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This is a continuation of my previous series. So it will be helpful to have read the previous stories beforehand. If you haven’t read them, they involved Hailey’s sexual awakening at the hands of her sister. It ended with a lesbian orgy with her sister’s friends. The following series took place during Hailey’s Spring Break and told of her continuing sexual awakening with her sister’s friends. This story did get pretty long and not seeing a good way to split it up decided to give it to you in one big piece. Hope you enjoy it.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18.


The first night in California neither Kaitlin nor I wanted to fix anything. We were about to head out to a restaurant when my phone rang. Seeing Hannah’s name on my screen, I answered it immediately. “Hey. How’re you?”

“I’m good. You?”

“Tired and hungry. I was just about to grab dinner with my sister.”

“Oh. Okay. So you made it to town, then?”

“Yep. Hey, my sister is asking for my phone. One sec.”

“You must be Hannah?” She waited for a few seconds. I had no idea why my sister wanted to talk to Hannah, but it gave me time to get my socks and shoes on to go out. I didn’t hear the rest of the phone call, but soon enough Kaitlin handed me my phone back. We arrived at a nice family owned Italian bistro. We were beckoned over to a table by—Hannah?!? She rushed me and pulled me into a big hug. Hannah was a short Vietnamese girl. She stood shorter than me by a few inches putting her a smidgen over 5 foot nothing. We had a very similar body type, but her exotic looks made her look incredibly sexy.

“I hope you don’t mind. Your sister invited me.”

Shaking my head, “No, of course not!” I was beaming. Radiating, more likely. I felt like I was going to burst.

We sat and talked, while waiting for our food to arrive. Kaitlin kept quiet, mostly, following our conversations. At a lull, Kaitlin asked, “So tell us, or me since I guess Hailey knows you better, about yourself.”

“Well, first off, I was adopted.” I hadn’t known this. Already, it seemed, my sister was going to get more information from my friend than I had gleaned from her. “Long story, short. My adoptive parents were doctors that went to Cambodia to volunteer, Doctors Without Borders. A few years later, they found out my mother couldn’t have children. They decided to adopt, but remembering their time in Cambodia they decided to adopt a child from an impoverished country. They found me through an adoption facility. They decided to name me Hahn Phuc. (Hahn rhymed with Dawn, while Phuc sounded like Fook.) When I started school, my parents decided that my name would not be easily interpreted so began calling me Hahnah. Many people didn’t notice the h in the middle and started calling me Hannah.”

“What does Hahn Phuc mean?” my sister inquired.

“Gift from Above as well as Happiness. My mom and dad found the meaning quite profound and the name stuck.”

“It’s beautiful.” I had to agree. “So you’re parents are doctors?”

“Well, yes, but my mom decided to become a receptionist when my dad opened his own practice. She decided that she would rather not have the busy life-style of being a doctor so she could be at home more regularly. Although, when needed, she does assist dad from time to time.”

Our food was delivered and, being as hungry as we were, my sister and I were done pretty fast. Not so fast to have skipped the wonderful flavor of the food, though. It was, by far, the best Italian food I’d had. Upon settling the tab, Hannah and I made plans the following day to hang out. She hugged each of us. Kaitlin told her it was great to meet her and we departed.

It didn’t take me long to get acclimated to California. On days, or nights rather, that my sister worked, I was spending time with Hannah. I soon found myself spending my time with either Kaitlin or her, which suited me just fine. Hannah would bring her laptop over, just in case we wanted to game together in the same room, but we never did. Part of me wondered if, like me, she just didn’t like to be away from her computer.

One day, on a rare occasion, my sister had to work both that day and that night. So I spent the entire day with Hannah. We went to the beach early. We spent the entire day at the beach. We had packed a picnic lunch so we wouldn’t have to leave. I had to admire the golden tan I was now sporting after just a week and a staying in California. By the time the sun started to set, we were exhausted. We piled into her car and drove to my sister’s apartment. I could tell Hannah was about to collapse in a heap so I suggested she shower here and stay the night. She readily agreed and called her parents to inform them where she was.

As she took her shower, I sat on the couch. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew Hannah was shaking me. I looked up and saw she had changed into one of my babydoll nighties. A see-through peach colored one that really looked hot on her. Noticing beşiktaş anal yapan escort her lack of underwear, I involuntarily licked my lips. Smiling, she said, “Shower’s all yours.” I stretched and headed to the bathroom.

