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I went to my first prom when I was 15. I was still with the guy who took my virginity and he took me to prom. My best friend also had an older boyfriend, Sam, and she was going too. We were both excited, she knew I was having sex and she was planning on losing her virginity after prom.

Jakes parents were going to be out of town so we were going to skip the after prom party and go to his house instead. We had also gotten a bottle of vodka and some beer. My friend, Pam, and I were not going to wear underwear and were exited at the naughtiness. Especially since we had both waxed our twats for the special night. I was pretty petite then, only about 5’1 and 90 lbs with developed b cup breasts. My long dark hair and green eyes went well with the slinky black dress I had. Pam was bigger than me at 5‘4 and 140 lbs. She was blond hair blue eyed and her 36C tits filled her powder blue dress.

The girls mixed the vodka with orange juice while the guys drank beer. Since none of us were really drinkers we were all pretty drunk really fast. About the time Sam had his hand up Pam’s dress, Jake and I decided to go to his room. Very quickly he had my dress up to my hips and my legs spread as he played with my shaved pussy. He kissed down my body and stopped just before he got to my pussy. A second later I hear snoring, he passed out before he could eat me.

Upset and horny I pushed him off me and got up to go watch a movie or something. I straightened my dress and left the room. When I got to the living room I was surprised illegal bahis at what I saw. Sam was sitting on the couch with Pam sitting next to him with her legs spread. She was clearly passed out and he was half heartedly playing with her pussy.

I sat down on the other side of him and told him I understood the feeling. By a kind of unspoken agreement we leaned together and started kissing. I could smell Pam’s pussy on his fingers any time he brought them close to my face. Soon it was mixed with the smell of my pussy as he had his hand up my dress to finger me. I groaned as I adjusted to give him better access to me.

I reached over and undid Sam’s pants. His was only the second dick I had seen, I didn’t realize they could look different. While Jake was longer and thin, Sam was shorter, about 6”, and much thicker. He felt different in my hand even and I was very wet thinking about how it would feel in me.

I finally leaned in to suck on his hard cock. I realized when I started that my position had me looking directly at my best friends spread pussy. It barely dawned on me that I was about to fuck the guy she was going to lose her virginity to. That didn’t deter me though as I sucked him.

I stopped before he came and sat up. He unzipped my dress and I stood up letting it drop to the floor. I stood in front of him with just my bra. He grabbed my ass and pulled me onto him. I straddled him and started grinding my hips against his hard cock. With enough grinding his cock slid into me on its own.
As I rode illegal bahis siteleri him he took my bra off and started sucking my tits. He then slid his hands down to grab my ass. While holding my ass cheeks his fingers started rubbing my asshole. I wasn’t sure at first if it was on purpose. It felt good and I had never had it done before so I did not stop him. I had an orgasm building when he stuck a finger up my ass. I came hard and immediate. I could not believe how good it felt at that instant!

I stopped moving so my body could recover from that explosion. I was putty in his hands and would have done anything at that point. He pulled me off him and rolled me to the side. He then positioned me so I was bent over the couch and he was behind me. He slid his cock into my wet pussy from behind. To my pleasure he also started rubbing my asshole again.

Sam fucked me slowly as he was rubbing my pussy juices over my asshole. He was getting his fingers further up my ass until he was finger fucking it. Eventually he pulled out of my pussy, and before I knew it he was pushing his cock in my ass. I screamed. Unlike the finger this did not feel good. My ass was on fire.

Sam pushed in me a bit deeper as he reached around to rub my pussy. He was whispering in my ear to relax as I was near tears from the pain. He was right, as he played with my pussy I relaxed and the pain subsided. He slowly started moving out of me before slowly thrusting back in. What was pain started to feel good. He started fucking my ass canlı bahis siteleri harder and stopped playing with my pussy.

An amazing thing happened, I couldn’t believe it. I had an orgasm building. It would take me years to admit it, but I liked my ass fucked. I came hard and loud. It was an intense and violent orgasm that somehow did not satisfy my craving for sex. I wanted more. I didn’t even notice I had woken Pam up and she was watching.

A couple of thrusts later and Sam was pumping cum up my ass. It didn’t have the same effect as cumming in my pussy; it didn’t make my orgasm stronger. It just felt kind of gushy. As soon as he was done he pulled out, and then wiped his dick off on my ass. I felt a little used at that but was still feeling my orgasm so I didn’t care.

Pam, still really drunk but awake, asked us what we were doing. Sam, without missing a beat, told her that he was fucking her best friend in the ass. That really did not seem to bother her as she replied that whatever we were doing looked fun. She then got up and stumbled to the bathroom. Sam and I looked at each other and started laughing as she walked away from us. We kissed one last time and he rubbed my tits again before we got dressed.

The next day, Pam realized what had happened the night before. When she asked me I told her the truth. She wasn’t mad but did tell me I owed her. She then broke up with Sam for cheating on her. A couple of weeks later my debt was paid. She lost her virginity to Jake while I was in the next room. For about a year Jake was a very happy guy as Pam and I shared him, though never at the same time. We finally ended it when we found out that Jake had picked up a third girlfriend. Oh well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32