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I stepped out of the car and looked up at the house. It was huge, but not flashy like some of the other homes in the neighborhood. It was obvious that Ms. Miller had money, but she also had good taste. I picked up my small suitcase and began to walk towards the door. I could turn back and leave now, but what would they say back home? I needed this job and it pays really well. If I leave, my family will never be able to move out of their disgusting apartment, controlled by their horrific landlord. I have to stay. I can be a maid. My last job was cleaning rooms in the old motel off the highway, and by the looks of this house none of my duties will be as disgusting as that was. Plus, it’s more than four times the pay, I couldn’t say no.

I approached the door and it was open before I could even knock.

“Welcome Isabel!” A huge smile greeted me attached to what could only be Ms. Miller. She is in her mid 40’s, and gorgeous. She was extremely tall, maybe 5’9″ or 5″10, with a slender figure and toned muscles. Her skin was flawless and her brown eyes were so dark it looked like that were staring into my soul. “Haley, bring Isabel’s bag to her room and then meet us in the parlor with coffee and tea.”

“Yes Miss.” A voice responded. I hadn’t even noticed the small girl standing next to the door. She looked to be about my age, maybe 22 or 23, and wore a black and white maids outfit that looked like it was out of an old movie, except it was much more revealing. Her breasts were barely contained and I could tell the thing was very short. If she were to bend down, I’d probably be able to see everything very clearly. Not that I would mind. She was a very beautiful girl, and the outfit only accentuated her body. She coughed politely and then said, “Excuse me, may I take your bag?”

I’d been so caught up in noticing her I hadn’t realized she’d been standing in front of my waiting to take my bag which was still in my hand. My face turned bright red and my eyes looked down at the floor. I must have been staring at her, how embarrassing. I handed her my bag and she disappeared down the hall.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of Isabel. Haley is a beautiful girl. That’s why I hired her. When she first arrived she was the most terrible maid, but her breasts were so supple I couldn’t bare to let her go. Although her training was rigorous and demanding, I whipped her into shape. Now she is perfect.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I was told before I came to only spoke when spoken to, and it was unclear if Ms. Miller was speaking to me or at me. It didn’t seem to matter because Ms. Miller began to speak again.

“The rules of my home are very simple. You will do whatever I say, and you will be rewarded. You disobey me and you will be punished. Is that clear?”

I nodded.

“You will answer me when I speak to you.” Ms. Miller said in a loud and commanding tone. I was frightened, but I managed to whisper a small yes.

“And you will address me by Miss or Mistress unless I tell you otherwise,” She commanded.

“Yes Miss,” I said with a little less hesitation.

“Good girl. You will be casino siteleri a fine maid! Now follow me into the parlor and we will discuss your contract and your duties.”

“Yes Miss,” I responded and followed her down the hall.

The parlor was a big beautiful room with a huge fireplace and a window that looked out over the estate. Mistress sat down on one of the leather sofas and told me to stand in the middle of the room facing her.

“You have read over the details of your contract, yes?” She asked me.

“Yes Miss,” I responded.

“And you agree to the terms and conditions of the job completely?”

“Yes Miss”

“Excellent!” Mistress reached over and grabbed a copy of my contract from the side table and well as a pen. “Then you may sign here and we will get to work.”

I took the stack of papers and looked at them again. I had read over the contract many times at home before deciding to take the job. Miss said she did not want to hire someone who would not last, and she wanted to be very clear about what my duties were going to entail. Still, some parts of the document were worded very ambiguously. I signed the papers and handed them back to her, just as Haley was coming into the room carrying a tray of drinks. As she was walking over to us she tripped one the corner of the rug and the tray went flying, spilling the drinks all over the ground.

“You dirty no good slut!” Mistress yelled. “Look what you’ve done! How am I going to get these stains out of the carpet?”

“I’m sorry Miss. I’ll clean it up immediately.” Haley was bright red.

“Of course you will! You’ll clean every drop until this rug is spotless. You irresponsible klutz! What an impression to make on Isabel’s first day here, first hour now less! You will pay for your mistake girl. Bring me the flogger.” Mistress was livid. It was an honest mistake by Haley. Yet, Miss was so angry. I promised myself to never make a mistake like that. I’d watch my every step.

Haley returned with what looked like a leather whip. Without being asked she bent herself over Mistress’s legs. Because of her position the back of her dress was lifted up and I could see her entire bare buttocks. She wasn’t even wearing any panties!

“I want you to count bitch, and thank me after each one.”

“Yes Miss.” I could see the sparkle of tears in Haley’s eyes before the first strike even hit her. Then came the first blow, a loud crack onto her right buttock. Haley tried to muffle her scream, but I could tell that it was very painful. “One Miss. Thank you,” she managed to get out. Another lash on the opposite side, followed by another yelp. “Two Miss. Thank you.” After ten I could see the tears streaming out of Haley’s eyes, but her screams had stopped. Her buttock was bright red and beginning to swell. “Eleven Miss. Thank you.” The hits kept coming relentlessly, and for such a simple mistake. I wondered what the punishment would be for something worse. I didn’t want to think about it. After 30 lashes, it seemed like Miss was finally done.

“Isabel,” she looked up at me with her piercing brown eyes, “go grab the slot oyna white tube of cream from the drawer in the kitchen next to the sink and bring it back here.”

