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In the early 1990’s, I was living in Los Angeles with a friend of mine from high school. We didn’t travel in the same circles in high school, but we were friendly. I was a jock and John played the clarinet in the band. We had a few classes together along the way. I always thought he was a little feminine, so it wasn’t much a surprise when I heard that he was actually gay. To each his own, I guess.

After I graduated from college, I moved to LA. John and I ran into each other by chance one night and we talked a while. We hadn’t seen each other since graduation about 5 years prior, so there was plenty of catching up to do. He said he moved here about a month after graduating from college and was still settling in. It turned out that we were both apartment hunting and decided that we’d be better off sharing a place. So, we spent the next three weeks looking and decided that we’d take the small house in Manhattan Beach. It was pretty small, about a quarter mile from the beach itself, but it had two separate bedrooms in the second floor with a balcony that wrapped around the back, complete with a circular hot tub. Both bedrooms had access to the balcony and were about the same size, so there was no fighting over who got which room. We did share the upstairs bathroom, but it didn’t seem to pose any problems. The downstairs was spacious and open with a full kitchen and half bath. The rent was high, but we both did pretty well at our jobs so we were able to make it work.

John and I settled into a routine and I really enjoyed living with him. I’m a neat person by nature and John was the first roommate I’d ever had that didn’t just assume that the kitchen and living area would clean themselves. Our work schedules were just about in synch and we usually left and arrived home about the same time every day. The only difference was our weekends. I had a ‘normal’ weekend with Saturday and Sunday off while John had Friday and Saturdays off. We spent a lot of time just hanging out, drinking beers , and getting high. We’d hit up the local bars and party with some mutual friends. I’d bring a girl home from time to time, John would bring the random guy home.

One thing really amazed me about John, though. He was a smooth talker at the clubs. I had a much more difficult time even getting some girl’s number than he had getting a guy’s. And the number of dates he got was at least twice as many as mine. Needless to say, he got laid one hell of a lot more than I did.

Over time, we became more and more familiar with each other. This included clothing on the upstairs patio and hot tub. I went out there one Saturday and John was sunbathing nude.

“What the hell are you doing, John?” I asked.

He was laying on his back and he turned toward me when he heard my voice. I walked over to the hot tub and was climbing in when he said “What? I’m catching some rays.”

“Well, yea,” I said. “But nude?”

“I want an all-over tan. Not anything you’ve never seen before”

Well, that was true enough, I thought.

“I think that we should make a new rule around here. I don’t think clothes should be allowed on the patio anymore. The trees give us plenty of privacy so the neighbors can’t see. What do you think?” he asked.

“Sure. No one will see up here,” I said and relaxed in the tub as the water washed away my hangover from the night before. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I heard John get up and walk toward the tub. I opened my eyes as he was getting in. He really did have a great body, for a guy anyway. I was 6-1, 185 pounds. John was about 5-8 and 160. He seemed to be skinnier than my frame, but I guess that could have just been my perspective.

“You’re breaking our new rule,” he said.

“Oh, right,” I said as I peeled off my swimsuit and threw it on the ground.

“That’s better,” he said. “There’s no need for clothes up here. Just let it all hang out.”

I closed my eyes again and said “Do we have any pot?”

“Yea, I’ll go get it,” he said and he got out of the tub and went inside.

When he returned, he had a small pipe in his hand. As he walked toward the tub, it was impossible not to notice he didn’t have any pubic hair. He got back in the tub and we passed the bowl back and forth as we got high. This is living, I thought to myself as I relaxed. I thoroughly enjoy getting high. It’s much more enjoyable than drinking, but I do like that as well. Getting high doesn’t give you a hangover, so I preferred that. The only problem was that it never failed to make me horny as hell. I almost always got at least a semi-hardon.

“When did you shave your pubes,” I asked John as I passed him the bowl.

“A long time ago. I had a boyfriend once who insisted on it and I’ve been doing it ever since. I think it’s sexy. You should try it sometime. I’m sure the chicks you fuck have trimmed bushes, right? ” he asked.

“Some of them do,” I admitted.

“It’s like that. It’s sexy and fun and it makes it more sensitive down there. You should try it.” He said again. “Also it has the illegal bahis added benefit of making your dick look bigger without the hair.”

“Maybe I will,” I said. “What? You just take a razor in your shower or something?”

