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I’m relatively new to this, and welcome any feedback. I intend for this to be the first chapter of a long ongoing story, so any suggestions about story development are very welcome! Please let me know what you thought, and most of all enjoy!

Chapter 1 – Birthday Girl

Quiet as I tried to be as I came home that Friday, it wasn’t good enough. I had barely closed the front door and slid Angel’s gift behind the couch discreetly when I heard her familiar voice call out from upstairs.

“Daddy? Is that you?”

She sounded a little nervous — I was rarely home before 6 and had been hoping she’d be out at the mall with friends, giving me time to plan her surprise properly. No such luck. “It’s me, babygirl,” I called out, smiling.

“Daddy!” Angel’s voice, now excited and breathy, came from the stairs, and I smiled up at my beautiful stepdaughter as she ran down to welcome me home.

Angel’s best described as a force of nature. Long, wild, curly red hair (natural) with big, deep, expressive eyes , full plump bee-stung lips and a pert button nose, her face could stop traffic, but that’s not where the perfection ended; I’d married Angel’s mom when Angel was just 16 and developing as a woman, but how she’d developed. Ripe 36DD tits (I’d taken her bra shopping once, which is a story in itself), a trim waist and smooth flat tummy, full hips and a round, firm ass with coltish legs completed the cock-stiffening ensemble. So if I smiled a little too wide as she bounced down the steps to greet me, if I indulged in a few not-so-fatherly thoughts as she jumped into my waiting arms wearing just a skimpy t-shirt and cutoffs? Sue me.

I hugged Angel, spinning her around at the foot of the stairs with her arms around my neck, causing her to giggle in delight as she always did, her face buried in my neck, breath tickling my skin. I was reluctant to set her down, enjoying the feel of her lush tits on my chest and my hands on her lower back, close to the swell of her delicious ass, but I did so, planting a kiss on her rosy cheek, breathing in her apple-scented shampoo. “How’s my babygirl on her big day?”

Angel pouted dramatically, making her glossy red lips look even more luscious. “Bored, Daddy! All my friends are on that dumb school trip to Vienna, and Mom’s away…” she trailed off, a sad look crossing her pretty face. I stroked her shoulder, smiling down at her.

“Mom’s sorry she had to work out of town through your birthday, sweetie,” I said, cradling her delicate chin in my fingers. “Especially one as important as your 18th. I’m sure she’ll make it up to you. Besides… I hope you and me can still make it really special.”

“How, Daddy?” she asked, face brightening. She had taken to calling me that almost right away, and I wasn’t complaining — I liked the way it made me feel.

“I’m glad you asked, princess. Close your eyes.”

Angel giggled again, making her chest jiggle delightfully, and I felt a stirring along the length of my cock (I told you; sue me, but I’m not apologizing). She closed her eyes, taking my hands as I led her to the couch, sitting her down gently. Standing over her like that greatly improved the view down her low cut top into the well of her perfect cleavage, (get your lawyers ready, because did I take a good, long look? You bet I did) and the blood flow to my dick increased even more. I gazed at this redheaded vision before me for a moment, then snapped back to the task at hand.

Taking Angel’s gift from behind the couch, I set the large, gold, elaborately wrapped and beribboned box on her lap, resting it on her creamy thighs. Stepping back, I said quietly “OK baby.. open up.”

Angel gasped and oohed like a little girl on Christmas day when she saw the present. “For me, Daddy?”

“Of course it’s for my favorite girl,” I replied, smiling indulgently down at her. “What are you waiting for, darling? Open it up!”

Angel took her time, not wanting to tear the delicate wrappings, so within a minute or two, the box was open on her lap and she was grinning up at me wickedly. “No way! Mom changed her mind?”

“Well… not exactly. But she’s not here, right? It can be… our little secret.”

Angel set the box aside as she stood, lifting from it the dress she’d been begging for all month since she’d seen it in an exclusive boutique downtown. Her mom had said no way; it was too short, too tight, too revealing. But her mom was at a conference in Tucson. Besides, she was a young woman now.

Angel’s excitement only grew as, revealed as she lifted the dress to try on against her body, she saw the matching black, knee-high, heeled boots underneath. She squealed in delight, jumping up and down, making her breasts once again bounce prettily.

“Oh you are just the best daddy in the whole world,” she said, hugging me tighter than before and, I was sure, aware of the noticeable bulge along my pants leg my thickening hardon was creating.

