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Over the past couple months, Jen and Kate had been spending a lot of time together. They had grown as friends. They went shopping together, to the movies, out to lunch and other things. Although Jen, John and Kate had sex together almost every night, Kate became a lot more to Jen than just a sexy little play toy her and her husband fucked in the bedroom. Kate looked up to Jen and was very fond of her as well. Despite their age difference with Kate being 19 and Jen in her 30s, in a way, they became best friends. They hung out together almost all the time.

Jen enjoyed Kate’s company and having her around, especially when John worked late or was away on short, one or two-night business trips where Jen didn’t tag along. Jen and Kate developed a deep bond with each other. Jen enjoyed telling her stories. She even talked with her about all of Jen and John’s sexual adventures. Jen had never told anyone else about her adventurous sex life for fear of judgment, so she was glad she could confide in Kate.

Kate eagerly soaked up the stories. She loved hearing all about Jen’s life. At only 19, she hadn’t experienced much, so her eyes were being opened to so many things through Jen. This was the real schooling that kept Kate’s interest. And Jen was more than happy to educate her.

Jen told her about the men she’d been with, what she liked, what she didn’t, and what to watch out for. Jen gave Kate a lot of advice on various topics as if Kate was her little sister. They also talked a lot about other things like travel, art, books, fashion and pop culture. They had similar tastes and a fair bit in common.

One afternoon they were having coffee at an outdoor café and were talking about sex, typically their favorite topic. Kate was asking Jen all kinds of questions. Her curiosity was overwhelming. She never ran out of questions to ask.

Kate asked, “Where is the craziest place you have had sex?”

Jen thought about it and responded, “That’s a tough one. Maybe in an adult theater. Or maybe bent over the trunk of a car on a public street in Brazil at 3am. I don’t know, there are too many good ones to consider and they have all been different and good for different reasons. Sometimes it was the location. Sometimes it was the person, or persons, I was with. I can’t pick just one.”

Next Kate asked, “John is big down there. Is he the biggest you have been with?”

Jen replied, “John is definitely by far the BEST I’ve been with because we love each other so deeply and are so connected emotionally. Kate, remember an emotional bond is really important and way better than just fucking someone with no connection. But then again, sometimes a meaningless fuck hits the spot when you really need it. But no, he’s not the biggest.”

Kate replied, “Really? Then who was?”

Jen responded, “That would be Pablo. Definitely Pablo.”

Kate asked, “Has John ever gotten jealous of you being with another man?”

Jen replied, “No, we trust each other completely. You have to in a marriage. And our sex adventures are typically about enriching and exploring sexuality as a couple, together. I never let anyone else penetrate me sexually unless John is with me or we talk about it first. Similar to the way the three of us have been having sex every night. It always the three of us, together.”

“Oh, I think I get it,” Kate responded. “So, you never just go have wild sex and fuck some random guy without John knowing?”

Jen answers, “No, that’s an open marriage and we are definitely not about that. Even when I have sex with someone when John isn’t around, we share the experience together later. Our relationship is not for everyone, but it works for us.”

“So, I’m dying to know, how big was Pablo?” Kate asked.

Jen answered, “Pablo must have been 11, maybe even 12 inches long.” Kate looked back at her with wide eyes in amazement and disbelief. Jen continued, “His cock was massive. And he knew how to use it. With the stamina of a 23-year-old, it was sexual heaven. And he was really huge. I mean his girth was really big. I couldn’t even wrap my fingers all the way around it when he was fully hard and I had him in my hand.” Jen continued telling Kate about having sex with Pablo and John, and all her times with Pablo and the exciting and dirty things they did together, and how she would involve John when she was with Pablo alone by showing him videos or telling him about it later.

Kate responded, “Wow, I can’t even imagine having sex with someone that big. Was it difficult? I mean, did it hurt?”

Jen answered, “It was hard to go down on him very far without gagging, that’s for sure. I could barely get his cock in my mouth. But, you learn to relax and take it in. I suppose it hurt a little when he fucked me, but the way he stretched my pussy and filled me up felt so good I never really noticed the pain. Well, maybe a just a little sometimes. When he would stick it in at first. Kinda like anal can hurt sometimes I guess, but just for a second and in a good way.”

“Anal?” casino siteleri Kate exclaimed with shock.

“Have you not done anal?” Jen asked.

“No!” Kate replied.

