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I arrived in record time. My mini skirt riding high all the way to Mom’s. Seeing my creamy thighs against the tops of my stockings pushed my sex drive to the max. Feeling so hot I can wait to lay my eye’s on Mom again. I resting my right hand between my legs all the way there. As I pull into the Driveway I notice that I have missed Dad. He has already left to do some Fishing, that’s OK by me. Mom meet me at the car when I arrive. She gave me a kiss on the lips, and helped me with my stuff.

Once inside she asked why I was dressed so seductively. I replied I wanted to look nice for you when I arrived. She looked a little puzzled by this and change the subject. We chatted about what we’d been up to, just the boring stuff. I told her I felt like a bath after the long drive. She went off to run it. While I unpacked my bag. I put my mini vibe under the pillow of the my old bed. I laid out some thing sexy to wear after the bath. I undressed and went naked to check on the bath. Mom said It should be right to hop in now. I noticed Mom sneak a glance at my body. I held her arm while I stepped in. So hot on my toes.

I splashed water up my legs as I squatted easing my butt into the water. Mom stayed a while sitting on the chair in the Bathroom. Once in I lowered myself so that my whole body was under the water. I closed my eyes and relaxed in the water. Mom was still chatting to me catching up on the things that had been going on. I felt her presence closer now, she took the face washer and dipped it in the water. I think she was going to wash me? How sexy is this I thought to myself. She asked me to sit up while she washed my back.

She is a wonder. It was as sensual as a massage…I thought. She then move to wash my front. I closed my eyes as she brushed my breast. Mmmmmm. She soaped up her hands and began to lather up my tits and belly. This felt incredible. She rinsed them off, exposing my erect nipples. I sunk back into the water. And to my disappointment Mom left. She mentioned something about fixing us a drink and some nibblies. While she was gone I drove my fingers deep into my pussy. Oooooh yeah……. I didn’t stay in the bath long. I was eager to have a drink and show off more of my bod to Mom.

I dried off and went back to my room to get changed. I noticed she had been in here as she had turn the bed for me. I wonder if she had noticed my mini vibe? I slipped on my teddy and satin robe. I didn’t bother to tie it up and paraded back into the lounge to meet back up with Mom. She had mixed us a Gin and Tonic each. We had some biscuits, cheese and dip.

We sat on the black leather couch, we kept talking about things. She told me how good I looked and blossomed into a beautiful lady. I said that it was all her doing…She laughed. Not long after and we had clocked up several hours together chatting and catching up. Mom said she was going to retire to bed as she had a big game tomorrow. I gave her a kiss and said I will see her tomorrow. I was feeling really hot and had to touch my pussy to see how wet I was. I was dripping. I scooped up a finger tip of my come and smothered it over my lips. I licked my lips and closed my eyes. I was thinking of it being the taste of Mom’s come.

I drove two fingers deep into my pussy I wanted to feel them so deep inside my pussy. I thrust my fingers in and out, smothering my fingers in my creamy juices. I was as horny as hell. I was feeling rather randy at this point and decided to creep up to Mom’s room. I was tip toeing and was very quite. It was a wonder Mom didn’t hear my heart, it was beating uncontrollably. I watched as Mom slipped in to bed through a crack in the door. I want those tits of hers to myself. I want to bite those gorgeous buns. I rubbed my clit slowly as she turn off the light and went to sleep. I was so turn on by the thought of frigging myself and watching Mom.

It felt so wrong, this made me as horny as hell. I crept to my room where I had mini waiting for me. It didn’t take long to reach my first intense orgasm. I was thrashing around in bed I didn’t care if Mom walked in at this point I was too far gone. But she must of been sound asleep. I didn’t hear from her. I brought myself to several orgasms. I was exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

Saturday Morning(PART 2)

The next morning Mom had left for tennis by the time I got out of bed. She left me a note that said she would be home around 3pm. I had four hours to kill. I popped on No man’s land as I fixed myself something to eat. I sat transfixed to the box watching those horny topkapı escort babes pleasuring themselves. Mmmmmm. I brought out all my toys I packed and started to feel myself up. Mmmm. I am thinking of you Bree sitting on Lori’s lap from the other time we chatted. I had such a good time with you two the last time. I had my Dildo to the hilt inside my pussy and mini was expertly working my swollen clit. I closed my eyes and dreamt of Mom walking in. I was incredibly turned on by those babes moaning and talking dirty in the background. I lost count of the amount I times I came that day till Mom got home. I even had a banana inside my pussy at one stage. I guess you know I ate it up when I was finished.