“Yep. Nothing to it. Just like shaving your face,” he said.

We sat in silence for a while. I thought about shaving myself and figured I’d give it a try in the morning.

“You going out tonight?” he asked me.

“Nah, I’m going to hang here tonight I think. I’m already pretty high. Might as well save some money I guess,” I told him. “Are you headed out?”

“Billy is coming over later. We’re going to rent a video and stay in tonight.”

“Billy is the guy from the other night?” I asked.

“Yea, we hit it off pretty well,” he said.

“I could tell. You guys were pretty loud in your room that night,” I said smiling at him.

He laughed and said “Yea, sorry about that. We were both a little drunk and it got a little crazy in there.”

“I noticed he wasn’t here in the morning. Did you kick him to the curb after you fucked him?” I asked.

He laughed again and said “Pretty much. He’s fun and all, but I don’t see it going anywhere long term.”

“Well, you all seemed to be having a grand ol’ time the other night.” I looked over at John and he was sitting there with his eyes closed and his head back. “So, how does that work, anyway? With a guy, I mean.”

“How does what work? Fucking?” he asked.

“Yea, I mean, do you like it in the butt or something? Do you take turns? How’s it work?” I asked.

He laughed again and said “Well, it’s like fucking a girl, I suppose, but I’ve never done that. Usually, one guy is the bottom and the other is the top, ya know? Billy likes to be a bottom, so we’re good together.”

“So,” I asked,” you just blow each other and then what? You fuck him in the ass?”

“Well,” he said, “there isn’t any other place to fuck him, so yes.”

“Doesn’t that hurt?” I asked.

“At first, a little. Not much, though. You just have to concentrate and relax and use a lot of lube. It actually feels awesome. Some guys can actually cum from it. Billy doesn’t like it very much back there, but he lets me fuck him every once in a while. I met a guy a while back who fucking loved it in the ass. Absolutely loved it. Have one of those chicks you bang play with your ass a little next time. You’ll love it!”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“It’s ok. I prefer to do the fucking myself. It’s a power thing, I guess. “

I sat there relaxing, naked in the water. I couldn’t help but get semi-hard. I’d talked to John about sex before, but this was the first time that we were both naked when we were doing it.

“Shit, I’m getting hard just talking about this,” he said.

“I know what you mean. It’s been a pretty dry streak for me lately,” I admitted. I wasn’t kidding: It had been weeks since I got laid last.

“I’m suddenly looking forward to bending Billy over the bed tonight. Maybe I’ll even bring him out here and suck his cock right here in the hot tub. You want to come out and watch?”

I opened my eye and looked at him. I smiled because I assumed he was kidding. “Watch you two fuck? I don’t think so.”

“Come on,” he said. “It’ll be fun. You’re a little curious as to what it’s like and I’m happy to show you. Billy told me he thinks you’re hot, so he’d be totally into it.”

I knew he was fucking with me now so I decided to play along. I was pretty high, so my inhibitions were limited at best. “Ok,” I told him. “I’ll watch. But I’m not going to participate. I’m just going to watch.”

“Deal!” he said and he slapped the water. “I’m getting out” He stood up and the water level was well below his waist, revealing his erect cock pointing to the sky. “You want anything?” he asked with sly smile.

“I’m good,” I said as I looked him over. I’ve always been heterosexual, but I had to admit that John was a handsome guy with a great body. He turned and climbed out of the tub and went inside. When he got to the door, he looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. I waited a few minutes and then I went in and got dressed.

When I got downstairs, Billy was already there. John and him were sitting on the couch watching tv. I walked in the room just as John was taking a bong hit. He reloaded it and handed it to me without a word. I sat down on the couch with them and hit the bong. Billy must have brought it over with him because this was a lot better than what we’d smoked before.

I coughed as I handed the bong back and said “Damn! That’s potent!” I could feel the effects already.

Billy said “It’s really good. One hit is enough, I promise.”

We watched the video that they’d rented. I was so high that I could barely focus on the television, but I felt my cock growing to semi-attention as time went on. I can’t remember ever being this high!

About half way through the movie, John hit stop on the player and turned to Billy. “Let’s go for a soak in the hot tub.”

Billy illegal bahis siteleri jumped up and said “Fuck yea!” and he turned toward the stairs. When John got to the stairs, he turned to me and said “You coming or what?”