“Well, I guess that makes sense,” Jen responded. “I think I was 27 before I ever tried it.”

Kate asked, “Doesn’t it hurt?”

Jen answered, “It can sometimes, but it’s a really good kinda hurt. It’s not bad if your partner goes slow and knows what he’s doing. It can feel really good sometimes. John really loves doing it to me too. And if it pleases him, I automatically kind of like it.”

Kate responded, “Really? I never thought about it from the guy’s perspective. I always just thought it would hurt. If John really likes it, maybe I should try it?”

“You can if you like,” Jen remarked. Kate’s last comment made Jen feel warm inside with affection for Kate. She could see that Kate had grown as a person the last couple months. The fact she wanted to please John in a loving manner, and to her own possible discomfort no less, showed that she had really matured from the spoiled brat that first showed up on their doorstep. Jen felt that this was a direct result of Jen taking Kate under her wing and giving her guidance, which it was. She was proud of Kate and the woman she was becoming.

After paying the bill at the café, they got up and Jen said, “Let’s go shopping.” Jen took Kate to the mall and they browsed through several stores looking at clothes. They walked by a lingerie store and Jen said, “Oooh. Let’s go in here. John is going on a business trip on Monday for a couple nights and we’ll surprise him with a special treat when he returns. John really loves lingerie.”

Kate said, “Jen, I’ve never bought any sexy lingerie.”

Jen replied, “Really?”

Kate said, “Ya, the high school guys I’ve been with just want to rip my clothes off as fast as they can and fuck me and its all over in minutes.” They both laughed.

Jen replied, “The sex is way better with lingerie.”

Kate asked, “Really? You can tell?”

Jen answered, “Definitely. John is just a little bit more excited when I wear it for him. I can tell.”

“Wow, I didn’t know,” Kate replied. “I don’t know what to get.”

“There isn’t really a wrong choice. It depends on the mood you are setting, from romantic to slutty. It is all good. But I’ll show you what John really likes,” Jen remarked. The two wandered through the store, flipping through the racks commenting back and forth. Kate held up an outfit she picked off the rack and Jen would say, “Yes, try that,” or “No, not that one.” Jen grabbed a few for herself and a few for Kate as well. They went to the dressing rooms to try on the various outfits they picked.

They shared a dressing room and were enjoying themselves. They giggled as they tried various outfits while they showed each other. As they showed them, they bantered back and forth about how they looked or how they fit.

After trying one of the outfits, Jen looked in the mirror and said, “No, this isn’t right.”

“You look sexy in that,” Kate commented.

“It’s a little too trashy,” Jen remarked. “This is what you put on when you want someone to just fuck you like an animal,” Jen continued.

Kate responded, “Yes, but I don’t see the problem,” as they laughed. “How about this one?” Kate asked.

Jen replied, “Oh honey, you look great in that.”

“I’m not sure what these clip things are for or how they work though,” Kate replied. Jen almost laughed and couldn’t believe Kate’s innocence, but realized Jen was 19 once and didn’t know much then either. She had wished she had had someone show her.

“Here honey, put these on and I will show you,” Jen said as she handed Kate a pair of stockings. “The clips are called garters and they hold up your stockings. They go on like this.” Jen helped Kate with a couple of the garters and Kate did the other two.

“How do I look now?” Kate asked.

Jen replied, “You look great honey. John will love that on you.”

“Really?” Kate asked.

Jen responded, “Yes. Most definitely. He loves stockings and garters. Those make you look really classy and sexy. He will love it.”

Kate replied, “You think? I really hope so.” Jen was overcome with emotion again with how Kate demonstrated genuine loving affection. Kate genuinely wanted to please someone other than herself; John. Jen tried on a silk thong teddy with garters. The material and design were from the same collection as the bra, panties and garter Kate had on so they matched perfectly.

“Oohh, that’s so pretty,” Kate exclaimed. “And it matches mine.”

“Yes, its nice,” Jen replied. “Maybe I’ll get it.” Kate then tried on a silk romper.

Jen commented, “I love that on you. Very nice. Really accents your nice butt.”

“Will John like this one?” Kate asked.

“Yes, he’ll love that one too,” Jen answered.

“You sure?” Kate asked.

“Judging from the backside view, after he sees you in that, I bet he slaps your ass as he’s fucking slot oyna you,” Jen joked as she lightly spanked Kate on the butt. They laughed.

