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For a few days nobody said anything about the wonderful evening that we had on our 18th birthday. On the following Saturday, Darren and Mum went shopping leaving Dad and I to clear out the garage. Whilst we were doing this Dad said to me. “Did you enjoy the other night?”

I said. “It took me by surprise at first, but, yes I really enjoyed it”.

Dad said. “Your mother and I have had many experiences both together and on our own. We are happy with that and really enjoy sex with other people. That’s why we thought that you and Darren should be given some expert tuition rather then fumble around and perhaps get caught out.”

I said. “Any tips that you two can give me will be really appreciated.” Nothing more was said, but just having that conversation with Dad made my cock grow half-hard. In realised that the other night was not going to be a one-off session.

When we had finished the garage we both went inside the house and I went upstairs to have a shower while Dad busied himself in the kitchen. I was happily soaking myself in the shower cubicle when the door opened and there stood my father. He just stood there looking me up and down. My flaccid cock immediately started to swell and harden. Dad said.

“What’s the matter with you? I haven’t even touched you yet and your dick is stiff!” I replied.

“I just can’t help it. I think I know what’s coming and I am really looking forward to it!” With that I just stood in the stream of hot water whilst I watched my father slowly take his clothes off. He turned his back on me as he dropped his boxer shorts thereby giving me a long look at his arse cheeks and his anus. He bent over to step out of his boxers and his socks and I was able to see his heavy ball sac but not his prick. However he turned to face me and I was presented with his club-like cock rearing up towards me. Dad said.

“Would you like me to sap you down so that you are nice and clean?” With that he turned me around so that I had my back to him and pushed my legs slightly apart. He lathered his hands and started to soap my shoulders and back, gradually moving down my body. He lathered up again and I felt him kneel down behind me – his breath flowing over my arse cheeks. şirinevler türbanlı escort Then I felt his soapy hands kneading into the cheeks of me arse before moving down each leg. Then his hands returned up my legs to rest again between the cheeks of my arse. I was twitching already as his fingers lightly traced a pattern across my anus. Then I felt more pressure on my rosebud as one finger gently found its way into my bum hole. Dad turned me round while still keeping his finger up my arse. His face was presented with the raging hardness of my cock – only 6 inches compared to his monster 11 inches but still pretty respectable. Dad licked his lips and gently drew the foreskin back to reveal the bell-end of my member. Then he covered the bell-end with his mouth whilst rubbing the shaft with his free hand, setting a rhythm going with his finger deep inside my arshole. The power of his sucking was greater than anything I had experienced with Darren and I quickly came to the point of no return. My cock started to pulse and throb and I could feel my cum flowing into Dad’s mouth. He swallowed it all, not wasting a single drop.

Dad turned me round again so that my back was to him. Immediately I felt his huge cock pulsing against the crack in my arse cheeks. He whispered in my ear.

“Bend over and get ready to feel my cock filling your arse.” I moaned with excitement and sai,

“Yes. I’ve been waiting for this for ages”. With that I bent over and felt the head of his prick probing at my bum hole and starting to push against it. It started to hurt but, somehow, the bell-end of his mammoth penis penetrated through my sphincter muscle. I cried out in pain but Dad said,

“Relax. It’ll be all right in a minute”. Gradually the pain started to subside and, as it did, dad started to move backwards and forwards gently probing deeper and deeper into my rear hole. I started to get a warm, glowing feeling around my groin and I felt my cock starting to harden again. All of a sudden I realised that I could feel Dad’s pubic hairs tickling my anus, which meant that I had taken the whole of his club-like cock inside me. His movements started to quicken and become şirinevler ucuz escort more urgent as one of his hands was pulling my hips towards him while the other was pulling at my now erect prick. I felt dad’s cock start to swell and, with a mighty bellow, he shot several wads of spunk deep inside me. Fortunately the shower was still going and this helped both of us cool down and also lubricate my throbbing anus as Dad’s cock eased out of it. We towelled each other dry, dressed and went downstairs just in time to meet Mum and Darren arriving home from their shopping trip.

Chapter 2

A short while after my first fuck with him, Dad had to go away for ma few days on business. When we found ourselves alone I told Darren what had happened with dad. We were in my bedroom and Mum was downstairs watching TV. Recounting my adventure with dad naturally made Darren and I as horny as hell. We were only wearing shorts and it was obvious that our cocks were both standing to attention waiting for some sort of relief. I told Darren how sore my arsehole had been after being fucked by Dad’s giant weapon. Thankfully I was feeling a lot better now especially as Darren had pulled my shorts off, gave my cock a quick suck and then set about licking my arsehole with his tongue.

After a little while he pulled away from me, stripped off his shorts and exposed his magnificent 9-inch weapon, straddled my face with his legs and then bent forward to resume reaming my arse with his mouth. His rosebud anus was just inches away from my face and so I reached up and gently lapped at his bum hole. It started to open straight away and so I could penetrate his arse just a little with my tongue.

We were so engrossed with enjoying each other’s bodies that we didn’t see a shadow fall across us. I opened my eyes to see Mum standing close to us by the side of the bed. Even after the events of our birthday we still broke away from our sexual clinch not knowing what our mother was going to say or do. We needn’t have worried! Mum said.

“You know it’s not just boys that like their arses pleasured. Us girls like it too you know!” Darren and I lay on the bed casually pulling at each other’s şişli escort rampant erections as Mum slowly took her clothes off, not taking her eyes off us as she did so. She got down to her bra and panties. There was a telltale wet patch at the crotch of her tiny panties and her breasts were obviously straining for release from her thin, white bra. She quickly discarded her undergarments and immediately started to tweak and pull at her blood-engorged nipples. She kneaded her tits with both hands pulling them as far apart as they would go and then smashing them back together again. Mum said.

“Darren – I want your cock between my tits and Hugh – slide your gorgeous prick inside my arsehole”. With that Darren lay on his back and Mum straddled his hips, bent over and engulfed his cock with her wobbling tits. Bent over like that that presented her ample arse cheeks to me. I pulled them apart revealing her hairy twat and her pink rosebud anus, which was framed by her black pubic hair. I positioned myself behind her, rubbed some body lotion over the purple head of me cock and gently pushed at the mouth of her bum. It gave way easily and, before I knew it, the entire length of my 6 inch prick was embedded in Mum’s arse. Her arse muscle clamped itself around my dick and we set up a rhythmic motion that produced shuddering moans from both of us.

Suddenly Mum pulled away from me dislodging my cock from her arsehole. She pushed me over until I was lying full length on the bed. She squatted on top of me with the cheeks of her arse nuzzling my still rampant prick. Lying on top of me she quickly re-inserted my cock into her bum. This position opened up her cunt for invasion and Darren was quick to see the possibilities. He straddled Mum and then placed the head of his monster to the lips of Mum’s twat. With one thrust he impaled himself in her making her gasp for breath. We weren’t able to move very much but the sheer excitement of the situation quickly brought us all to a shuddering climax. Both Darren and I could feel each other’s globs of spunk as we emptied ourselves in our mother’s cunt and arse. The weight of Darren’s body started to hurt Mum and so he got off her, knelt down and cleaned the cum out of her pussy with his mouth. As she lifted herself off me Mum turned and presented her arse to my mouth for cleaning. It was especially pleasurable to drink my own cum as it oozed out of her anus.

We lay on the bed for a long time just touching and cuddling one another until sleep overtook each one of us.

To be continued……….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32