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Ball Grab

Naruto slowly opened his eyes as he tried to remember everything that had happened to him since the Chunin exam began. First he was tied up by some Ame-nins. Then he was blown away by a powerful wind and separated from his teammates. Lastly, he was eaten by a large snake only to escape thanks to the kage bunshin. And all this had occurred in the first two hours. If this was what the rest of the exam was going to be like, he was in deep shit.

Naruto looked down at his clothing and nearly vomited. He was covered in slime and snake guts from his escape. Anyone with a nose could find him easily. And if they saw him alone, he realized, they might follow him back to his teammates. With that in mind, he decided to look for a river or a stream before looking for his teammates.

“Gaara,” said Temari as she stopped on a tree branch. “I need to be alone for a while.” Gaara stopped where he was and turned around slowly.

“Why?” he demanded as he stared at her.

Temari sighed as she pondered how she was going to explain this to Gaara. She had several blood spots on her outfit from Gaara’s latest victims and she wanted to get rid of them before they became stains. He just never understood anything other than killing. ‘That’s all tou-san’s fault,’she thought bitterly.

“I just do,” she said. She then looked at Kankuro. “How about this. If I’m not back in let’s say two hours then you can kill our dear brother.”

“NANI!” screamed Kankuro right before he was covered in sand.

“Deal,” said Gaara in his normal voice. With a nod, Temari left the boys to wait for her eventual return.

It took about ten minutes before she found a small river that would work. The only problem was that someone was already there. From up in the trees, Temari saw that it was a boy from the Leaf village. He was the blond kid that they had met when she and her brothers first entered the village. He had his jacket and shirt off which revealed his well toned body. ‘Now that I think about it he’s not that bad looking,’ she thought. ‘He did help us out during the first exam by standing up to that examiner. I’ll never admit it, but I was a little intimidated and might have opted to leave.’

Temari continued to watch as Naruto took off his pants, leaving him with only his boxers on. Temari tried to hide her blush, but it was no use. She wasn’t naïve about sex in any way, but with her life style it was next to impossible to have a relation with anyone. Then she remembered that a lot of people die on this exam. Her odds of dying were even higher since she was in the same team as Gaara. ‘Oh hell no! I will not die a virgin!’ She then looked back down at Naruto who was just getting into the water. ‘Well, if he dies he won’t be able to tell anyone about this. And if he lives then after this is all over I’ll never see him again. Either way I win.’ With that warped line of thinking, she jumped down from her hiding place.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully. Naruto looked in her direction and then tried to dive down. Sadly for him he was in shallow water. He was now in a sitting position in the water.

“What do you want?” he demanded as he looked for something to use as a weapon. Temari set down her fan and walked over to him.

“I’m not here to fight,” she said. “I just wanted to say thank you.”

“For what?” asked Naruto as he lowered his guard.

“For what you said in the first exam,” she said. “I think my teammate might have chickened out if you hadn’t said what you said. So, I wanted to show you my thanks.” Temari was now right in front of him. She leaned down and smiled warmly at him.

“Ah, you don’t illegal bahis have to,” said Naruto as he scratched the back of his head. Temari just went on her hands and knees and crawled over to him until their noses touched.

“But I want to,” she said as she moved to kiss him. It was unlike anything Naruto had ever felt in his life. He soon felt Temari licking his lips, as if she were asking for permission to enter his mouth. Naruto complied and felt her tongue begin to explore his mouth. A second later his tongue entered hers causing Temari to moan in pleasure.

Neither one was aware that Tenten was watching them from behind a tree. Her team had split up to look for other teams. While she was searching, she thought she heard voices and decided to check it. What she found was Naruto and Temari kissing each other passionately. She watched as Temari’s hand went into the boy’s boxers and began to rub his member. A moment later, Tenten found herself kneading her right breast while her other hand began to play with her pussy.

Naruto was enjoying the feeling of Temari’s hand around his cock. Her soft hand touched the tip of his dick first and then moved down until she was grabbing his balls and giving them a light squeeze. Naruto then broke off the kiss as he moaned.

“Do you like that?” asked Temari who already knew the answer.

“Hai,” said Naruto.