Kate asked, “I don’t know which one to get? Which will John like better?”

“Get both. I’ll get one of those rompers too. We’ll try them on again at home next week and decide later. We better get going so we can get dressed up for dinner tonight. John is taking us somewhere nice.”

The girls went home and got showered. They helped each other do their makeup and hair. Kate asked, “What should I wear tonight?”

Jen fumbled through a number of hangers in her closet and then pulled out a slinky cocktail dress and handed it to Kate, “Here, try this. It will look good on you.”

Kate wiggled herself into the tight form fitting dress and asked, “How does it look?”

Jen answered, “You look great honey. Its perfect. John will like it for sure.”

Kate asked, “Really? Great. Thank you.”

Jen slipped into another dress and Kate complimented her on how good she looked. John arrived home soon and quickly changed clothes while Kate and Jen were chatting in the living room.

As John came down the stairs he asked, “Are you ladies ready to go?” He walked into the living room and saw the girls. “You ladies look amazing tonight.” They both thanked him and then went to the car and drove to dinner. They arrived at the restaurant and left the car with the valet. After they got out, John put out both of his elbows and the girls took hold, one on each side of him as they walked into the restaurant.

The restaurant was a fancy steakhouse with white tablecloths, but a little more on the romantic side than a traditional steakhouse. Upstairs was a small bar and a dancefloor. They enjoyed their dinner, all talking and laughing throughout the night having a good time.

After they finished dinner, Jen suggested they go upstairs and dance a little since they were all dressed up and not ready to go home. They headed upstairs and found a table by the side of the dancefloor. The girls put their purses on the table and the three of them hit the dancefloor and danced together for a few songs.

“I need a break,” Jen remarked. The two girls went to sit down while John excused himself to go use the restroom.

Kate leaned over to Jen and asked, “So, does John really like having anal sex with you?”

Jen replied, “Of course he does. He loves it.”

Kate continued, “If he really loves it, I think I want to try it with him if that’s ok. Do you think he would like having it with me?”

Jen answered, “Honey, he’d go nuts over doing your tight little ass.” That put a big smile on Kate’s face.

Kate asked, “Do you think he’d want to do it tonight when we get home? Do I just ask him now or how do I bring it up?”

Jen replied, “I have an idea. He’ll love this. When he gets back, ask him to take you back out on the dance floor. When you get out there, take his hands and pull them around you and place each of them squarely in the middle of each of your butt cheeks. Then wrap your arms up around his neck and place your hands just below and behind his ears. Dance kinda sexy with him, grinding on his leg a bit. Then turn around and gently push your butt into his crotch. Be gentle, you don’t want to rack him or smash his nuts.

Then grab his hands again and place them on your hips and gently grind your butt in his crotch. Do that for a little while and I bet he’ll start to get hard. You might even feel his cock between your ass cheeks through your dress. Then reach your arm up over your shoulder and place your hand behind his neck again. Take his hand with your other hand and place it on your stomach. Continue gently grinding into him for a bit. Then turn your head and look up at him over your shoulder and ask him. That will drive him absolutely wild and I bet he’ll do whatever you want.”

Just as Jen finished telling her how to seduce her husband, John returned to the table. After he had been there a minute or two, Jen nodded at Kate and Kate asked, “Mr. B., will you take me out on the dance floor again please.”

“Of course Katie,” he replied. John stood up, took Kate’s hand and the two headed back to the dancefloor. Kate did exactly as Jen had told her. Jen looked on with pride as her pupil followed her instructions perfectly.

After completing the moves Jen told her, Kate turned her head and looked up at John and said, “Mr. B, will you fuck me in the ass tonight when we get home?”

John was a little bit shocked hearing this come from young Katie, and asked, “Katie, have you ever done that before?”

Kate replied, “No. But Jen says you really like it. So, I really want to try it and you to be my first if that’s ok?”

John looked down at Katie and said, “Of course Katie, I’d love to fuck your tight little ass tonight.”

Kate exclaimed, “Really? That’s great.” She spun around and gave John a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.” Kate took John’s hand and with exuberance towed canlı casino siteleri him back to the table.

Already knowing the answer from the giddy grin on Kate’s face, Jen asked, “How did it go?”

“He said yes,” Katie blurted out as she looked like she was about to start jumping up and down with excitement. “Can we go home now?”

