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A few years ago friend of mine from college, a girl named Annie, opened a bar, and I helped her out for a couple of months by doing a little cooking and waitressing on weekends. On Friday and Saturday nights I’d leave the our two daughters with my husband and work until about midnight.

It was a fun place to work. There were these two gay busboys working there: this incredibly handsome black kid and a straggly white kid with long hair. They were both complete flamers. You meet a lot of those in restauant work. One night I was in the basement of the bar getting a case of beer when the two busboys came down the stairs, talking exitedly in whispers. Halfway down the steps they paused and kissed, feeling each others’ cocks through their clothes.

I hid behind some crates and watched. When they got to the bottom of the stairs the white busboy dropped his pants and bent over. The black kid pulled out his penis (and he had a really nice big penis) and, lubricating his cock with spit, deftly pushed it up the other boy’s asshole. At first the white boy masturbated as the other kid sodomized him, but then the black boy reached around, grabbed the white kid’s dick, and started jacking off his partner’s penis for him.

I was getting incredibly horny watching them. My panties were getting damp. I massaged my clit through my the crotch of my jeans as I watched. The boys fucked for all of about two minutes. Then the white boy grunted and moaned, and cum squirted out of his prick all over the floor.

The black guy grunted too, and apparently orgasmed inside the other boy’s asshole, because after a minute he pulled his now-limp cock, dripping with sperm, out of the white boy’s rectum. They wiped off their dicks and asses on a dish towel, then buttoned up and went back upstairs.

I was so horny when I got home that night that I could hardly stand it. I tried to get my sleeping husband to wake up and fuck, but he just grunted and turned away from me. So I miserably stuck my hands between my legs and masturbated my clit and pussy to a very lonely, kind of desperate orgasm. I was furious with my husband for that, and let him know so the next day.

Another night at the restaurant I was going down to the basement for a case of beer again. The light switch was at the bottom of the stairs. When I clicked on the light, there were two people standing against the wall making out. At first I thought it was the busboys again.

Then they turned, and to my great surprise, it was Annie, the owner, and her business partner Jessica. They were both dishevelled and half undressed, and they both looked completely embarrassed. But they played it cool. Jessica said “Hi” to me as she pulled her tank top up over her tits. Then she ran up the stairs giggling. Annie was tucking her shirt back in and zipping up her jeans. We didn’t say anything to each other. I just got the case of beer and went back upstairs.

But when I got home that night I was,again, desperately horny. Everyone in the family was asleep, but I was wired from the pace of the activity and my little voyeuristic sexual event at the bar. So I stayed up to watch TV until I could get to sleep.

As I was flipping through the stations on cable, I came across a movie that really caught my eye. It was a soft core porn flick. I realized this when these two women in the movie began kissing, then slowly stripped each other’s clothes off, until finally they were making love to each other completely naked.

As I watched the lesbian sex, I started getting even more excited. I slipped out of my sweat pants, slid my hand into my now-moist panties, and began to masturbate. I stroked the lips of vulva for a little while, then I slid my fingers into the moist, hungry opening of my cunt.

My vagina was soaking wet. My nipples were stiff, and my clit was becoming more and more swollen. As I watched the two women fondle each another’s writhing nude bodies, I ended up stripping completely and stroking myself off in totally abandoned stark naked masturbation. As I touched and felt and rubbed my tender wet vulva, my excitement built and built, and finally, as the panting naked women on screen made each other cum, I reached an orgasm that just shook me with pleasure! My whole body convulsed with sexual ecstasy! It was so good! I swore inwardly to masturbate like that again soon!

I had seen porn before, but that was the first time I’d ever gotten that excited about sex with women. I think it was because of seeing those two women making out in the basement of the bar. After that night I thought about lesbian sexuality a lot. And from then onward, on those late nights alone after work, I began to look up lesbian sites on the Internet, searching out pictures and stories of women pleasuring each other.

I read stories of women making love together and imagined that it was me in the story. My fingers would wander to my vulva, and I would pretend they were another woman’s soft fingers, bringing me to ecstasy. The more I saw and read and masturbated, the more I wanted casino oyna to be touched sexually by another woman.