Once I got the shower running, I luxuriated in the spray for a bit letting the water ease my weariness. When I got out, I grabbed two towels. One, a smaller towel, wrapped around my hair and the other one around my body. I walked to the room I had my stuff in, I was in my sister’s bed most nights. When I got through the door, I stopped in my tracks.

“I found these when I went looking for something to wear. By the way, I do hope it was okay, since I had nothing to wear to sleep in with me.” My eyes were as big as saucers. Laid out on the bed were three toys I had gotten while here in California—a double ended dildo, a strap-on and a vibrator. I still don’t know why I had bought them. My sister had toys here and I had mine safely hidden at my house. I, also, had no idea what I was going to do with them all unless I hosted some lesbian orgy, I suppose, again.

“I’m curious, though, why do you have these and who do you use them on?” I was stammering. I couldn’t answer either of those questions. I couldn’t tell her who I used them on. Except for my sister and my friends, no one knew of my incestuous relationship. And they had had time to come to terms with it, even longer than I had. But staring at someone fairly recently new in my life, I couldn’t risk her reaction with the truth. As for why I had them, that was just as difficult. I had just realized I was a lesbian, but hadn’t told anyone outside of my circle of friends. The only bright spot, the fact she hadn’t already bolted, was that she had to realize my sexual orientation and was accepting of it. But that didn’t answer why would I have the toys if I didn’t plan to use them. And if I told her I did use them, I was faced with telling her the truth of my sister.

I slumped to the ground. I felt like I was going to vomit. The towel parted so that the only thing covered was my breasts, but just barely. I was too dazed to even consider covering up my nakedness that was exposed. Hannah rushed to my side and holding my head to her shoulder said, “I’m sorry. I found these in the drawer and thought I was just tease you a bit. I didn’t mean for you to react this way.”

We sat like this for a while. My heartbeat slowed, slightly, and my breathing calmed. I slowly got up and went to the bed. She sat where I left her. I placed my hands on the bed and bent my head. “So I guess you know…I’m a lesbian?”

“Yeah. I figured that out.” I sighed deeply. I was nervous, but I was determined to tell her. A true friend would understand, right? I was about to turn around to tell her my deepest secret, but I didn’t get the chance. She molded herself behind me and wrapped her arms around me. “If you are feeling ashamed, don’t be. It’s alright.” I shook my head. No, that’s not how I felt, well not really. Little did she know, though. “Are you worried I won’t want to live with you on campus? Or that I wouldn’t be friends with you any more?”

I was about to say something else, but her next action left me as stunned as I had been when I walked in the room. Her hands undid my towel, but with her body pressed up against me all it did was expose my front, which was actually still hidden from her view. Her hands then grabbed my breasts. She kissed my neck up to my ear to whisper into it, but before she did she licked and suckled the lobe. “I was trying to find the right time to come out to you.” She licked my ear some more and pinched my nipples. “Then, I found these toys in your dresser. I figured you and I were more alike than we ever knew.” I was getting wet. “I was thinking of you, while you were in the shower. You might even be able to taste me, but you have to choose the right toy.”

Holy shit! She was using one of my toys while I showered. I was flabbergasted. My mind was reeling. I was getting worked up so well right now, I even forgot about my earlier anxiety. I decided the truth of my sister could wait until after, right? Have sex with my friend, at least once, before she decides to leave my life forever. She brought me back to reality by saying, “You have to choose correctly, or I stop.” As I was pondering, in a sing-song voice she whispered, “I wonder which toy I chose for us to play with tonight?” I had the brilliant idea to try and sniff the toys to see if I could catch her aroma, but she seemed to realize what I was planning and yanked my head back by my hair. “Tsk tsk tsk…no cheating.” She let go of my hair and that hand drifted south to my pussy. She began to saw her fingers between my lips.