I left immediately to go find the kitchen. Even though the house looked big from the outside, it was easy to find my way around. I found the cream in the kitchen and returned to the parlor. Haley was on her knees cleaning up the spill. Her enflamed buttock high in the air. I brought Miss the cream, but she refused it.

“Apply it generously to Haley’s backside, then return it to the kitchen. When you return you will stand before me and undress completely. Do you understand?”

I tried to make sense of her order. I guess I was taking too long to respond because Mistress spoke again, “If you cannot comply with a simple order then you can leave at once.”

“I’m sorry Mistress,” I responded immediately. “I would like to stay.” I removed the lid from the tube and began applying the ointment to Haley’s swollen skin. It must have been some kind of soothing ointment because I could hear Haley moaning quietly as I lathered it on. Her butt was plump and firm. It felt very nice to rub the cream onto it. I didn’t want to stop. As I was applying the lotion I saw that her sex was glistening and leaking fluid. Was Haley becoming aroused? I began thinking about my own sex and realized I too was become wet with arousal.

I finished with Haley and raced back to the kitchen. I put the ointment back, returned to the parlor, and undressed completely. I stood naked in front of Mistress as Haley continued to clean.

“Well aren’t you quite the little slut,” Mistress said almost cheerfully, “your nipples are hard and erect.”

I looked down at myself, and sure enough they were.

“What did you enjoy more Isabel? Watching me punish Haley or getting to touch her yourself?” Mistress asked me. Before I could respond she stood up and walked a circle around me, looking at me from every side. She stood behind me and reached her hands around, taking my erect nipples in her fingers. She squeezed them, and I felt a surge of pleasure pulse through my body down to my sex. “Do you like that Isabel?” Again, it took me too long to answer, because she squeezed again, harder this time. “I asked you a question slut.”

“Yes Miss. I like that.” I was so embarrassed, but it felt good. I couldn’t help but tell the truth. Mistress laughed and smacked my tit.

“You’ll make a great slut, Isabel. If you do your duties well, and follow my commands you will be rewarded, and I think you’ll like how I reward my sluts.” Mistress let me go and sat back down on the couch. She grabbed a book from the side table and began to read. I stood awkwardly in front of her waiting for my next order. Haley had finished cleaning and had left to return the cleaning supplies to where they belonged. She returned with a fresh tray of coffee, and as very careful not to trip this time. She knelt by Mistress’s feet and presented her with the tray. Mistress picked up a cup of coffee and took a long sip. “Very good coffee Haley, just the way I like it.” Haley looked pleased with herself. canlı casino siteleri Even though I was not the one to receive the compliment, it felt good to see Mistress pleased. “You may lick Isabel’s pussy as your reward. I’m sure she will enjoy it.”

I turned red again. Lick my pussy? I had never had anyone lick me down there, let alone another girl. “Uh, Mistress,” I began

“Unless Isabel does not want her pussy licked,” Mistress looked at me, still standing awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“No Mistress, I do… I mean… it’s just…” I was tripping over my words. I didn’t know what to say.

“Isabel, I understand that it is your first day and you have been through a lot already, but I expected a certain level of capability from my maids. This is Haley’s reward for doing well with the coffee, and a reward for you too. Do not expect me to be this giving very often. You can take the reward or leave it, if you take it it will be your choice. If you leave it, I will never reward you in this way again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss,” I said, “thank you for your kindness. I will take my reward.”

“Excellent!” Miss clapped her hands with glee. “Now sit beside me and finger my pussy while Haley licks you clean.”

I sat down next to Mistress and opened my legs cautiously. Haley crawled over and began to gently lick me, starting at my knee and working her way up my thigh. Her tongue felt warm as she worked her way up my leg. I silently willed her to get closer to my pussy, not realizing how much I wanted her tongue inside of me. I could feel the urge building inside of me already. I remembered my orders and reached my hand down Mistress’s pants, which she had unbuttoned in preparation for me. Her sex felt warm and wet, she was enjoying this too! I rubbed my fingers gently up and down and nearly forgot about Haley between my legs. That is, until she grabbed my swollen clit in her teeth and began to suck hard.

“Ow!” I yelled and she took me by surprise. I instinctively pulled my hand away from Miss’s pussy. A harsh smack against my cheek reminded me to put it back and continue. The sensation grew deep inside of my and Haley sucked and nibbled my bud, licking up any juices that would leak out of me. Mistress let out a long moan when I stuck my fingers deep inside of her. I fingered Mistress harder and faster, as my orgasm grew. Haley stuck her tongue up my clit and began to fuck me with it. I fucked my Mistress harder too, I knew I was going to burst at any moment. Suddenly Mistress pulled my hand out of her pants, and told Haley to stop licking me.

I was on the edge of orgasm. “Please Miss,” I begged, “I am so close.”

Mistress laughed, “Of course you are dear, and that’s as close as you’re going to get. As long as you belong to me, all of you belongs to me, and that includes your orgasm.” She stood up. “Now you girls get yourselves cleaned up. Haley, show Isabel to your room and then give her a tour of the estate. You may both rest afterwards, but I expect dinner to be ready and served at the usual time. If either of you touches yourself before I give you permission, there will be consequences. Am I clear?”

“Yes Miss,” Haley responded immediately.

“Yes Miss,” I remembered a few seconds later.

“Good girls. Well, I’m off to finish your work Isabel. See you both later.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32