“Good,” said Temari as she pulled her hand out of Naruto’s boxers causing Naruto to whine slightly. She smiled at him as her hands went to her own clothing and began to remove them slowly. Soon she was dressed in her bra and panties which were both pure white. “What’s your name?”

“Uzumaki Naruto,” he replied.

“I’m Temari,” she replied. “Now then, let’s make each other feel good. Do you know what to do?” Naruto shook his head. Temari smiled at his innocence and how much fun it would be to take it away from him. She grabbed one of his hands and placed it on her left breast. “Play with these.”
Naruto gulped as he gave the breast a light squeeze. Temari moaned in pleasure which caused Naruto to continue. He slowly began to knead the breast and soon his other hand was on her right breast. After a minute or so, he let go of her left breast and reached behind her to take off her bra. It took a while but he managed and was rewarded as her bra slowly fell off and landed in the water. Wasting new time, Naruto made a bold move as he placed his mouth over her left tit. Temari’s hand shot behind Naruto’s head as she held him there. She could feel his tongue circle around her nipple and his teeth giving her a light bite. All the while her right nipple was being pinched and pulled on.

Soon Naruto’s head left her left breast and moved to the right. When this happened, Temari moved his free hand down to her panties. When his hand reached her pussy, she used Naruto’s hand to rub her cunt. After several strokes she let go and Naruto continued on his own. Despite the panties being wet from the water, Naruto felt them getting even wetter as he rubbed them. Soon he snaked his hand under the panties and began to rub her without the material in the way. Temari gasped in surprise and delight as Naruto’s hands worked their magic on her special place.

Temari then pulled him off of her and stood up as she removed her panties. Naruto got the idea and also stood up and removed his boxers. A moment later his now stiff member was out in the open. Temari was about to go down on it when they both heard a gasp. They turned around and saw Tenten as she had an orgasm against the tree. At first, Temari was embarrassed that someone was watching them. Then, she illegal bahis siteleri got a wicked idea. She then walked towards Tenten while shaking her hips for Naruto’s enjoyment.

“Did you like the show?” asked Temari as she stood in front of Tenten. The bun haired girl could only nod in response. “I bet that felt good, but we can make you feel better.” With that, she picked up Tenten and carried her bridal style over to where Naruto was standing. When she got there she gently set Tenten on the ground. She then got on her knees and began to unbutton Tenten’s shirt. Once it was removed, Naruto undid her bra as he realized what Temari had in mind. As soon as Tenten’s chest was exposed to the world, Naruto and Temari each took a nipple in their mouths and began to suck.

Naruto, after a few minutes of sucking, lightly bit on her nipple while his hand squeezed her breast. He had to admit that she tasted different from Temari. It wasn’t bad, just different. Tenten felt herself nearly cum as Naruto repeated his actions on her breast. Temari’s tongue circled her nipple for a while until she got bored.

Temari stood up and moved herself so that her pussy was over Tenten’s mouth. Getting the hint, Tenten stuck out her tongue and began to lick the blond haired girl’s pussy. While she did this, Temari began to play with her breasts. She squeezed her nipples and kneaded her breasts over and over as the skillful tongue of the weapon mistress went to work on her pussy.

Naruto felt slightly left out. Upon seeing what Tenten was doing to Temari, Naruto left a trail of kissing that started at Tenten’s breast and went down past her flat stomach and ended at her waistline. There he grabbed her pants and pulled them down to her knees. Naruto then moved to the girl’s pussy and gave it a lick. He heard Tenten moan in pleasure and continued with a little more aggression. ‘This tastes good,’ thought Naruto as he moved his face a little closer. Then he noticed a small numb and, going on instinct, gave it a lick. Tenten screamed in Temari’s pussy as she came. Naruto soon found himself flooded in Tenten’s juices which he drank for as long as he could.

“Thanks for getting me wet,” said Temari to Tenten as she got up. She then looked at Naruto with a hungry look on her face. She then went to Naruto and turned him so he was lying on his back. She then positioned her body so that her pussy was right over his erect cock and slowly lowered her body onto in. She hissed a bit as the tip of his cock entered her. When that happened, Naruto fought hard not to cum right then. She was so tight and warm. It was a feeling he had never experienced before. She made her ways down a bit and then slid back up. Slowly she continued this getting further and further down until Naruto felt a barrier. That’s when Temari stopped. “Are you ready to take away my virginity?” Naruto nodded and Temari let herself go down so his whole cock was in her pussy. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as blood trickled out of her wet snatch.