“Anything for you, babygirl. Now scat! I want to see ataşehir escort how they fit,” I said, playfully swatting her firm ass as she picked up her gift and scampered to the bathroom.

It was a frustrating wait; she had (deliberately?) left the door open a couple of inches so, as she changed, I caught tantalizing glimpses of skin (was that an arm? Her lower back? Was that flash of pink her panties?) and heard her slowly zipping up the knee-high fuck-me boots.

“Daddy?” Angel called out finally, her voice once again sounding young and innocent. “Can you help me, please?”

I eagerly stepped up, pushing the door open to reveal my gorgeous stepdaughter transformed from an admittedly sexy girl into a goddess. The dress clung to every inch of her ample, perfectly proportioned flesh; a deep black, light seemed to sink into the material, and her breasts and buttocks seemed encased in a dark oil, not cloth. “Daddy?” Angel’s voice roused me from my lustful torpor.

“Yes, babygirl?”

Angel’s eyes were on me in the mirror as she smiled, her pink lips curling. “Zip me up?”

It was only then that I noticed that the dress was only zipped to the small of her back, leaving an expanse of creamy soft skin exposed.

Obligingly, I stepped closer, acutely aware of Angel’s deep-green eyes on me as she held her red curls out of the way, raising her tits to an even more delectable angle. My heart hammered in my chest and I felt sure Angel could feel the heat from my pulsing hardon as I held the zipper, putting my other hand on her waist (purely for support, of course) and slowly, almost reluctantly, zipped the dress to the top, all the while my head swimming with what might happen if I chose instead to slide the zipper down, to tear the material from her voluptuous teenage body, exposing her from head to toe, then throwing her forward onto the counter, spreading her lithe legs and baring her pussy, and —


Once more Angel’s sweet voice brought me back to reality. She had turned to face me, bright eyes shining up at me, her ripe tight body an inch from mine in the small room. Was it my imagination? Were here pupils dilated, was her chest lightly flushed? Had our exchanges and mild flirtations been stirring the same dark fantasies in her mind as in mine?

“D-do I look OK?” she asked, biting her full lower lip sensually. I snapped back to myself, my lustful fantasy, if not forgotten, then at least pushed to the back burner of my brain.

“Babygirl,” I began, touching her cheek once more, overcome with love and new, darker feelings, “OK doesn’t cover it. Come out here where I can see you better.”

Brief moments later, I was sitting back in my armchair while Angel stood before me, almost demure despite her delectable body and sex-kitten outfit. The dress, the boots, her full soft parted lips, deep soulful eyes, wild wanton red hair … she was perfection, and I happily told her so as she giggled, spinning for me before slipping onto my lap, arms around my neck. I laid my hand on her firm, creamy thigh, the other on the small of her back. They itched to explore elsewhere, but I made them be still.

Angel and I had always been physically demonstrative, casually so — hugs, kisses on the cheek, playful tickling, my arm around her as we watched a movie in the living room — but over the last 6 months or so, as Angel blossomed from a beautiful young girl to a gorgeous young woman, things had changed slightly. I’m only human — I had taken some (discreetly) lingering looks at her as she walked around the house in a tanktop and panties or her favorite short silk robe, or as she sunbathed in the yard; but, in turn, I had caught Angel looking at me sometimes with something dark and mischievous behind her eyes. Twice in the past month she had walked in on me as I toweled off after a shower — seemingly by accident, but each time as she backed out, apologizing, hand over her mouth, I had seen her doe eyes stray to my muscular torso, to my cock, and widen slightly, apparently liking what she saw. It seemed (to me, at least) that of late our hugs and kisses had lingered just a moment longer than usual, and it was obvious that when her mom wasn’t around (which lately had been most of the time) she was a lot more attentive — lots of ‘innocent’ touches and kisses, lots of — speak of the devil — sitting on Daddy’s lap.

All of these things were running helter-skelter through my mind as Angel sat, idly tousling my short dark hair and smiling that smile of hers, that angel smile that seemed to promise boundless sins hidden behind it.

“Now that I’m all dolled up, Daddy, what shall we do tonight?” she said, her palm on my chest, surely able to feel the effect she was having on my racing heart, each time she shifted a little and that firm tight ass rubbed against my thickening cock, which now felt like an iron bar along the leg of my pants.

“Well, babygirl, it’s your night,” I said, squeezing her thigh, causing her to avcılar escort wiggle against me deliciously, her soft full tits on my chest. “We could go out for a special dinner .. or I know you’ve been wanting to go dancing at that new club. I could take you there, if I’m not too old to get in…”

Angel laughed and slapped my chest playfully. “Daddy, don’t be silly, you’re not old, you could get in anywhere. And I bet the girls would be all over you. I see how women look at you when we’re out.”