What the hell, I thought and I stood up and followed them up the stairs. When we got out to the patio, I started to strip.

“New rule out here, Billy. No clothes allowed.” John told him.

I was quickly naked and climbed into the tub, followed by John and then Billy. The feeling of the hot water on my bare skin only intensified my high, not to mention my horniness. We all sat there in silence for a few minutes.

“Anyone want a beer?,” John asked.

We both did, so John suggested that we rock-paper-scissors to see who has to go down to the fridge. I lost, so I got up and started for the edge of the tub. When I did, my three-quarter erect cock was clearly visible.

“Chris has a hard-on!” they both teased in a sing-song manner.

“Fuck you,” I said and climbed out.

When I returned, beers in hand, the both stopped and stared at me as I approached.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Billy said. “John was just telling me about your question and answer period today. You’re a little curious, Chris?”

I climbed into the hot tub and handed out the beers. “I don’t know if the word ‘curious’ is what I am. I was just…sort of…interested is all. It’s new to me.”

We clinked bottles and took a drink. “Well, there’s nothing to it,” John said. “Billy here will show you, won’t you Billy?” With that, John sat up on the edge of the hot tub, his erect cock well out of the water. Billy wasted no time and moved in between his legs.

I could see only the back of Billy’s head from where I was, but it was clear that he was giving John head. John looked up and me and said “Move over here where you can see.”

I moved over to my left and had a much better view now. I could clearly see Billy bobbing up and down on John’s cock, Billy still in the hot tub and John on the ledge.

“Billy gives really good head, don’t you Bill?” John asked him.

“Mmm-mmm” was all Billy could say with a mouth full of cock. He lifted off and turned to me, smiling. “I love it!” he said and then went back to work. I watched as he licked the length of John’s cock, then slowly ran his tongue around his cock head, and then slowly suck it down its entire length.

John breathed out “Fuuuuuuck” as he watched Billy.

I was already horny as hell and this little show was driving me crazy! I reached down and stroked my aching cock under the water.

John turned to me and said “Pretty hot, huh? Are you beating your meat as he’s sucking my cock?”

I could only nod my head as I watched. I was transfixed and there wasn’t much that was going to tear my gaze away. Billy was sucking hard at the tip and stroking the base quickly now.

“I bet you can almost feel his mouth on your cock, can’t you? ” John asked me.

Again I nodded as I masturbated.

“I’m going to cum in his mouth, ” John said as he turned back to watching Billy. “Watch him as I shoot my load into his mouth and he swallows it all. He loves the taste of my cum, don’t you Billy?”

Billy said “Mmm-mmm” again as he seemed to increase the voracity of his blow job.

“Oh, God,” he said. “Here it comes!” His head snapped forward as the orgasm hit him. I continued to watch Billy and I watched his Adams apple move up and down as he swallowed John’s load. He slowed his pace gently as John leaned back and hissed “Fuuuuuuck yea!” Then Billy pulled off his cock and looked up at him. John leaned forward and kissed Billy passionately. When they broke their kiss, they both turned to me. Billy just smiled, but John said “Well, what did you think?”

I was actually close to cumming myself, so I stopped stroking my cock. I cleared my throat and said “It was…um…very hot!”

John looked at me and said “Did you cum when I did?”

“No,” I said. “Not yet. I was getting close though.”

“You should let Billy finish you,” he said. “Would you mind, Billy?” He looked at Billy and Billy looked at me and smiled.

“Sit up on the edge, Chris.” Billy told me.

I didn’t have to be told twice, so I hopped on the edge so fast I damn near fell out. Billy moved in between my legs. The thought of another guy sucking my dick didn’t matter. I was really close to orgasm and my cock did all of the thinking for me.

Billy moved between my legs and took my cock in his hand. I watched him as he stroked it slowly. He looked up at me.

“You’re really hard,” he said.

He continued to slowly, almost painfully slowly, stroke my dick while he looked up at me. “Do you want me to suck this for you?” he asked.

“God, yes,” I said.

“Yea?” he asked. “You’d like that?”

“Do it. Suck my dick,” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asked. He stopped stroking and cupped my balls in his hand. “It feels like there’s a lot of cum in these balls, but aren’t canlı bahis siteleri you worried that another guy sucking your dick will make you gay?”

I smiled and said “Well, I’m just a guy getting a blowjob. It doesn’t make me gay.”

