nibbled on cakes. We talked about general things, mostly what is happening around the lake. “I better go so you can get back to your yard. I am excited that you will be here this summer.” Molly gave me a hug and little kiss on the cheek before bounding off.

Through the rest of April, May, and June, I made a couple weekend trips to the lake and saw Molly occasionally. I talked with her parents who did not have many instructions for me. At 19, Molly is an adult and a very responsible young woman.


July Fourth weekend this year is a weekend with the fourth on Saturday. I arrived on the first and started setting up for my month of vacation. Molly must have seen me arrive because minutes later she appeared to help me get organized. This warm July day, Molly wore loose baggy shorts antalya escort and an oversize T-shirt. She had a bikini bra on with tie strings hanging out of the shirt and I presumed she had bikini bottoms on under the shorts.

I had several bags of groceries and my clothes to organize. “I’ll put away groceries, Mister Jackson so you can unpack clothes. Mom and dad want you to come for dinner tonight. I think they want to give you final instructions for watching me,” I heard her giggle.

“I probably should not say this, Molly; I enjoy watching you.”

Molly was a great help getting the kitchen into order and functioning. I heard her working banging around cupboards then heard water running. I guessed she had tea almost ready. When I came back to the kitchen, she greeted me with a cup of tea. “I am glad you are staying here for vacation and I get to stay too.”

We settled into the living room with our tea. The house at the lake is not large, the kitchen – living room is really one great room. “Listen, Molly, you are an adult and I will not be watching and waiting up for you if you have plans for late nights out on a date. I will be here if you need to call for a ride.”

“Oh, I don’t date much. I like staying around here. Guys around here are fun and we get along like best friends. I don’t want to complicate that with dating. If you see me out late, it will be on the shore at a bonfire. I don’t think I will call for a ride, Mister Jackson.” What she said was true from everything I knew.

“Thank you for coming over to help me get settled. I would be at it for hours by myself. What time do your parents want me for dinner? I have a couple loose ends to tighten up before I am really on vacation.” Molly took my teacup to the sink and headed out the door.

“Bye Mister Jackson, I’ll see you later.” I could not help but watch her bound off to the shore stripping off her shirt and shorts to reveal her bikini and firm body. There was not much to the bikini and I ridiculed myself for watching her.

Dennis, a neighbor boy was fishing from his paddleboat. He paddled up and Molly got in with him. As they paddled away, she looked back and waved. Molly did not tell me what time for dinner.

The first few days of vacation were full of activities leading up to the Fourth. Fireworks are legal in this county and the sounds of fireworks echoed all around the lake. Neighbors had bonfires and beer, barbeques and music, a whole host of Fourth Weekend craziness. I hosted one fire and barbeque having dozens coming and going. Molly was ever present and her parents came by although they were busy packing.

The Fourth started with paddle boat races in the morning. Paddle boat races are much like bumper cars in virtually unsinkable little paddleboats. The races have several categories from age five to age 75. Everyone wears a life jacket no matter how well they swim. Part of paddleboat racing around here is trying to stay dry. Everyone wears swimming suits because it is a tradition to get wet.

Later in the day come swimming races and bicycle races along the beach. In the evening, everyone has a bonfire and at dark, we start blowing off our big fireworks. The night air fills with scent of gunpowder and the sky fills with exploding rockets and bright flashes of color. This weekend there were more fireworks than usual since the Fourth is a Saturday and people have Sunday to recover.

Molly’s parents planned to leave for vacation Sunday morning and bugged out of all the parities early. However, Molly stayed out until the last firecracker exploded and the last bonfire flickered out. I was out later than I imagined I would. I ended up watching from my deck. Molly came by a couple times bounding from fire to another. Just before I called it a night, she came past again, stopped for a moment telling me thank you for being here. Her bikini-clad body shown against the night sky glistened with dampness from humidity and a day of crazy neighborhood celebrations.

Sunday morning was a polar opposite to Saturday the Fourth. The morning broke silently and I woke to the smell of coffee brewing in my programmable coffee pot. This would be a good morning for coffee and bagels on the deck. I took a quick shower and dressed in my vacation clothes, jean shorts, knit shirt, and canvas deck shoes.

I set down my coffee and bagel, grabbed my tablet computer and settled in to read the morning news. Some neighbors were already out cleaning up messes along the lakeshore. It was not long before I heard a car door close and saw Molly’s family drive of for their three weeks away. I went back to reading a trade article that got my interest.