Naruto fought to keep himself from thrusting. So much that he had to close his eyes. When he opened them, he saw the look of pain that was on Temari’s face. He pulled Temari onto his chest and began to hold her and rub her back as she got used to the pain.

“Thank you,” she said as she climbed back up. She then began to move her hips. It was slow at first, but she soon increased her pace. Her hands were on Naruto’s chest which kept him down. However, Naruto wasn’t going to be idle. He moved his hands and grabbed Temari’s ass and then gave it a tight squeeze. He heard her moan and then decided to try something canlı bahis siteleri else. The next thing Temari knew was a stinging sensation that was caused by Naruto slapping her ass. The coldness of the water and the red hot feeling on her ass sent her through a loop. “Naruto that feels so good! Do it again!”

“As you wish,” moaned Naruto as he gave her ass another slap. Temari nearly screamed in pleasure and demanded that Naruto not stop. Soon, her ass was bright red.

“Oh my god!” cried Temari as she felt her orgasm approach. “Naruto…I’m going to cum!”

“Me to!” shouted Naruto. Naruto then arced into the air as both he and Temari began to cum at the same time. After she had came, Temari feel onto Naruto’s chest with his dick still inside her.
Naruto was amazed at how good that felt. He looked at Temari in hopes that she felt the same way. But her eyes were closed and she looked like she was sleeping. Not wanting her to catch a cold, Naruto slowly pulled her off of him and picked her up bridal style. He then set her down on the grass. He was going to lie down next to her until he heard Tenten moan. He turned to her and saw she was on all fours as she was getting off on her fingers. A grin appeared on his face as he moved behind her.

“Would you like a hand?” he asked as he pressed his cock against her pussy. Tenten turned her head towards him and gave her a look of fear.

“No!” she cried as a hand blocked his entrance. “Not in my pussy!” Naruto was about to pout when he saw another hole.

“Then how about here?” he asked as he aligned his member with her asshole. Tenten bit her lower lip. She didn’t want Naruto to know that she gave her virginity to a kunai handle a few weeks ago. She still couldn’t believe that she did that herself. But she was still hot and wanted to feel him inside of her. So, she gave him a nod and gasped as Naruto entered her.

“It hurts!” screamed Tenten as Naruto trusted. But Naruto couldn’t stop trusting it was so tight and made him feel so good. Slowly, the pain began to fade and was replaced with another feeling. “It’s…it’s…it’s sooooooooooo GOOOOOOOOOD!” Tenten couldn’t help it anymore. Her insides were on fire with pleasure as Naruto slammed his whole cock into her.

“What’s your name?” asked Naruto in between pants.

“Tenten,” she replied.

“Tenten-chan, I’m going to cum,” said Naruto. A moment later Tenten herself came as she felt the hot liquid enter her. She fell to the ground, completely exhausted. Naruto pulled his cock out of her ass and picked her up and placed her near Temari. He then got between them and wrapped his arms around them as he pulled them close to him while falling asleep.

Temari awoke about an hour later. She was confused as to why she was naked but remembered everything when she saw Naruto and Tenten. She smiled and gave Naruto a light kiss. Slowly Naruto opened his eyes and saw Temari dressing herself again. He gain Tenten a nudge and she too began to wake up.

“Thanks a lot Naruto-kun,” said Temari as she finished dressing. “I have to get going or else my brother will kill my other brother. If you do well in the exam, I might have to give you another gift.” Temari winked at him before she jumped into a tree and vanished.

“So what do we do now?” asked Naruto aloud. Tenten, who was nearly dressed herself, shrugged.

“Well, I’m not sure,” she said. “We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess you could say that we’re friends with benefits.”

“That’s all?” asked Naruto with a look of disappointment in his eyes. “I was hoping maybe…”

“Maybe someday,” said Tenten as she kissed him on the cheek. “I have to get back to my team now. See ya later!” And with that, she was gone.

It was only then that Naruto realized that he had no idea where his team was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32