“Yeah, right,” I said, mock-offende, but relishing the compliment. It had been the longest time since I had felt like my wife looked at me with hunger in her eyes, so the thought of being desirable was intoxicating. “I dunno though… I’d be jealous as hell if I took you out in that, with all the guys who’d be lusting after you.”

Alarm bells were going off in the back of my head, at this dangerous trail I was headed down, but I pushed them aside as Angel grinned wolfishly at me.

“You really think they’d all stare, Daddy?” she asked and I nodded somberly. Angel’s fingers toyed with the buttons on my shirt as she quietly said “If you were one of them… would you stare, too?”

How else but to answer honestly? “I’m staring at you right now, aren’t I?” I said, my eyes never leaving hers, burning into her, trying to convey everything I felt… everything I wanted.

I couldn’t name all of the warring emotions fighting for control of my next move, but I can tell you who won; in one movement, Angel and myself closed the distance between us fluidly as our lips met.

Instantly, Angel’s firm lush body grew even more alive in my arms; she pressed hungrily against me, her arms tight around me as our mouths opened, warm and wet, tongues seeking, thrashing, eager and hot.

“Oh Daddy… Daddy,” was the only word from Angel’s strawberry-sweet lips as my hands explored just as they’d been longing to do; I caressed her hip, my hand sliding up to cup one perfect teenage breast, its warmth and ripeness filling my palm. She sighed into my mouth as my thumb began to slowly, firmly, rub at her nipple through the slinky material, feeling it stiffen under my touch instantly. Angel’s head tilted back, her eyes closed in sheer passion, her scarlet curls cascading down her back as I rubbed and teased, my lips moving down over her chin to taste her swanlike neck.

Both of my eager hands now roughly mauled Angel’s tits, pulling her pretty new dress down to expose them to the air and my ministrations. Without a bra they held, round and full and pert, in my hands as I kissed every inch of them, my tongue circling her pink hard nipples, stopping only to suckle firmly at them, causing Angel to wriggle and writhe in my lap, grinding harder on my painfully stiff prick.

“Ohh… you like those, Daddy? You like your babygirl’s big tits?”

I nodded and moaned in response, pulling her closer as I feasted on her creamy young white flesh, opening my mouth wide to taste as much luscious pulchritude as I could.

“Mmm.. they’re better than Mom’s?” she asked, a playful tone in her little-girl voice.

“Oh god.. so much better, baby — bigger, firmer, tastier — they’re fucking perfect.”

“They’re perfect for fucking, too, Daddy — do you want to see?” she asked, tenderly kissing my lips.

“I want to see everything, Angel baby,” I replied honestly.

“Then sit back. Tonight I become a woman. Your woman,” she added with another sweet peck of a kiss, before turning away to stand in the center of the room, her slutty boots clicking with each step. She faced me, cupping her own heavenly tits, smiling sweetly, angel face framed by red curls.

“Thank you so much for my present, Daddy,” she slid her dress down around her waist,”It makes me feel … so.. fucking.. good…” she turned and bent, pushing the soft material over her juicy ass, revealing miniscule black lacy panties as it pooled at her feet. “And I’m going to show you just how good we can make each other feel.”

Slowly, so slowly, Angel sashayed over to me, sinking to her knees in one graceful movement, her forearms pushing her tits together, the nipples noticeably erect in the dim light, still wet from my kisses. My knees parted as she licked, catlike, up my pants leg, trailing her tongue, her hands not touching me (yet), but her eyes boring into my soul. I gripped the arms of my chair, every instinct in my body wanting to grab this beautiful girl, bend her over and fuck her brains out, but I knew all good things would come to me if I waited. We had all night — all weekend.

Angel’s small pink tongue was trailing up my thigh as she emitted little moans and sighs that made my cock pulse. Her tits were pressed against my legs as she slid her hands up my thighs too, to start unbuckling my belt, unzipping my fly.

“Babygirl wants to see Daddy’s big… fat… cock,” my Angel said, biting her lip, chest rising and falling. “I want to see what I’ve been fantasizing avrupa yakası escort about … I lay awake in bed, listening to Mom scream as you fuck the shit out of her … I get so fucking jealous, Daddy…”

“It’s all yours now, babygirl,” I moaned, and Angel smiled a greedy, cat-got-the-cream smile as she pulled my pants off and tossed them aside, leaving me in my tented boxers as I pulled my shirt over my head and added it to the growing pile of clothes.