It was a nice morning to sit, read, and sip coffee; I took full advantage of the warm summer sun, hot coffee, and reading material. I was deep into a couple news articles when I heard the familiar, “Hi Mister Jackson,” coming from Molly. I invited her to have a coffee with me; she accepted with a big smile.

“I saw your family antalya rus escort drive off and now you are out causing mischief, I see.” She had on beach shorts, over a bikini bottom I guessed, and a loose T-shirt over a bikini top. “Have a bagel, Molly, if you want one,” I called to her.

We sat quietly as I finished my reading. When I put the tablet down, Molly eyes met mine. “Do you think I’m causing mischief, really? You know I’m not a trouble maker.”

“Mischief and trouble making are different things. You are a mischief-maker, a merry maker, and a diversion from the mundane. And, I like you making mischief.” Her pout quickly turned to smiles.

“Mister Jackson, you teach me so much, I love being around you. You treat me as an adult not a teen. I feel special when you talk to me.” The honesty in her voice reached my ears and there was a look in her eyes of womanly interest in a man. It frightened me to guess what thoughts circulated in her head.

“Molly, you are special, more adult some adults I know. Yet, you are youthful and vibrant, fun loving and merry making. If we were closer in age, I would be a trouble maker.” I hope that I had not said too much or that my words did not scare her. Her next statement confirmed that I had not said too much and that frightened me.

“I think I would like you being a trouble maker and I don’t care about age.” Now the fear of saying too much showed on her face. She drank her coffee waiting for me to say something.

“Molly, everyone calls me Jack, my nickname. My name is Pat. I want you to call me Jack or Pat. But we do need to stop these innuendos.” I needed to change the direction of this conversation before thing got out of hand.

“I like Jack, I’ll call you Jack. Can I call you Jack in public, too?” Her parents raised her to respect older people and be polite in public. I nodded an affirmative to calling me Jack in public. We finished our coffee and Molly went home saying she had some laundry to wash. I did not see her until later in the afternoon when she was swimming with a group of neighbor boys and girls.

I settled into a vacation routine, swimming, paddle boating, clean the yard, and visiting with neighbors who were out. Mid week, the weather forecast called for a thunderstorm and could be potentially damaging. I secured my outdoor furniture and waited for the worst.

Storm clouds built and soon a massive wall cloud formed. This was going to be a big one. About 6:30 in the evening, all hell broke loose. We had straight-line winds hitting 70 miles per hour with thunder and lightning cracking all around. Power went out when a lightning strike hit near a power transformer. I have a small generator for long power outages, it would keep the refrigerator on and a couple lights and plugs active; I opted to crank it up and put it online. The power company would not reach our location for a few hours and probably not until tomorrow.

Just as I switched the power to generator, I heard pounding on my door. Outside was a thoroughly soaked Molly who was clearly scared from the fury of the storm. I opened the door and Molly leapt into my arms shivering from the soaking and from her fear. “This is a bad one isn’t it Mister Jackson?”

Molly’s clothes were saturated; she soaked me, dripped on the floor and was stiff with both cold and fear. “Molly, get in the bathroom, strip off those soaked clothes and have a hot shower. Hang up your wet clothes. I’ll find you a sweatshirt and sweatpants for the night.”

Molly darted off to the bathroom and I found clothes for her to cover up after her shower. “Warm clothes are just outside the door, Molly. I’ll make you a hot chocolate to warm up with.” I heard the shower running and little sighs as she began to warm. There were a few screams when loud thunder cracked or lightning flashed close by.

I saw the bathroom door crack open as she reached for the clothes on the floor. She came out covered in my sweatshirt and sweatpants. I could not help but laugh at her petite frame disguised in my extra large clothes. “I hung my clothes on the shower curtain rod to dry. I bet you will complain just like dad does when he sees my clothes hanging in the shower.” Just then lightning flashed and thunder cracked making the window glass rattle. Molly jumped into my arms again forgetting that my sweatpants were huge on her, they fell to the floor. With her arms around my shoulders, the sweatshirt rode up to expose her lower body to me.

I tried to pull her away and tell her to cover up; however, she was such a bundle of nerves, and she was completely unaware of her exposure. “Molly!” My strong voice tone got her attention. She realized what happened and went white in embarrassment. She quickly pulled the sweatshirt down and carefully squatted to retrieve the pants.