I showered and prepare for Mom’s arrival. I grabbed the walkman and stepped into my teddy. You can’t believe how nervous I was at this point. I was nearly not going to go through with it. I felt really silly. But I want to be caught in the act. I flicked the Vid on again to set my mood, and ease the tension in the air. It wasn’t long till I was extremely wet again. I stood at the window eagerly watching for Mom’s car to drive down the street. There she is right on time.

Now to get into position. I turned off the video and relaxed myself as much as I could. I put the headphones of My walkman on and closed my eyes. I grabbed my mini vibe and proceeded in a rhythmic fashion until I was going in time with the music. She must be close now. Then I felt the cool breeze from the door. Mom must be in now. I didn’t stop what I was doing I just kept on working my slippery pussy. I must of been doing it for at least a good minute when I felt her presence even closer to me. I slowly open my eyes.

To my shock Mom had her close friend and tennis partner Jan there beside her. My mini vibe shot out of my dripping pussy and skated across the floor. Mom’s face was in complete shock. I was so embarrassed I ran to my room. What have I done? I locked the door a fell head first on to my bed. Tears began to roll down my face. How could I have been so stupid? Mom was knocking at the door. In a stern voice she said “I need to talk to you.” Boy am I really going to get it. I laid on my bed whimpering for a while until I nodded off to sleep. I refused answer her or to show my face. I have ruined everything. I woke about two hours later. My knees were still trembling. I had to work out what to say.

I thought for sometime on this. Working up enough courage to go back outside my bedroom. I must go out and face the music some time soon. I got dressed completely now. I slowly unlocked my door. I went down the hall towards Mom who must of been in the lounge room as I could hear the television going. I walked in to the lounge. “I am so sorry Mom. I really didn’t mean to embarrass you like that, I really had no idea what time it was. I wasn’t expecting you home for an hour or so. I must of lost track of time. I am truly very sorry.”

Mom said “come hear dear I think we need to talk.” Look Amy I am not mad at you I have been thinking about it for sometime now. It is completely natural honey. I sighed in relief. “Are you having problems sexually honey?”

“Did you want to talk about it?” Mom said. “I haven’t been with anyone for a while now and have a fair bit of pent up tension, I just needed to release it.”

“You understand don’t you Mom” I said. She agreed, She had also been a bit frustrated lately. After Jan left I clean up after you. I must admit you sure know how to cream up that vibe. It was cover in your juices. I washed it for you. It was kinder sweet smelling. It made me a little on the hot side you know. She also admitted that she masturbated often when Dad was on his Fishing trips. She sure knows how to break the ice. I was feeling a whole lot better now. I gave her a hug, and repeat that I was very sorry. It felt good to be hugged at this point.

“There was just one other thing” she said. She reached for the remote for the video and pushed play. I was turning red my cheeks felt like they were going to burn. I tried to make up an excuse but was cut off by Mom. “I bet this makes you hot.” I could only nod my head. Can I fix you a drink honey to calm you down a bit. Yes, please I said that would be great. Don’t turn it off honey I want to watch it with you. I swallowed the lump in my throat.

This could be great I thought. As she was fixing the drinks I rewound the tape. I wanted to watch it from start to finish, and besides the best scene I think is at the start. She returned with an türbanlı escort opened bottle of Gin and a couple of glasses and some Tonic. We poured our drinks a started watch the first scene. Mmmmm. I was feeling very hot by the end of the scene and asked if I could be excused for a while. Mum said that’s was Ok. I scurried to my room and began to get changed into my satin Bra, panties and suspenders and finished it off with my matching satin robe.