Angel wasted no time running her hands over my bulging hardon as it strained at the black cotton; she oohed and aahed at the length and thickness, smiling up at me and licking those amazing lips. As she leaned in closer, I put my hand on her face, stroking her cheek. “Baby,” I whispered gently. “Are you sure? Once we do this… we can never go back.”

There was a beat of silence, and then in response, Angel reached into my boxers, withdrew my long, stiff cock and sank it into her wet mouth, balls-deep, cheeks hollowing as she sucked and slurped.

“Ohh … ffFFFFUCK…..” I moaned, head pushed back into the chair and fingers digging into the armrests almost hard enough to tear holes. Angel kept her eyes on mine as much as she could as she bobbed up and down on my raging dick, swallowing it to the root every time, humming in the back of her throat, sending inhumanly good sensations through my body. Her full plump glossy lips formed a tight seal as she gobbled and slurped, only pausing to pull off with a gasp, coating my cock and balls with her pink tongue before taking it once again deep in her throat. I’d never had head this good in my life.

“Oh God… Daddy…” she groaned as she held my prick by its base, pumping gently, and leaving small wet kisses on the cockhead, a trail of spit between her slutty mouth and my dick. “Is this all for little me?”

“Every fucking inch, babygirl,” I replied, lost in lust now and heedless of any consequences. All that was now on my mind was fucking this beautiful girl in every tight hole, making her my dripping sex slave. As much as I was enjoying being on the receiving end of a hot, wet, sloppy, noisy blowjob, it was time to take charge. I wound Angel’s thick hair in one hand, and held it in place as I slid my dick in and out of her warm willing mouth. Angel gripped my thighs and moaned – not from discomfort, even though I was feeding her every inch of my thick cock, but from pleasure; she hummed and groaned on my prick as she looked up into my eyes, glowing with love and lust.

Both of my hands were fisted in Angel’s fiery curls now as I stood over here, pumping her slick lips with cock. Her hands moved to my ass, urging me to push, to thrust down her throat, to feed her like the slut she was.

I could feel my balls tighten and the cum threaten to boil up out of me and into Angel’s hot mouth; I wasn’t going to let that happen until I’d had all of her sweet holes, so I pulled out of her with a slick noise, a wet trail hanging from her lips to the head of my dick. She looked disappointed but smiled at me, licking her lips. “Now what… Daddy?” she said, obviously relishing her new use of the word. She had her hands between her thighs, her arms pushing her ample tits together as she bit her lip, looking innocent.

“I’ll show you,” I said, leaning down to take hold of her around her waist and standing, lifting her bodily over my shoulder. Angel squealed and giggled, kicking her legs, ‘struggling’ as I carried her upstairs, my hands on her ass, squeezing and slapping the hot ripe skin. She was still in her sexy boots and miniscule panties and I intended to keep it that way, for now at least. Kicking the door to my bedroom open, I tossed her roughly onto the kingsize sheets, making her cry out in surprise. Angel lay there, hair loose and wild, up on her elbows gazing at me, chest rising and falling, her eyes glittering with anticipation. I let my eyes wander over her body as I held my throbbing cock, stroking it idly, and saw her eyes flicker to it repeatedly, little mews of pleasure escaping her mouth.

“Oh — you want this?” I said, mock-innocent, gripping my dick at the base and making the head swell, huge and dark with blood. Angel nodded furiously, her red hair tumbling over her face.

“I can’t hear you, babygirl — do you want this?” I said, stepping closer to the bed, my dick aching-hard, my balls heavy — it was almost as if I could feel the weight of the cum that was waiting to shoot on her, in her, all over her.

“YES Daddy … I want that cock NOW,” Angel said, one hand moving to her lace panties, gently rubbing herself through the material as she sighed, moaning low in her throat. “I want you to take me … make me your woman, your slut… I hear the things you do to Mom on this big soft bed — I want to do all those things for you, and more. All the things she won’t do…” her voice trailed away as she pulled her panties aside and fingered her clit softly. “I’ll be sooo fucking good to you, Daddy…”

It sounded like a plan to me — I reached out and grabbed Angel’s ankles, dragging her by her boots to the edge of the bed, her legs hanging off as I slid my hands up her thighs. She laughed throatily, breathing hard as she propped herself up on her elbows again, eyes wide. “Oh — what are you going to do to me, Daddy?” she purred.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32