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Big Tits

My name is Betty Jean. I was raised on a small mid west farm . My dad rented the farm and so mom helped with the field work and raised a large vegetable garden to help ends meet. Money was very tight and at a very early age I was expected to help with the farm chores. I didn’t mind this as I always liked animals and made them my pets much to the dismay of my dad who knew one day they would have to be shipped off to market. As soon as I was old enough Mom had me helping in the kitchen cooking meals for dad and the help we had when it was haying season. Another benefit of being raised on a farm was that I learned about the facts of life at a very early age which made me curious. It was a simple and carefree life that we had.

As I entered high school I began to blossom. My boobs became bigger and my once gangly looks were beginning to turn heads. I was a good student and got good grades something my mom and dad insisted on.. I would say that my best trait was my personality as I was very outgoing and friendly to everyone. I dated off and on and enjoyed petting on a few occasions if I liked the boy enough. My parents had forbidden to go steady until my senior year. That is when my life changed. A senior in my class named Joel asked me to the home coming dance. Joel was a jock and a good football player and fairly attractive. Joel wasn’t my first choice to go to the dance with but I accepted knowing I could casino siteleri back down if a better opportunity presented itself. I’m guessing Joel put the word out I was his date and no one else asked me to the dance. We had a good time at the homecoming dance and I found out Joel wasn’t one of those conceited jocks but really funny and a shy guy.

Joel immediately asked me out on another date which I accepted. I was very surprised when Joel didn’t kiss me until our third date. He wasn’t like most of the guys I dated who tried to get into my pants on the first date. It was probably on our 7th date that I let Joel make love to me. It was an experience that as a virgin I had never experienced before. One night after a football game Joel and I were necking right outside my parents home in our driveway. I had let Joel play with my boobs before so tonight was no exception. I lifted my bra over my 34B boobs which were getting larger every year. Joel played with my boobs for quite awhile what man is not a boob guy?

I guess the hormones were building up in us as as Joel moved his hand from my boobs to my thigh when he slowly began to massage my thigh as we were kissing. I didn’t realize that he was slowly working his hand higher and higher as we continued to kiss. I was startled when I realized Joel’s hand was now caressing my pussy through my panties. I could have stopped him there but I was having feelings slot oyna that I had never experienced before and I liked them. As we continued to kiss Joel started to work his hand under the elastic in my panties slowly massaging my pussy as he went. I could feel Joel trying to insert a finger into my pussy but I held my thighs together so he couldn’t penetrate me.

After all we were in my parents driveway and one of them could come out at any time. As luck would have it I chose to wear a loose fitting skirt instead of one of my tight skirts or pants that I wore often. I guess the luck was in Joel’s favor that night also. Joel continued to try to pry my legs apart but I was still resisting. Joel looked at me and said “I love you Betty Jean and want to make love to you”.

At that point we kissed more passionately and I began to spread my legs. Whoa! All at once Joel’s finger found it’s way into my pussy which by now was very well lubricated. Maybe I was hot to trot as all the foreplay had broken down my inhibitions. Joel continued to work his finger in my pussy which was feeling better and better by the minute.

Joel started to tug on my panties in an effort yo remove them at which time I helped him by lifting my butt up to make it easier for him. In no time I found myself lying down on the seat, bra up around my neck and no panties on. I could hear Joel unzipping his pants and pulling his pants and canlı casino siteleri shorts down.

Joel slowly got on top of me and was stabbing at my now open pussy. I wanted to take his penis in my hand and guide him into me but I was afraid to touch him. Eventually his penis found its way to my opening and the head of his penis started to enter me. So many emotions were overcoming me.

Fear of getting caught or pregnant, a brief searing pain as Joel entered me and finally a new found sexual bliss as Joel began to make love to me. I was very thankful that Joel was taking it slow and easy for my first time. I had masturbated a few times but that could not compare to the feeling that I was experiencing at this moment. I was not sure at the time how big Joel’s cock was but it was sue filling me up very nicely. How long did it last? I don’t think too long as I could sense something was happening with Joel as he suddenly withdrew his cock and squirted all over my pussy. I lay there nearly exhausted after losing my virginity. Joel apologized for the mess and tried to clean it up with a Kleenex. What a night, not what I was expecting but I now knew that I liked sex. Joel wanted to make love again but I was afraid my parents would be out at any time. Since that time I have had many sexual experiences and can compare men and their cock size and how good or bad a lover they are. There is something special about the first time good or bad it is still memorable.

The one funny thing about that night was Joel’s parents asked him how there cane to be footprints on the ceiling. My lips are sealed well one set of lips weren’t that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32