Once upon a time, at one point in our marriage, my husband and I had a pretty good sex life. He rented a lot of porn videos and we played with each other’s horny genitals while we watched them. It was very effective foreplay. We fucked each other’s brains out practically every night.

Then the kids came along. My husband stopped renting the porn because he didn’t want the girls to find it or discover us watching it. And with the pressures and responsibilities of family life, we found less and less time for sex. And, worse, as time went on, my husband seemed to have less and less interest in me. He never initiated sex, and when I did, most of the time he said he was too tired, or he said he didn’t feel like it.

In fact, by the time I took the job at the bar, my husband and I had stopped having sex altogether. I honestly didn’t miss it. He was never a great lover. The porn just made me so horny I didn’t care; after an hour of watching people fuck, anything could make me cum, even my husband’s fumbling attempts.

So for several months we went just through the motions of marriage, but with no love or lovemaking. At night, after my husband drank a few beers, watched some ESPN, and drifted off to sleep, I would stay up and look for adult movies on cable, or search the net for lesbian pictures and stories.

I wanted to to satisfy my desire for a woman. I bought a vibrator, and as I looked at the images and read the erotic stories on the computer screen, I’d pretend my hands were the hands and tongue of the woman in the story and my dildo was some faceless man’s cock. I would imagine that they were giving me strings of glorious orgasms. I came a lot, and my little sexual fantasy world was nice.

But life with daddy was much less pleasant. One day, when my four year old daughter asked me why daddy and I argued all the time, I knew it was time to separate. I talked to my husband about it. There was no argument. The following week he was just gone.

I was alone for the first time in years, faced with the prospect of learning how to socialize and meet people again. It was a frightening thought in some ways. But with work and the children I had very little time to interact with other people anyway. I needed adult company, though. I began to frequent Internet chat rooms. I thought maybe I’d meet someone that way. But I also still used the Internet to find porn. It had been a long time since I’d had real sex, and masturbation had become kind of a habit for me.

Late one evening, when the kids were in bed, I was surfing the net for sex pictures or stories. I want to stroke myself to orgasm, and was trying to find something especially nasty to get myself horny. I came across a story about a woman being seduced by a stripper at a sex party. The story told about how the author watched as the stripper let every woman in the room kiss her pussy. When the author’s turn came, the two of them ended naked up on the floor, their heads between each others’ legs, licking each other to orgasm as everyone watched and jacked off and applauded.

I loved that story! When I finished reading, I rubbed my clit and stuck that dildo up my pussy until I orgasmed right there in the chair! When my breathing had returned to normal I typed an e-mail to the author. I did this sometimes when a story really got me off. It got me excited to think that the person who wrote the story would know that I had touched myself sexually while I was reading their work.

Amazingly, shortly after I sent the letter, I got a reply. This had never happened to me before, so I immediately wrote back, and we began to converse. I learned that the story was fictional, but based on a real event that had actually happened in her life. She had gone to a party where the hosts had hired a stripper. In the course of the evening the stripper had gotten drunk and had let everyone at the party touch her as she danced naked. The author had gotten to lick and kiss the stripper’s pussy, right there in front of everyone. That was exciting.

After her little confession I somehow trusted this woman, and I slowly revealed my situation to her. She was surprisingly pleasant and helpful. She was a single mom divorcee too, and she told me about how she went about the process of about meeting people. She gave me some very good ideas for meeting nice guys, most of which were very simple, like: go to the gym, join organizations of people who do what you like to do (I wondered if there were any organizations for people who liked to masturbate while they watched Internet porn), go to a church, participate in charity organizations, join the PTA or something; just get out of the house. I should have thought of all that myself.

She also suggested that since I was interested in girl sex I should get some lesbian DVDs. She said that she herself enjoyed watching sex on DVD, and that she thought that a good lesbian sex DVD was much better slot oyna than most of what you could find on the Internet.

When we both signed off, I realized that sexual tension had been building up inside my pussy all afternoon. So after we said our good-byes, I retired to the bathtub. I rubbed down my cunt with soap, hot water, and lubicating bath oil, then stuck my fingers up into my very, very ready vagina and stroked my pussy and clitoris until a hot, wet, extended orgasm relieved my tension. It was nice.