Molly began crying saying over and over she was sorry for being such a little girl and exposing herself to me. Now, fully covered, she ran to the bathroom and closed antalya ucuz escort the door. She was crying hard and I felt very badly for her. “Molly, come out here. You did not do anything wrong and many people fear storms.”

“I let you see my naked… You saw my…” Molly’s crying did not subside. I busied myself making her bed. There came another crash of loud thunder and streak of lightning. Molly shot out of the bathroom. “How long will this storm continue, Mister Jackson? I can’t believe I am this frightened.”

The storm was one huge cell and would probably continue for a while. The time was only 7:45 but seemed later with power out and everything in darkness. I knew the storm could continue for another hour or more if the radar images were right. “It is a big storm Molly, it could last for a while yet. Do you want some hot chocolate or tea to help you relax? And, what happened to calling me Jack?”

“I should go. I hate myself for being silly and letting you see me like you saw me.”

“No, you will not. You will stay here where there is a little power and some safety if the storm gets worse. Hot chocolate or tea?” I did not want her to go out in this storm as I knew there would be much tree damage and too easy to be hit by blowing debris. Another bright flash of lightning confirmed that Molly would not leave. The thunder that came with it earned me another embrace.

“Can we have tea with a little something strong in it, Mister, Jack?” I agreed and pulled a bottle of a smooth whiskey from my stash. After her accidental wardrobe malfunction, she kept one hand tightly around the waistband of my sweatpants as she moved to the kitchen table to sit.

Perhaps I made Molly’s tea a little too strong, her neck and cheeks flushed with color as she sipped the whiskey laced tea. However, she did begin to relax somewhat. “Are you feeling more brave now, Molly,” I asked with a little laugh and smile.

“It is a little stronger than my dad lets me have, I am getting warm all over. Jack, can I ask you a personal question?” I consented as long as she accepted that I would not answer if it were too personal. “Why aren’t you married? I mean, you are nice and I like being around you.”

“I was married once but it didn’t work out for either of us. I am happy being single. I enjoy having you around also, Molly, but nice is not the only characteristic for making a marriage. Why don’t you date more?”

Molly must have known that question was coming as she quickly replied, “You know why already. I like being friends with all the guys around the lake. I suppose I haven’t found the one who excites me. There are a couple guys I like and I have gone out with them to movies and dances. I just don’t do ‘friends with benefits’.”

Molly always surprises me with her attitude toward dating and sex. I figured from her dating behavior that she is still a virgin and as that thought crossed my mind, I tried to shove it out of my mind only for my minds eye to replay seeing her cute bottom and trimmed pubic when my pants fell away from her body. I had to fight against the feelings growing in my pants.

The storm began to abate, the thunder claps and lightning flashes were far less strong and Molly relaxed more from the laced tea. Just when I was confident the worst of the storm was over, another strong roll of thunder and streak of lightning rocked the night. Molly jumped and launched herself onto my lap burying her head into my chest.

I wrapped my arms around her to give her comfort pulling her tightly against me. She wrapped her arms around me also and wiggled against my lap trying to hide from the storm. However, she caused a storm to rise in me and I am sure she knew it. “The big ones always scare me, Jack.” In my present state, I was not sure what big ones she meant.

It was nearing 9:00 at night; the storm played itself out after almost two hours of its fury. Molly was resting on my lap; she stopped wiggling and my aroused state returned to normal. “Molly, I think the worst has passed. You can get up if you want to.” The big question was, do I want her to get off my lap.

“If you want me to. But I like the feelings I have being this close to you, especially when I feel you holding me.” Out of reflex action, I kissed the top of her head and pressed her head against my chest. Molly sighed in contentment; at least I hoped it was contentment. She wiggled on my lap again and made me stir in my shorts.

Molly did give up her seat on my lap when I complained I needed to use the toilet. Although she did get up, it was not until after she wiggled on my lap more making me react fully. She had to be doing it on purpose.

I spent several minutes in the bathroom taking care of the needs of nature and having a quick cold wash. I feared how I reacted to Molly and feared more that she did it on purpose. I remember her saying she liked how I held her and remembered the light kiss I gave the top of her head. I needed a little more cold water.

When I returned, Molly had curled herself on the pull out bed. She wrapped herself under the sheet and light blanket throw. “I am really sorry for being such a little girl Mister Jackson, ah Jack. These summer storms always frighten me. Is the TV connected to power so we can see the local stations?”

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