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The movie was ok but I wasn’t enthralled. I took a sip of my vodka coke and watched your face with a sideways glance. I took another sip, enjoying the tinkle of ice cubes and the bittersweet flavour that filled my mouth. You were looking mighty fine, tucked into the corner of the sofa, your feet up and the blue grey light of the flickering television playing across your face.

I turned sideways on the sofa and slid my black nylon-clad feet towards you. Without even looking you reached down, grabbed my feet and settled them comfortably in your lap. You were still watching the movie. One hand rested on my shin.

Another sip of vodka coke… I watched the screen for a bit, something about a convenient store and a guy with a sandwich board sign… You were far more interesting. I wiggled my left foot farther up your lap until my heel was in a threatening position.

Without looking away from the television you turned sideways on the couch too, your legs stretching out on either side of mine. You scooched down a bit, took illegal bahis me by the ankles and positioned me more comfortably against your crotch. You gave my right foot a squeeze then sat back with one elbow on the back of the sofa, the other on the armrest. I found it incredulous that you were really all that into this movie, but you continued to watch.

I pressed into your crotch with my toes. There you were, not fully erect but I could tell I had your attention even if you were pretending that I didn’t. I started to alternate pressure with my toes, kneading you like a kitten. There was a flicker at the corner of your mouth. I could feel your cock growing behind material of your pants. It lay pinned sideways lengthening towards your left hip. I ran the ball of my right foot along the shaft and pushed down when I came to the head. My left foot applied pressures to your balls. You reached down and stroked my ankle.

Still watching the television, you fumbled with your fly, reached into your underwear to pulled out your illegal bahis siteleri cock and stroked it a couple times knowing my eyes were upon it. You lifted your shirt, laying your cock straight up your tummy and gave it a little pat before returning your elbow to the back of the couch.

I reached for it with my left foot. I could almost hide the length behind my foot. I pressed then started to slide my foot up and down. The silky nylons slid. It felt really nice under foot. I switched feet. When I got to the top with my right foot I wrapped my toes over the head and squeezed a bit. I felt a wetness seep into the nylon and smiled.

I placed both my feet on either side of your cock and wiggled my toes under it. It was standing straight up between my arches. It looked good, light and rigid in contrast to my dark feet. I settled my heels into your thighs so that I could rock my feet up and down. Sometimes I would alternate, sometimes together. When I rocked my feet down they would mash against your balls.

My canlı bahis siteleri feet were slowly, softly stoking you. I could tell the pressure was building within: your hips betrayed your indifferent facade. I took another sip of vodka and set the glass down. The clink of ice was just the distraction I needed to break the spell – I managed to pull my eyes away from my pedal activities to watch your face again.

I tipped my head down to watch your expression. Your eyes had become slits. Your lips were pressed together in concentration. The muscles in your cheeks jumped occasionally. While your mouth remained firm, your laugh lines were deepening. Your nostrils flared. You could feel my stare and turned away from the TV, your face now half in shadow. You smiled, looking like a sexy villain.

You grabbed both my feet, tipping them away from your erection and gave them a crushing squeeze, digging your thumbs into my arches and hitting a nerve. It felt deliriously good. There was an uncontrollable reflex jumping in my knees and I laughed. You raised each foot to your mouth and kissed the balls of my feet in turn. Then threw them to either side of your legs and reached for my hands.

“Get up here, you sexy bitch, and ride me.”

Oh, you – always the charmer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32