The following day I decided to throw caution to the wind and follow the woman’s advice. I went to buy a lesbian X-rated DVD. I drove to an adult video store out in the boonies that I had seen billboards for on the highway, and I parked in a far corner of the lot.

Butterflies danced furiously through my stomach as I approached the entrance of the store. It looked like a dump from the outside. I pushed the door open and tentatively looked inside. It smelled OK. I had been in pornographic video stores a few times before, long ago, with my husband, and they had all had the same weird, stale, unhealthy stink. But this place smelled clean.

So I relaxed a little. There were video cases on display everywhere, covered with photos of beautiful naked women spreading their legs, taking erect penises into their various orifices, and/or kissing and licking and fingering each other. I took a deep breath and slowly walked up and down the aisles of DVDs until I found the “All Girl” section. I felt like I was home free. I smiled and looked for something to catch my eye.

After some very enjoyable browsing, I settled on one called “Wet Girls Together.” I picked up the box and slowly walked over to the register. Walking to the checkout counter I found another interesting movie: “Bisexual Wives in Heat”. “That’s what I am,” I thought, “A bisexual wife in heat.” So I picked it up.

As I approached the counter I noticed that there was a young woman behind it. She was a punk-rock looking girl in her late teens or early twenties. I felt thankful that I would not have to face a man on my first foray into the world of pornography.

I shyly placed the boxes on the counter and waited for her to ring in the order. It was a glass display countertop, filled with sex toys of various kinds: different kinds of dildoes, including some remarkably realistic fake penises; a huge range of types of vibrators; massage oils; tubes of different kinds of sex lubricants.

I noticed all this because I was unable to look up at the cashier. But as she entered the price into the register I could feel her eyes on me and I had to look up. Our eyes met for just a moment and she smiled. She was pretty; very pretty in fact. Her red-dyed hair was spiked short, framing a soft attractive face with big brown eyes. She had a tiny diamond in her nose and a big, sensuous looking mouth. She had a celtic interloop armlet tattooed around one of her upper arms.

She was wearing baggy plaid shorts and a short little white spaghetti strap top that showed her tummy and her bellybutton ring. It also showed off her round, full breasts very nicely. I looked at her for just a moment. I couldn’t keep my eyes from sliding down to her tits. I could see her perky nipples clearly, poking out against the thin knit fabric.

“This is a nice selection.” she said, and told me the cost.

“Have you seen it?” I managed to ask.

“Oh yes. And I liked it, too. I really like that kind of movie. Girl-girl movies. I like them lot.” She smiled. “Really a lot.” She smiled again. “Working here you get to see a lot of movies. But girl movies are my favorite.”

I reached into my purse and pulled out the money and handed it to her. Her hand lightly touched mine before she took the money and placed it into the register. Her touch sent shivers up my spine! As she placed my change on the counter her hand reached over and lightly stroked the back of my hand.

She smiled at me again and said, “Have you ever watched girl-girl movies before?”

I blushed a little, and smiled. “Yes.” The question somehow made my pussy feel warm. She smiled back.

“Have you ever actually been with a girl? Like in the movies”

“No” I answered, quickly looking away.

“Really? You’re so pretty. I would have thought some girl would have gotten you by now.”

Her hand continued to rub mine lightly and I looked back into her pretty eyes. Her hand moved up and began to stroke my arm while I stood staring at her, not believing what was happening. Her other hand moved to my arm and pulled me toward her, while she leaned across the counter.

Our lips met in a soft kiss. I nearly passed out! I opened my lips to give her my mouth, to offer her my tongue. I tasted the lipstick on her soft lips and the sweet flavor of her mouth. we rubbed our tongues together. Her hands moved up my arms. She stroked my neck ran her fingers through my hair as we kissed. Sexual feelings were building in my vulva. My hands moved up to her face and I gently stroked canlı casino siteleri her cheeks, savoring what seemed like the most delicious kiss of my life.

Then I heard a gravelly voice: “Hey, babe. I’d like a little of that.” I looked over. There was a short, skinny, unshaven guy standing there ogling us. He was wearing a baseball cap and holding a stack of DVD cases. He was grinning. I could see the bulge of his penis in his pants.