So she used a toy. It’s one to share. While, technically, you could share a vibrator with us using it on the other, I eliminated that one. Now the real question was the strap-on or the double-ended dildo. I got even wetter thinking of her beşiktaş bdsm escort with a strap-on attached as I waited for her to fuck me just like this. I was about to reach for it. It was almost the perfect choice. The way she’s been manipulating me so far. It had to be that one. I started to reach for it. My hand was nearing the shaft, but before I got to it her hand left my pussy. My hand stopped. Was she cluing me in? I heard her breathing in my ear. She wanted this as much as I did. So it is possible she was showing her hand so she wouldn’t have to make good on her threat. I snatched the double-ended dildo and spun around, quickly. I fell back on the bed. She tumbled on top of me. I thought it would be such a sexy-cool thing to do, but we ended up bumping heads. Plus I landed on top of the other toys, which was really uncomfortable.

Laughing, “What the hell was that?”

“I had this image in my head. It looked hot when we did it.”

“How was it supposed to go?”

“Well, I would twist around, like I did, fall back on the bed and you would fall into my arms and kiss me. Then, during the kiss, I would remove your clothes so we could get started.”

“Even though you might not have the right toy?” I panicked. Did I choose poorly? Part of me snickered as the line from that Indiana Jones movie popped into my head. That was dispelled as I frantically tried to figure out how I got it wrong. She leant down and gave me a passionate kiss. I lay there immobile. She stopped kissing me, “Aren’t you supposed to undress me?”

I looked at the toy in my hand and back up to her. She smiled down at me, “You picked correctly.” She went back to kissing me. I squirmed around a bit to get some relief from the toys poking me in the back. She figured it out and, without stopping her kissing, reached behind me and pulled the toys from under me. Where they landed, I had no idea. As soon as I was comfortable, I began my task of undressing my friend.

I started running my hands as far down her body as I could reach. When I reached the hem of the slip she wore, I pulled it further up her body. I gasped a little when, having pulled the slip over her ass, she started grinding her knee on my crotch. As my hands worked the nightie up her body, the grinding and the kissing intensified. I finally got the babydoll bunched up below her neck, but with her mouth attached to mine I couldn’t move it higher. She, reluctantly, released my tongue she had been sucking on and leaned back. I quickly removed the slip and before she could move attached my mouth to one of her luscious breasts. I made gentle love to each of them. She clutched my head to her chest. But I wanted to do more. I broke free from her grasp and kissed my way down to her pussy. I flipped her on her back, this time it worked just like I had imagined it. She fell back onto my bed, her silky black hair spreading out on my pillows. I looked at her and wished I could stop and take a picture of this image, but I didn’t relish in the sight long as I had other images in my head. Mainly of me between this beauty’s legs.

I slowly licked around her folds. I kissed and suckled her lips. Then, tentatively, stuck the tip inside her warm center. I flicked my tongue a little before pulling it out. I flattened my tongue and grazed over her slit before sucking her exposed clit, just for a second, before I slipped my tongue back inside her folds. I giggled just then, mouth full of pussy and a stupid song came into my head. ‘You put your left foot in. You put your left foot out. You put your left foot in and you shake it all about.’ Except, I decided to go with it. I put my tongue in. Then I pulled it out. Finally I put it, but this time I thrust my tongue as far as I could manage and wiggled it about. I couldn’t really do the hokey pokey, afterward though.

I soon felt hands on my head. Hannah was tugging me upward. Once my head was even with hers, she pulled me into a deep kiss and rolled me on my back. Breaking the kiss she said, “As much as I want you to finish me off, we still have this,” she raised the double-ended dildo over her head like a might warrior princess might wield a sword, “to play with.” She bent back down to trail kisses down my body. Reaching my pussy, she did the same for me. My juices were running. I had closed my eyes as I relished her tender touch on my southern lips.

I opened my eyes as I felt the shaft of my toy penetrate me. I watched as this exotic beauty shoved inch after inch of toy into me. When roughly half of it had disappeared, she angled the rest up and, standing over me, guided it into her own pussy. Some of the remaining length, angled as it was, went further into my pussy filling me fully. I was amazed when, fully inside of both of us, Hannah had closed the gap between our pussies. There was no evidence of the dildo stuffed in us.