He leaned in and flicked his tongue over my swollen sack. “Are you sure? What if after you decide you’d rather be with guys?” He kissed my shaft softly and began stroking again. “What if, after, you want to suck my cock?” He moved his hand from my cock to my balls again. Then he ran his tongue up the length of my shaft. I involuntarily shuddered. “What then, Chris?”

“If I wanted to suck your dick, then that would make me gay,” I said.

He wrapped his lips around my cock head and slowly took my length into his mouth. I leaned my head back and moaned. Slowly, he sucked his way back to the tip. He pulled my cock from his mouth with and audible “pop.”

“But,” he said. “What if I want you to?” He took my cock in his mouth again and I felt his hand reach below my balls and a finger touch my asshole. As he sucked me, he made small circles around my hole with his finger. I spread my legs wider. He pulled off my cock again. “Does that feel good?”

“Fuck yes,” I hissed.

He continued to play his finger around my asshole and went back to sucking. He quickened his pace and I could feel the orgasm building. Suddenly, he pulled off me.

“Are you getting close?” he asked.

Still, his finger played circles around my asshole. I was lost in a feeling of euphoria, right on the edge of cumming, but just not there yet. John was just sitting on the edge watching with a smile on his face.

“Yea, I’m close,” I told him.

His other hand slowly stroked my cock again. “But you never answered my question. What if I want you to suck my cock? Would you do it?” Then he put my cock back in his mouth.

“I don’t think I can,” I told him.

He kept sucking and sucking until there was no going back.

“Here it comes,” I warned him.

He kept going, bobbing his head up and down on my cock. And then I felt his finger enter my anus. I let out a very loud moan as I started to cum. I could feel my cock spurting my juices into his mouth. He kept going, but slowed down.

When I was finished, he came off my cock and kissed his way up my chest, but his finger remained inside me, lightly rubbing my prostate.

“Was that good?” he asked as he licked my nipple.

“Fuck!” I said. “That was amazing!” He slowly removed his finger from my ass and it sent shivers up my spine.

I heard John say “I told you he was good” as I watched Billy kissing my nipple. He surprised me when his mouth was quickly on mine, his tongue invading my lips. I could clearly taste my cum on his tongue.

He broke our kiss and asked “Are you sure you won’t suck my dick?” Then he stepped back and showed me his hardness.

I looked him over and said “I’m not gay.”

He smiled at me. “Maybe just a little,” he said. “Maybe in a while, you will be.” Then he turned and stepped out of the tub. He looked over his shoulder as he got to the door and said “One day, I think you will. Come on, John.”

John got up and left me alone.

The next day, I was glad that John and Billy were already gone. I really didn’t want to deal with them and the inevitable taunting I was sure to get. I went for a run and let my mind wander. I made my way down to the beach and ran along the jogging path there. It was Sunday, so the place was packed. As I ran, my thoughts drifted to the night before. Did I really let a guy blow me? What did that make me? Was I turning gay now?

When I returned home, I hopped in the shower. As the water flowed over me, I again thought about last night. Billy sucking my cock, the taste of my cum in his mouth, the sight of his erection when he was asking me to suck his dick. My cock got hard just thinking about it. Could I really do it? Could I suck a cock? I looked down at my own cock. That’s when I remembered what John had said and stepped out, grabbed my razor, and then got back in. As I shaved myself, I became as hard as I’ve ever been. Once I removed all of my pubic hair, I started to masturbate. The thoughts in my head went from Billy sucking my cock, to me sucking his cock. I fantasized about me on my knees before him, sucking his cock while John watched. As I came, I fantasized about his cum filling my mouth. What was I becoming?

The week went by uneventfully. John never once brought up the subject of Billy and I, so I didn’t either. Thursday rolled around and John and Billy were in the kitchen when I got home from work.

“We’re headed to a new club that’s opening tonight. You want to come along,” John asked me as I sat down.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “I’ve had a long day and what I really want to do is get high, eat something, and veg.”

Both Billy and John wouldn’t take no for an answer. We got high and headed for the club. It was pretty crowded, the music was good and there were lots of our friends there. We stayed for a while and since I had to get up for work in the morning, I headed home. I was home for about 5 minutes when the door flew open and in walked John and about 8 other people.

“Dammit, John,” I said. “I have to work tomorrow!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32