“Fuck off, shithead.” said the girl at the counter. She whispered in my ear: “He’s a regular customer. Let me get him out of here first.” She smiled at me. “OK?”

I went back into the aisles and examined the DVDs. As I looked at the pictures of people fucking, I heard the guy say, “Don’t I get a kiss?”

“No.” said the girl. “I don’t kiss ugly little jerk-off assholes.”

“I love it when you talk dirty.” said the guy.

I heard the cash register, then the front door opened and shut. We were rid of him. I rushed back to the counter. She was waiting for me with open arms. We kissed deeply, our tongues inside each others’ mouths, caressing and dancing against each other. As my nipples stiffened and I felt a delicious erotic glow well up and spread through my body, warm wetness seeped between my legs as my sex fluid began to flow.

The girl’s hands slid down to my chest. She found my hard nipples and lightly pinched them through my sweater. I moaned softly into her mouth. As we kissed, right there in the store, her hands got bolder and bolder, slipping under the bottom of my sweater and touching my bare tummy. I let out another moan. I wanted her to know she was touching the right places.

She took the cue and moved her hands up to release the front clasp on my bra. I gasped and squirmed free of the bra, giving her access to my bare, quivering breasts. Her fingers brushed lightly against my hard nipples. I leaned forward, trying to make harder contact. She laughed, then kissed me again, licking and probing my mouth with her tongue. Then her mouth left mine and she moved to the nape of my neck, kissing and sucking the soft flesh. As she licked my ears, she stroked my breasts and squeezed my nipples harder and harder.

My body began to shudder and I felt the beginnings of a climax building inside me. She moved my sweater up, exposing my breasts, her fingers now squeezing and fondling my achingly hard nipples. Tremors of arousal rose inside me, hotter and hotter!

If I stood on tiptoe, the hard rubber counter edge between us was just the height of my clitoris. I leaned forward and pressed my crotch against the counter edge, humping my clit against the hardness, masturbating my vulva through my pantie and jeans!

Suddenly I felt like I was going to cum! My excitement increased as the girl sucked on my neck and ears and her hands rubbed my hot tits. All at once I exploded in a wonderful little orgasm! The girl’s mouth moved back to my mine, muffling my moans and cries of ecstasy in a kiss.

We continued to kiss across the counter until the girl broke off and asked me if I would like to continue this someplace more comfortable. Realizing where I was, I breathlessly said “yes”. She locked front the door of the video store, put up the “closed” sign and led me by the hand back to the office.

There was a couch in the room. We stopped in front of it and she turned and kissed me again. Then, when our lips finally separated, she said, “By the way my name is Lisa”

I laughed and told her my name was Lynn. Then I pulled her close to me and kissed her delicious, soft, open mouth. I was slowly began to feeling more confident, and more aroused, as I felt her body against mine.

As she pressed her body against mine, I could feel her heat and the firm softness of her breasts through our clothes. She slipped my sweater over my head and then slowly slid her top, shorts, and panties off. Seeing her nude body – her full breasts, her hard nipples, the wetness that was showing between her naked thighs – my arousal skyrocketed.

I slid my jeans and panties over my hips and threw my arms around her. I squeezed her, pressing my naked body against her warm flesh. I kissed her neck and shoulders, then slowly down nibbled and sucked my way down to her breasts. I found her nipples with my mouth, kissing them, sucking them, nibbling them ever so gently with my teeth.

Her body quivered, and she began to moan softly. My hands roamed all over her body while I mouthed and sucked on her taught, hard nipples. She let out a deep sigh of pleasure, and her hands lovingly caressed my head. I began to kiss my way down her warm, soft body. I was so aroused that I was salivating, and my tongue left a trail of wetness down her ribs and tummy.

She gasped when I stopped to probe her perfect, tattooed navel with my tongue. Then I sank down to my knees between her legs and began slowly kissing my way to her sweet wet vagina. I could feel the heat emanating from her cunt. She kind of collapsed onto the couch and spread her legs wide for me. I knelt in front of her and lowered my face down into her warm, open crotch. I brushed the deliciously wet folds of her swollen pussy with my lips. Her pubic hair was dripping, matted with sex juice. I kissed it and rubbed my cheek against it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32