She started to gyrate on top of me moving that toy around both of our pussies. I was mesmerized watching her. I beşiktaş elit escort had my hands on her hips as she did what looked like a slow, sensual belly dance on top of me. She leaned forward and pulled me back into a passionate kiss. Her hands were stroking my body as she ground our bodies on the dildo embedded in us. It didn’t take long for our mutual orgasm to build up. She raised herself off of me and, holding my hands our fingers interlocked, started grinding herself on our shared toy. She came to a stop, cumming on her end of the toy, but I still needed a bit more. So I flipped her on her back and ground myself on the toy. Our hands were still interlocked as I rode the toy to my own orgasm. I collapsed on top of her. We were both panting.

I gingerly pulled the toy from our pussies and we rolled over, exhausted, and fell asleep in each others arms. I felt her extricate herself from my grasp at some point, but didn’t bother to move or wake from my dreams. A short time later, I felt her slide in behind me and cup my breasts. I’m not sure how long we were like that when a loud crash sounded at my door. I grudgingly opened my eyes to see a moonlit figure in my doorway that looked oddly like Hannah. I groggily looked behind me to see my naked sister was the one in bed with me. It took my brain a few seconds to realize the predicament I was in. By that time, Hannah had bolted from my room. Nausea flooded my system, but this time there was no intervention coming. I had to face my deepest fear. I had to lay it all out on the line and hope Hannah didn’t bolt from my life like she had my room.

I slipped on a negligee I found. The first one in fact, which happened to be the very one Hannah wore not that long ago. I noticed a broken glass of what used to contain water on the floor. Avoiding the shards, I walked out and found her sitting on the couch—her legs pulled up against her chest and her chin resting on her knees. I sat down in front of her on the coffee table. I reached out my hand to her, but pulled it back when she flinched at it. I really was going to lose this person from my life, I realized. I hung my head down low as tears streamed down my face.

We sat there, silently. Her watching me as tears continued to fall from my eyes. Breaking the silence, she asked, “Y-you’re s-sister?” I merely nodded. “So you two have had…” She didn’t finish the thought. She didn’t have to, I knew what she was asking and I just nodded. We sat there again in silence as she thought about that.

“H-how?” I looked up at this question. I was confused. How what? I clearly wasn’t thinking straight. I couldn’t fathom what she wanted to know in my sleep addled, shocked as hell mind. She had a look on her face that I couldn’t figure out. She took a deep breath when she realized I wasn’t going to answer. Maybe she realized I needed more context, I don’t know, but she asked, “How did it happen? Or rather how did it start?”

I slumped again on the coffee table. After I told her, I realized, could be a real problem if she decided to do anything with this knowledge. But if I had any chance to repair the damage done, I had to tell her. I breathed deeply, trying to gather the strength to tell her everything. I finally looked up at her and started the story, “Well…it started on Winter Break.” I relayed the entire story of my sexual relationship with my sister. I told her about my sister finding me masturbating watching her do the same in a video. I told her about the sex while we were Christmas shopping. I told her about the days we spent with each other after school ended. I tried not to go into details about the sex just mentioned we had sex. I left out the orgy on New Year’s Eve as well as my Spring Break activities. I figured I had given her enough ammunition to sink both Kaitlin and I already, if she wanted. I realized that if Hannah wanted to, I may very easily be forced to move away, possibly with Kaitlin. I may even lose my parents if she had any desire to tell them about our trysts. I didn’t know how much this information might hurt my sister and I, but I knew it could destroy our lives if Hannah wanted to.

I was starting to cry again thinking of all the possibilities. Each one worse than the previous one. When I heard Hannah ask, “Why Kaitlin? Why have sex with your sister?” I thought about it. It didn’t take long for an answer to formulate.

“I always felt loved and supported and protected by her. She’s always been there for me. She’s the one that has taught me the most about being a woman. And when I saw the video I just, I don’t know, I thought this way it would be like she was teaching me this as well. When she came in, I wasn’t thinking clearly, I guess. The whole holiday I never really thought about it. I just…it was the first time anyone had truly desired me and I never stopped to think about any of it. And now there’s you and her and…” I broke down again.

“Me?” I nodded. This time she reached out to me and lifted my head gently. “What about me?” I wasn’t sure. I had blurted it out without thinking. Hell, I hadn’t even had a chance to rationalize what I felt about Kaitlin and now I had to rationalize my feelings for Hannah. My head was pounding. I had all these emotions and no way for my brain to come up with what these emotions were. “D-do you…love me?” I blinked my eyes a few times.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32