Jen replied, ‘Yes, let’s go.” They walked downstairs and gave the valet their ticket.

As they waited, John leaned over and said to Jen, “Nice moves Katie used out on the dancefloor. It felt a bit familiar though.”

Jen snickered, “Yes, I taught her that one.”

John remarked, “I thought so.”

Jen asked, “Did she make you hard?”

John said, “Yes, just like when you do it.”

Jen responded, “She’s a good student.” They laughed.

With another naughty scheme up her sleeve, Jen said, “John, you have had a few more drinks than me, so I should drive home. But, be a gentleman and keep Kate company in the back seat so she’s not all alone back there.” They all climbed in the car and drove away.

As they pulled on the freeway, Jen called back, “Kate honey, you should probably start getting Mr. B warmed up for later.”

Kate replied, “Oh, ok. Good idea Mrs. B.” Without further instruction, Kate looked over at John. She reached out and started rubbing his crotch through his slacks. She felt him start to get hard, so she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his slacks. Kate reached in his underwear and pulled out his cock which was almost fully hard. She was so excited to please him she went down on him immediately and started sucking away on his cock. Kate continued to bob her head up and down on John’s stiff cock as they drove.

Jen called back again, “John, how’s she doing back there?”

John replied, “She’s doing wonderful. You’ve taught her well.”

Jen responded, “Ok, good. Kate honey, make sure you stop before he cums. John, don’t go and cum in her mouth back there. Keep it under control you two. Save some for later. I don’t want a repeat of the incident at the neighbors’ house party last week.”

Katie continued sucking John’s cock. Jen was partially watching them in the rear-view mirror while keeping her other eye on the road. John started to softly groan. Jen called out again, “John.” Sensing what Jen was worried about, Kate slowed her bobbing and then released John’s cock from her mouth. She sat up and Jen remarked, “Good Kate. If you bring him close to cumming, but back off before he does a couple times, it will be bigger and better when he finally does. Same goes for your own orgasms.”

A minute or two later, they turned in their driveway and pulled into the garage. Kate jumped out of the car and grabbed John by the hand. She pulled him in the house and straight up to the master bedroom. Jen followed close behind.

Jen said, “Here hun, let me help you out of that dress.” Jen walked over and unzipped Kate’s dress. Jen pulled it over Kate’s head. Then Jen unclasped Kate’s bra. She turned her back to Kate and Kate did the same for Jen. They each kicked off their shoes and pushed their panties to the floor and were both naked.

“Let’s help John out of that suit,” Jen said. They both went over and undressed John. “Now let’s get him hard for us again.” Jen got down on her knees in front of John and Kate followed her lead and knelt beside her. They took turns sucking John’s cock until it was good and hard. While Kate was sucking away John’s stiff shaft, Jen climbed up on the bed and laid on her back with her head and shoulders against the headboard.

Jen called out, “Kate, I think he’s ready for us. Come on up here by me.” Kate got on the bed as Jen took her hand, pulling her up closer between her legs. Kate got on all fours with her hands on each side of Jen’s rib cage.

Kate said to Jen, “I’m nervous.”

Jen replied, “John, why don’t you warm her up by fucking her little pussy first? That will help you relax honey.” John complied and moved in behind Kate and slid his hard cock in her dripping wet pussy. He slowly fucked his cock in and out of her wet cunt.

Jen asked Kate, “How’s that?”

“It feels really good,” Kate replied. John continued to fuck Kate as he applied lube to his fingers and slid one in Kate’s tight sphincter hole. “Oooh,” Kate exclaimed with pleasure. John slowly slid his finger in and out of her ass in opposing rhythm with his fucking of her pussy. Then he slid a second finger in her ass and continued the same. John slid a third finger in Kate’s ass, and she gasped a little. He continued fucking his hand in her asshole and his cock in her pussy.

Jen placed her hands gently on both sides of Kate’s face and asked her, “Ok? Ready?” Kate nodded her head. “John, I think she’s ready. Kate, lay your body flat on the bed and rest your chin on my stomach.” Kate complied and stretched her legs out straight and mostly together laying on her stomach. She placed her arms underneath Jen’s and wrapped her fingers around Jen’s shoulders from behind like she was hugging her. John reached out and grabbed the bottle of lube again. Jen continued holding Kate’s face with one hand and softly stroked her hair with the other. “Use a lot John. Kate, just relax.”

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