I didn’t think I was gone for long. When I return to the lounge I could hear the familiar sound of Mini being worked in and out. I was right Mom had it and was going to town with it. “So you like what you see then Mom” I asked. She just purred back at me. I quickly removed my robe and let it fall to the floor. I was amazed at Mom’s boldness. She was really going for it. Now, and in front of me. What a wild woman she is…I thought to myself. I lower My hand to cup my sex mound. I fixed us both another drink and continued to watch both Mom and the TV.

I turned up the volume and sat back to watch as Mom was about to come right there before my very eyes. She was moaning like crazy. I reached over and placed my hand on her warm cream thighs. She convulsed at my touch. I took this as a good time to see how far I could get. I ran my hands up her thighs to her slurping pussy. I massaged her pubic mound for a while until she let loose with a wail of ecstasy. She was at the brink of climax. I ran my hands up her sides and through her hair whispering to her to come for me, come for me.

I want you to come. That she did. By the sounds of it was pretty intense as screamed for about 4 seconds. I lent forward a kissed her on the cheek. She grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips. Then she whispered “It your turn now.” I was ready that’s for sure. I took another mouthful of Gin and swallowed it.

I asked Mom if she liked my mini as much as I did. She said that she love every inch of it. I asked if she was finished with it for the moment, and that If she didn’t mind, I would love to borrow it a while. She slowly pulled it out of her creamy pussy. I watched as her eyes rolled back on remove of it. Mmmmm she said, that’s very special and feels great inside.

It was cover completely in Mom’s cream. I took it from her and raised it to my lips. I poked out my tongue and licked the length of it. I could tell Mom was surprised by this but wasn’t going to say a word. I swallowed Mom’s come which made me very hot. I told her how nice she tasted. I wasn’t going to let any of it go to waste. I continued to lick it all over until it was glistening clean. Mom said wait there a minute I’ll be back. I’ll be right here when you come back. Mom then went out of the room for a while and soon returned in her most sexiest outfit. A pair of crotchless panties and suspenders the whole thing. By the time she returned I had been going at it for while. I felt a little disappointed that she wasn’t there to watch my whole performance.

Mom sat back on the lounge with one leg over the arm. She was back to her clit, and giving it a thorough working. I got off the lounge and removed my panties completely. I bent down it front of her and continued to rub my clit for her. With my other hand I reached around and drove mini into my pussy. I slurped loudly as I increased the tempo. I yelled I want to come for you Mom. I want to come. I could see Mom was back touching herself inside again. Actually I could hear her first. You make me so fucking hot. It was getting harder to stand up I could feel a knee trembler come on. Hold Me Mom, Hold me close I screamed.

I’m coming….I’m coming. And that I did. It was by far my most intense orgasm of my life. Seconds later Mom was coming too. The heat in the room was electric at this point. I turn to face Mom and slumped down beside her. We just held each other for the next five or so minutes. I looked in to Mom’s eyes and thanked her for being so open with me. I asked her if she didn’t mind, I could touch her pussy. She replied only if I can touch yours too. Mmmm I said I would like that very much.

She was very wet and creamy I couldn’t wait to feel inside her pussy. I teased her until she squirmed around and looked frustrated as hell. She grabbed my hand and guided it into her pussy. Touch Me you little teaser. I put my lips to hers and stifled anymore of her chatter. Our tongues danced in our mouths, getting faster and faster. Mom was extremely hot right now. I could hear and feel her moaning in my mouth. Then I drove my tüyap escort fingers deep inside her pussy. Well she nearly bit of my tongue, with the pleasure I was now giving her soaked pussy. I then traced my tongue down her neck and worked those lovely breasts of hers sucking on one nipple and tugging at the other. My tongue snaked down her belly. I was going to get a mouthful of her come. No matter what. Her moaning grew louder as I near her pussy.

“What are you doing” she cried. I am going to steal all your sweet come from your hot pussy Mom. With that she grabbed a handful of my hair and began to push my head down to her pussy. Now who was in control here. Yes she screamed Take it all honey. I was going to I assured her.

“Spread those Creamy thighs and let me” in I yelled. On that she did, I traced my tongue on her outer lips savouring the moment for as long as I could. Then POW I was lapping furiously at her pussy. She seem to like it a lot because she was forcing my head closer to her pussy. That’s it darling, That’s it. Eat me Amy you bad girl, eat Mom’s pussy. I want to come all over you. I lashed away at her clit and drove two of my fingers in and out of her pussy. Mmmmm. OOOh yeah fuck he honey Fuuucccckkkkk mmmmeeeee. She was losing all control. I was going make Mom come and I am not going to miss one little drop of it. I started talking dirty back to her. “You like the way your daughter licks pussy don’t you. Your so damned tasty too. So Hot…and so fucking wet. Fuck my tongue Mom.” Yyyeeesss….she screamed Yyyeeess I am coming.

“Come all over my face Mom” She tighten up and nearly squashed my face. Ooooooohhhhhh. She come like I have never seen anyone before. She came lots and dribbled down the sides of my mouth. I busily lapping it all up thrashing my face from side to side. My face was completely soaked with Mom’s wetness. I was on fire. “Mom please eat me” I wailed “Eat my damn pussy.” Come here and give your Mom a kiss sweetie. That I did. You are one sexy Daughter she told me. Are you ready for Mom to please you now. I drove two fingers into my pussy and sloshed around in my wetness. I am as ready as I will ever be Mom I want you soooo bad. “I see” she said. I remove my fingers and drew them close to our lips. We both hungrierly took a finger each and licked it clean. How do I taste I asked.

She said as sweet as your mini vibe tasted earlier today honey. You mean you taste my come earlier. Oohh yes you made me as hot as hell earlier today. As soon as Jan left and I cleaned up, I was hot as hell. I was ready to put you over my knee and spank that little arse I saw scurry off out the room. I was shocked at what Mom had just said and timidly offered my buns for a spanking. “Go on then spank your naughty Daughter. With that she slapped my arse with a firm open hand. Thwack, oohh. You’ve been a bad girl and I am going to punish you. She put me over her knee and continued to spank my arse. It was probably red as anything now.

It felt so hot and burnt the top layer of my skin on my arse. I have never been spanked before, but I was beginning to like it. Mom kept yelling at me and spanking harder and harder. She then circled my loins with her hand and run it down between my legs. But it didn’t stop there. She parted my legs and I felt her fingers forcing my labia apart. I was incredibly wet down there. Mom was still talking dirty to me as she brushed my clit it was electric. I squealed out in delight. Yeah Mom touch my button, touch my pussy. That she did her hands felt very experience. She had slippery fingers that touched every inch of my pussy inner lips.

I was bucking now trying to guide those finger inside my pussy. Touch my insides Mom I want to feel you deep in me. Then she drove two of her fingers in my creamy wet pussy. Her fingers left my pussy and went into her mouth. You taste great honey. I hopped off her lap and sat beside her. I spread my legs and motioned her to my pussy. Eat me out then Mom. I need your tongue. Taste me, taste me Mom. She kissed me on the lips I could taste my come in her mouth. Mmmm. I grabbed her head as she had done to me. I lowered it straight to my quivering pussy. Eat me Eat me I screamed. She was eating me alright. I have never felt so good.

She was lapping up all my creamy wetness. I was about to come. She felt sooo good. I am coming for you Mom. She had her tongue thrashing around inside my pussy, and was rubbing the fuck out of my clit. I was going to explode. And explode I did. I came so intensely I nearly passed out. She left my pussy and meet with my lips we tongue kissed and gave each other a huge hug. Mom said she hadn’t felt this good in quite a while. I was glad to hear that ’cause I felt the same way. We both fell asleep in each others arms and woke in the morning. Mmmm what a night, one I will not forget for sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32